Replace display with Samsung a50

Samsung A50 screen replacement

The frameless smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 with a large amount of RAM and permanent memory, a good camera is rightfully in demand among Russian users. This middle-class smartphone is successfully used by schoolchildren, students, and business people. Despite the rather impressive list of positive points, no one is safe from the banal fall of the smartphone, the result of which is a broken display. Practice shows that many owners, with a small crack, which does not affect their performance, do not turn to specialists, but if there are a lot of cracks and the touchscreen does not work as it should, they understand that they cannot do without the help of a master. In Samsung A50, the screen replacement in our service center is done quite quickly. no more than two hours, and consists in the direct replacement of a broken / inoperative display module with a new one.

How to replace the display in Samsung A50

In Samsung A50, the replacement of the display-touchscreen module must necessarily be carried out by specialists, since the procedure requires a lot of experience, accuracy and accuracy, otherwise the motherboard can be damaged and the cost of repairs will increase by an order of magnitude. In order to replace a module, it is necessary to perform certain actions:

  • The smartphone warms up, the back cover is removed;
  • Inside the case, unscrew all available screws that hold the frame, which is removed. The cables of the battery, motherboard, display module and fingerprint scanner are disconnected, after which the frame and motherboard are removed, the speaker and battery are removed;
  • The new display for this model is made with fasteners for the motherboard, therefore, the films protecting the contacts are removed from the new module, and the previously removed elements of the smartphone are installed on it. speaker, battery, motherboard;
  • In the process of assembling Samsung A50, it is important to accurately install not only the components, but also to tighten all the screws. Double-sided tape is glued to the place where the battery is installed, on which the battery is attached;
  • After attaching the battery, the bottom board is attached to the module, cables are connected, a fingerprint scanner and the display module frame is attached;
  • The smartphone is tested for operability, and if everything works, then the back cover is glued.
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The main feature of the repair of this model is that it does not need to be changed, as in many others, a separate touchscreen, a separate glass, the entire module is replaced, so the replacement process is quite simple, although it requires a certain scrupulousness and accuracy.

How much does it cost to replace the display on a Samsung A50

In our service center, we do not just repair Samsung in Irkutsk inexpensively, but also with high quality, since all repair work is done by experienced electronics engineers who know exactly what and how to repair. The wizard will discuss the exact amount with you after carrying out preliminary diagnostics of the gadget, which allows detecting hidden problems (if the smartphone falls, then the motherboard or cables may be damaged). Separately, you will have to pay directly for the display, but such components are always in our warehouse, so the client does not have to wait several days for it to be delivered. CHIP also replaces glass on Samsung Galaxy without replacing the module. Learn more. call

Change the pin on Samsung a50 with built-in tools

The Samsung a59 can be changed in different ways, for example, in such a simple way. Open the application menu and write “Font” in the search bar at the top.

Then we find the line “Sri style” and click on it. Then select the option “Font Style”.

replace, display, samsung

Now we click on “Default” and you will immediately be presented with four more additional ones. Put the bird in front of the one you like and you’re done.

If you want more at the bottom, click “Download”. This will open a window where you can download dozens of different styles.

How to change the font on Samsung a50 phone

The system customization options on your Samsung a50 are almost endless, and while the standard font is really good and has been around for years, some users who value personalization options would still like to change it.

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Thanks to the openness of the Android system, this is, of course, possible. Not all manufacturers integrate font change capabilities.

In Samsung a50, you do not need to install anything additional (unless you are satisfied with what the manufacturer offers).

over, you can download your favorite one right in the settings and the whole operation is easier than you think.

How to change the font size in Samsung a50

There will be no problems with this either, but we will go a little differently, namely, go first to the settings and find a category with the name “Display” and scrolling the screen select “Font size and style”.

Now there is only one little thing left. just move the slider to the required size. I moved it to the maximum in the picture and you can see how it has changed.

As I mentioned above, there are other options, for example, an interesting “iFont” application that allows you to change fonts on Samsung, Xiaomi and Meizu without obtaining ROOT rights.

To replace the corresponding files, launch the program, select the appropriate font from the extensive list and install it according to the instructions displayed in the application.

Interestingly, even a reboot of the device is not required. all changes are applied automatically. You can download the iFont app.

Another option is using the GO Launcher. The replacement process can be performed in the “Settings” menu.

Samsung A50 Screen Replacement

The desire from time to time to change something in the appearance of the phone appears often. For this, some users buy interesting accessories such as an original case or finger holders.

Others, in turn, pay more attention to the interface of the smartphone itself. they install unconventional wallpapers, ringtones and even fonts, which, in fact, you just learned.

By the way, Go Launcher will allow you to personalize and completely change the appearance of your Samsung a50, not just the font. among other things, menu design, icon organization and animation. Success.

Glass for Samsung A50 and its specific features

For Samsung Galaxy A50, glass on the screen is a reliable armor and a chance to extend the life cycle. The modern phone has received many new functions and technical capabilities. The display is still vulnerable and prone to defects. An elegant device needs extra protection. You’d better think about security even at the stage of buying a smartphone.

