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Method two: Setting a ringtone through device settings

So, the first thing you need to do is go to “Settings”. This can be done both from the retractable curtain and through the main menu of the device. Next, go to the “Sound” item and look for the “Ringtone”, “Ringtone” tab, or any other variations. If the smartphone works with two SIM cards, then you will need to select the item to change the melody of the desired SIM.

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Here you can select any of the built-in melodies, as well as music files that you dropped into the folder with general sounds.

To select an arbitrary file on the memory card, click on the item ” ringtones” or “Music on the device” or similar. The system will offer to select an application through which a new ringtone will be selected (usually a list of players available on the smartphone or a file manager appears), or it will immediately build a list of melodies found on the memory card. Find a track and choose a melody for your call.

How to set a ringtone in Android

In today’s article I will tell you how to set your own ringtone for your Android device in just a couple of steps. This is as easy as setting your own SMS ringtone. This can be done in several ways: using the built-in player, through the file manager and through the standard device settings. At the same time, despite the fact that OS versions and launchers on different devices may differ, the method of installing your own ringtone or SMS on Android is almost always the same, regardless of the firmware, shell or custom launcher.

The first method: Setting a ringtone through the built-in player

We go into the music player. usually it is called “Music” or “Player”, in the case of custom firmware it can be a third-party player, which is the main one. CyanogenMod, for example, uses the Apollo player, and EMUI. player of our own design.

We find a list of all the songs stored on the device, and select the song that we want to install on the call. Next, you need to call the context menu by long pressing on the desired song (or by calling the menu in the player) and select the item “Put on call”, or “Set as signal” or “Use as ringtone“, etc. After that, we select which signal we want to set the melody to, if the program offers it. Ready!

The third method: Installing music for a call through the file manager

We present this method for owners of devices with old versions of the OS, since in new versions of Android this function has been made a system one. We go to the menu of our device and open the file manager. In almost all cases, it is called Files, File Manager, or My Files. If you wish, you can use a third-party file manager. For example ASTRO File Manager or ES file manager. most of them support similar functionality.

We go into the folder with the music, select the track we are interested in and click on it, holding it for a few seconds, we will see an additional menu in which it is necessary to select the item “Use as a signal” or similar in meaning. In the absence of this item, you must click on the ellipsis, which opens an expanded list of possibilities.

On a note

Even now, there are devices in which it is possible to select a melody for a call or SMS only from standard melodies. But this is not such a big problem, everything is solved by installing one old and proven application on your smartphone. Rings Extended.

The sequence of actions does not change, except that an additional item appears in the list of methods for selecting a melody. Rings Extended. We press it, and then we already select a melody in any way available to the application. through the file manager, from a multimedia player, etc.

How to set your song to a separate contact

Dividing incoming calls by ringtones is very convenient. You can immediately understand who is calling, urgent or not. This procedure is completely done manually, that is, separately for each contact.

  • Go to “Contacts”;
  • Select the required subscriber;
  • In its section, click on the “” menu (three dots), or scroll to “Other” (depending on the phone model);
  • Click the “Default ringtone” field;
  • The already familiar page has opened, where you also need to select the desired song or ringtone;

How to set a ringtone to a contact on Xiaomi?

  • You can set a personal melody for each contact.
  • Go to the “Phone” application.
  • Select the “Contacts” section.
  • Find the desired contact and tap on his name, for example:
  • Click on the line “Default ringtone”.
  • Select a melody and confirm your choice, for example:
  • The ringtone for this particular contact has been changed.

Via standard audio player

For example, we will consider all actions on the Redmi 3s smartphone. This sequence of actions is available only to those users who have a standard preinstalled audio player in the system.

  • You need to start the audio player.
  • Go to the list of audio recordings, sorting them if necessary.
  • We start the selected song (record) for playback.
  • In the panel that opens, to control the audio recording, select the button with three dots.
  • In the list that opens, click “Set to Call”.

Many other audio players work in a similar way, which allows you to download the necessary software and make any melody a call.

How to change the ringtone

Someone does not pay attention, using the standard ringtone, and someone prefers to put their own music or even set a separate track for each contact. In this article, we will figure out how to set a Xiaomi ringtone. First, let’s talk about how to put standard melodies or change one to another.

Xiaomi standard ringtone:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • After scrolling the page a little, find the Sound and Vibration tab. open it;
  • In the tab you can see several sections, from which first select “Volume” and go;
  • Please note that here you can adjust the sound volume for all kinds of signals: Bluetooth, alarm clock, ringtone and even the volume during a conversation;
  • We go back a little, select the “Incoming call” tab, then again “Incoming call”;
  • “Setting up two SIM cards”. means that if your phone has two SIM cards, the melodies you have chosen will be installed on both at once.

To change an installed ringtone you don’t like, just repeat the above steps and select another music at the end.

Own music: how to install

Not everyone is satisfied with the standard ringtones, so sometimes the questions arise: “How do I upload my own track?” and “Where can I get it from?”.

  • First, of course, you need to download the song itself. this can be easily done via the Internet, where, in addition to the full-fledged versions of the music, there are also special processed tracks for setting ringtones: with the moment you need in the song or suitable in length.
  • It is best to download music in “.mp3” format;
  • It is also recommended to put the necessary songs in the internal memory of the device.
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So, there are two ways to install tracks: through the “Music” application and through the “Settings”.

