Reset BIOS Lenovo B570e

Good afternoon.

Many problems on a laptop can be solved if you reset the BIOS to factory settings (sometimes they are also called optimal or safe).

In general, this is done quite easily, it will be more difficult if you put the password on the BIOS and when you turn on the laptop it will ask for that same password. Here you can’t do without disassembling a laptop.

In this article I wanted to consider both options.

1. Resetting the BIOS of the laptop to the factory

Keys are usually used to enter BIOS settings. F2 or Delete (sometimes the F10 key). It depends on the model of your laptop.

To find out which button to press is easy enough: reboot the laptop (or turn it on) and see the first welcome window (the button for entering the BIOS settings is always indicated on it). You can also use the documentation that came with the laptop when buying.

And so, we assume that you have entered the BIOS settings. Next we are interested Exit tab. By the way, in laptops of different brands (ASUS, ACER, HP, SAMSUNG, LENOVO) the name of the BIOS sections is almost the same, so it makes no sense to take screenshots for each model.

BIOS setup on ACER Packard Bell laptop.

Next, in the Exit section, select the line of the form “ Load Setup Defaults »(Ie loading default settings (or default settings)). Then in the pop-up window you will need to confirm that you want to reset the settings.

And it remains only to exit the BIOS with saving the settings: select Exit Saving Changes (first line, see screenshot below).

Load Setup Defaults. load default settings. ACER Packard Bell.

By the way, in 99% of cases with the settings reset, the laptop will boot normally. But sometimes a small error happens and the laptop cannot find why it should boot (i.e. from which device: flash drives, HDD, etc.).

To fix it, go back to BIOS and go to the section Boot.

Here you need to change the tab Boot mode : UEFI change to Legacy, then exit BIOS with saving the settings. After rebooting. the laptop should boot normally from the hard drive.

Change the function of Boot Mode.

2. How to reset BIOS settings if it requires a password?

Now imagine a more serious situation: it so happened that you put the password on Bios, and now you forgot it (well, or your sister, brother, friend set the password and calls you to help.).

Turn on the laptop (in the example, ACER laptop) and you see the following.

ACER. BIOS asks for a password to work with a laptop.

For all attempts to search. the laptop responds with an error and after a few incorrect passwords entered simply turns off.

In this case, you can not do without removing the back cover of the laptop.

There are only three things to do:

  • disconnect the laptop from all devices and generally remove all the cords that are connected to it (headphones, power cord, mouse, etc.);
  • take out the battery;
  • remove the cover protecting the RAM and the laptop’s hard drive (the design of all laptops is different, sometimes it may be necessary to remove the entire back cover).

Reset BIOS Lenovo B570e

Inverted laptop on the table. Need to remove: battery, cover from the HDD and RAM.

Next, take out the battery, hard drive and RAM. The laptop should look something like the image below.

A laptop without a battery, hard drive and RAM.

Under the RAM strips there are two contacts (they are still signed by JCMOS). we need them. Now do the following:

  • close these contacts with a screwdriver (and do not open until you turn off the laptop. Here you need patience and accuracy);
  • connect the power cord to the laptop;
  • turn on the laptop and wait about a second. 20-30;
  • turn off the laptop.

Now you can connect the RAM, hard drive and battery.

Contacts that need to be closed to reset BIOS settings. Usually these contacts are signed with the word CMOS.

Next, you can easily go into the BIOS of the laptop via the F2 key when it is turned on (the BIOS was reset to factory settings).

The ACER laptop BIOS has been reset.

I need to say a few words about the “pitfalls”:

  • not all laptops will have two contacts, some have three, and to reset it is necessary to rearrange the jumper from one position to another and wait a few minutes;
  • instead of jumpers, there may be a reset button: just press it with a pencil or pen and wait a few seconds;
  • You can also reset the BIOS if you remove the battery from the laptop motherboard for a while (the battery looks small, like a tablet).

That’s all for today. Do not forget the passwords!