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How to restart the Samsung, LG Smart TV TV from the remote control and without

Smart TV functionality works under the control of the operating system. The influence of external factors or internal systemic errors can be manifested by inhibition and freezing of the image, interruption of sound and other problems similar to computer failures. Part of the errors associated with the incorrect software work is designed to overcome the ability to restart the TV.

  • Short-term disconnection of the TV receiver from the power supply network. This technique helps to get rid of such small errors as the discharge of incorrectly working applications that occupy RAMs and inhibit other processes.
  • Resetting system settings to default values โ€‹โ€‹(restoration of factory settings) is used to correct more complex software failures.

First you should deal with the symptoms by which the system failure is determined and the decision is made to reset the TV to factory settings. These signs include the following points:

  • A browser or any other application is suspiciously loaded for a long time;
  • The program used hangs;
  • IP addresses are blocked;
  • The built-in flash player reports an error;
  • The device does not respond to commands submitted by the user using the remote control.

The reasons that violated the stability of the Smart module may be voltage drops, children’s pranks with a remote control or inept user actions, as well as an inappropriate version of the software. When rebooting the system, factory settings are restored. As a result of the reset of the system, programmatic reasons for the failure disappear, since incorrect changes made to the system are removed during operation. To eliminate hardware malfunctions, you should contact the service center. The manipulation of the restart of the system in models from various manufacturers differs.

Signs and causes of software failures

There are a number of reasons that can lead to software failures. The first of them is the change of the outdated version of the firmware to a new. This usually indicates the unsatisfactory quality of the established. In this case, it is enough to update the version to fresh when such. But sometimes when loading, a connection breaks occurs, or the user sets inappropriate firmware from developers. The result of such actions is a systemic failure.

On a note! With automatic installation of updates (without the participation of the owner of the equipment), in some cases, a lack of memory is revealed. This can also cause freezing or interruptions in the operation of the device.

The voltage difference is the next reason why the television receiver does not work or operates incorrectly. This happens if the technique is not connected to the voltage stabilizer or at least to the network filter. Then software failures are the smallest consequence of the jump in electricity, in the worst case, the TV receiver may burn.

Children’s pranks, as well as the user’s incorrect actions, is another probable cause of system failures, which cannot be fixed. In some cases, the remembrance of the remote control is helped by pulling out batteries, and the subsequent reconfiguration of the television receiver. But often the parameters of the technique are so knocked down that you can only reload the TV reboot to factory installations.

Incorrect installation of applications or loading widgets from unverified sources is the next reason that the TV is hanging or demonstrates other signs of unstable operation.

As a result of these, as well as other reasons, the television panel works so poorly that the only solution to the problem is its reboot or, in other words, reset to factory settings. This is an extreme measure, and after it it will be necessary to re-configure the operation of the Smart-Tel for yourself: log in, search and sort channels, activate pre-installed and install additional applications, and so on.

React Router 6.4

Important! After all the settings of the SMART-TELITERY will be reset to the parameters laid down by default at the manufacturer, all the changes and installations made, as well as the loaded widgets will be erased. But with them all the reasons for the failure that interfered with the normal operation of the device will disappear.

How to avoid memory overflow?

You can take measures that will help prevent this difficulty without cleaning. One way to use the functionality of the TV is the installation of additional software, which will solve the problem of overloading memory and will allow you to watch and listen to any content without failures.

The use of Web portals on which files are stored by blocks also helps to avoid overflowing the cache.

Another way is to update Web OS. Perhaps in later versions such malfunctions will be eliminated, since the TV software for the TV is constantly improved by technology manufacturers.

If you have a different TV or there are questions left, write in the commentary. Our team is always happy to help readers!

The question of how to clean the cache on the LG TV usually arises if there is a problem with a lack of memory to launch media content. Smart TVs allow not only to watch ordinary and cable television channels, but also to go on the Internet to listen to audio recordings, view the videos on the Yu-Tube and receive other information. However, when trying to launch a browser on the screen, a notification of insufficient memory appears on the screen. To remove it, you need to clean the browser cache on the TV.

