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One Xiaomi headphone (Redmi) does not connect

Xiaomi produces a wide range of goods, not only smartphones, but also headphones for them, as well as a huge number of household products for each day.

Today we will talk about Xiaomi wireless headphones, and what problems can occur with them during operation.

In the beginning I want to talk a little about the principles of the Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi. Each of them is equipped with a Bluetooth communication module, and everyone can work both separately in mono-mode, and together in stereo mode.

But the Bluetooth protocol does not imply (at least to the Bluetooth 5 version.1) simultaneous work with each headphones, so the connection with the phone occurs through one (most often right), after which it is synchronized with the left so that the sound in them sounds simultaneously in stereo-mode.

It is with the synchronization of the right and left gadget that the problem most often takes place, due to which one headphone stops playing. Strange, but for the most common problem in the instructions there is no ready.made solution, although it is carried out in a couple of manipulations with Airdots.

What to do if one headphone Xiaomi does not play?

Xiaomi wireless headphones do not work one headphone

Let’s start with the most common problem. the disconnection of one headphone Xiaomi Mi Airdots Youth Edition or Redmi Airdots (Mi Earbuds). This is due to a violation of synchronization between the right and left headphones. The difficulty lies in the fact that the user does not have direct control over this process, all that we can do is to sprinkle the phone with Airdots and expect everything to work fine.

When the connection between Xiaomi headphones is violated, we will have to roll back their connection to the phone and to ourselves to the factory state in order to re.launch the synchronization algorithm and hopes that this will help restore work.

There is a nuance that, for an unknown reason, sometimes arises and do not work: after resetting Xiaomi headphones when trying to conjure them with a phone on the Bluetooth menu, you will see two notes for the left and right. In this case, place them back in the case, wait 5 seconds and try again.

If you see two notes again, repeat the procedure, but this time remove the right Airdots from the case, then connect it to the phone and remove the left. The headphones are again synchronized by each other, and you will receive a completely working gadget.

Wireless headphones work separately. only one right or left (Redmi Airdots)

than a year ago, our article was published about two models of wireless TWS headphones Xiaomi. And during this time several popular issues that are asked by users. I will try to answer one of them today. So, a rather common problem is that Redmi Airdots or Xiaomi Earbuds does not work one of the headphones. left or right. He does not see and does not synchronize according to Bluetooth with other wireless module, or with the phone. As a result, only one. What to do in this case and how to connect both headphones Xiaomi (Redmi) at the same time?

As it turned out, the problem is very often found when Redmi Airdots headphones do not work together and do not connect to each other via Bluetooth even after rebooting. For some reason, for some reason, I had no wireless TWS modules from the plant. Both “Redmi Airdots” were displayed on the phone separately. “r” and “l”. At the same time, they connected one at a time and each time one of the headphones did not work. only the right or left, but not together.

To do this, first of all, you need to cancel the conjugation with the headphones of all the devices to which you previously connected them. To remove them from the smartphone, you need to go into the Bluetooth settings, click on the name “Redmi Airdots”, then on the icon of information “i” and “forget the device”

Next, get them out of the cover, wait to turn on, and then turn it off with buttons. After that, squeeze both buttons for a long time. from about 20 to 40 seconds, during which they will flash white and red several times. It is necessary not to let go before the second descending sound signal and the sunbathing on both headphones appear in the dynamics of the second descending sound signal

How to charge Xiaomi Redmi Airdots and what to do if one headphone does not charge in the case (right or left)

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots (Earbuds) is one of the most common wireless headphones. It is not surprising why readers very often leave me in a personal or in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев the same question. why do both or one of the headphones (right or left) do not charge from the case or the case itself cannot replenish the rsas of energy? Today we will deal with this one next to the next outwardly, but different in essence of the problems.

In order to put Redmi Airdots (in the Chinese version they are called Xiaomi Earbuds) for charging, you just need to place both headphones in the case. each in their nest. It is impossible to confuse them in places, since they simply will not be inserted. However, due to a fairly wide shape of the nest, there is a chance in a hurry to place the right or left headphone not quite evenly. As a result, the contacts on it and on the case will be shifted relative to each other, and the headphone will not be charged. Therefore, check that the wireless modules definitely fall into place.

How to charge the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots/Earbuds headphones on?

