Replacement Glass Samsung Note 3 N900

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  • Urgent repair of 20 minutes
  • Guaranteed quality of repair services due to the supply of only original spare parts and the availability of only high-tech equipment recommended by manufacturers of mobile devices. Only true professionals in their field work in our center, to whom you can safely entrust the repair of the Samsung Galaxy N900 of any complexity.
  • Own spare parts warehouse, due to which the repair of devices begins as soon as possible.
  • Warranty for all types of work and used spare parts up to 90 days.

Replacing the original display module. 9850 rubles. 8% discount. Repair time. 25 minutes

Glass replacement separately from the display using OCA factory technology. 3900 rub

Repair technologies for modern smartphones are becoming more advanced. If a couple of years ago, the very idea of ​​replacing the glass separately from the display seemed not conceivable, but now everything has changed dramatically.

First of all, this concerns modern equipment, which has become less cumbersome and affordable, which in turn allows the replacement of glass at a high level. By high level, we mean the high quality of work comparable in quality to the factory product.

We draw your attention to the fact that the original glasses go only in the module. Those glasses that we install are not original, but of high enough quality. The plus is the low cost of repair, compared to replacing the original display.

Repair cost Samsung Galaxy Note 3

for the main repair positions for this model are presented in the table.

Glass repair Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Replacement Glass Samsung Note 3 N900

Of course, we will focus on replacing the glass of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This type of repair may be required if, for example, you hit the phone or dropped it. In such cases, only glass may fail (cracks appear on it) or the Galaxy Note 3 display may be damaged. In the latter case, stripes appear on the phone screen, the image becomes incorrect, color reproduction suffers, etc. In both cases described, the replacement of the glass of Galaxy Note 3 is performed only in the module with the display; separately, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display is not replaced; this is the design feature of this model. In the module, or the so-called “Display assembly” includes glass, a display, the middle part, the Home button, and an external mesh.

Galaxy Note 3 Charging Connector Repair

It is worth noting that the replacement of the charging connector Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is carried out together with the loop unit. Most often, owners encounter the following problem: as a result of tearing off the connector’s contacts from the cable, at first the phone can continue to charge normally, but it does not synchronize with the computer and does not appear to them. And only after some time after that the phone generally stops charging. And everything would be fine, but this problem becomes really complicated if the charging connector breaks down during the phone software update (with self-firmware). In this case, the system bricks. “boot flies”. In this case, it is necessary not only to replace the charging connector, but also to restore the phone software on specialized equipment.

Repair SIM or Flesh connector

Quite often, sim and flash receivers fail. Most often this happens due to carelessness in their use. for example, they inserted the SIM card or the card into the flash receiver incorrectly. When everything is OK, the SIM card is inserted into the slot until it clicks, the return mechanism fixes it and prevents it from returning back. If you insert the card on the wrong side, the mechanism will jam, and the card will jam tightly in the receiver. Many users, trying to solve the problem on their own, try to remove the card, while the contacts inside the connector often break. The sim and flash connectors themselves “sit” on the cable, when they break, the connector in the module with the cable changes. The operation is quick and does not take more than 30-40 minutes.