Register WhatsApp on a computer via phone. The ability to use…

Register WhatsApp on a computer via phone

Not all subscribers like to work in messengers through telephone applications. One does not like the virtual keyboard, the other is not enough mobile Internet speeds. Some users prefers a wide screen, especially for communication in video communication. There may be a situation when the phone is morally outdated and not suitable for installing the application. To start the WhatsApp program without a phone on a personal computer, it is enough to perform a simple procedure for which will be described in this article. In addition to a computer connected to the Internet, a valid phone number is required to install.

Emolets programs are designed to simulate the Android operating system inside any other OS. You can download such software without payment from the official website of the developers. After installing the emulator, the PC user will be able to run any programs designed for smartphones, including whatsApp. For registration, you will not need to scan the code and synchronize the databases with the program installed on the phone.

The VOTSAP installation algorithm for both on the computer and for the laptop includes the following steps:

  • Choose a program for emulation, download and install on PC. On the network you can find software for computers with different performance. It is recommended to choose an emulator suitable for the parameters of “iron”.
  • Carry out the launch of the program. This requires Google account.
  • Through the search, find the name of the messenger of interest (WhatsApp).
  • Install VotSAP in accordance with the recommendations of the installation master.
  • Start communication in the messenger.

To use the emulated version of WhatsApp, you need not a smartphone, but a registered phone number. A reference to the subscriber will confirm the delivery of the code received through SMS. If the phone is stationary, you should choose as a method of activating the voice call.

WhatsApp instructions via Blustax

If the user does not have the opportunity to download VOTSAP on a smartphone, but there is a personal computer, you can solve the problem using the BlueStacks computer program. This software is designed to create the likeness of android. Android OS for PC. After installing the Blustax on the computer, you can install, put any applications for mobile devices. List of necessary actions:

  • Download and install on PC BlueStacks.
  • Go into the program, pressing the label that appeared on the desktop.
  • Enter the name of the user Google account.
  • Find and download WhatsApp.
  • At the first launch, indicate the phone number to which the user profile of the messenger is tied.
  • Pass the authorization procedure by sending a code set of characters that received in a short message.

If your own phone number is temporarily unavailable or blocked, you can make an attempt to get around such an obstacle by receiving a virtual number.

Thus, to install VOTSAP on PC without using the mobile version of the messenger, a phone number is required and binding to the Google Account. The advantages of communication through a computer are obvious: a large screen, a comfortable keyboard, access to the forwarding of multimedia files saved in memory, the ability to use the mouse.

How to install WatsApp on a computer?

I immediately advise you to watch a small video in which I tell everything in detail and show:

Well, if you are a lover of text instructions, then we read on:

Step first put it on our phone

I repeat that first you need to install this program on your phone. That is, watch the video above first, or read this article:

Step Installation of an official program on a computer

This is an extremely important point. The fact is that a huge number of phishing sites that slip infected versions of this wonderful program have now divorced now.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to download it only from the official website of the developer.

This can be done on this page:

On this page you need to download the version under Windows:

Today, this program can only be installed on computers with the following operating systems:

That is, you should know what operating system your computer works under the operating system.

If it satisfies the requirements, you can safely move on.

So, we download the program and install it like any other program for Windows:

Just click twice on the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen.

The first thing we will see will be such a strange window:

We photograph the QR code

At this step, many stumble, since it is completely incomprehensible how it can be done.

You need to photograph the QR code directly from Votsapp, which is installed on your phone. over, you should have an Internet on the phone itself.

I’ll show you using an example of an Android phone:

We go to the “Chats” section. This is important, this is how the “WhatsAppweb” menu item is located for us

Click on this inscription (see. The drawing is higher)

And we photograph the QR code that we see on the screen of our computer. To do this, just put the camera on the monitor screen. I think you can do it =)

Actually, this is where the Vatsappa setting on the computer is completed.

Why can’t I install the WhatsApp program on my computer?

I repeat once again that only versions for Windows 8 and 10 are currently supported. Older versions of Windows are not supported.

And most likely they will not be supported, as they will gradually get out of mass use by users.

Can I install this program without installation on the phone?

No, it won’t work. The very mechanism for applying this program is completely attached to the mobile version of the program.