As you noticed, Redmi Airdots and Xiaomi Earbuds do not include a power adapter. In order to charge the case, you can use any power supply for 1A, for example, from a smartphone or an extension cord with a USB ports. Even a slot on a computer or laptop is suitable. It is necessary to connect the MicroUSB power cable at one end to the case, and others to any adapter from a mobile phone.

redmi, right, headphone, does

Check that the case from Xiaomi Redmi Airdots can be charged according to the LED indicator, which is located on the front panel. In the process of charging, it should burn in red

Try to turn on the insert

A common cause of the problem is a banal shutdown of an outrage-by mistake or due to failure. If the Xiaomi Airdots 2 headset or other model does not work for this reason, follow the following actions:

  • Find the button on the headset that does not work. It can be standard, sensitive to pressure or sensory.
  • Click on it and hold for at least five seconds.
  • Pay attention to the indicator and sound signal.

In many cases, this method saves if one of Xiaomi’s headphones does not work. If you did not succeed, try to do the same work once or several times. Either press the button and, without releasing it, place the device in the case. Then close and open the lid and wait until it is synchronized.

Install the main liner

In the situation with Xiaomi Mi True Wireless, when one headphone does not work, try to appoint the main pad. This method sometimes helps when you cannot use your device normally.

  • Remove the headphones from the case.
  • Press the button on the right ear twice. Make sure the keys are fast and short.
  • Wait for the completion of the conjugation, then connect to the device. If this step does not work, try the same manipulations for the second device.

Why is the second wireless headphone Xiaomi Airdots not working

Sometimes the owners of Xiaomi Airdots wireless headphones face a situation where the second headphone does not work. One works, but the second is not, and how to correct the situation is incomprehensible, because they are deprived of wires and some system functions that would be controlled by the owner.

Wireless modern Xiaomi operates automatically, the user has almost no ability to have some kind of effect on them, or start the settings and configuration mode to fix the program error.

Therefore, people, when they are faced with the fact that Airdots are not connected, are at a loss, neither in the instructions, nor on the device itself there is no hint of how to correct the situation and connect them to the smartphone so that music sounds again.

How to connect the second headphone Xiaomi to the phone

The only method that is available to us is to reset the Airdots connection to the smartphone, and then initiate the reset of the headphones themselves so that they will re.start the connection protocols, and you can enter them into the interfacing mode to connect the right and left headphones.

In order to disconnect them from the phone, unlock the smartphone, enter the settings, find the “Bluetooth” item. Now in the list of conjugated devices find the headphones of Xiaomi Airdots, or Redmi, depending on their name. Click on the icon of the “arrow”. to enter the settings of connected headphones. Click on the “Caption” button “. With this command we turned off the binding of a smartphone and headphones. Now we need to drop Airdots themselves, for this, remove them from the case, at the same time press the touch panels on both headphones and hold the press of about 40 seconds.

During this time, at first they freeze with white light, after which they will begin to flash a variety of red or white, after which the light diode will go out.

This means that Xiaomi Airdots settings are dropped, now place them in the case. Make sure the case of the case is charged.

Wait for 20 seconds, after which remove the first and second headphones from the case, indicators should light up on them, which they say that they are ready to conjure with the phone.

In the same “Bluetooth” menu on a smartphone in the “Available Devices” section, find the name of your headphones and click on it.

Connection will occur, and both Xiaomi loudspeakers should earn in stereo.

If the left headphone does not connect, or you see two names for the left and right on the phone screen, take them into the case again, wait 10 seconds, and make an attempt to connect again.

In general, the second headphone Xiaomi works through the first, t.e. The first, usually right, connects to a smartphone, and he, in turn, sends a signal to another headphone so that they sound at the same time.

Therefore, if the left does not connect, this means that he has lost contact not with a smartphone, but with the first, he cannot detect him and synchronize with him. It was to restore this connection that we made a reset to factory settings, otherwise it is not to restart it.

Noise reduction problems

Important! This recommendation applies only to the Pro version with active noise management.

If only one headphone operates in Xiaomi, then most likely the problem is the noise reduction function. In any wireless headset there is a touch panel with which you can do the following:

You can activate the noise suppressor using a long, simultaneous pressing on the touch panel of both headphones (about 3 seconds).

  • Get the left headphone from the charger.
  • Connect the airdots headset to a mobile device. To do this, click on the physical button on the panel until the light lights up.
  • After that, one headphone will be associated with a smartphone.

