Replacement Strap For Sony Smartwatch 3

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Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (Black)

Replacement Strap For Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (Black)

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Smart Watch Compatibility Android Notifications: Operating time: 2 days Display: TFT LCD 1.8 Band: Silicone Case color: Black Band color: Black. See all


Sony SmartWatch 3. A vivid example of how modern smart watches should look and work. Thanks to the modular design, you can change the straps and cases without any problems, choosing the color to taste and mood. The presence of a version with a metal case will appeal to fans of solid things. Smart watches Sony SmartWatch 3 are running Android Wear, giving the user almost the same capabilities as a smartphone. A similar interface, made in general with the latest versions of the Android OS, contributes to this. The heart of the watch is a powerful quad-core processor that can handle almost any task. The built-in GPS chip allows you to easily get directions and not get lost, and Google Now support makes the watch your personal assistant. expand collapse


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Product added: September 2014.

walking, running, golf

Compass. Accelerometer Gyroscope. Remote control phone music. Ambient light sensors. Voice commands. Weather display. Travel. all the necessary travel information. Remote camera control.

hi-fi wifi
shvidkіst robots
read screen to soncy

bracelet (metal part) rubbed his hand,
display zagagіl zah, douzh “Zhovtiy”, syriy viglyadaє yak brown, bіliy yak zhovtiy, etc.
Maximum Trim Batteryє 1.5 days


The charging port is not very convenient

In general, this is my second watch, so it’s already possible to compare (the first ones were also Sony). I want to start with design. I like it, nothing unusual, but simple and concise, there are no extra elements. Everything is in its place. I especially liked the strap. Compared to the second version, it has lost universality, but it has become much more practical. Previously, my strap sometimes fell off my hands, so the way I did the previous hours and lost in the end. Immediately, the watch itself is tightly attached to the strap and you can’t remove it from your hand. Sadness is just replaceable straps except rubber and are not for sale. Water resistance is already traditional for Sony, without straining my hands without taking off. Here, too, is only a plus. The downside of the design is charging. It is executed extremely unsuccessfully. over, it could have been done without a plug. the benefit of the Xperia Z5 proved such a scheme in practice.

Autonomy. not enough. I would like at least a week, but we have a maximum of two days. It’s not enough for a watch.

Price. everything here is also simple, it’s Sony, which means the price is too high.

Functionality. there is everything I need. Gyroscopes, compasses, GPS are all in place. The only thing missing is a heart rate monitor, but I’m not such an athlete to use it often. There is a microphone and vibration. You can dictate the answer to almost any messenger. Previously, for each app, you had to put a separate widget, now everything has passed to the shoulders of Android Wear.

The display is normal, it’s enough for me. They said that it’s bad, maybe so, but I’m not going to photoshop on it.

The usage model I have actually formed: accept / reject a call, read a message, sometimes answer when my hands are greasy from fish :), control the player. I tried GPS. Especially convenient for cycling. I have not tried driving, there is no car. Well, the backlight of the dial at night, where would you be without it.