And the phone should always be turned on?

Yes, and the mobile version of Watsapp must be installed and there should be constant Internet access. Otherwise, the version of the program for the computer will not work.

How to delete this program from a computer?

Like any other Windows program. Through a computer control panel.

And where to get the version under Mac?

Only here: https: // www.WhatsApp.COM/Download/

This is a paid program?

Not. I repeat once again that you need to download it only from the official website of the developer. No paid SMS needs to be sent. And those, more, no need to download it from muddy sites and other filepower.

I hope I answered your most common questions.

P.S. If there are questions, I recommend reading the articles below, or set them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Entrance to WhatsApp

WhatsApp, like everyone and messengers, is most adapted to Android and iOS mobile platforms. Initially, it was for them that the application was developed. But the messenger also has two versions for Windows and MacOS X computer platforms. Therefore, you should figure out how to go to WhatsApp through a computer and is it possible to do it without a phone.

Entrance from a smartphone

After the user registers with the messenger, the account will be available on the smartphone constantly. Additional authorization in the mobile application is not required.

You can enter WhatsApp on a computer through a browser, using a web client, or through a downloaded application. The desktop version can be downloaded on the official Watsap website in the “Download” section (https: // www.WhatsApp.COM/Download).

You should select a suitable operating system, click on the link, wait for the end of the load, then click on the installation file twice. The installation will be automatically performed. Then the window opens, where the form for the entrance is located.

Web client can be used in the browser. It is also available on the official website of the messenger in the WhatsApp Web section (https: // The same page with the entrance form will open as in the desktop application.

Using a web client is available in the main browsers:

In terms of functionality, browser and desktop versions are no different. The downloaded program will be available on the desktop. To enter WhatsApp through a web client, you need to open a browser, however, this version of the messenger does not load the system and does not take up a computer memory.

You can’t register in WhatsApp on a computer.

Entrance method Availability
Through the WhatsApp mobile application
Using a phone number
Without a phone
From another issue

PC registration through emulator

The online version available on PC does not allow creating a new account and does not provide users with the opportunities that gives the application for a smartphone. To open access to the usual functions on a computer, you need to download an emulator. a utility that copies the image and function of another OS. Consider the procedure for the example of a program with an understandable and simple integer-Nox App Player (used to launch Android applications):

  • Download software on PC from the official site;
  • We launch the program, follow the prompts on the screen (the first time the Knox is launched for a while, later the opening will pass much faster);
  • We create a new Google account or enter the existing one;
  • We go to the Play Market, through the search line we find and upload WhatsApp;
  • We register in the application, indicating the phone number to which the account will be tied;
  • We wait for a message with the code and enter it into the field displayed on the PC screen.

Registration in the application without using the phone number

If there is no way or desire to use your number to create a “VOTSAP” profile, then you can use other methods that allow you to get around this condition.

Registration using a city phone

Instead of a cell number for registration, you can use the city. Installation of special programs or services will not be needed.

Instructions for registration through a stationary phone:

    on the device;

  • In a pop.up window, we enter the city number to which you need to register an account, we agree with confirmation, choose the country;
  • We wait until the “Send again” buttons and “Call me” will become active (they will change the color from gray to green);
  • use the “call” button;
  • We write down the six.digit code named when calling, enter it into a special field displayed in the messenger;
  • We finish the registration process (we enter the name, put the image of the profile, confirm and proceed to the end).

WhatsApp Basics: How to install Whats App on Android smartphones? Tutorial

Registration using a free Textnow application

Textnow provides the user with a virtual phone number. We act on the algorithm:

  • We download the Textnow program with the Play Market, APP Stor or PC (in the latter case, we carry out the loading through the Android emulator);
  • We launch and remember (or better write down) the number assigned by the system;
  • We install the “VOTSAP” on the device from which we will use it, launch and agree with the conditions of confidentiality;
  • In a special field we enter the number obtained from Textnow and wait for a message with the code;
  • Enter the code into the pop.up window “Wottsap” and finish registration.

Is it possible to register in WhatsApp using social networks

Registration through social.Networks are possible in many applications, but, unfortunately, not in “WotSAP”.

