Redmi Note 7 Doesn’t See Bluetooth Headphones

Redmi Note 7 Doesn't See Bluetooth Headphones

Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the headphones, why it always connected before. Now she doesn’t find bluetooth headphones, help set up the headphones.

After update Hiaomi, The bluetooth search settings are lost. I can’t find the headphones, although I do everything according to the instructions. How to restore work Bluetooth?

My Xiaomi mi play finds the headphones, connects, but turns off when playing music. When connected several times, they start to work, how to repair a smartphone?

When listening to music through Bluetooth Headset on Xaomi. There were interruptions, that is, music, then no, especially when turned on wi fi. Help solve the problem.

Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the headphones.

Modern gadgets have a large number of additional accessories, some of which are considered to be often used, namely headphones. What to do if in a smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the headphones and how to fix this problem. Some users of the device complain of poor sound quality, and in one earphone, consider ways to solve them.

Wireless headset malfunctions

The first time you connect the headset, you will need to go to “Search for Bluetooth devices” on the Xiaomi Mi Play. After that, select the connected device, after which the connection between the gadgets will occur. If you simply enable the function Bluetooth, then this action will not lead to the activation of the headset, this point should be strictly taken into account and understood.

The device may not see the headphones if dust or other foreign objects get inside the connector. This happens to users using smartphone headphones. Xiaomi Mi Play very rarely, and dust and other small objects get into the connector, which cause the appearance of such a malfunction. To fix this problem, you will need to carefully clean the headphone jack. Take a needle with cotton, but first remember to turn off the device and remove the battery.

Software issues

Many gadget users Xiaomi Mi Play complain that the device has ceased to perceive the installed headset after updating the old firmware to 8 version.

There are two options for solving this problem:

  • Roll back BY to the old version of the system.
  • Make installation Miui 8 with pre-executed full formatting.

If you do not want to remove the old software firmware on your smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play. If you have problems with the headphones, then format the device and reinstall BY from the very beginning. Many smartphone users Xiaomi Mi Play This method helped fix the problem that the device does not see the headphones.