Replacement Iphone 6 S Plus Speaker

Replacing the dynamics of the iPhone (we are talking about polyphonic dynamics) will take up to 40 minutes of time, of course, when conducting it in a specialized service center, information about which is presented here. It should be noted that Apple smartphones have two. Polyphonic is needed for use in hands-free mode, playing phone records. It is located at the bottom of the device. By the way, sometimes it’s enough to clean the hole from the accumulated dirt, check the phone settings. and, perhaps, the problem will be solved! It will help you find out this diagnosis, which precedes any ongoing repair operations. If the incorrect operation of the speaker requires its replacement. do it with professionals.

When is an iPhone speaker replacement needed?

To figure out when you need a speaker replacement on an iPhone, of course, our specialists can do it. By the way, you yourself can preliminarily estimate how large the malfunctions are. If it is wheezing, illegible, or too weak sound, then it is definitely necessary to make a replacement. Do not forget to check first if you forgot to turn on the sound (this sometimes happens!). Such malfunctions arise due to mechanical damage accumulated inside the condensate or elementary clogging. Staying at the last point, it is worth noting once again that a quiet or distorted melody is the likelihood of garbage getting into the protective net, the cleaning of which removes the problem.

How to protect the audio cable from breakdowns

Tips on how to protect the speaker from breakdowns are quite simple. Firstly, be careful with the phone itself, do not drop it, do not allow liquid to enter. Secondly, take a more careful approach to the issue of too extreme temperature differences. Thirdly, do not enter with it in rooms with high humidity. Well, the last recommendation is to regularly clean (as carefully as possible!) The protective mesh from dust, do not let it get into the smartphone. Compliance with these simple rules will avoid not only malfunctions, but also many other malfunctions.

Replacement Iphone 6 S Plus Speaker

Replacing or repairing a polyphonic speaker?

Of course, if the functionality of the speaker is malfunctioning, the question arises: to change or repair? The answer can be given only by conducting diagnostics that identify the true cause of the problem. By the way, do not be afraid of replacing the iPhone speaker. this operation does not require complete disassembly of the device. It is located on the lower module, so the analysis of the device will affect only the system board, without affecting other internal elements of the phone. This explains the efficiency of repair work of this kind.

We also carry out on-site repairs

Use the telephone hotline 8-800-775-90-67 to request a replacement iPhone speaker at home. You can also arrange a specialist visit on the site. All repair operations performed by our craftsmen are carried out with a mandatory subsequent warranty.