WhatsApp is a messenger who, even if it has common functions with social.a network, but it is not and works exclusively with linking to the phone number. A distinctive feature is an increased level of privacy.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without registration

No, it is not possible to use WhatsApp without registering, such a function is not provided for by the developers of the application. Binding the profile to the phone number is a prerequisite for using the messenger.

Settings and starting work in the application

After the application is installed and the account is successfully created, for convenient operation of the application you need to configure it for personal queries and requirements.

Adding and removing contacts

The WhatsApp application displays telephone numbers that are saved by the user in the list of contacts. Such telephone numbers can be of various types: both ordinary contacts stored in the memory of a smartphone and numbers from Google account.

Sometimes the user needs to add contact. There are several ways to do this, but in this article the most popular and well.known.

Below is the procedure for adding contacts using WhatsApp applications. From the name itself it is clear that the whole procedure is carried out using the WhatsApp application, but the “Contacts” application is also partially used.

First you need to start the WhatsApp application and switch to the Chat tab (1). Then you need to click on the icon to create a new dialogue (2).

In the list that opens, select the line “New Contact”.

Now it is necessary as accurately as possible the filler information about the new user. The main fields are the user name, phone number, e-mail and groups. Also, if necessary, you can add more fields.

Important. The name of the fields, and their location depends on the model of the smartphone.

After filling out all the information, you need to click on the “Save” button. After that, the finished entry from the “Contacts” application will be displayed.

The method considered, compared to the rest, is quite fast. The user requires a smaller number of presses and actions in order to create contact. But there is also one drawback. immediately indicate the place of the storage for the new contact will not work.

If in this application there is an opportunity to add the interlocutor, then it should be its removal. It is this function that will be painted in more detail.

So, in order to delete contact, first you need to go to the WhatsApp application itself and go to the Chat tab.

Now from the list of chats you need to choose the contact that will need to be deleted and press on it.

The dialog box should open. At this step, you need to click in the name of the contact at the top of the screen.

A window with information about this contact will open. Now you need to scroll into the very bottom.

At the very bottom there will be a section “Blok contact”.

After these actions, the entire chat with this user will be removed. But he will have a user number left. If the contact wants to start the dialogue again, then the user has his number again.

Creation and removal of groups

The WhatsApp application is quite popular from messengers. One of its advantages, in contrast to similar messengers, is an opportunity to create the so.called group chats, abbreviated. groups. In such groups, participants have the opportunity to communicate simultaneously with a hundred people. Despite the simplicity of creating a group, many users of this application do not even know how to use this functionality.

First you need to run the messenger and go to the Chat tab. Now you need to click on the icon of creating a new dialogue, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

In the window that opens, select the item “New Group”.

Now the user will open a list of his contacts from which you need to choose the members of the group. The condition is laid here. at this step you need to choose at least one participant.

When choosing contacts that will participate in this group chat, all contacts are displayed from above. So the user will be able to see all the people whom he invited to the group. Also, from here you can quickly remove the participant who got into this group by chance. You can do this by clicking on the cross in the lower right corner of the contact avatar in WhatsApp.

After the steps performed, you can go on the next step. Now it will be necessary to indicate the name of the group, and if desired to set the image. In the same window it will be possible to familiarize yourself with all the chosen participants. When everything is ready, you need to press the checkmark in the green circle, which is located on the display on the right.

Now a question will be considered as leaving the group and delete it. But about everything in order.

To begin with, in the advanced application of WhatsApp, you need to go to the Chat tab (1), and select the desired group (2) from which the user needs to leave and delete.

Problems when working with WhatsApp

Despite the fact that this service is very reliable, certain errors are also found in its work when registering and direct use. We will analyze the most common malfunctions during the service of the service.

Fails to register with this number

Often, when the user tries to create his account in the Watsap system, he sees a mistake, namely, “it is impossible to register with this number”. Such a system failure can be at once for several reasons:

If the error is related to the work of the program itself, then only one exit. Requires to completely demolish this service, and reinstall it from an official source. In this case, some error occurred during installation, which is why the number is blocking when trying to establish accounting.

