Reduce the size of the photo on the iPhone. Use the application to change the image size

How to reduce the size of the photo in the iPhone

To free memory on the iPhone, they often clean the media and photo albums, getting rid of the photo, necessary and not very. But if you reduce the size of the photo, it will also save. This decision is less obvious, but effective. This reduces the volume of involved memory and traffic during publications of photos on the Internet.

To get meta-data about the picture before changing it, you need to do the following sequence of actions (in general this moment is not mandatory and you can immediately skip it):

  • select a picture in the appendix on which we conduct an experiment;
  • press “share” (usually the icon is located in the lower corner on the left);
  • click “further-e-mail”;
  • Fill in the field “who”. in this case you can choose any person, anyway, the letter will not be sent;
  • press “send”;
  • confirm that you want to send a letter with an empty topic;
  • study the information that appeared in the window.

You can edit photos using special utilities that are not difficult to use.

One of these is Image Resizer. You can download it in AppStore. Thanks to the utility, you can get data on the size of the picture, format, and also change the parameters. You can make the latter both in size and pixels.

How to Change Image Quality on iPhone 12 – Photo Resolution

When the scaling is made, confirm the action by pressing the Resize button. After the processing is completed, the picture is kept in the gadget’s memory by pressing the Share button.

Using the above non.complex instructions, you can receive data about the photographs stored in the iPhone or change their parameters.

How to reduce the size of the photo on the iPhone

Reducing the size of the photo on the phone may be needed for various reasons, starting to just use this photo of their goals, remove some fragment, and sometimes even because many applications do not accept photos of the wrong size that is needed.

Of course, you can reduce the size of the photo using the iPhone functions, but they do not allow you to maintain the right resolution, which is why additional utilities and programs are suitable at such moments. One of these is Image Resizer.

This program is one of the best in that you can get not only data about the picture, but also change its data, including reducing the size.

It is worth noting that the Inte Wee is quite intuitive:

  • It is immediately clear that you must first upload a photo
  • Then change the size by the Resize.
  • Also in the program you can choose both your format, and apply those that have already been installed.

After the completion of all stages of processing, the photo can be saved in the gadget with the “Save” button and select a place where to save it in the device’s memory.

What is the default iphone photo format

The usual format in which photos on the phone are taken by default is heic. This format is very inconvenient in that it is practically not applied anywhere, that is, with the need to look at the photo on another device, a person simply cannot do this. the format is not suitable, thereby there is no way to open.

The more familiar JPEG in the photo is what is needed. This format is very convenient and opens on almost every device. Developers use another format due to the fact that it takes up enough space than JPEG.

You can make the photos shoot in a convenient format, but the user must be ready for the fact that such files will require much more space than the usual one, that is, the iPhone memory will be required than before. This is due to the fact that the translated code weighs a lot, so you need to stock up on a certain place for new pictures.

How to change the size of the images to iPhone and iPad?

Many users clearly lack the standard iOS features to edit images. It is understandable, third-party editors from the App Store have much greater functionality, allowing you to make full-fledged processing of photos directly from the mobile device. There are a lot of applications that can help the user to change the size of the images on the iPhone and iPad, but we will dwell on the simplest of them.

Image Resizer. The application with all its name suggests what it can do. Changing the size of the images is the main and only possibility of application. With his task, Image Resizer celebrates his hard five, and all because the developers did not chase several hares at once and make another graphic multicacontator, but created the perfect application for adjusting the size of the image.

How to change the size of the images on the iPhone and iPad using Image Resizer

Download the Image Resizer application from the App Store

Click on Photos and indicate the image from any album that you want to change

Make a “swipe” to the right to go to the editing screen

Indicate the desired image resolution. As in computer versions of graphic editors, you can change the size of the photo in pixels or percentage

After editing, press the Share button. In a pop.up menu, you can choose the sending of the image to social networks, by e.mail, and by pressing. You will have the opportunity to save the picture in a photo album on your device

How to reduce the size of the photo with the quality of the iPhone

In the iPhone all generations, working with photographs is not a priority, so the functionality of the standard editor is significantly limited. This is why users ask the question: how to reduce the size of the photo on the iPhone. This article will finally solve the editing problem in all models of Apple devices.

Outdoor applications and standard functions will help reduce the weight of the photo on the iPhone. The size of the pictures, their resolution are closely related to each other. The higher the resolution, the greater the volume is occupied by photos in the phone’s memory.

A ready.made picture that has a large weight, with standard means of adjustment cannot be changed. But applications will easily release the memory by preserving the file.

Image Resizer Free program

Using this application, it is possible to compress the size of the picture. It is known that the worse the quality, the less resolution of the photos. This means that a small amount of memory is required for their storage.

So, to work with the program, we perform the following actions:

  • Download from the AppStore application Image Resizer Free and run.
  • Press the “plus” and determine the photo to reduce.
  • After choosing a picture, mark a tool called Resize.
  • Set the resolution from the list of templates, the photo obtained after processing. It is important to know that the list provides only the most popular values.
  • You will need to confirm the current changes, and then click on the OK button to change the resolution. This action confirms all operations with photographs and applies them.

Now, in order for the changes to apply, it is necessary to unload the edited image in the phone memory. You can do this by a click on the sign of the arrow circled in the circle. Next in the window that appears, press the Save Image key, or “save the image”. The procedure is completed.

It is possible to edit size and compress photos using applications. It is worth noting that the AppStore has other applications that can change the quality of the photo on the iPhone. The presented program was considered only as an example.

How to cut photos on iPhone or iPad?

Open the “Photo” application and select the image that you want to cut. Then follow the following actions:

Opening the photo, click “edit” in the upper right corner.

Click on the “Cut and turn” icon located below (it will be on the left on the iPad).

