Reset Icloud iPad Air

Reset Icloud iPad Air

Best Ways to Fix a Problem.

Forgot your iPad password and can’t remember? There are several reliable ways to reset your iPad without a password and continue to use your tablet. This guide told you about all the most effective password reset methods on your iPad.

How to make a full reset of the iPad if you forget your password? Below we examined the three most effective ways: using a high-quality third-party program, Apple’s iTunes utility and using the iCloud web version. Thus, no matter what situation you are in, you can find the most suitable way for yourself.

1. Reset iPad without password using dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is equipped with a tool for executing iPad reset without password. The main advantage of using the utility is that when resetting the password on the iPad, it is impossible to make a mistake and do something wrong. Thanks to this, you can not aggravate the situation and instead of unlocking the iPad turn it into a “brick”.

Step 1. Download the utility dr.Fone from the official site. This program allows you to reset your password on your iPad in one of the easiest ways.

Step 2. Connect the iPad to the computer using the USB cable and run the dr.Fone utility.

Step 3. On the main screen of the program, select Unlock.

Step 4. In the window that will open the password reset tool on iPad, click Start. The process of connecting the utility to your iPad will begin.

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Step 5. On a new screen, the utility will ask you to enter the iPad in a special DFU recovery mode.

To put your iPad into DFU mode:

1. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

2. Release the top Power button, but continue to hold the Home button for another 10 seconds. Until the utility detects your iPad.

If you did everything right, your iPad will display your iPad in the dr.Fone window.

Step 6. Press the button. Download to start downloading the latest firmware for your iPad. Firmware needed to reset iPad without password.

Step 7. When the download is complete, click Unlock now in the utility window.

Step 8. In the window that opens, enter the code 000000 to confirm the start of the operation and press Unlock. Important! During the password reset process on the iPad, in no case should you disconnect the tablet from the computer.

Then you just have to wait for the completion of the password reset procedure on your iPad. After the utility signals the end, your iPad will no longer have a password and you can start using it fully.

2. Reset iPad password through iTunes

It is also possible to reset the password on the iPad using the hateful iTunes utility. To do this, you need to enter the iPad in recovery mode, and then restore the iPad using the Apple utility. It is important to emphasize that recovery will erase all data on the iPad. You can return them to your tablet only if you previously backed up your iPad.

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Step 1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. You can check for iTunes updates in the “reference“→”Updates“. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you can download the latest version of the program on the official site.

Step 2. Turn off the iPad.

Step 3. Hold the “Home»On the iPad and while holding it, connect the tablet to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 4. The iPad will be connected to the computer in recovery mode. The iTunes logo will appear on the tablet’s screen.

Step 5. Launch iTunes. The program will immediately notify the iPad in recovery mode.

Step 6. In the window that opens, select “Restore“And confirm the start of the recovery procedure. Important! During recovery, do not disconnect the iPad from the computer.

After the recovery is complete, there will be no password on your iPad. You can use the tablet as usual. Ipad will ask you to perform the initial setup, on which you can configure the tablet as new or select the option to restore the iPad from iTunes or iCloud backup.

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3. Password reset via Find iPhone feature

Also, the password on the iPad can be reset via the “Find iPhone” function via the web interface. It is important to immediately note that in order to use this method, you definitely need to know the login and password of the iCloud account to which the iPad is attached. Otherwise, you cannot activate the tablet. It is equally important to know that this method involves deleting all data from the iPad.

Step 1. Go to the site and sign in to the iCloud account that the iPad is tied to.

Step 2. In the list of available applications, select “Find iPhone“.

Step 3. Select your iPad in the “Find iPhone” application and click “Erase iPad“.

Step 4. Confirm the operation.

Immediately after this, the procedure to erase your iPad will begin. Together with all the data from the tablet, the password that you forgot will also disappear. After erasing the iPad, you only need to set it up again and, if you wish, restore from the last backup to return all the data.

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