Removal of backups of WhatsApp on Android. Demanding a file with backups from a phone on Android

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How to disable backup in WhatsApp and restore

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications that is appreciated not only for ease of use, but also for a high level of security. Thanks to the backup function, users may not worry about the safety of their data. However, not everyone has the need for it.

In the article we will consider how to cancel the creation of backups in WhatsApp, disconnect on Android and other devices, how to delete already saved messages from WhatsApp, how to enable backup copy again.

How to cancel backup in WhatsApp

Backup is a function thanks to which users have access to messages, contacts and other information important to them. The WhatsApp application settings provide daily backup, which occurs at 03:00 in the night in automatic mode. All data from the profile account are sent to the ICLOUD or Google Drive account depending on the type of device.

If the user carefully monitors the memory of his phone, he may have a question of how to cancel backup in WhatsApp. The messenger provides for this possibility. To use it, you need to go into the application settings.

On Android

The reserve copying on Android is set through the WhatsApp application.

How to disable WhatsApp backing on Android step by step:

  • Open the application and go to the “Settings” section, which is marked with three points in the upper right corner.
  • In the falling window, select the “Settings” item, and then click on the line “Chats”.
  • Choose the option “History of chats”. A window with backup settings will appear on the screen. At the bottom of the page is the item “Settings of the Google disk”. After clicking on the first line “backup on Google” the user will be able to choose the frequency of the procedure. To disable backup, click on the option “never”.

On the iPhone

Owners of the iPhone can cancel backup not only through the messenger, but also through Google a disk or setting a phone. In all three cases, the procedure is performed according to a similar algorithm.

How to disable backup in WhatsApp to iPhone:

  • First you should go to the phone settings and click on the personal account icon in the upper part of the page.
  • At the next stage, you need to select iCloud and find in the WhatsApp list opened.
  • There is a toggle switch near the application icon. It must be brought to the off position.

Through the messenger, the disconnection of backup is carried out according to the same principle as on Android. The user needs to go into the application settings through the section with three points and select the “Chat” item. It will have a line “Automatic backup”. To suspend the data conservation process, it is enough to remove the activation by pressing the switch.

When it can come in handy

Correspondence on messengers sometimes contain very important information. These can be the numbers of phones and bank cards, important documents or photos dear to the heart.

Such valuable information is sometimes lost. Why? The following situations may be the reason:

  • An accident or all chat is accidentally deleted;
  • phone breakdown;
  • Watsap removal;
  • formatting a memory carrier;
  • Data loss after calling the phone.

INFORMATION! In addition to the cases mentioned, the restoration of Watsap may be needed when buying a new mobile, and when you need to look at the message remote before reading it.

Restoration on Android

Restore WhatsApp on the phone with the Android operating system can be in three ways:

Through Google disk

For devices on Android WhatsApp, it saves copies of chats in a cloud storage on Google disk. Only one data duplicate is saved here. The creation of the archive can be performed automatically or manually.

To restore WhatsApp on the phone using the Google disk after removing the messenger, you need to take 9 steps: 1. Enter the Google Play Application store at https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.WhatsApphl = ru.

Accept the conditions for using the messenger and a privacy policy.

Enter the phone number, early registered on the service, and click “Next”.

Enter the resulting confirmation code.

removal, backups, whatsapp, android

Click “Continue” and give permission to the necessary requests of the system.

Give consent to restore the backup and, after the completion of the process, slip “further”.

Enter your name and conduct further settings.

As a result, not only text messages will be returned, but also the media files that were sent through the messenger.

IMPORTANT! To return WhatsApp with this method, you must use the Google account, which was used to create a backup copy.

Backup on the phone

WhatsApp messenger provides for automatic preservation of backup chats. Such archives are created daily about 2 a.m. They save data in the last 7 days. Files with correspondence stories are stored in the internal memory of the device. Namely, in the Databases folder, which is located in the “WhatsApp” section.

If copies on the Google disk have not previously been created, then data recovery will be made using archives saved on the phone. To return WhatsApp on the Samsung smartphone or another Android device in this way, you must first remove the messenger. Next, you need to do the same procedure as when restoring through Google disk.

