Reset Iphone 7 Network Settings

Learn how to view or change the APN for mobile data on your iPhone and iPad.

The access point name (APN) defines the network path for all connections when transmitting data over the cellular network. Some mobile service providers require you to enter APN settings when setting up service.

On iPhone and iPad, you can also change or view the APN, if allowed by your mobile operator. If changing the APN settings fails, contact your network operator.

Reset Iphone 7 Network Settings

View and change APN settings

Entering incorrect APN settings may result in loss of communication with the cellular data network and may result in additional charges. Do not change the APN without explicitly specifying the carrier or administrator of the mobile device. Contact your carrier for the correct APN settings.

If permitted by the operator, APN settings can be viewed in one of the following locations:

  • “Settings” “Cellular Data” “Data Parameters” Cellular Network
  • Settings” cellular Data options Cellular data network.

If your device does not have any of these options, contact your network operator.

To change the settings, click in each of the fields and enter the data provided by the operator. Settings will be saved automatically. The ability to change cellular data settings depends on the operator. If the operator needs a different APN configuration, you can use the configuration profile with the correct configuration.

If you do not use a configuration profile, when updating iOS, all changes made to the APN settings are discarded. If you changed the APN settings before the iOS update, they will be restored to their default values. After updating iOS, you may need to re-enter the necessary settings.

Reset APN Settings

To restore the operator’s APN standard data, go to the Settings menu “Cellular” “Cellular data network” “Reset settings”. If a configuration profile is installed, the default information for that profile will be used.

When using an iPhone or iPad in a corporate environment, you may need to contact your mobile device administrator to change the APN. If you changed the APN settings defined by the administrator of the mobile device from the configuration profile, follow these steps to undo the changes:

  • On iPhone: select “Settings” “Cellular” “Cellular Data Network” and click “Reset Settings”.
  • On iPad: Delete the configuration profile, and then add it again.

If you are a mobile device administrator, you can use Apple Configurator, the Profile Manager in macOS Server, or another mobile device management solution to change the APN and other advanced settings.