Remove the password on the laptop when you turn on the acer. Features of password recovery…

How to reset and remove BIOS password of Acer aspire 3 laptop

Several ways to crack a password on a laptop

It is almost always necessary to reset the password on the laptop if the owner has forgotten it and cannot access important data. The probability of recalling a suitable combination is extremely small.

You can do this in various ways. If you are faced with a similar problem, at least one of them will work. This instructions will consider the most effective ways to hack a laptop password and gain access to the contents.

Work in safe mode

To enable it: during the reboot, click the F8 button. A black screen will appear, offering to choose one of several modes. The entrance to the operating system in this case will be made of an integrated Administrator account, the password to which is disabled by default.

It is not recommended to activate the password on this account: this can complicate access to information on a laptop in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Next, you will see a message that the safe mode is designed to debug the operating system. It does not include some drivers, so a number of devices may not work. To continue. click the OK button.

After starting the Windows graphic shell, click the Start button and click on the account icon in the upper part of the window. In the window opened, follow the link “Management of another account”. Highlight the account for which you need to change the parameters. To install another password. click “Change” or “Delete” to drop it.

Entrance to safe mode

If you want to perform this operation, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the personal computer (or restart the laptop if it is turned on).
  • Wait for a short sound signal of the BIOS (single tall beep).
  • Start press the F8 key. In general, it is enough to press it once at a certain correct moment, but it will be much more reliable to play it safe. Nothing can happen from unnecessary presses.
  • You must load the screen with a list of available Windows launch modes. If the computer has just started loading the system, as usual, it means that you did something wrong. In this case, it is necessary to repeat points 1-3.
  • You need entrance to the “safe mode”. You can also in the command line support mode if it’s convenient for you to work with it. Select the desired with the arrows and click Enter.
  • Wait until the computer downloads the system, after which you will need to enter the administrator account on behalf of the account. There is no password on it by default. If you or other users have changed your computer configurations, you will not succeed in entering this way.
  • Click OK in a window welcoming you in diagnostic mode.

How to delete user password in the administrator account

In diagnostic mode, you can work on a laptop, almost like in an ordinary OS. However, many familiar functions will not be here. The first thing that catches your eye is the lack of a driver to a graphic adapter. Here the user can delete the password that he forgot, on behalf of the administrator. To do this, do the following:

  • Run the Start menu using the corresponding button with a flag on the left side of the fast access panel or by pressing the Windows key.
  • Open the “control panel”.
  • Go to the category “User Accounts”.
  • In the list presented, find the account of the account, the password from which he forgot.
  • On the left side of the window is a list of available functions. You need to select “Change the password“.
  • New information must be entered twice. If you want to remove the password, you need to leave both fields empty.
  • Next, click on the “Save” button (“Save”).
  • Reload a laptop or computer.

Entrance to safe mode

To unlock the laptop on which the Windows system is installed, you must enter into safe mode. You need to restart the laptop and wait for a short bios signal. Then you should press the F8 button. It is better to do this several times so as not to miss the moment when the system is ready to execute the command.

Depending on the brand of the laptop, the entry request to the BIOS can be carried out using another command. This must be clarified in the instructions for this type of technique.

After that, the screen should be loaded on which available operating system launching modes will be indicated. If the laptop starts loading Windows as usual, then something was done wrong. You need to repeat the procedure.

To understand how to unlock a laptop (Windows or other operating system is installed. it is not important) and not to damage the information on the hard drive, you need to carefully read the instructions and perform actions exactly. When the launch modes are highlighted in the bios, it will be necessary to select “Safe Main” using the keyboard.

The laptop will load the system. It will be necessary to enter the administrator. This user has no password by default.

Restoration of access to the laptop through the command line

You can also go around the protection of the laptop through the command line. This is necessary:

The use of the boot disk

Another tool in the OS that allows you to reset the password that the user forgot is the use of the boot disk with Windows. In this case, only the assembly of the operating system that is installed on a problem laptop is suitable.

To hack the lost password, you need to do the following:

    Enter BIOS and in the Boot section on the contrary 1st Boot Device install CD/DVD. Save the changes and leave the BIOS.

After that, restart the laptop and pull out the boot disk from the DVD drive. If everything is done correctly, you do not need to enter a password during the loading of the OS, that is, you managed to drop it.