Important! During the use of monorage, the conjugation between the headphones will be broken. To again use stereo, you will need to drop the connection in the phone settings, and return the headphones to the factory configuration. Next, you need to connect the right airdots with the device. Only in such a sequence will it be possible to activate stereo.resistance.

If there is a problem with the conjugation of the left headphone Redmi Air DOTS, it is recommended to use the above instructions. In the case of a wireless headset breakdown, the only way out will be an appeal to the service center.

What to do if the left headphone Redmi Airdots does not connect?

It is absolutely and undoubted that the legislator in the world gadget and the products accompanying this is Apple. Their Bluetooth certificate Airpods is an example to follow. Since their appearance, many manufacturers try to focus on it and repeat it. One of the most successful replicas at the moment was made by Lei Jun, the model was called Xiaomi Airdots.

The past selling days led to the complete disappearance of these headphones from stores in their native China. Droke price (without discounts they cost about 25 euros), minimalist design and at the same time support for the latest types of wireless connection did their job.

People were interested in a cheap, but quite high.quality analogue. However, some happy owners of this model are faced with difficulties in operation, in particular, with the synchronous use of both headphones. This is when one headphone works and the other is not. It is worth noting that this is the result of the features of the conjugation of these headphones (the device-right headphone headphone), unlike the same Apple in which the headphones are connected separately with the device.

What to do when the left headphone Airdots does not connect

Sometimes as a result of improper operation (damage, squeezing, fluid flooding and.t.e) the left headphone Airdots does not connect. However, in most of these cases, this is a software failure, due to which headphones switch to a single-channel sound mode. If so, then this problem easily and quickly remove the forces of the user himself.

Redmi mobile wired earphone not working fix | wireless earphone sound problem fix | speaker | sound

If the user of Redmi Airdots does not work left headphone, then it is recommended to do the following:

redmi, right, headphone, does
  • Full disconnection of headphones from the device, including the elimination of the earlier conjugation of the smartphone used earlier. It is worth noting that dealing with Apple smartphone, you need to use “forget the device”.
  • Turning off headphones by long.term pressing (more than 5 seconds). The correctness of actions can be understood by the indicator. it should burn with scarlet color.
  • Then we reboot Airdots completely. In a ten-second press, we achieve red and white blinking in the already turned off headphones. We let go, we also maintain a pause in 10 seconds-we need three red and white blinking, which will show a reboot.
  • Investing headphones in the charger-case.
  • Removing back from the base. The inclusion of both headphones at the same time with a three.second press. The result of these actions should be a new download of headphones and their synchronization.


If the indicator on the right headphone does not blink much white light, then everything is done correctly and you can start the search for Bluetooth devices in smartphone options. Select the name we need from the list and start the conjugation. As a result, the problem should be eliminated, and the headphones will sound synchronously.

One of the headphones does not work when connecting to the Xiaomi smartphone

If the sound comes from only one headphone, first check if they will fully function when connecting to any other sound source, it can be a computer, phone, TV, player or something else.

If there is no sound when connecting to another source, then the breakdown occurred inside.

The cause may be water from if they are not protected from sweat and spray, strong physical effects or extremely high or low temperatures.

Xiaomi leaves the circle of suspects if, when connecting to another source, headphones continue to work poorly.

Solution: replacement of headphones, or repairs in the service center.

There is no access to sound effects in Xiaomi settings

Xiaomi phones have a special section with sound settings that are unlocked when connecting wired sets. If the wire is not connected to the smartphone’s nest, this section is blocked.

Sound effects are not available with wireless connection.

If you connected the headset by the wire, the phone determined it and showed the corresponding icon in the status line, but at the same time access to the sound effects remained blocked, try to restart the phone. If possible, check on other headphones to exclude the likelihood of incompatibility.

If the reboot did not help, turn off the cable, carefully blow the phone’s socket, probably dust or sandstone that interferes with normal contact got inside.

Do not lie inside alcohol and other liquids. If the pollution is strong, take a dry cotton wrap and clean the nest with a neat rotational movement.

If after cleaning there is still no access to sound settings on Xiaomi, there is a chance of a serious software failure. Provided that the headphones work normally, the sound goes to both channels, without interrupting without distortion, and if there is a control panel, all buttons function properly.