Another reason may be the presence of this number in the system. If you can’t overcome the process of the account of the account, then you should call Support and clarify if there is such a number in the system? If exists, then you can get rid of the problem through them. They will delete it from all bases, and it will be possible to make an account from this number again.

Refusal of registration due to the wrong date on the phone

Another problem during registration is the system failure due to the incorrect set date. In this case, the failure occurs at the stage of confirmation of the mobile phone. A message with a code that simply does not reach the addressee is sent to the specified number.

You can solve the problem very simple. To do this, open the settings of your Android and find the line “Date and Time”.

Inside, it is necessary to determine the setting of time, and put either an automatic definition or set the exact time manually.

After the operations performed, you can try to re.take the process of creating an account in the Watsap service.

Messages are not sent

In addition to these problems, users of this service often complain that messages are not sent. There were quite a lot of complaints and discontent that the developers spent a lot of time analyzing this problem, but the program code errors were not detected in this.

Most often, when the problem is related to an indistinct message, the reason is hidden in a completely different way. For example, this can be a weak Internet signal, as a result of which the message simply does not have enough flow to reach the addressee, or traffic, which simply ended with the subscriber.

In some cases, the failure can be observed due to the error of the smartphone itself. In this case, you should try to restart the device and repeat the sending again.

There is no sound of notifications

If when sending and receiving messages, the operation is not accompanied by a sound signal, then the settings of the service itself should be checked. To do this, press three points in the upper right corner of the screen and in the opening list we select the Service settings.

In the new window, select the “Notifications” line, after which the window with the settings of the notifications and sounds of the service will open.

It is necessary to check the parameter “Sounds in the chat”. If the toggle switch is in the off position, then switch it. Also in this tab you can configure the vibration and sound of a notification melody.

How to use WhatsApp on iPad

This QR code must be scored with a phone

This is a very strange situation, given that WhatsApp, in principle, wants to get rid of the attachment of different devices to each other to use the messenger. It turns out that the developers cannot achieve what they wanted, because the very fact of activating the desktop version of WhatsApp still requires the Small Malian participation of the smartphone and it is impossible without it at all without it.

At this stage, WhatsApp allows you to connect to one account up to four devices. For example, I launched a messenger at the same time on the phone with Android, on the Mac computer, and on the iPad. Yes, on the tablets Apple WhatsApp also works. True, not in the form of a separate application, but a web version that starts in the browser.

It works in the same way as on a computer:

WhatsApp can work on iPad. True, only in the browser

There are no restrictions on using the desktop version of WhatsApp on iPad. Messenger works without glitches or glitches. Just choose a chat with the right interlocutor and communicate with it through the tablet, gaining messages on a virtual keyboard. You do not need to maintain a smartphone for this. You can even disable it. iPad (and computer) will use Wi-Fi connection and work without problems.

What are the advantages of correspondence in WhatsApp

Many people love WhatsApp for his simplicity. Somehow in it everything is simple and friendly for the user. There are no difficulties with groups, channels, sending files and stickers. Pure Kalashnikov Automatic. I just installed and use.

However, why it is impossible to transfer this functionality to a computer? Just write applications for MacOS and Windows and all. People will say thanks and will use this messenger with even greater pleasure. And if you make applications for tablets, then in general the for you guys will not be.

Instead, the developers and leaders of WhatsApp yourself know that they are thinking and do not produce a full-fledged client for something except smartphones. How to get around this flaw?

How to install WhatsApp for a computer

First of all, you need to understand that nothing will have to be installed on the computer. The exception will be only the computer from which they have never reached the Internet and on which a browser has not been installed. For this computer it will only be necessary to install any browser.

The essence of WhatsApp on the computer is just a messenger Web version. You open the https page: //, and you will be invited to scan a QR code. Next, you need to start the WhatsApp application on the phone and click on three points in the upper right corner.

So WhatsApp Web on Android is tuned.

In the drop-down menu, select the WhatsApp Web item and then scan the QR code (we have already talked about the advantages of these codes and their history) from the computer screen. Almost instantly the connection will be established.

If you have an iPhone, you will need to go to the application settings, there select “WhatsApp Web” and then also scan a QR code from a computer screen.

So WhatsApp Web on iPhone sets up.