You can’t find out the password on the laptop yourself. However, it can be circumvented, and it is not at all difficult to do. Therefore, if you forgot the entrance key, use one of the restoration means.

Unlocking the laptop keyboard

On the keyboard of the Acer Aspire laptop, many functional keys are hidden. Regardless of the Windows version, pressing a particular combination of keys can lead to a variety of consequences. You can increase the volume of the sound or reduce it, change the brightness of the screen, close all the windows, start the seal and much other. If these keys are out of order, contact the specialized service center Acer.

How to Remove Bios Password on Laptop (Easy Tutorial)

How to remove a password from a computer from Windows 10

Removing the password on the tenth version of Windows occurs similar, as in the previous parts of the system, in the way. For this, both simple solutions and complex. Consider them in order.

remove, password, laptop, turn

Password deactivation in parameters

How to delete Windows 10 password in this way? Follow these actions:

  • Open the OS parameters through the starting menu.
  • Log in the category with accounts.
  • Choose the section “Entrance options”.
  • A list of all available password types will open. Select the necessary and delete it. As a rule, there is a pin code for Windows Hello. To remove it, the corresponding button is provided.
remove, password, laptop, turn

In the case when there is no “delete” button, click on “change”. Then enter the current password, and then leave all the fields empty.

Password removal using regedit

Now consider a difficult way to turn off the password on Windows 10:

  • Open the system utility “Perform” Win R keys.
  • Enter the Regedit command.
  • Go on the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → Software → Microsoft → Windows NT → Currentversion → Winlogon.
  • In the list on the right, find Autoadminlogon and clat on it twice. A small window opens, in which set value 1.
  • In the DefaultDomainname block, enter the name of the domain or local computer.
  • Create the DefaultPassword option by pressing the right mouse button and the “Create” function. Select the “string parameter” and change the name to Defaultpassword.
  • Open the created option. In the field with the value, indicate the password from the account.
  • Close the window of the registry editor and restart the system.
remove, password, laptop, turn

Removing protection using programs

Consider the universal way to remove the password from the computer. This will need additional software. Programs will help when there is no access to the operating system. One of these useful developments is OPHCRACK.

For use, write down the image of the program on the disk or flash drive (this can be done on another computer). When the cracker is ready:

  • Connect the program to the computer.
  • Carry up from a flash drive or disk.
  • When the OPHCRACK LiveC menu appears, wait a few seconds until the necessary utility boots. In order not to wait, click Ophcrack Graphics Mode.
  • After a while, the program will show the necessary password.
  • Reload the system from the hard drive, enter the OS and delete the password in the above methods.
remove, password, laptop, turn

We strongly recommend using passwords to protect personal data. If necessary, remove them in the article in the article, but then set the protection again. Write the password on a piece of paper and store in a safe place.

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The peculiarity of the reset

I need access to the BIOS laptop, but Acer laptop requests the password when entering the system? Then we can help you. It doesn’t matter if you forgot the password or recorded it on a piece of paper and lost it. It does not matter and that you do not know where it came from. It is not so difficult to discard (delete) the old password. So, how to remove the BIOS password on the Acer laptop, let’s start. There are two types of passwords for Acer laptops, depending on the laptop model, the password can consist of 8 or 10 digits. So let’s look at the solution for each case separately.

How to delete a 8-digit BIOS password on Acer laptop

How to reset the BIOS password on the Acer laptop:

  • When the laptop is turned on, press / hold the F2 key on the keyboard several times until you reach BIOS / UEFI.
  • When a password entering window appears, it does not matter what you enter, click Enter three times. When the window selection window appears, select the password of the unlocking and press the Enter key.
  • The next password entering window will appear, where the key is written in brackets, for example. Enter Unlock Password (Key: 72546812).
  • Save this key, go to the www and enter this key in the “only 8 digits” field. Then click “Send request”.
  • In this case, the personal password that you enter on your laptop is generated. This will lead to a successful entrance to the BIOS laptop Acer.

BIOS password reset

It should be distinguished by the protection of personal account and the device in its entirety. If the password is installed in BIOS, then the user who has forgotten it will not be able to go into the settings, load from the disk or reinstall the OS.