If after resetting access to sound effects is impossible, you will have to give the phone for diagnostics to a repair workshop.

Why are Airdots not synchronized and one headphone does not work and does not work

If one headphone does not work, most likely you have a ral on! To the question: why only one wireless headphone works. you can answer that this often happens when after use you leave them outside the charging box.

If one headphone does not work, then to again “make him” with the phone, and especially, the Xiaomi Airdots headphones themselves. you need to perform several actions:

  • Make sure the box has at least a minimum charge.
  • Squeeze the button on a non.working headphone for 25 seconds. Consider the button on the device to blink 7 times.
  • Having done this work, you will drop the headphone to factory settings.
  • Place both headphones in a charger for 20-30 seconds so that they can connect to each other.
  • Sometimes the indicator on the left headphone begins to burn in white. This means that the headphones have found each other. But it happens that the indicator does not change color. Nevertheless, they 100% discovered each other.
  • Remove the headphones from the charger.
  • Connect them to the phone.

Airdots headphones are not connected: the device does not see them

If there is no sound in the device. it does not mean that wireless headphones do not work due to breakdowns, they just need to be “introduced to the phone”. While connecting headphones Redmi Airdots?

  • The first thing you have to do is check whether Bluetooth is included. Having turned on the network, available devices will appear below, including Xiaomi.
  • Be sure to pull 2 ​​headphones from the case at once, pressing a special button on them. If the charging does not go (a red light flashes on them), perhaps they are discharged!
  • Leave your headphones for a couple of hours, after which try to connect them again.

It happens that the headphones work, but at the same time someone can call you, but the call does not go! Although even in the Bluetooth settings it shows that the device is connected.

  • To solve this problem, without leaving the Bluetooth settings, click on a small arrow on the right side.
  • You will transfer you to “Type of connection”.
  • There, find the “Forget” or “Disable” button there (on each phone this button is displayed with different name).
  • Click it.
  • Reload the phone.
  • Connect Bluetooth by new.

If the headset still does not work on Xiaomi, let’s go the other way:

  • Squeeze the power button on the side of the phone along with the button adjustment of the volume “-” “.
  • Wait until the phone goes out (you may first become a screenshot, but you still do not let go of the buttons).
  • The phone will turn off, after some time starting to restart.
  • If wireless headphones start blinking, this suggests that they are not connected.
  • When the phone turns on. go to the settings, from there. to Bluetooth.
  • After this work done, the phone must automatically connect to the headphones.
  • Go to the extended settings and see the icon “hide the names of the Bluetooth devices” is turned off.
  • After that, take out the headphones and click on their button. Keep it for a long time until the connection with the device is displayed in Bluetooth.

Airdots headphone or case is not charged

Why is one wireless headphone? If you remove both headphones from the device, you can see 2 contacts under them, each has “and”-“. Having looked closely, you will notice that 1 contact is just below the second. this is the reason why the right or left headphone Xiaomi does not work.

Also, when buying new wireless headphones, you could forget to remove the film on the contacts.

What to do

Often happens. 1 headphone does not turn on. You can do everything right, connect the headset to the device, but unsuccessfully. Basically, the right headphone does not work. What to do if one headphone stops working? There are 2 purely software solutions to try to solve this problem!

We make a complete reset of settings

When 1 headphone does not work. try to make a complete reset of settings on the headset:

  • After some time, a green light will light up-the headset is dropped to a partial reset of factory settings.
  • Close the case.
  • Open again and wait for the moment until the red bulb goes out.
  • If you went out, click the back button.
  • The bulb caught fire with white light. release the button.
  • Wait until the red bulb does not go out.
  • Went out. again click the back button.
  • This procedure needs to be carried out 5 times.
  • Finished with work. close the case.
  • Put it for 3 minutes to charge.
  • Without removing charging, click the button again.
  • Having completed all these actions, you will drop the headphones to factory settings.

Contact cleaning

The frequent reason why the headphone does not charge is banal dirt, settling and falling inside the device. It is because of her that the device ceases to charge!

  • Take a non.working headphone in your hand and wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Next, wipe the case itself.
  • Try to check how charging goes.
  • Be sure to clean the USB case nest with a ear stick.
redmi, right, headphone, does

Keep in mind that the reason why one Xiaomi headphone does not work, there may be a breakdown of cables. Try to charge it from different power sources. In the worst case. the headphones themselves are defective!