Resetting TV settings

A quick way that in some cases helps to solve problems with Wi-Fi on Smart TV is the restoration of factory settings. Before its implementation, it is advisable to rewrite the values โ€‹โ€‹of the main parameters not related to the network. After reset, you can return them based on the recorded information. The path in the menu to restore factory settings on popular TV models:

  • LG: “Settings. Additionally. General. Reset of settings to factory “.
  • Samsung: “Support. Self.diagnosis. Reset “.
  • Panasonic: “Installations. System menu. Initial installations “.

note! When installing factory settings, not only the standard network parameters will be returned. Smart TVs will not be preserved settings for image, sound, energy conservation and other functions.

Firmware update

You can download the finished bag, then stick the flash drive into the port. Or use online services.

Storage device

  • Find the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Find the firmware of the purchased model of the TV.
  • The file usually stores the Support section, download, by, download.
  • Select the version.
  • Download the file.

Beware of unreliable electricity supply. You have a chance to ruin the equipment.

How to restart the Smart TV LG and reset to factory settings

If during the update something went wrong, then the user will be able to try to reboot his Smart LG TV to reset the OS to the original parameters.

This function helps the user to fix the possible malfunctions of the installed update by returning the television receiver software to factory settings. It is necessary to act according to the following scheme:

  • Turn off the TV;
  • re.turn on the device;
  • With the help of the remote control, we go to the settings menu;
  • select the subparagraph “General” (“installations”);

Turning off the TV during this process from power is strictly prohibited.

I would like to note that the update of modern LG TVs will not cause any difficulties and will be absolutely safe for the television receiver, if the user:

Forced reset to factory settings

In addition, you can make a forced reset of the TV to factory settings, which will allow you to erase all the installed applications and user data from the device. To do this, you will need to turn off the TV first. Next, you need to hold the Power and Down buttons on the remote control at the same time for 30 seconds and again connect the device to the electric outlet. After the green indicator lights up on the remote control, the buttons need to be released.

You will need to wait a few minutes until the TV reboots several times and will carry out the reset cycle. Upon completion of the process, the original system of greeting the system will appear on the TV display.

What to do after reset

After the restart, only the program preinstalled by the manufacturer will remain on the TV. You need to re.adjust all the parameters, download applications and install updates.

By turning on the device, you will see the original Plug and Play menu:

  • Select the menu language. immediately or miss a step.
  • In the “Using Mode” window, select “Home”.
  • Indicate the country.
  • Set up the time.
  • Complete the quick setting.

You can fully configure the TV after starting Smart TV:

  • Make sure there are no widgets that have been installed earlier.
  • Accept the “Conditions of the Service Agreement”.
  • Go through the standard procedure of all updates. “Develop”.
  • Reinching the necessary applications and catch television channels.
  • Set up sound and image.

If nothing helps

If problems occur at Samsung Smart TV:

  • Run Smart Hub settings. This will remove unnecessary widgets and reset Smart TV.
  • If the problems remain, roll back the settings through the main menu.
  • Engineering reset.

If all 3 steps did not help, the last option remains. to take the TV to the service center. Only a certified technician will be able to determine the true cause of emerging problems and help with its solution.

What will happen as a result

Reset of settings on the LG TV in 80% of cases eliminates the malfunctions and software failures. The firmware updating helps 18%. The remaining 2%. production marriage.

It is important to understand that not only user information will be deleted from the LG TV, but all installed applications. Therefore, after the reset, it will require setting up the equipment “from scratch”, including entering the data of the account LG Smart TV.

In 98% of cases, the rollback does not change the version of the operating system.


Before starting a collapse, reboot the TV. sometimes this is enough to normalize the work.

If the restart does not give results, proceed to the discharge.

For safety and in order to avoid problems with the initialization of equipment before returning LG Smart TV to default settings: it is necessary:

  • Remember the login and password. It will need to be introduced during reset and subsequent re.authorization. This is relevant if protective functions are activated on the TV.
  • Create a backup copies of important data that are stored in the memory of TV. They may not suffer, but it is better to be safe and throw them into a USB drive.
  • Rewrite the model number and the current firmware version. Information will be assigned in the process of subsequent restoration of software. This information is indicated in the TV menu.
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The TV application does not work

One of the readers of our telegram chat recently complained that his applications stopped loading on his TV: when trying to open it, you are immediately thrown out of it. At the same time, only a client of one of the television channels worked. There are several solutions what to do in such a situation.

Sometimes ordinary applications are not launched on the TV. What’s the matter?