The easiest way to restore access to the laptop using the software capabilities provided on many devices. For this:

  • When you turn on the laptop, enter the wrong password several times until there is a notification that the check is failing with a proposal to press any key.
  • The menu with two points will open, the desired is designated as “Enter Unlock Password”. A click on it will lead to a display of a digital or digital-letter password, which must be recorded.
  • Go from any device to the site https: // where to introduce the preserved value. A table will appear under the input field, the extreme left column of which contains the name of the laptop model, and the right. the key to unlock.
  • Restart the laptop, when a password is requested, enter a value from the table. The load will begin, during which you need to open the BIOS parameters and change the password. Useful information: how to drop a laptop to factory settings via BIOS.

If access recovery failed, you will need to physically reset custom settings. It should be taken into account: for this you need to disassemble the laptop, which can lead to a loss of warranty.

Before starting work, you need to turn off the device from the network and remove the battery. On some models, it is enough to remove the back cover, others require the dismantling of a hard drive, cooler or keyboard.

Through Jamper

First of all, you should find a small site with the signature of CLR, CLRTC, JCMOS or CCMOS. Further, three options are possible:

  • There is a button on the site. You need to click on it and hold it for 10. 15 seconds.
  • There are three contacts next to the inscription, two of which are closed by a special jumper. Jamprom. It should be moved to the right or left (remove and close the other two contacts), connect the device to charging, press the laptop button, hold 30 seconds. Return Jumper to its original position.
  • There are only two contacts on the site. They need to be closed manually. for example, with a screwdriver. continuing to hold which the device is connected to the network and clamp the power button for 30 seconds. As in the previous version, the laptop will not be launched, but the BIOS settings will be dropped.

After that it remains to assemble and turn on the laptop.

Through the battery

If the manufacturer has not provided for the reset with the help of Jamper, then access to the motherboard will be required. It has a round battery of the “tablet” type, which must be carefully removed.

It is important that the removal of BIOS user settings occurs only when the power of the special chip is interrupted by the CMOS chip, where they are stored for a certain time. Therefore, insert the battery back in a few minutes, it is better to wait half an hour.

When the laptop is subsequently turned on, the system may ask to choose a boot option. It is required to specify “Load Defaults”.

How to reset the administrator data

It is easier to restore access to an account if it is possible to boot from under another account. In this case, to restore the administrator’s password, you will need:

  • Open the terminal through the “Start” or calling the command window with a combination of Win R and by typing a line “CMD” in it.
  • Introduce Control Userpasswords2, click on Enter.
  • In the window that opens, find the desired account, highlight it with one click. Remove the checkbox from the checkbox on top that establishes the need to enter the name and password of the user. Apply changes.
  • The entrance form will appear where you need to set a new password or leave the fields empty.

After confirming and closing the window, the laptop should be reloaded.

Remove the password on the laptop when you turn on the acer

This problem arose suddenly when I decided to reinstall Windows two years later. BIOS turned out to be parking, but I do not recall to set the password. The task was quickly and without disassembly (removing battery and other manipulations) to reset the password from Windows.

Many when loading BIOS meet with the Enter Current Password message, what to do and how to disable?

We need to enter an incorrect password three times to make a message with the generated key:

Error status: “The wrong password has been introduced 3 times, please click Enter to continue”. click Enter

The key is generated by a new one, so do not rush to turn off the laptop, write down this number somewhere. Further it will come in handy.

Enter our code in the field, then click on the “Send Request” button, within a few seconds, the unlock code, which we introduce already in the laptop: should be generated:

After that, the BIOS password will be removed and you can enter the BIOS. However, keep in mind, if you do not set your BIOS password, then you will encounter BIOS blocked again. and you will have to do everything that was described above again. Therefore, I advise you to still set my password from BIOS.

P.S. Your BIOS password can be in the same way reset. keep it in mind.

How to reset the administrator data

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To do this, run the command line by pressing the Start button and entering CMD in the search window. On the command line you need to enter Control Userpasswords. The computer will give you access to all the accounts registered on it. Highlight the necessary and remove the checkmark to enter the operating system without a password. Then come up with a new password, enter and repeat it. To save the command line settings, enter exit. To make changes enter into force. reboot the computer.

Is it possible to find out the password from the laptop

The easiest way to find out the password is to choose it using a special program, for example Elcomsoft System Recovery Professional. To remove the password using this utility. it must be pre.written to disk or flash drive. Next, you need to restart the computer and select this medium as a boot disk.

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Next, follow the prompts of the settings, until you dive your password on the laptop. If several operating systems are used on the computer, then choose the one whose settings need to be reset.