Reload Android Samsung Galaxy. Hard reboot Samsung…

Samsung phones and tablets are constantly rebooted. how to fix it?

Restart your device is usually the first correction recommended by most technical specialists. This helps to clean the catamy device, restarts all processes and gives the processor the ability to update. However, the most important part of the reloading of the phone is that you decide to do it yourself.

After the appearance, the phone begins to reboot himself, like this person in Quora, everything becomes a little more serious:

My Samsung Galaxy continues to restart by itself. From time to time, it simply turns off on its own and turns on again. It comes to the point that I cannot trust my phone. Please help!

Samsung devices are known for their durability and reliability, but this does not mean that they do not experience problems. So, what are you doing when your phone or tablet Samsung continues to restart? Is there a simple way to fix this at home or do you need to go to a specialist?

  • Reasons: why is the phone or tablet Samsung constantly rebooted
  • Method 1 for correcting Samsung continues to restart: discharge the battery
  • Method 2 for correcting Samsung continues to restart: clean the memory of the Samsung phone
  • Method 3 for correcting Samsung continues to be reloaded: updating applications and updating the system
  • Method 4 for correcting Samsung continues to restart: Close background applications
  • Method 5 for correcting Samsung continues to restart: Restore the factory settings of the phone or tablet Samsung
  • Samsung Correction Correction continues to reboot: use Reiboot for Android

The reasons why the Samsung phone or tablet is constantly rebooted

Before we consider how to solve this problem, we must understand why your phone or tablet Samsung is constantly rebooting. Let’s see why this happened:

One of the possible reasons why the Samsung phone or tablet continues to restart is damaged by its equipment. Whether it is a damaged battery, poor connection or dent on a processor, any damage, large or small, can lead to a random restart of your samsung if it is generally turned on.

Many Samsung devices are automatically disconnected when overheating. If your device is overheated due to the fact that a very demanding application is launched on it, or due to damage, it may turn off to protect itself. In such cases, it is best to give Samsung to cool and from time to time monitor its temperature.

This happens on phones with a removable battery. The old Android devices were sadly known for a sudden restart. Sometimes they turned off and never turned on again. Apparently, it happened that the battery was slightly ill. This is usually the case due to a bent connector or an untouched lid of the battery compartment. In any case, usually a small piece of tape is usually enough until a more reliable solution is found.

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Another important factor affecting the behavior of your phone or tablet Samsung is software. In fact, the most frequent culprit that the phone or tablet Samsung is constantly rebooted is the software. And this is what we are going to solve and solve in this article.

Here are a few things that you should pay attention to to determine if your phone software is to blame for constant restart.

  • Your phone is too slow
  • Applications are loaded longer
  • The battery is discharged faster than expected
  • A lot of pop.up advertising
  • Inexplicable use of data

Now, after all that has been said, let’s look at the various methods that we can use to correct Samsung, which continues to restart.

This is all provided that you have not installed special software on your Samsung phone. However, if you did this, you may want to go to the download mode to find another custom OS or restore the original.

solutions for correcting Samsung’s hovering logo

Samsung. One of the most unpleasant problems for most users. You cannot access your files and use your favorite applications. Simply put, this is as if you have no phone at all. Thus, carefully following the decisions, you will probably be able to enjoy your device, as if you were not stuck at all.

Performing a soft discharge or forced restarting the device is similar to extracting the battery from the device and its re.installation. This makes your Samsung device turn off and stop all your operations. However, this method is recommended only for new devices with non.removable batteries. To do this:

  • Find what is the nutrition and reduce the sound of the button.
  • Click and keep them simultaneously for 30 seconds.
  • The release of the button when the Samsung logo appears on the screen again.
  • Wait a few seconds while your device loads to the lock screen.

