Reset Lumiya 520 Settings

Reset Lumiya 520 Settings

Let’s see how to reset the Nokia Lumia 920 to factory settings.

This article is not a guide to action. All responsibility for the service of your device lies with you.

Hard reset

If a phone malfunction occurs, it is recommended that you first perform a hardware reset to factory settings. At the same time, the settings of the Windows Live ID account and user data are not erased.
Since this phone model does not allow the user to remove the battery independently, it has a special electronic circuit that turns off the phone’s power when certain buttons are pressed.

To perform a hardware reset, press and hold the volume down and power buttons for 5 seconds. The phone screen will turn black (the phone will turn off). Then press the power button of the phone.

Soft reset/ rebooting the operating system
A soft reset through the operating system returns the phone to the status of the just purchased.

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ATTENTION! During this procedure, all user data will be erased!
Always the first thing to try is to perform a hardware reset.

Option 1: through the menu

This option can be used if you know the lock code.

  • Select Menu Settings About the product Restore default settings (Settings About reset your phone)
  • Then you will need to enter the lock code.

Option 2: through a secret key combination

This option can be used if the phone is locked and you do not know the lock code.

Step 1
Make sure the phone is turned off. Press and hold the volume down and power buttons until an exclamation mark appears on the phone screen.

Step 2

Use the following key combination:
1. volume up button
2. volume down button
3. power button
4. volume down button

Step 3

The phone will reset and it will turn on automatically.

Sometimes it happens that the phone bricks or freezes (gears spin) for a long time. To get the phone out of this state, you can reflash it according to the instructions “how to reflash a Nokia phone with Windows OS”, or take it to the official Nokia service center, where it should be flashed free of charge for you.

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