There are times when it is necessary to return not the last, but the older archive of chats. To do this, it is necessary to do the following: 1. Enter the file manager on the phone.

Rename the necessary archive in MSGSTORE.DB.Crypt12 “.

ADVICE! If at the end of the name the archive there is another figure instead of “12”, then it should be left unchanged.

Next, you need to reinstall the messenger and restore data using a backup copy.

To restore WhatsApp, with the previously available correspondence, on the new smartphone or tablet, you must first transfer the file with the archive to the required device. To do this, from the “Databases” folder, a backup called “MSGSTORE” should be copied.DB.Crypt12 “and transfer it to a new gadget.

Now you can install WhatsApp on a new device. At the same time, the system will find a backup and offer its restoration. Agree with this and continue the installation.

IPhone recovery on Android

The recovery of the WhatsApp back on the iPhone is carried out through ICLOUD or Tenorshare Itransgo application. If you need to send information from one iPhone to another, you can use iTunes. It is enough to download it to the computer and connect the phone through the USB cord. The application menu has a line “Create a copy of now”, with the help of which backup is performed. Building files to another phone is carried out through the option “Restore from a copy of iTunes”.

To transfer data to Android, you will have to use iTunes and Google account. The iTunes application allows you to send files in any convenient way. When starting the application on the PC, you need to find the “Information” item and put a check from the section “Contact Synchronization” section. After that, the system will offer a list in which you need to select “Google Contacts”. After performing synchronization, the data can be downloaded to Android via Google Account.

Another option for transferring data from iPhone to Android involves the use of the iCarefone application. It will help transfer files from phone to computer. After that, it will be necessary to connect to the PC Android device via a USB cable and transfer data from the iPhone to it.

The recovery and installation of the WhatsApp reserve copy have a number of subtleties that each owner of the mobile device must be found. The application provides for options that exclude the likelihood of loss of data.

What is WhatsApp storage

The vault is a cache of the messenger located in the phone’s memory. It stores all text, voice messages, photos, GIF, video and so on. Users should know how to remove WhatsApp files from the storage facility, since its overflow gives a violation of the functioning of the messenger.

How to open a cache

Many users are concerned about how to look at the WhatsApp storage, since not everyone knows where it is located. It can be found in it with the total weight of files, statistics on the use of the network, as well as configure the media auto loading.

To check whether WhatsApp occupies a lot of memory in the iPhone or Android, you need to go into the messenger settings, go to “Data and Storage”. “Storage Management”.

There is all the statistics of the amount of used and free space. In management, you can view all objects of a certain chat, the most frequently sent messages and individual files weighing more than 5 MB.

How to block the conservation of WhatsApp in the system memory of files?

To prevent downloading various garbage from WhatsApp to the internal phone memory, create a special file.nomedia. This is done as follows:

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer and go to the system memory.
  • Find the folder in which the WhatsApp messenger is saved. WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp/Images.
  • Next, open a notebook on the computer and create an empty file: during the conservation, specify a special name for the file. nomedia (be sure to put the point before the name), and in the category of “type of files”, indicate the item “All”.
  • Now transfer the created file to the smartphone to the WhatsApp folder.

After the operation, WhatsApp will no longer be able to save multimedia files on the gadget. Also a folder.nomedia can be created through any conductor. the algorithm of actions is identical.

How to disable WhatsApp backup

Sometimes it is required for one reason or another to disconnect the backup function. Someone just needs more free space on the phone, and someone generally deleted the messenger and does not need to create copies.

The shutdown operation itself is not at all complicated and is performed in several clicks:

  • Open the application, click on three points at the top right.
  • There will be a menu where you need to select “Settings”.
  • In the “Chats” section, make the transition to the chat settings and click the line “reserve copy of the chats”.
  • A window with various options for the frequency of backup will pop up. Here you need to choose the highest point “Never”. Save on Google will be disconnected.

However, such a shutdown is not available for local copying, when information is stored in automatic mode every day at 2 a.m. All data enters the internal memory of the smartphone and settled in the Databases folder. Information updating occurs weekly. some files are erased, and in their place other, more fresh. If necessary, you can independently go into this folder and manually erase the necessary data.