Previously, such an opportunity worked only when it was in one Wi-Fi network. Now in most cases you can use this way, even if the smartphone is connected through a cellular network, and the computer through a stationary Wi-Fi.

The only pleasant moment in WhatsApp web version will be that it will warn if your smartphone gets a battery. There are no more advantages in this complex method and much easier to launch applications like Telegram and calmly use the messenger. If you use Telegram, subscribe to our news channel.

However, I went from afar. WhatsApp has an application, but it looks more like some kind of mockery.

Logue from a computer or laptop

If it is more convenient for you to communicate in WhatsApp on a computer, then this can also be done using a smartphone.

To get started, open the browser, follow the link. https: // We find ourselves on the page that contains instructions on how to act further.

We go to the application installed on the smartphone. Click on a vertical three.stroke, located in the upper right corner.

In the menu that opens, select the “WhatsApp Web” line.

In the new window, we are notified about which resource you need to go from the computer in order to be able to scan the QR code. Click “OK, Clear”.

The window pops up, which requires permission to use the camera in order to scan a QR code. Click “Next”.

We include a phone camera on the code shown on the monitor screen. The page is activated.

Как использовать встроенную форму регистрации для подключения клиентам WhatsApp Business API

Now communication in the messenger is available. Choose any dialogue, send a message as on a smartphone.

Is registration possible without a phone

If you are not the owner of a smartphone, you also have the opportunity to use WhatsApp on a personal computer or laptop. To do this, install the emulator. We follow the link. https: // Press the “Download Bluestacks” button.

Now you need to install a downloaded file. We launch an exoshnik on behalf of the administrator. In the window that opens, click the “Install now” button.

After installation, the window jumps out in which we are asked to register in order to access the Google Play application. Click on the “Enter” button.

We find ourselves on the entrance page on which you need to enter the email address. Click “Next”.

Now you need to indicate the password from your mailbox. Click “Next”.

We accept the conditions for using the Play Market, click on the corresponding button.

We see that a labeling Google Play Store appeared in the emulator window. Press it twice on it with a mouse button.

We find ourselves in the usual Play Market, which you can go from a smartphone. In the search bar we prescribe “WhatsApp”.

Open the installed application by pressing the “Open” button.

We accept the privacy policy, click the “Accept and Continue” button.

Enter the phone number (the main thing is that SMS come to it and read). Click the “Next” button.

There is a notification that you can restore a backup if it was previously saved. Click “Next” or “not now”.

A window appears in which you need to allow WhatsApp access to contacts.

Next, you need to allow access to files, multimedia, photo saved on the device.

Now we must click the “allow” or “skip” button, depending on whether the reconnaissance of the backup of messages in the WhatsApp account is needed.

We see that we have access to chats, calls, like on a mobile phone.

In order to start communication with someone, we click the message icon in the “Chat” section.

Select the desired contact, send the message in the usual way.

Registration on the phone

Register in WhatsApp is quite simple both on the Android phone and in the iPhone. First of all, you need to download the messenger. This can be done for free in Russian in the official Google Play or Apple Store store, respectively:

  • Find WhatsApp in the messenger, click “Install”.
  • Wait for the end of the installation. Press the application icon on the desktop.
  • Enter the phone number. Indicate the code that will come in the message. Select a name for an account.
  • To correspond with the people indicated in the phone book, you can synchronize contacts. To communicate via voice communications, you need to allow access to audio.

Important! The phone number is tied to the device on which registration was held. On other devices to enter with this number will not work.

Registration on a computer

You can’t officially register without a phone. WhatsApp is primarily a mobile application and allows you to create an account through a smartphone. An existing account can be connected on a laptop. over, two options are available to the user at once: use the downloaded application or web client.

Through the phone

On the official Watsap website in the “Download” section, you can download the application for work on Windows or MacOS computer. After the installation is completed, the user needs to open the messenger on the smartphone.

Click the Troete in the upper left corner or “settings” (gear sign) and select WhatsApp Web. Put a phone camera on a QR code located on the screen. After that, an automatic entry will be automatically entered.

Without a phone

The most convenient option for registering on a computer (Windows and Mac) is available through a free android application emulator BlueStacks. To use the emulator, you need: