Redmi phone does not see the SIM card

SIM operability

Of course, the miniature SIM card plate is not eternal and can simply stop working. To start with, it is worth trying to install it in another smartphone. If it works. no need to go far, the problem lies in the first device. If not, you should first try to treat the contact chip of the card with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Redmi Sim Card Not Detected Problem Solved

If performance after that is not restored, you can go to the service center of your operator and order the replacement card. This service is publicly available and does not require any special costs.

After placing the “sims” in the tray in the Settings” find the item “SIM-cards and mobile networks.

Here you can perform the following actions:

    In the “SIM-card settings” you can rename them, set their number, define the preferred type of network (4G, 3G or select only 2G to save energy), automatically select the preferred network.

However, the most important point is the “Default settings”, where you can set which “sim card” will be the main one for calls, and which will be used for the Internet.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 doesn’t recognize the SIM card

If when you visit Internet pages on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 a virus has penetrated, its activity can also prevent good signal reception.

Ways to solve the problem

If Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 does not see the SIM card, you can do it yourself:

  • Check the settings and adjust them so that the device can receive cellular signal again. You need to disable airplane mode, activate the right slot, select the appropriate network mode.
  • Carefully clean the contacts of the slot.
  • Insert the card into another device to evaluate its functionality.
  • Reboot your device.

If nothing helps, we recommend contacting a service center. Specialists have the equipment necessary for diagnostics and repair. The problem will be solved in the shortest time possible.

Replacing the SIM connector Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Repair before your eyes in 15-30 min. No markup.

Repair before your eyes in 15-30 min. No extra charge.

To improve the quality of service, your conversation can be recorded

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When it goes about the gadget with old firmware, activation of SIM-card in it is impossible in the Russian language. It is required to switch phone interface to English. It is possible to do this in a few steps:

  • Exit from the MI-account
  • Making the language change to English in settings
  • Back to the cabinet. miui SIM activation is successful.
  • Switching back the language.

If the message does not disappear, Xiaomi just need to restart.

Your phone doesn’t see the SIM-card: what to do?

There can be many reasons, beginning from hardware problems of the gadget and finishing by different nuances, connected with the settings of operating system and not only.

Many people associate their phone primarily with communication, calls, messaging. But it was the small module in the smartphone (SIM-card) that made cellular services possible.

When the smartphone stops “reading” the SIM card, it causes a lot of problems, because it is now one of the means of user identification in the network. To the phone number can be attached Google account and other services, which most of us use every day. Let’s analyze the main causes of such problems.

Often after MIUI firmware update the SIM-card stops being detected by the device or disconnects when trying to make a call. This problem can be solved in 3 ways:

To replace the firmware of the communication module will be required:

The firmware is installed as follows:

To learn how to reflash a specific model of Xiaomi, please visit “Instructions and firmware” or the forum

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the SIM card

You need to make an important call, but something went wrong and there is no connection, the Internet does not work and other related problems. Most likely, the smartphone simply does not see the SIM-card, sit back, now we will tell you about the different options for solving the problem.

Have you tried rebooting??

Perhaps in some place did not catch the connection, and then the phone just left it. Helping him by rebooting.

You have not pressed anything unnecessary?

Some of the settings may be “lost” or a curious child playing with the phone.

And the SIM-card is working?

The problem may be hidden in the banal failure of the SIM card. Check that it works on another device. Pay attention to its contacts, which might have oxidized after such a long period of operation, clean them with alcohol and a cotton swab.

Let’s dig “inside the phone

Check if the SIM card tray is firmly inserted.

The phone was ordered in China?

Some models simply do not support CIS communication standards. The most common of them. GSM, it is desirable that the smartphone is able to work with frequencies 900/1800 MHz.

What if there is a system failure??

Do not exclude the variant of the system failure. The fact that for communication in the Xiaomi is responsible for a special modem firmware, and if it is “damaged”, it is quite possible that further failures in the connection. If so, try performing a reset. Note the possibility of a separate flashing of the modem, without affecting the main system, but about this another time.

What can you say about the connection?

Maybe the problem is in the area where you are now. Weak or no coverage, which is certainly unlikely, but it’s worth checking.

We are dealing with a defect?

Yes, the situation is unpleasant. Have bought a smartphone and here is something like this Return the device under warranty if you are sure that the problem is a defect.

The problem is still not solved?

