Replacement Iphone Xs Original Battery

Note that repair for iPhone 11 and iPhone PRO may differ from those indicated in the price list. For clarification call us 067 220-50-04.

No matter how high-quality and expensive the equipment may be, sometimes it still breaks. And the iPhone is no exception. When contacting the Apple iHelp Service Center, you can count on free diagnosis of any problems on your iPhone, as well as their quick and high-quality resolution. After repairing or replacing iPhone accessories in our service, even from serious malfunctions there is no trace left: your device will work like new.

Why iPhone Fails

Malfunctions in the iPhone are most often manifested after bumps, drops and other mechanical damage, as well as due to its contact with moisture, destructive for the internal “filling”. Malfunctions can also arise for completely harmless reasons: for example, if the gadget is often charged for charging (and used in the process), the iPhone may loose its charging connector.

However, whatever the cause of the malfunction, we recommend that you do not delay it and return the iPhone to normal working condition as soon as possible. Timely repair or replacement of faulty iPhone accessories will help you prevent new, more serious malfunctions, and therefore, avoid large costs.

The most frequent iPhone repairs

As our experience shows, the following iPhone maintenance services are most demanded among our customers:

  • glass replacement;
  • replacement of speaker and microphone;
  • replacement of the display and touchscreen iPhone;
  • battery replacement;
  • iPhone charging cable replacement;
  • repair / replacement of the main or front camera;
  • repair / replacement of the lock key;
  • glass bonding;
  • Clean iPhone after water
  • dust-free iPhone;
  • backlight repair;
  • iPhone case alignment.
  • How long does a repair take?

    IPhone repair service in Kiev is in great demand, but the speed of solving problems with the phone often leaves much to be desired. Many service centers force customers to leave the iPhone for repair for several days, citing the expectation of the receipt of components and other reasons.

    In the case of contacting us, you will not have to experience the inconvenience caused by the lack of a functional assistant at hand. We specialize exclusively in repairing Apple equipment and always have branded spare parts and accessories from the manufacturer.

    Most of the work (gluing glass, repairing the backlight, replacing the speaker, etc.) is carried out by us within one to two hours: if you wish, you can even watch the repair process. Leaving the phone for a day is only necessary in the most difficult cases requiring detailed diagnostics, or if there are problems associated with the failure of the motherboard.

    Why iHelp?

    Your phone will be handed over to qualified craftsmen who will disassemble it with the help of special equipment, completely eliminate the malfunction, test the device in operation and assemble it again. IHelp customers are offered free diagnostics that help you quickly find out the cause of the problem and find out the estimated cost of repairing or replacing iPhone accessories. We also provide a 6-month warranty for any iPhone repair work in Kiev.

    Contact the iHelp service center: we care about our customers and delight them with the high quality of services, pleasant and discounts. Compare our iPhone repair with competitors’ to see this.