Non-standard solutions

Special glasses will help to compensate for the deficiency. They are easy to use and do not require any special skills to install. By making such a purchase, you will appreciate a number of advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • the ability to repel dust, dirt and moisture;
  • high strength and hardness;
  • maximum fineness (0.3 millimeters);
  • unique manufacturing formula;
  • multilayer structure;
  • preservation of physical properties throughout the entire period of operation.

The use of this product does not affect the color rendition, contrast and sensitivity of the sensor. You do not have to buy additional consumables and tools. everything you need is provided by the manufacturer in the kit. A thin layer of silicone glue has already been applied to the surface, so you definitely won’t make a mistake when gluing.

Benefits and main advantages

3D Glass for Samsung Galaxy A50 (A505) is a unique device that brings new possibilities to users. It is much more effective than traditional polycarbonate films. They are not practical, short-lived and difficult to install. Films will protect you from small scratches, chips and greasy stains. But they will not save you from serious blows and damage. In modern conditions, such abilities are not enough.

Arguments for / against:

Glass for Samsung A50 will do an excellent job. The multi-layer structure provides the utmost reliability and does not allow the product to disintegrate into small fragments after a fall. This feature allows you to maintain the integrity of the screen, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

After a fall or hit, you just have to replace the device. This accessory is inexpensive, so the risk of financial loss is eliminated. Repair in a service center will be much more expensive. But even an expensive service may not save you from problems in the future. Remember that equipment restored after defects works much worse.

How to replace display on Samsung Galaxy A50

In this article, we’ll show you how to replace the display on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone yourself.

The Galaxy A50, equipped with an AMOLED screen, did not survive the fall. Module replacement required. We will install a spare part of original quality assembled with a middle body part. The display itself was bought here.

For all the external deceit, the back cover of the Galaxy A50 is made of plastic, you can even do without preheating and confine yourself to a spatula for parsing.

In the lower part, create a gap with the narrowest part of the blade and, slightly bending to the side, peel off the back cover. If necessary, you can add a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the spatula to reduce the stickiness of the factory tape. Only after that we remove the SIM-tray.

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Remove the remaining adhesive tape on the frame and lid, then replace it with a new one.

The plastic frame is fixed with screws from the bottom and top, we use a screwdriver and get rid of the fasteners.

With the same spatula for parsing, pry the frame and snap it off. We work carefully: the frame is thin and can crack from excessive bending.

We apply the first parsing rule: disconnect the battery first.

We will prepare the phone for connecting and checking a new spare part. It will be enough for us to disconnect the display cable from the lower subboard.

We connect the ribbon cable to the new display module, make sure it is tight. We connect the battery cable back and you can start the device.

Since the contacts and the power button itself remained on the middle frame, we will turn on the phone by closing the contacts. There are two of them. Use any metal tool.

After starting, we check the operation of the sensor and the image quality. We make sure that there are no flares, graphic distortions and incorrect color reproduction.

The sensor can be checked in two ways:

Using all the controls of the software shell (curtains, buttons, icons, brightness sliders and side gestures, if any) and dragging any application icon on the desktop across the entire area;

Turning on the special display mode of touching the touch screen:

  • Settings app
  • item “About phone / About device”
  • repeated clicking on the line “Build number”, until a message appears about the inclusion of developer mode
  • return to the main settings screen
  • scroll down and find the “For Developers” item that appears, go to it (on various devices, this menu item can be hidden in “Accessibility”, “Additional Settings”, “System Settings”, etc.)
  • turn on the item “For Developers” and look at the bottom of the section “Input”, “Display touches” and voila. the finger is followed by a coordinate grid leaving the line of touch, which allows you to fully check the touchscreen for serviceability and eliminate false and phantom clicks

The part has been checked and must be installed, which means it’s time to transfer the board and peripherals to a new frame. Disconnect the board-to-board cables and unscrew the screw that secures the motherboard. We also disconnect the antenna cables and remove them from the channel.

At the bottom, we have to unscrew and disable the sub-screen fingerprint scanner, antenna contacts and the sub-board itself along with antenna cables.

There is no need to carry the thermal bands, our new original module comes with a full set of rubber bands and a thermal interface.

The speaker and vibration motor remained under the main board. Gently pry with tweezers and transfer to a new place.

Be careful when removing the Fingerprint Scanner, if the scanning window is dirty or damaged, it could cause it to malfunction.

The antenna contact and the bottom board are fixed on double-sided tape, pry off with a spatula.

The last in line is the rechargeable battery. In this model, Samsung did not provide any labels to facilitate dismantling the battery, tightly gluing it on both sides to the metal frame.

To loosen the tape, add alcohol around the edges, in the gap between the battery itself and the frame. Leave it to “wet” for a couple of minutes and easily peel off the battery.

We will install the battery on acrylic double-sided tape. Two stripes around the edges are enough.

We remove all protective films from rubber bands and thermal pads and assemble the phone in the reverse order.

