Replacing A Non-Removable Battery In A Smartphone

Replacing A Non-Removable Battery In A Smartphone

Technical means are being improved so quickly that it is very difficult to keep track of them. When purchasing a new smartphone, eyes run up from the broadest abundance, so sometimes a gadget that suits its unique capabilities is acquired. At the same time, the future owner does not delve into all the details of his technical equipment.

Anyone can replace a non-removable battery in a smartphone.

What surprise is subsequently perceived by the news that the device is equipped not with a removable battery that is familiar to everyone, but with a kind that is commonly called fixed. Everything would be fine if this battery lasted forever. Unfortunately, it sometimes loses its capacity, and therefore it is often necessary to charge it.

Otherwise, you will not be able to communicate with your friends during the day, or spend hours on the Internet. At present, no one wants to be completely without communication. Everyone has become overly dependent on mobile communications and other features of modern gadgets. The most successful idea that instantly comes to mind is the replacement of a non-removable battery in a smartphone.

But how to do this, how to replace a non-removable battery in your smartphone, almost none of the owners of devices not only never did this in their life, but even theoretically do not know how to do it.

Non-removable Battery Replacement Process

Currently, even babies in use have modern gadgets with which they are cleverly managed. By the way, even for them to replace the battery or recharge it is not a difficult task. From the side, in general, it seems as if they were born with such devices. However, the situation is different if you need to replace the built-in battery in your smartphone.

Most owners of gadgets are simply at a loss as to whether it is possible to replace a non-removable battery in a smartphone at all or have to say goodbye to it affectionately and purchase a new one, exposing your wallet to another “barbaric” devastation. And even when the question of whether it is possible to change a non-removable battery in a smartphone, an affirmative answer is received, the problems do not end there.

A new problem appears, the owners are trying to figure out how realistic it is to carry out such a procedure on their own or if you must contact a service center.

It’s certainly easier to go to a service center, but at the same time you have to come to terms with the thought of financial loss. And for some owners, such a trip is not real, because they live in the outback, where service centers are not discussed. In fact, there are no special difficulties in carrying out such manipulations, it is important to act confidently, but very carefully, after having studied the instructions on how to remove a non-removable battery from the phone.

Action algorithm

So, to remove the removable battery, special effort is not required. It is enough to pick it up slightly and quickly remove it. After acquiring a new one, just as well introduce it back. If your smartphone is equipped with a non-removable battery, you will definitely not be able to do the manipulations so quickly. You will have to be patient, prepare the tools, and slowly follow the algorithm that demonstrates how to directly replace a non-removable battery in a smartphone with your own hands.

No need to get nervous and criticize the manufacturer for the difficulties. There are advantages and disadvantages in everything. The big drawback in your case is that you do not yet know how to change a non-removable battery in a smartphone, but the miniature size of your device and its very thin body are a huge advantage. Smartphones with removable batteries will definitely not be able to compete with your gadget in this.

So, we proceed to practical steps that will help solve your problem. First, remove the tray where you insert your SIM cards. After that, armed with a thin screwdriver and a suction cup, open the back cover of the gadget. Carefully go around the entire perimeter of the back cover with a screwdriver, and pull the suction cup neatly towards you. If everything is done carefully and diligently, this process will not take much time.

Do not think that after opening the back cover, you have already reached the goal. Under the cover you will meet a new obstacle. another protective panel. To open it, take a screwdriver and unscrew a few screws.

Only after removing this protective panel will you find the battery itself. However, do not rush to quickly remove it. It is connected to the electronic panel using loops. Carefully remove them, it will not be difficult. Only now feel free to remove the old battery.

The new battery that you had to purchase in advance, in the same way, put it back, carefully connecting the cables first. Close the access panel, fasten it with the screws and lift the back cover back. This completes the procedure, and, as you may have noticed, you did not have to spend money, as would be required when going to the service center.

So, having studied the recommendations on how to change a non-removable battery on a smartphone, you can already safely perform this procedure again and again, if necessary.