Registration In Social Networks Without A Phone

Experienced users think that registering in social networks is a trifle, which every beginner will cope with. It is really not difficult to do this, but some do not know how. Modern society has long been using popular social networks and can not do without it now.

How to register in social networks? To open accounts in the most famous networks, you need to get an email and use a phone number. It is best to open mail on Mail or Gmail, these are the most popular email services. How to create mail and then open a profile, now you will learn.

Registration Vkontakte, Classmates, Facebook and Twitter

Opening mail will only take you a few minutes. First of all, we go to the site, where on the main page there is a link for creating an electronic mail box:

Then a page opens where you want to fill out the form. Indicate any information about yourself, you choose the mail address yourself, as well as the password:

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A phone number must be entered necessarily, such measures were taken not so long ago and help protect the service from creating “left” mailboxes. You do not need to pay anything for this, after clicking the “Register” button, you will get access to your mailbox. A confirmation email will be sent there from each social network.

How to register Vkontakte?

To open a profile on this popular site, go to the home page, enter your first and last name, and then proceed to registration:

In the next step, you will need to specify the phone number to which the SMS will come with a special code, you must enter it in the third step:

After checking the number, you will be prompted to enter a password, and it remains only to add information about yourself by indicating the place of study (school, university). That’s all, you can enter your profile and fill it with data as desired.

Registration in social networks without a phone

How to register at Odnoklassniki?

On this site, the registration procedure is slightly different. When you click “Register” on the main page, you will be taken to the data entry page:

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By filling out this form, you will proceed to the rest of the registration steps. You will need to indicate the place of study, find some friends, upload a photo and check the phone number. It’s convenient to go to Odnoklassniki’s website directly from Mail:

Go to your inbox, in the top menu there will be a link to the Odnoklassniki social network. Follow it and register.

How to register on Facebook?

On this site, the registration form is on the main page. When you go to, you’ll see several fields on the right:

Then you will need to pass a check for bots. Just enter the characters shown in the image:

To register, a phone number is required, and Facebook is no exception. The next step is to specify the number:

Having done this, you will need to fill in your questionnaire with information (name in English letters, city of residence, place of work, place of study and photo upload). An email will surely come to you, do not forget to go into it and click on the link so that the account is activated.

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How to register on Twitter?

The popular microblogging system is one of the few projects that do not require a phone number to register. To open a profile on the site, go to and fill out the form:

After that, another page opens, where the first two fields are already filled in, and you need to come up with an alias:

The next step is to enter the password. As soon as you come up with it and enter it, a page with checking the phone number will open. It is not necessary to go through it, there is a button below to skip a step:

This will end the registration, and you just have to indicate your interests, fill out a profile and find friends (although you can skip these steps).

To register on social networks, a huge stock of knowledge is not required. With this article, even a novice can easily create profiles on social networks. It is worth recalling that accounts can be used to earn money. I wonder how? Read articles from the section “Earnings on social networks”.