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Scale on the computer: screen, icons, font

It happens that we are not satisfied with this or that font size, icons or screen scale. But not everyone knows how to change it for more convenient use of Windows or websites. In this article we will talk in detail about the scaling on the computer.

You will learn about how to change the screen scale in Windows 10, how to reduce or increase the font on the computer and in the browser, as well as how to change the size of the badges in folders and the size of the shortcuts on the desktop.

How to change the scale of the Windows 10 screen

To begin with, you will learn how to increase or how to reduce the scale of the screen on a computer. This function will be useful for screens owners of unusual sizes, small or very large. Also, knowledge of how to increase the scale in Windows 10 is desirable for project owners. In some cases, it can be very helpful.

To change the scale of the computer screen, follow the actions below:

Open the “Parameters” window, for this, click Wini or the Start menu and click on the gear icon.

After click the “system” and select the “screen”.

The window we need can also be opened by clicking on the right button from scratch from the desktop and choosing the “screen parameters”.

On the right side of the window you will see sliders to change the screen scale. The default value is 100%, and the scale can be increased to 125% and 150%. programs

The use of special programs to change the scale of the screen can be relevant for a number of reasons. Depending on the user specific, it can receive several additional functions that simplify the process of changing the scale. In addition, such programs are recommended to use if for some reason it is not possible to change the scale with standard means of OS.

The advantages of such software include the possibility of simultaneously changing the settings in all accounts or, conversely, personal setting up of each monitor, changing the bit, using hot keys for rapid switching between percentage dimensions and the availability of auto loading.

Control Panel

You can change the size of the icon of the desktop and other elements of the integration through the control panel. At the same time, the scale of other applications and web pages will remain the same. The procedure will be as follows:

reduce, window, computer, using, screen

In order for the changes to enter into force, it is necessary to confirm the exit from the system or restart the computer. After that, the size of the main Windows elements will change in accordance with the selected value. You can return the default parameters here.

The principle of scale change in Windows 10 is not very different from the predecessor system.

Unfortunately, recently, it is no longer possible to change the font size in Windows 10, as it could be done in old assemblies or in Windows 8/7.

How to change the size of the window

How to change the size of the window? Windows user can arbitrarily change the size of the application window using a mouse or keyboard. Changing the sizes of windows can be useful, for example, if you want to place several applications windows in the Windows workspace and switch between them with one mouse click.

You can change the size of the window of a neglected program only if it is active, and is scaled not over the entire height and width of the screen, that is, on the right side of the header panel, the expanding button is displayed.

In order to change the scale of the window arbitrarily, perform the following sequence of actions.

Bring the mouse cursor to any window border so that the pointer takes the form. The direction of the arrow (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) will depend on which exactly the border of the window you brought the mouse cursor, and will show you the possible direction of scaling.

How to fix screen resolution problem windows 10 Easy Method

reduce, window, computer, using, screen

Press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the window boundary in the required direction.

Release the left mouse button at the end of the window scaling.

You can change the size of the window with the keyboard. For this:

Open the control menu of the program either with a single mouse click on the program icon on the left side of the heading panel, or by pressing the keyboard of the Altspace keyboard.

Select in the control menu item size. This item will be unavailable if the current application window is deployed at full screen.

Change the scale of the window using the keys control keys (arrows). At the end of the scaling, press the Enter key.

The most convenient is the scaling of the window with the mouse if you pointed its pointer to the right lower corner of the window. This angle has a special zone that does not require accurate positioning of the cursor and specially designed for scaling operations. Hosting sites

Convenient programs for managing the screen parameters

Since you can change the screen scale in Windows by means of the system itself, the use of applications does not give special advantages in this regard, unless you consider more convenient access to the scaling options themselves. However, under certain circumstances, some programs may turn out to be very useful. If you are looking for a way to increase the scale of the screen on a computer using tools, we advise you to pay attention to Zoomit and Carroll utilities.


This small utility is designed to scaling arbitrary areas of the screen. It works on the same principle as a regular magnifier, but at the same time much more convenient and more functional. Zoomit maintains a scaling of up to 400%, drawing on the screen, installation on the screen screen with a timer of 10 minutes. The CTRL 1 combination includes a drawing, CTRL 3. a ten.minute screensaver, CTRL 4. scaling. As in the case of a magnifier, the image quality when using zoomit is lost.


Simple program for controlling the monitor. In principle, since it duplicates the functionality of Windows, it could be considered useless if not for a couple of “but”. Firstly, the application provides faster and more convenient access to standard resolution templates, and secondly, it allows you to set the preferred permit for each individual user. This function is turned on by pressing the Change Screen Resolution and Restore with EVERY LOGON “.

Well, we learned how to configure the screen scale on the computer. All the above methods are completely safe and accessible for users to implement even the entry.level. However, there are software solutions, the use of which for arbitrary screenshot can reduce stability and durability of microcircuits. These include the SCHOOK and Media control panel, as well as the NVIDIA control panel. If you decide to use these tools to change the display resolution, try not to create user resolutions without much need, but choose them from the proposed standard templates.