We have bad news. Probably something serious happened: the contacts broke off or some other mechanical damage. In this case you will have to go to the service center.

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Hello all. Haomi Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon 625 MIUI Global 8 Smartphone.2. Came from Aliexpress. I put the first SIM of Megafon, turned on there is a network Megafon. I put the second SIM Beeline, turned on no signal, no MegaFon or Beeline. I take out the SIM Beeline, but Megaphone still no signal. What could be the reason?

Translate to English, set up an account, connect the account to the numbers and activate the SIM

Hello, smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4x, put two SIM-cards, one sees the second does not, sim card works

Hello, I also have one sees and the other does not, and also Xiaomi Redmi 4x.

If the tray for the SIM-card is not whole (for example, chipped part of the plastic or bent metal plate), this can be the cause of the problem, when Xiaomi smartphone does not see the SIM-card. I had exactly the same situation on the Mi 3. The service center could not find the cause of the problem, I found it myself. I hope this helps someone.

The problem is network and does not receive calls and SMS Xiaomi Redmi 4x 2/16gb MUIU Global9.1 stable

How to implement the items from the list: Do not press unnecessary?, If there is NO SIM card in the settings? And there is a SIM card in the tray)) Why are these items written, if they are useless?

Hello!It seems that the phone has already ruined two sim cards! Model Redmi Note 4x, 32g Stopped recording in the network sim in the 2nd slot, thought the problem with the phone, but when you install the sim card in another phone, nothing has changed!Checked it = damaged card! I took a new SIM card, installed in the second slot Note 4x, all repeated.The network appeared for 1 second and then disappeared, the SIM card stopped working even when installed in other phones!I’m afraid to put anything in the second slot. The first SIM was a promotion, with free internet. an irreplaceable loss(((If the reason turns out to be in the phone, I have to abandon the company. The question is whether the phone could burn the two sim cards.

I support the same phone, the same thing. Phone is one year old, suddenly the SIM card fails. I change, it works for 3 hours and the same thing. Beeline checked, reloaded the card, nothing helps. The SIM does not work in other phones after the breakage. But in the evening, sometimes there is a network icon without operator identification, and SMS come from undialed When attempting to call from the phone immediately icon is inactive and says no mobile network or when the icon is, but the network name is not defined when you press call trying to connect, after about 30 seconds says call completed. Such things.

It is better to use Samsung. For the first time, I took Xiaomi 5 and then the calendar can not open, then he deletes contacts. Now it does not see the SIM card in both slots.

redmi, phone, does, card

Hello, need help, the mother came for Mi Laptop, in the end all put, does not see the SIM card came with the Chinese firmware, what to do? there is a donor for the resoldering of the modem

What should I do if SIM only works on Monday and Tuesday?? And the rest of the normal. All works as usual calls accepts. Phone Note 5a.

After downloading the update Redmi 4a stopped seeing the sim card. It helps only to reinstall it. Then everything is ok. Why and how to fix it?

I had such situation with Kyivstar. I do not use 3G/4G. In options we go to a point About phone. Press 5 times on Internal Memory until menu Phone info1/Phone info2 appears. Go to the settings of the desired sim card and select the type of connection TD-SCDMA, GSM. Restart your phone and rejoice ))))

Many THANKS! It helped! Before this did not see the second sim, after the update.

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the SIM-card?

Cases when smartphone stops seeing the SIM-card, occur quite often. In most cases the problem can be solved within a few minutes, because usually a simple reboot of the mobile device.

However, often the causes of malfunction can be mechanical damage, system failures or illiterate actions of the user when installing various applications or self-flashing the device. If all the settings for the SIM-card are made correctly in the phone, it is not damaged and continues to work in another device, it is advisable to repair phones Xiaomi in #WF_CITY_PRED# in official service centers, which specialists promptly identify and eliminate the problem.

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the SIM card?

Cases where the smartphone ceases to see the SIM-card, there are quite often. In most cases, the problem can be solved within a few minutes, because usually a simple reboot of the mobile device is enough.

However, often the causes of malfunction can be mechanical damage, system failures or illiterate actions of the user when installing various applications or self-flashing the device. If all the settings for the SIM-card in the phone are made correctly, it is not damaged and continues to work in another device, it is advisable to repair phones Xiaomi in #WF_CITY_PRED# in official service centers, which specialists will promptly identify and fix the problem.