A free frame will appear in front of you. You can drag it into both the right place, and move the corner or edge to cut the photo, as it will be more convenient for you.

As an alternative, you can use the pre.installed ratio of the parties to the new frame instead of an arbitrary form. Touch the ratio of the right corner of the ratio.

Below you will see such presets as a square, 9:16, 8:10 and t.D. You can click on one of them and see preliminary viewing of a cut image. In addition, you can choose an orientation icon by making it portrait or landscape. This will also change the type of photograph-result, taking into account the selected pre-installed ratio of the parties.

After ending the photography, just click “Ready”. If you did not like the result, click “Cancel”.

Your photo will automatically remain after pruning.

How to cancel the pruning

If you suddenly did not like the result, and you want to return to the initial picture, then it will not be difficult to do.

Select a photo and click “Enrich”.

Click “return” in the lower right corner.

Confirm that you want to return to the original state.

Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that with the return of photography to the initial state, all the changes that you made in this picture will be canceled in general.

We compress ready.made photos (on the example of the Image Resizer Free application)

Despite the fact that the camera and settings of photo editing in Apple devices are very high quality and you can find many useful options, it is the compression of photos in the basic iPhone and iPads that is not provided. Therefore, if we want to change the resolution of the photo and reduce its volume directly to the iPhone, without pumping to the computer, we will need to use a special application with the AppStore for this purpose.There are free or paid programs, much depends on the set of functions in them-some of these applications not only change permission, but also provide various additional editing options.We will give examples of the pair of the simplest and most convenient in the use of free applications, aimed precisely to compress the resolution of the photo, showing clearly how to reduce the weight of the photo on the iPhone.In the top of our small list of programs that allow you to squeeze the photo on the iPhone. Image Resizer Free on the AppStore.

Download the application with the AppStore to reduce the resolution of the photo in it.

Click the “” icon to go to albums and choose a photo to change resolution.

Click the album, where will we get the photo to reduce permission.

Choose the desired photograph to squeeze it in the application.

To squeeze the photo, click Resize icon.

  • We have a window with a real size of the picture in pixels, and below we can set our size. We set the first digit of pixels, the second is calculated automatically

To reduce the resolution of the photo, you need to set its size in pixels.

To compress the photo, we will imprint the first digit, the second will “fit” the application automatically.

Click Done to complete the compression procedure photo.

  • The application will show us a new, compressed size of the photograph, and will offer further options for working with it (trim at the edges, share or delete the project). Accordingly, if we want to save a new compressed photo, click the “share” icon (the icon of the arrow mug inside)

Reduce the resolution of the photo in Image Size.

Another popular free application, aimed precisely at the goal of changing the quality of the photo on the iPhone (that is, reduce resolution). Image Size (size of the photo), you can also download it on the AppStore

  • Download the application and open it. Press the image icon to access the photo and select the desired photograph for compression

We download the program with the AppStore for subsequent compression of the photo.

Click the “photo” icon to open a photograph, the resolution of which will reduce.

We choose how we will compress the picture (by pixels, mm, cm or inches)

  • In windows with a width and height we set one of the measurements of the selected units, the second parameter is calculated in the second window. Below the program calculates how much the “weight” of the photo cards will decrease

We set a new resolution photo

  • You can save the resulting compressed version of the photo by pressing the “unload” icon. the icon of the arrow at the bottom of the screen on the left. Photo to save in a common album on the device

We keep a compressed picture by pressing the “unload” icon below the left

How to change the size of the photo using Image Resizer: Instruction

After you downloaded and opened the application, follow the following actions:

  • Press the Photos button and select an interesting shot from your albums on the phone.
  • After downloading photos to access the editing tools in the program, pour the iPhone screen to the right.
  • The application will offer you to change the permission of the picture as a percentage or pixels. Available proportional and disproportionate formats.
  • To save the image, press the Share button. The program will provide a choice of the most popular options for the export of the picture. The full list is disclosed when the button is pressed

In addition to Image Resizer, there are several more applications for processing photos with similar functionality, for example, Oneedit Pro, Iresize and Crop-Size Image Tool. You can also use the program that allows you to process pictures for printing and order the manufacture of products online in two clicks.

“Mimigram”: Create original photographs on your mobile

MIMIGRAM service is free to download in the App Store. The program does not take up much space in the memory of the device and opens up new wide opportunities for working with photographs and their further use. The application allows you to create original gifts for all occasions. Do not miss the opportunity to order on the site:

    , which look like Hollywood posters; small format in a gift box;. which you can put on the table or decorate the interior with them, making it more comfortable and alive;. when your emotions and impressions of a trip or event cannot be conveyed in one picture;. allowing you to create your own unique line of clothing and diversify the everyday wardrobe, and t.D.

The Mimigram application has all the necessary tools for preparing images for printing in any of the presented formats. Immediately after creating the design, you can make an order, and the finished product will be delivered to the specified address in the very near future.

Reduce the size of the photo file on Mac

On Mac this process is less complicated. The reason is that the way to reduce the size of the image file on Mac. You can also change the type of image file using the Image Viewer application by default on the Mac. Perform the following actions.

Send photos from the iPhone to Mac using AirDrop or select ICLOD, Google Photos or OneDrive.

Open the image using the pre.viewing of the image by default on the Mac.

Select “Export” in the next menu.

MacOS will ask you to choose the location and type of file. Under the file type parameter, you will have a slider to reduce the image size.

Put it down in accordance with your requirements, and OS will calculate the approximate file size for you.

Click the “Save” button as soon as you finish.

Squeeze the images on the iPhone and Mac

You can use the default MAC method to reduce the size of the image. It works impeccably and does not require interference.

You have found another way to reduce the file size? Share your preferences in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below section.

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How to REDUCE Photo Size on iPhone (2021)

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