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LG phone display does not work? Pretty unpleasant situation, since screen. the main means of information output. Urgent action is needed here. Do not run the problem. If LG screen does not work, You can do the initial diagnosis. Just call our consultant and together we will try to figure it out. Many faults can not be detected remotely, so it is better to bring a cell to us, the wizard will conduct a complete diagnosis absolutely free. If moisture gets into your device, after which it stops working, we advise you not to continue charging it, since this only kills the board. And this is far from the only problem that mobile owners have to deal with.

Why screen does not work on LG?

If it doesn’t work for you display, there are usually several reasons for this. If outwardly there are no signs of breakage, cracks or smudges, then the problem is as follows:

1. 40% of the display itself is faulty. What to do in this case? Contact our workshop for help. Here you can purchase any part and try to replace it yourself. But we do not advise doing this. Trust our experts. They will do everything quickly and efficiently;

2. In 30% of cases, this indicates that the display control chip is malfunctioning. It is very difficult to replace it yourself. Not every user can do this task. The masters of our service center have vast experience and are always happy to help you;

3. in 20% of cases LG phone fell and why the screen does not work? A printed circuit board may malfunction from impact. In order to insert it back, you just need to sort out the device. We do this in the presence of the client and does not take much time;

4. in 10% of cases screen does not work on LG phone also for other reasons, in order to determine them, it is necessary to do diagnostics.

Why does my LG touchscreen not work? It is quite sensitive and it is much easier to disable it than with a regular phone. LG touch screen does not work for several reasons. But most often it fails from mechanical damage. Your cell dropped, you hit it like not LG touch screen works. Often users do not know what to do, when to function. The screen half of the LG has stopped and does not work. This happens when sensitivity is lost in certain areas. This is the result of physical damage. In any case, if part of the LG touch screen doesn’t work, Contact our service center for help. This problem should be solved by experienced craftsmen.

If LG screen backlight does not work, In most cases, the problem is in the backlight circuit. Usually, LG screen is off after moisture enters the device. Therefore, you should protect the device from getting into the middle of the device water. The LG screen goes out and goes out also if the problems are in the display itself. In order for it to work again, it will be necessary to replace this part.

What to do? Conclusions:

If you have gone LG display backlight or it’s broken, it will need to be changed. We will be happy to help you with this. In our service center you can always purchase any part and try to fix the device yourself, but we do not recommend doing this, since first you need to carry out diagnostics. Our masters are always ready to help you.

Life example:

The young man dropped the phone on the tile, after which he turned blue. The phone turned on, just glowed blue and did not respond. The guy came to our service, we did the diagnostics and discovered. the screen management chip is damaged, it was replaced within 2 hours, the phone was tested and a guarantee for the entire phone was issued to the client.

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