Disconnecting backup is also available for iPhone. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Open the messenger and press the settings button in the form of a gear right below.
  • Go to the chat tab and find the Auto Backup backup tab.
  • On the new page, put a checkmark opposite Off, that is, “off”. Changes will remain automatically.

Problems with backup:

When creating a backup, sometimes errors occur. This may be due to both a lack of mobile Internet traffic or interruption of a Wi-Fi signal, and with a lack of phone memory or a virtual storage is not connected to the messenger.

WhatsApp search for backup copies

If, when restoring the history of correspondence, it is not possible to find saved information due to the hovering of the messenger search engine, then the rebooting of the smartphone, connection to Wi-Fi or reinstalling the application can help.

Failed to create a backup of WhatsApp

When archiving and transferring messages to the account, an error “failed to create a backup” occurs occasionally “. This happens when mobile Internet does not have enough traffic. In this case, you should connect to the Wi-Fi network and download the data with its help. Or this error is issued with a lack of device memory. Helps cleaning the smartphone cache or deleting unnecessary files to free up the place.

WhatsApp backing is stuck “, obviously, it can annoy users, especially when this happens suddenly. You read this article, waiting for a solution to this problem? If so, then the good news is that you got to the point! We will explain how to solve this problem without much confusion. So, continue to read and find out how to do it.

Use the alternative method if your backups reserve copy is dependent to try if the backups of WhatsApp hutsApp, which you can use to restore the hovering backup of WhatsApp on Android

How to delete a backup of WhatsApp from phone

It is very simple to erase an unnecessary archive. this technique works both on iPhones and on androids. Go to the messenger’s directory through the conductor and find a file called Backups. it is we who have to destroy it.

How to send a WhatsApp PDF file for Android or iPhone

Rise to one position and send a backup pack to the basket. This is where your torment is over. However, do not forget about iPhone smartphones. There is its own atmosphere. information can be copied to the cloud service iCloud. Act like this:

  • Through telephone settings, move to icloud.
  • Enter the cloud.
  • Find the WhatsApp daddy.
  • Emerate everything.
  • Enjoy the result.

On Android

You cannot delete a backup of WhatsApp from a Google disk? Perhaps your phone has not copied him there. Check the presence of the Backups file in the messenger folder. This is done through the conductor. Having discovered the desired file, send it to the basket.

On the iPhone

Many iPhone owners retain their correspondence in iCloud. To get rid of the file, act as follows:

  • Move to the smartphone settings menu.
  • Find iCloud.
  • Now you are interested in the section “Storage”. slip through it.
  • Go to the Watsap folder.
  • Tap the “Remove All” button ”.

Mode “Invisible” in WhatsApp: how to enable or disable mode

Delete old backups of iCloud and applications on iPhone and iPad

Apple offers a storage control tool for iCloud, a similar tool for checking the local storage on your iPhone and iPad. Using it, you can see how much space is occupied by backups as a whole and individual applications in particular.

Open the “Settings” application on your device, and then click on your profile at the top of the menu.

Click on the “Driving Management” button.

In the list “ICLOD storage”, select “backup”.

You will see all the iPhone and iPad related to your iCloud account, and the volume of memory they occupy. Click on the device to see further breakdown.

Now you will see detailed information about the time of the last backup and the list of applications for which it is performed in ICLUD, as well as the volume of the place they occupy. If you find programs that take up too much space, you can click on the switch next to the application to remove and disable backup for it.

To confirm, click on “disable and remove” in a pop.up menu.

Do this for a pair of applications and see if you can return a significant amount of memory.

We recommend turning on backup for such important applications such as WhatsApp, Messages and so on. But for multimedia or podcast programs it would be better to turn off this function, especially if you have an empty space.

Disconnect and delete the entire ICLOUD backup for the device you can run the page with your finger and click “Delete a backup”.

In a pop.up window → “turn off and delete” to confirm.

Disconnect the iCloud Backup on iPhone and iPad

If you just want to disable the icloud backup function without monitoring the storage.

After clicking on the profile in the “Settings” application → “icloud”.

Spend your finger down → “backup icloud”.

