Replacement Glass Xiaomi Mi 9se

. Glass and screen replacement

4400 UAH

1 hour

for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE repair services include the cost of components and services, are approximate and can be changed by the service center, specify the price for the service you are interested in.
Terms for repair are indicated tentatively and may vary. To replace the screen in the specified time, leave a request for repair in advance.

Screen Replacement for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Smartphone. This is the most common problem among calls to the service center.
There may be several reasons for this: as a corny broken glass or lack of an image that arose as a result of mechanical damage, as well as a lack of response to pressing, as a result of oxidation on the system board, or connectors that could result from moisture entering the case.

Replacement with the original Super AMOLED frame screen

Replacing the original display for Mi 9 SE is the most expensive, but at the same time the fastest and most reasonable way to restore the device’s performance. Since we are an authorized Xiaomi service center in Ukraine, we get such screens directly from the manufacturer.
This screen is delivered in the assembly together with the frame and the side faces of the case, due to which it is installed as soon as possible (from 30 minutes to an hour), has no backlashes and gaps and fully corresponds to the original in all respects.

The warranty for the replaced part is 3 months.

Installing a restored display

This repair option implies that you will install a previously restored original Mi 9 SE screen, which was previously removed from another device and restored by re-sticking the touch glass.
This option is cheaper when compared with the original screen in the frame, but at the same time you need to be prepared for the fact that the replaced glass may not match the original in the thickness of the touch glass, the quality of the oleophobic coating and resistance to mechanical damage.
Since this display is installed in your frame, there should not be large defects on it.

Glass replacement on Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

This repair method implies almost identical procedures that were used in the previous method, except that the matrix of your display will be used for repair. This method is more affordable, but at the same time longer (1-3 days).
This type of repair is suitable only for users who have no problems with the image and at the same time will not work if there are yellow spots on the display, image distortion or dead pixels are present.

Replacement Glass Xiaomi Mi 9se

Installing a high-quality copy of the screen

Today, there are many copies of screens for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, but not on each of them you can find Super AMOLED matrix. We select only trusted suppliers with whom we have been working for more than a year.
Installing a screen copy for Mi 9 SE is the most budget option, but the copy may not match the original in a number of ways: color reproduction, brightness, color saturation, may not support 10 simultaneous and click modes and have conflicts with software.

On a screen copy we provide a guarantee of 1 month from the date of repair.