How to reduce the screen scale on the computer. Windows 10

Click on the right mouse button on the desktop to the place of the desktop and folders and open the section “Screen Parameters”.

Scroll the parameters slightly lower to the “scale and marking” block and set the necessary values. Also, here you can change the screen resolution.

Changes will immediately come into force. In some cases, only a small part of the icons can become “vague”, this is solved by a simple rebooting computer.

If the points are generally inactive and it is not possible to change values, then scroll back upstairs and check that the correct display is selected. click on it.

Interesting! I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material. what is the monitor. A lot of useful and interesting information on this topic is written there.

How to reduce the screen size on the computer. Windows 7

Click on the right mouse button to the free place of the desktop, where there are no shortcuts and folders and open the section “Personalization”.

In the left column of the opening window, click on the link “Screen”.

Select the necessary values ​​and click on the “apply” button. The system will have to restart, so click on the “Release now” button.

reduce, window, computer, using, screen

If you need to change the resolution, then by clicking on the free place of the desktop, select the corresponding point. And already in the window that opens, change it.

How to reduce the scale of the screen on a computer using a keyboard

To reduce the size of the screen, it will be enough to use only the keyboard in combination with several keys. Click on the “Ctrl” and “-” buttons in order to reduce the size of the screen image, and the simultaneous retention of “ctrl” and “”, on the contrary, will lead to its increase. If you press only once on these buttons, then the picture will change towards an increase or decrease by 10%. So you can adjust the size of the screen until they completely arrange you.

This method is very simple and convenient and allows you to quickly adjust the screen for any task. Therefore, for those who find it difficult to understand special programs, to reduce the scale of the screen using the keyboard is the most real and affordable opportunity.

We change the size of the screen using a text editor and browser

There are situations when it is necessary to set new display installations not on the computer itself, but only for any local tasks. For example, for various editors and office packages. For this, there is already a well.tested procedure:

  • Pay attention to the section “Main menu”, where select the “View” tab;
  • In the new window, click on the line “scale”, then install new settings and save them.

This option is great for solving short.term problems.

Scaling option with browser

Let’s see how it works with the browser settings. We take the following steps:

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  • Click in the menu for “view” and “scale”.
  • In the new window, select the function “reduce” or “increase”.
  • Then we set up the image of the screen to a level comfortable for us and save all the settings.

Important! Currently, there are a large number of different browsers, so we cannot unequivocally say that this method is suitable for all of them.

Nevertheless, it works great not only with many personal computers, but also allows you to reduce the scale of the screen on the laptop. In this case, all your actions will be identical to those that we described in detail above. Therefore, you can also use our instructions to change the laptop screen settings.

Through an application for a video card

Another method involves the functions supplied with the driver of the graphic processor. This method also uses the screen resolution, so it should only be resorted to if the image quality is not critical. You can change the scale of the laptop or computer screen by following the following steps.

First you need to start the application. You can find it by clicking on the arrow in the state panel. Another option is to click on the empty space of the desktop and find an element of the context menu. After starting, you need to find the settings section. In it in the subsection of the display, find a change in permission. Next, set a suitable value, maintain changes and, if necessary, reboot the computer.

How to reduce the scale of shortcuts on a computer

Sometimes reducing the screen on the computer means to make it so that it is on it more labels. It is also easy to do it. However, we will distinguish between shortcuts on the desktop and elements in the conductor. Both of those and others can set a scale, however, several different approaches will be used for this.

First, let’s talk about the desktop, since it is on it that you often want to place more shortcuts. Of course, it is not worth showing excessiveness in this, but now is not about that. For labels of the desktop, there are immediately three pre.installed scale. You can change the size if you press the empty place of the PKM. Next in the context menu you need to select “View”. In the drop.down menu, select “huge icons”, “middle icons” or “small icons”. There is an opportunity to set the user value. To do this, use hot keys. Clamp “ctrl” and rotate the mouse wheel. The scale will change smoothly, and the icons are evenly located on the updated invisible grid. So you can configure the most suitable scale of the labels.

We will touch the possibilities of changing the size of the elements in the “conductor”. You can also do this in several ways. In the “conductor” at the top you need to select the “View” tab (Windows 10) and select one of the proposed options for presentation or sorting. The second option also involves the use of the “species” function, but it is selected by pressing the PKM by the white field. The third option for those who want to quickly change the performance to their taste. You need to clamp the “ctrl” and rotate the mouse wheel change the scale of the icons or change them to the view of the list and table. Each user can use the method that will be most convenient for him.

reduce, window, computer, using, screen

Changing the screen position

Also, problems with the image may appear due to a random change in its position. The fact is that Windows supports the function of turning the picture by 90, 180 and 270 degrees (for example, for non.standard monitors), and you could accidentally activate it. The solution is quite simple. you need to independently configure the correct location of the picture. For this purpose, you can use the instructions on the link further, most of the methods mentioned in it is relevant for desktop PC.

Monitor settings

Many computer displays have their own configuration tools, which can also be lost, for example, due to changes in electricity. Each manufacturer has the type and name of the menu items sometimes significantly differ, so then we will give only approximate instructions that can be focused on when working.

The use of this method is advisable in situations where the rest were ineffective.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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