Solutions 2: remove and insert the battery again

For old Samsung devices with removable batteries, you can turn off the device from the Samsung logo, taking out the battery. It is like a software reset, and it can be physically performed. To do it safely:

  • Make sure your hands are not wet.
  • Remove the back cover of the device gently.
  • Remove the battery carefully.
  • Keep what the power button for 10 seconds is to remove all the residual electricity from the device.
  • Rhinert battery after 30 seconds.
  • turn on your device and check if your device was hanging.

Samsung phone hung. how to restart with a complete reset of settings

In the process of the gadget, a system failure can occur, which will lead to a complete freezing of the device. This problem arises is especially acute for smartphones with an inconspicuous battery, it is impossible to turn off them. In this situation, experienced experts recommend reset the gadget settings during rebooting. This procedure involves the implementation of simple actions:

  • Squeeze the power button and reduce the volume at the same time and hold for 10 seconds. The phone will go into rebooting and the “Recovery” menu will appear on the touchscreen.
  • Click on the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item (see. The drawing is higher). Switching to the “Recovery” menu items is carried out using the phone volume button up and down, respectively.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the power key. The process of resetting the settings of the gadget will begin, at the end of which it will be necessary to slip along the line “Reboot System Now” to restart the smartphone.


If there is access to the settings, you can discharge through the menu. For this:

Resetting the parameters of the Samsung mobile phone involves deleting user information from the device.

How to restart the Samsung phone via recovery

This issue was partially considered in the previous paragraph. However, for a complete understanding, the user will need to get acquainted with the algorithm:

  • Set the telephone power key located on the side of the case.
  • In the displayed menu, click on the line “turn off”.
  • Wait for the smartphone to turn off.
  • Set the power button and reduce the volume of the Samsung phone at the same time. The device will begin to turn on, and the “Recovery” environment will appear on the screen.
  • Using the volume adjustment set, switch to the “Reboot System Now” parameter and click on OK. The power button is responsible for confirming the action.

Before clicking on the “Reboot System Now” line, it is necessary to perform a number of certain actions on the “Recaver” menu “.

How to reboot Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S7 / S7 Edge / S8

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has completely changed the design of the previous change of battery, therefore, if your smartphone, unfortunately, fails, it is impossible to restart it, having removed the battery. So what can we do at this time? Do not worry! Developers create a combination of keys to solve this problem. Combination of the button power button power button. You must hold these two buttons for seven seconds until they restart.

If none of the above methods can restart your phone, you may need to choose this process.

Step 1 Press the button to turn off the phone.

Step 2 Press the volume button, main buttons and power button at the same time, your smartphone will go into recovery mode. In this mode, you can reset the phone settings to factory.

Step 3 Select Delete Data / Reset of the settings, and then select and confirm. Your smartphone will begin to drop into a factory state.

Step 4 Select reboot the system now restart the phone.

The reset of your smartphone means that you definitely and irreversibly lose all your data, including applications, accounts, documents and so on. In order to save your data, we recommend using data storage software and backup before resetting. Here we recommend using Android data recovery to extract data and backup. The specific operation is as follows:

Step 1 Install Android Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Click on additional tools and more, you will see the broken extraction of Android data in the Android tools column. This is a tool for extracting and backup data that we are going to use.

Step 2 as shown in the figure below, in accordance with its requests, select the situation that you have encountered, for example, a black screen, breakdown, damage to the system, etc. D.

Step 3 Connect your mobile phone and computer using a data cable, and then enter the download mode in accordance with the instructions for the software. Wait a minute after entering, you can choose the data that you need to make a backup copy. Finally, your important data can be safely moved to your PC using Android Data Recovery.

Buy broken Android data extracts now!

Restore photos, SMS, contacts and much more from a broken Samsung phone.

What to do when Samsung Galaxy hung?

As we have already found out, there are many reasons why the phone can be curved. However, if you follow the tips below, you can solve your problem. These tips should be taken into account when using the phone in order to avoid hanging in the future.

Since a frequent cause of the problem is a faulty application, to eliminate the malfunction, a compulsory reboot of Samsung is required.

The procedure if the phone is hung, the following:

  • Connect the device to the charger and wait 10 minutes. In some cases, the cause of hovering the phone is the discharge of the battery in which some applications can work unstable. Connect Samsung to charging for 10 minutes and leave in this position to exclude this factor; connect your Samsung to a charger for 10 minutes
  • Then, at the same time, click and hold the “Reducing” and “power” buttons for at least ten seconds; press the buttons we have indicated for more than 10 seconds
  • If your Samsung phone model has a “home” button (at the bottom of the screen), click at the same time “Low”, “Nutrition” and “Home”; Click the specified keys to restart the phone
  • The device should be rebooted.

If the screen changes are not found, follow the following actions on your Samsung:

  • First press and hold the volume reduction button and hold it pressed;
  • Even hold the power button and do not press;
  • Continue to press the buttons in this way for more than 10 seconds until the device is rebooted.

If your smartphone is hung and does not answer, continue.

Auxiliary solutions

Everything is much more serious when your favorite device does not fully react to the power button. There is no universal recommendation for such a case. Representatives of manufacturers and service centers are recommended to try one of the following ways to save a hidden phone:

  • Incoming call-you need to ask someone to call a problem smartphone. If an incoming call is displayed on the screen, you need to quickly call the reboot menu by holding the power button.
  • If the power button does not work, wait for the device to discharge. The full power outage in this case will interrupt the processes that caused the failures. You can check if the problem is eliminated by charging the phone and turning it on.
  • Some smartphones are equipped with a service discharge button, which starts instant discharge immediately after clicking. It is present, in particular, on some Sony and HTC models and is located next to the USB connector (not to be confused with a hole for a microphone) or at the installation site of a slot for a SIM card. It should be carefully pressed using a thin needle or toothpick.

If you managed to bring the device to life, it is recommended to manually check the list of recently installed software and delete dubious. It is also worth starting an ordinary antivirus and following the recommendations of the operating system. In case of constant failures, you can try to restore factory settings or contact the service center.

How to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e – Bypass Screen Lock / Hardware Reset

How to restart the Samsung phone?

Many users do not reboot smartphones for months, or even years. simply because there is no need for this. However, sometimes it still arises, and the question arises. how to do it? Let’s show an example based on Samsung smartphones.

If we talk about the standard reboot, you need to do the following: click on the shutdown key when the screen is turned on until the menu appears.

The smartphone will be rebooted in automatic mode.

How to restart samsung if it is hanging?

If the smartphone suddenly hangs or does not react the screen, then for rebooting you will have to use mechanical keys.

First of all, try the following combination: click on the keypads and reduction of sound at the same time, holding them until the display goes out. This can take about 10 seconds, in some cases. longer.

An important point: as soon as the display goes out, immediately remove the fingers from the keys so as not to download the additional mode (the same recovery or Odin mode). This applies to all the following options below.

The smartphone will be rebooted automatically.

If it did not help, use other options: either turning off the volume increase.

Either press and hold the shutdown button.

If your Samsung smartphone has a Home mechanical key, you can press and hold its switches and reduction of the sound before rebooting the smartphone.

And don’t forget to remove the fingers from the buttons when the screen goes out!

If your device is a removable battery on your device from Samsung, you can do it easier-remove it for 5-10 seconds and insert it back again.

If the load does not start, turn on the smartphone familiar the method. by pressing and holding the inclusion key.

How to restart the Samsung phone with complete shutdown

The restart method with complete shutdown is used to eliminate software failures that are not eliminated by restarting the above technology. This approach is also used for excessive overheating of the device.

Pour the power button and wait 5-7 seconds. In the case of the gadget hanging tightly, you need to wait longer.

Do not turn on the phone immediately after turning off. Wait at least 30 seconds. Experienced specialists of service centers recommend deleting the battery from the gadget if it is removable.

To do this, turn the phone display down and open the back cover. What to do for this on Samsung Galaxy A5 and J5 Prime smartphones, shown in the figure.

Reload Samsung Galaxy to speed up the phone

The easiest way to restart the Samsung phone is to use the power button. A prerequisite for the reboot using the power button is that your smartphone works. (The phone button does not work)

The advantage is easy to understand, especially for non-technical. When your Samsung phone reacts slower, you can restart Samsung.

Make sure your Samsung phone is charged at least 5%; Otherwise, he may not turn on after reloading. If the battery is completely discharged, it must be charged at least 15 minutes before the Samsung reboot.

Hold the “Nutrition” button, which is usually located on the right side of the Samsung phone, for a few seconds to go to the download menu screen.

On the Samsung W2017 / W2016, the “Food” button is marked by the battery icon on the physical keyboard.

Click “Turn it off” and then click “OK” when a message appears that your smartphone will turn off.

If you see the “reboot” or “reboot” option in the download menu, press it, and your device will automatically turn on after turning off.

Wait at least a couple of seconds. Press the Power button again to enable the Samsung phone.

Why dump the Samsung smartphone to factory settings

As you know, the reset of the settings returns the phone to his software view, which he had during the initial sale. Applications and settings installed by the user are deleted, the user Google account is deleted, user files recorded in the phone’s memory are deleted. The phone becomes absolutely clean and you can start all over again.

Thus, the reset for Samsung will be useful for:

  • Elimination of constant software failures in the work of the device;
  • Removal of viruses and advertising software that fell on the phone;
  • Getting rid of unsuccessful settings of the system made by the user;
  • Elimination of the slow operation of the device and undesirable external applications that fell on the device;
  • Samsung sales when you need to get a smartphone clean from user files. Reset to factory settings may be needed for problems in the operation of the Samsung device

Having one of the above reasons, we may want to drop our phone to factory settings. Let’s figure out how to do this on different models of Samsung phones.

What to do before reset to factory settings

It is recommended to perform several useful actions before resetting the settings. First of all, you need to save important files.

You can download them to a computer or move to an external drive, for example, to an SD card. In the case of multimedia data, such as images and videos, the Google photo application shows itself perfectly.

In it you can save photos and videos on the cloud of Google. There are many similar cloud storages. And to save the settings and the list of applications, you just need to synchronize the gadget with the Google account.

And if the tablet needs to be reset before selling it, you need to leave the Google account. Otherwise, when the device is turned on after returning to the factory settings, the gadget will require the entrance to the previous Google account.

Overload the Samsung smartphone using the recovery

Sometimes there is a necessity, through the recovery, when ordinary methods are not suitable or inaccessible for any reason.

Restation of Android through Recovery is done as follows:

  • Turn off the smartphone using the actions described above
  • Enter the Wednesday of the Red PROVIA, using a method that is previously considered. If necessary, you can clean the cache or make a hard reset of settings
  • Using the volume control, select the Reboot System Now item and press the power on the power key

Recovery restart is used if any actions were performed in this menu. In other cases, it is inappropriate to reload the Samsung phone so, since it takes twice as much time compared to the usual reboot.

How to configure automatic restart

In the latest Samsung models, the possibility of automatic rebooting has been implemented. It will be executed when the smartphone is not used by the user and when the screen is turned off. In the parameters of the gadget, you can specify the performance of this function at night.

What do I need to do

  • Go to the settings
  • Open the “Reset” tab
  • Select “automatically restart Samsung
  • In this menu you can set the exact time of reboot and days of the week.

Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 hard reset

This feast must be remembered that the automatic reboot will be performed only if the lock of the SIM card is disabled, the encryption was not used in the internal memory, the battery charge exceeds 30%.

The need to use an automatic restart is very doubtful:

Samsung phone freezing is usually removed if you restart Android. To clean the Kesh or use the Factory Reset, you must enter the Recovery menu. You need to do this carefully-due to negligence, you can delete all data unplanned. If the Samsung smartphone restart did not give anything. contact the Samsung official support center for Samsung, they will definitely help!