The final step will be to install the back cover. Here again, acrylic tape will help us. We glue it along the edges of the frame, cutting off the excess with a scalpel or office knife.

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Urgent repair of Samsung Galaxy A50 (A505)

The bezel-less Infinity-U display and premium case design make the Samsung Galaxy A50 attractive to many Ukrainians. The Super AMOLED touchscreen gadget is ideal for vlogs, live broadcasts and work conferences. However, the device is not protected from drops, water ingress under the case and various damage.

Most often, the owners of Samsung Galaxy A50 contact a service center in Kiev because of problems with the screen. You can learn more about them in the article Stripes and spots appeared on the Samsung Galaxy display. HelloService engineers will diagnose such a device and fix all faults in a couple of hours.

Glass replacement and other services

Need sound tweaks, battery recovery or display repair on your Samsung Galaxy A50 or Samsung Galaxy A40? You can find out the cost of such services from the price list, by phone or online chat. Please contact. High-quality service and affordable cost of services are guaranteed.

Samsung Galaxy A50 A505 Screen Repair and Replacement Services

The chips and components used in the assembly of the Samsung Galaxy A50 are reliable. But when exposed to moisture, dust and careless handling, the charging connector becomes unusable. As a result, the phone won’t charge. Please contact Samsung HelloService to resolve this issue and have your speakers, microphone, and buttons repaired. In our SC, your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

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Also, our service center in Kiev is contacted, if necessary:

  • repair and replacement of the camera module;
  • battery replacement;
  • glass replacement;
  • replacing a broken sensor or repairing a Samsung screen;
  • repair and replacement of a Wi-Fi receiver;
  • replacement of the camera glass;
  • cover replacement;
  • repair and replacement of the motherboard;

Repair Samsung Galaxy A50 (A505)

High quality copy. Warranty 2 months.

Paid in case of refusal to repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parts warranty from 3 to 12 months, depending on the type of part. For work on repairing boards, a warranty of up to 2 months.

The repair time depends on the availability of spare parts and on the complexity of the work. In most cases, if parts are available, repair takes up to 2 hours, board repair takes up to 1 day. You can find out the availability of details and exact dates from the manager of the department.

Yes, all shown include the cost of parts and labor.

Repair Samsung Galaxy A50 2019

For Samsung Galaxy A50, we offer comprehensive repair, including minor component repair of the motherboard. We successfully carry out such types of work as: repair of a recessed Galaxy A50, replacement of glass separately from the display, repair of a sensor cable with a precision microscope.

Every original Samsung A50 2019 part comes with up to 6 months warranty. Warranty for the work of the master from 3 months.

Master’s work original detail

Description of the service Price / rub.
Speaker replacement (spoken) 1250
Replacing the camera glass (camera glass with work. Original) 1300
Cover replacement 1800
Replacing the polyphonic ringer 1600
Repair of the display, sensor 1400
Replacing the battery connector 1250
Replacing the microphone with a ribbon 1200
Replacing the headphone / headset connector 1400
Replacing the display / screen (original module = display glass work of the master branded adhesive for the back cover and battery new filter mesh for the earpiece) 4900
Glass replacement (original glass) 3000
Replacing the charging socket with a flex cable. power connector with a touch-sensitive part of the buttons 1800
Replacing the light sensor (the screen does not turn off during a conversation) 1490
Battery replacement (original) 1800
Replacing the antenna unit 1250
Cleaning the board after water ingress (ultrasound) 1500
Software change, firmware / software repair 1000
Main camera (triple) 2700
Replacing keys on the charge circuit 1700
Information recovery from 800

Although Samsung A50 has IP68 moisture protection, it still gets flooded for repair. The reason for this is the micro-gaps that appear after hitting the phone. Since the entire smartphone is assembled on double-sided tape, with a strong impact, the surface is torn off from the base.

Inside, the motherboard is not protected by anything, except for the microcircuits that are under the compound.

Repairing a flooded board begins with diagnosing the board. The master takes pictures of the damaged areas for subsequent diagnostics. Then the boards are placed in an ultrasonic bath, where, under the action of ultrasound, the products of electrochemical corrosion are destroyed.

After the board is dried, the whole board is diagnosed. The results of the diagnostics are communicated to the client, if the cost of repairing the Samsung Galaxy A50 is satisfied, the wizard starts working.

If the cost of the work is not satisfactory, then the phone is assembled on an old adhesive base and given to the client. Diagnostics in this case is also free. If you need a new glue base for the screen and back cover, then the cost of diagnostics is 650 rubles.

The fact is that all warranty service centers replace the glass along with the display. But this type of repair is quite expensive. For amoled displays, it would be more expedient to replace only the glass, leaving the display old.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Lcd Screen Replacement

This method has only two drawbacks: it must have a perfect display and sensor, the repair time for a Samsung a50 2019 smartphone directly depends on the state of the display.

The less damage on the display, the less time the technician spends on the glass plywood. Also an important fact is the state of the screen frame. If the frame is bent or has creases, then the new glass will not fit into the seats. Estimated repair time for Samsung A50 glass replacement is 3 hours.