  • Reload the TV. Reloading is best done not systematically through the settings, but physically. Turn off the TV from the remote control, then turn it off for 2-3 minutes from the outlet and start.
  • Close the application on Android TV. Click “Settings”, select “Applications”, then necessary from the list.
  • If the previous point did not help, then close the other running applications from the list.
  • Remove the update. In the open point “Appendices”, select the right one and click “Delete updates”. the initial version of the program will be returned. It helped me when Google Play did not start.

These are the simplest ways to deal with the problem. If not helped, we move on.

The application on Android TV flies out

Android TV TV is able to work in standby mode. That is, when disconnected from the remote control, it retains open applications in the background and at launch resumes their work. On the one hand, this is convenient. you do not need to the right video on YouTube or a page on KinoPoisk. On the other hand, it is always fraught with undercuting Android TV. What can be done?

Often throws from applications directly when using

  • In the settings of the device, turn off the “fast start”. the TV will be launched more slowly, but the applications will work more correctly. No need to wait until they “brew”.
  • Check Wi-Fi connection. For example, my TV is located a few walls from the router, as a result of which, when starting, a notification often appears that Wi-Fi is not connected. If possible, just connect the Internet using a cable.
  • Disconnect the location in the settings. Many applications request geolocation, as a result of which many resources are spent.
  • Disconnect Google Assistant. The voice assistant is also activated when the TV is launched, and due to the sudden pressing of the activation button, the system can begin to slow down even on top TVs. It is better to turn off the voice recognition physically. from the button on the rear panel of the TV.
  • Clean the application cache. This is relevant for neglected applications that did not close several days in a row.

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Memory cleaning

Browser cache

It is formed from temporary files that appear when watching a video, listening to music, Internet checks. In order for the content to play in good quality, the system first loads it to the storage device and only then displays it to the screen.

If the memory is not enough, playback begins to break through, hang, the picture and sound cease to joke. To maintain speed, you need to clean the cache on your LG Smart TV.

reload, error, check, support, functions
  • By pressing the “Home” button on the remote control, open the menu in the lower part of the screen and select the “Web browser”.
  • Click on three points in the upper right corner, click on the line “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the screen down, find two tabs: “Clean cookies” and “Clean all viewing data”.
  • Click on the first tab, confirm the cleaning of cookie files.
  • Follow the second tab and delete the browser data.

Now watch movies and videos without a loading.

Application cache

If a lot of additional programs are installed on the TV, clean the cache of all applications at the same time.

  • Button “Home” on the remote control panel with installed widgets.
  • Select “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “General” tab and select the “Television Information” line.
  • Click “Clean the cache”, confirm the action.


If the programs began to turn off on LG Smart TV, the TV began to reboot, give an error, and cleaning the browser cache, removing unnecessary applications and even reset to factory settings did not help, act according to the following instructions:

  • By pressing the “Home” button (“house”) or settings (“gear”), open the settings panel.
  • Select “All settings”.
  • Open the “General” tab.
  • Find the line “Advertising cookies”.
  • Remove old cookies, turn off the setting.

After this procedure, the video reproduction speed will increase: the rollers will stop hanging, slowing down and unexpectedly return to the start of viewing. Together with cleaning the web browser and removing unnecessary widgets, shutdown cookies will help to cope with the lack of free space.

Extra applications

The installed programs physically reduce the volume of the internal memory of the TV, so it is better to delete unused applications:

  • Button “Home” (“house”) on the remote control panel at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the widget you want to delete, click OK.
  • After the appearance of the screen, “edit the panel” using the arrow up on the remote control, select the cross that appeared above the application.
  • Click OK.
  • In a pop.up window, confirm the removal of the program.

The program is instantly deleted from the TV, making room in the internal storage.

Is it possible to increase memory

The memory in LG TVs is laid in production and it is impossible to increase it with licensed methods. But there is a way to temporarily unload the internal storage in emergency cases. An ordinary USB flash drive is suitable for this. The method does not work on all TVs, it is slow, not optimal, so doing it without extreme need is not worth it.

  • Take a clean flash drive. The volume of 4 GB will be enough.
  • Insert it into a USB port on the back or side of the TV body.
  • By the blinking LED, make sure that the carrier has connected and earned.

The system defines the drive as an additional space and seeks to increase performance at its expense. So, with the help of a USB drive, an overloaded cache is unloaded.

In the TVs LG younger than 2020, the manufacturer sets additional slots. with their help in emergency situations, you can increase the volume of internal memory.

reload, error, check, support, functions

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