Remote Control From LG Smart Tv

Remote Control From LG Smart Tv

What to do if suddenly your Magic Remote Magic (also known as Jedi Remote or Magic Motion) from your LG TV stops working? No need to panic, our instructions will help you!

We understand the problem

If you take the remote control in your hand and wave, then usually a pointer appears on the TV, which you can control the movements. But what if the pointer does not appear, how not to shake this remote?

The console can refuse to work for a huge number of reasons and it is not necessary that it breaks down or fails. The more complex the technique, the more chances it has to turn off.

One of the main causes of the problem may be ignorance of the instructions for the TV. Tell me honestly, have you read at least the main points before using? Most likely not, but trust me. Almost 90% of your problems lie there.

Let’s take a look at a quick guide to using the remote control, maybe this will push you to the right ideas (the remote control in the pictures shows the old one, but nevertheless the principle of operation has not changed since then):

Possible reasons

If the instructions above did not help, let’s look at the main scenariOS, having examined which you can understand what happened to the Magic Remote.

Before starting, do a simple test: point the remote control at a digital camera (for example, the one in your phone) and press any key. If you see a blinking light in the camera display. The remote control is working (and the problem is most likely in the TV), if you see nothing. Remote control problem.

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1. The remote control has run out of batteries. When pressing the buttons on the remote control in its upper front part the red indicator should light up. If this does not happen, the batteries may be dead (or none at all). Check (preferably in another device or using the indicator on the batteries themselves) and replace them if necessary.

  • Selectively check the functions of the remote control. If nothing works at all. Most likely the batteries are dead.
  • Make sure the batteries are working.
  • The polarity of the installed batteries must be observed according to the signs on the remote control.

2. The remote control has lost connection with the TV (or has not yet been connected). This is one of the most common cases. The Magic Remote works via Bluetooth and in order to control the TV with it, you need to “introduce them”.

But even if you have already done this, the TV may forget your remote control due to a malfunction or if you hold down the combination of buttons for a while BACKHOME. After a few seconds, the functions of the magic wand will cease to work and there will only be the possibility of using it like a regular remote control (only buttons). Naturally, pressing these buttons could happen by accident without your knowledge (for example, someone sat on the remote control with a fifth point or the children dabbled in).

To connect the Magic Remote back to the LG TV, you need to hold down the center button (the wheel, it’s also the OK button). If you did everything right, after a moment the following message will appear on the TV display:

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Registering a new Magic Remote Control.

And after a few seconds, subject to a successful connection, you will see this message:

Registration successfully completed.

If something else is not clear, watch the, in which there is an instruction for connecting the remote control:

  • Make sure that there are no devices that can interfere with the TV or remote control (even in neighboring rooms) (electronic devices, bright lamps, etc.).

3. The console is flooded with liquid. This also happens. No need to panic, remotes, keyboards, telephones, tablets and other devices often take showers from water, tea or other drinks.

If you immediately noticed that the remote control is flooded. You need to quickly remove the batteries, wipe and dry it. If it has been under the influence of a liquid for a long time or something viscous has been spilled that just cannot be dried (beer, compote, etc.), then you have to disassemble. If you can handle it yourself. You need to get to the microcircuits and thoroughly clean and dry everything.

4. Battery leaked. Not a very pleasant moment, not a single device is safe from this. If this happens, then opening the battery compartment you will see a white coating. In this case, even if you replace the batteries with new ones. The remote will most likely not work. As in the last paragraph, it will have to be disassembled and cleaned. By the way, I recommend using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning (you just don’t buy alcohol anymore, but vodka and other spirits remain covered).

It is also worth considering that if the batteries are leaking, then the option of complete failure of the remote control is possible.

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5. The remote control stopped working after a year and a half and whatever you do, nothing helps. This is a known issue that many buyers have encountered. It is believed that in the early versions of the remote (2012, early 2013) there was a factory defect.

To treat this problem, you have to disassemble the remote control and solder. Read more about this here. If you yourself do not understand soldering, it is advisable to take the remote to the workshop by providing them with instructions at the specified link.

6. The remote control slows down. In addition to a completely inoperative remote control, there is still a problem when it works inappropriately. The pointer moves in jerks, repeats your movements very slowly or indistinctly:

  • It can be like a short-term glitch that is treated like this. Leave the remote at rest for a few seconds so that the pointer disappears from the screen, then move the remote again;
  • If it doesn’t help, then you need to re-register the remote in the TV (point 2 of this instruction);
  • Change the batteries if none of the two options above helped.

Alternative to remote

If you have a tablet or smartphone based on iOS or Android, then you can download the free application for LG Smart TV, which is called LG TV REMOTE. With this program you can easily control TV using your phone, for example.