Here, just click on the switch next to the ICLOUD backup option.

Your current backup will be removed from iCloud, and the icloud backup function will be disabled for the device.

If you want to turn on this function again, return to this screen and click on the switch next to the ICLOUD backup option.

How to remove a backup of WhatsApp from the phone

How to delete a backup of WhatsApp from a smartphone if you no longer want to store data? There are no problems. we will tell you how to get rid of the saved information if there is such a need. In the review you will find detailed instructions for the owners of the iPhone and Android smartphone!

Before telling how to delete a backup of WhatsApp on the iPhone, you need to figure out where the data is generally stored. The owners of these devices know. the internal storage is called icloud and by default all applications transmit data there precisely. You can’t choose another cloud storage!

First, make sure that you save the information in cloud memory. otherwise it will not be possible to delete a backup copy of WhatsApp on the iPhone, because the subject of the conversation is missing!

Ready. to save information, you will need to take a few steps, otherwise you will not find out how to remove the backup of WhatsApp from the phone:

  • Enter the application and click on the gear on the right on the right;
  • Open the section “Chats”;
  • Go to the “Reserve Copy” subsection and click on the “Create” icon.

You already know how to save information. and now you want to delete WhatsApp backing from the phone as unnecessary. There is nothing easier, follow our algorithm!

They were able to figure out what this is for backupsApp and how to remove it on the iPhone. it was the turn of users choosing Android OS!

On Android

Be prepared. you will have to work with Google disk! Do not worry. they do not occupy a lot of space, each new copy replaces the previous file automatically.

First, a few words on how to learn how to maintain the history of messages in the cloud storage:

If you want to delete a backup of WhatsApp chats is not a problem! You can use the Google disk on a computer or in a mobile application (completely free). We must do the following:

  • Find the name of the messenger in the list and find an unnecessary document;
  • highlight your finger (you need to click on the computer) and click on the removal icon.

Here is the answer to the question of how to delete a backup copy of the WhatsApp from the Google disk! Do not forget to clean the basket so that unnecessary data disappears without the possibility of recovery.

Experienced users know. there is an additional option on Android smartphones. The saved data is in the memory of a mobile device, copying is made once a day in the background automatic mode. You can delete the backups of WhatsApp on Android. but first download any file manager from the Play Market. Here we will tell you everything about the reproduction of voice messages.

Suitable file manager found? We start work:

  • Enter inside and find a directory called Databases;
  • Press the file and hold it with your finger until an additional menu appears;

Good news! You do not have to think about how to delete WhatsApp backup on a computer. there is no such possibility in the desktop version. In this case, complete synchronization of the data occurs: everything written on the computer will be stored in a backup on the phone.

You learned how to delete WhatsApp backing on Android and is it possible to get rid of unnecessary data on the iPhone. We wish you success. with the help of our instructions, you will definitely master the difficult task and wipe extra copies from the cloud! Find out whether messages will come if you unlock the contact.

Useful tips


Sometimes when creating a backup in the cloud storage, problems happen. To eliminate the cause of the failure, make sure that:


If the process of restoration of information from the backup ends with an error, make sure:

  • indicate the same number from the account of which the backup was created;
  • There is enough free space in the gadget’s memory;
  • The Internet works stably.


The user of the Android Telephone can see how fresh the backups stored on Google Drive are. To do this, use the standard application of the Google smartphone disk. Open the menu in it by clicking on the button on the left (displayed on the screen with three horizontal dashes), and click on the “Reserve Copies” item). On the screen, all copies in the cloud with dates and time of creation will be displayed.

To delete an unnecessary file, click on the vertical troeter on the right, in the menu that opens, click on “Delete”.

Frequently asked Questions

What will happen if in the settings of the frequency of backup in WhatsApp I will indicate “never”?

When reinstalling or transferring a messenger to a new mobile phone in case of loss, breakdown, replacement of the old device, you will not see the history of messages before the date when you radically intervene in the application of the application.

Is it possible to transfer a backup of WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone?

If we are talking about restoring data from a backup, then such an operation is basically impossible. But another option is available to maintain the history of important correspondence correspondence. export the necessary chats with or without media files via mail or bluetooth.