Important points

Sometimes, touching on this topic, many have questions or difficulties, which are also worth talking about.

What else you need to know about installing ringtones:

  • The melody does not play with an incoming call. If you are faced with this problem, it is possible that your gadget has a “Silent” mode. To check this, go to “Settings” in the “Sound and vibration” section. Pay attention to the “Silent” field. whether the slider is activated or not.
  • Length restrictions. When choosing a ringtone, do not pay attention to its length. there are no restrictions: short, long, you can put absolutely whatever you want.
  • Change of track location. It is possible that if you change the location of the song, it will disappear from the call. To fix this, simply repeat the installation procedure.
  • Removing a track from your phone. If you delete the song that is on your call, as a rule, it should not disappear from the incoming call.

Via the settings menu

This algorithm is the most famous, since you can set a melody for a call without any auxiliary software (standard or downloadable).

  • Go to the “Settings” menu of your smartphone.
  • Select the section “Sound and vibration”.
  • In the “Melody and vibration” block, click “Ringtone”.
  • In the lower right corner, click “”.
  • Then we select the location of the file using the simplest explorer. You need to know in advance where the uploaded song is.
  • Mark the selected melody.
  • Click “OK”.

through the application “music

When using the second method, you only need the standard “Music” application, which can be found in the main menu, as well as the installed melody in the memory of the Honor device.

  • Launch the “Music” application.
  • At the bottom you need to click “All compositions”.

In the further menu, you can select the tab “Compositions”, “Artists”, “Albums”, “Folders” or use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen for the fastest possible search for the desired melody.

After the melody is found, you need to click on the 3 vertical dots located to the right of the name.

In the displayed menu, select “Set as signal”.

After performing all actions, the signal will change to the melody selected by the user.

How to put a melody on a specific contact

If you want to know who is calling you by the ringtone, assign a ringtone or song for each contact. It is only necessary that the subscriber’s phone number was saved in the phone book. If you store phone numbers on a SIM card, this method will be useless.

So, if your Huawei Honor phones are saved in the address book, open the card of the contact you have chosen and click the “Edit” option. After that, you will see the “Call melody” tab, you can open it and select either a standard ringtone (“Sound selection” “Sound”), or a third-party ringtone that is saved on the phone (“Sound selection”

Standard sounds can be changed, and you can set music not only for a call from a specific contact, but also as an alarm call or notification of new mail or SMS.


Thanks to the options, you can only select standard ringtones. Here you can set an alarm not only for incoming calls, but also for SMS or alarm.

Ringtone maker

One such is the Ringtone Maker app. This program allows you to trim a music file and set it as a ringtone or notification:

Developers offer a great variety of such applications and the logic of actions of each software is similar to that described above. However, the use of such a program is not always necessary, in some modern models, the user can select the moment to start playback directly through the settings menu. All Samsung models with Android 8 or higher have this feature.

How to change ringtone on Honor 9 phone

Installing a new ringtone on Honor 9 is a fairly simple process. First you need to go to the settings menu. Then open the “Sound” tab. If your phone has two SIM cards, then you need to decide for which SIM you will choose a new ringtone. To do this, set the slider next to the desired SIM to the active position.

As soon as SIM 1 or 2 is selected, it will be possible to open the list of ringing tones (“Call melody SIM 1” or “Call melody SIM 2”). From this list, choose the original Honor ringtone that you like best. You can check all the tunes in order, stopping at each in turn.

If you didn’t like any standard sound for a call from a subscriber (or, by the way, in order to change the sound of the alarm clock), you have a second way. to set a non-standard melody to the call on Honor.

How to put a ringtone on a separate contact of Honor and Huawei

To link certain music to a specific subscriber, you will need to enter the “Contacts”. Find the desired number in the phone book, click on it and select the “Ringtone” option at the bottom. Thus, you can link a specific song to any number from the contacts in the device.

Install ringtone on huawei using music player.

Sometimes Android allows you to set your favorite MP3 ringtone by using the Music Player application. This is done in the following way:

  • Find and play the desired MP3 music file in the Music Player app;
  • While playing a file, press the “Menu” button to open the “Options” (usually located at the top of the screen);
  • Click on the “Set as” item and choose whether you want to set the track as a phone ringtone, ringtone for a specific subscriber or an alarm signal.

Some tracks in the same way can be used as a signal of alerts, but this function is not always available, because much depends on the file format, its weight, duration and capabilities of the smartphone OS itself.

Unlike ringtones, you cannot always directly set an MP3 file as a notification through the Settings menu or through the Music Player app. You must manually configure the music file to use it as a notification. Here’s how to do it:

This rule is especially important for outdated versions of Android OS, now developers are trying to move away from such difficulties, and therefore do not divide sound files into those that can be used as notifications or calls.

Set a melody and ringtone for a call

Installation via standard built-in player:

Launch the default music player on your gadget and find there the melody you want to ring. Long press on the cover or picture and in the menu that opens, select “Set as a call”

Installation via file managers:

Many file managers have the function of setting ringtones for calls, for example, the ASTRO File Manager program. All you need is just to find the song, long press and select “Set as ringtone”.

Installing ringtones to SD card:

You can save ringtones to your SD card, but for this you have to create the necessary folders for each type of ringtones. Create the following folders at the root of the SD card and transfer ringtones there:

/ media / audio / alarms / (for alarm) / media / audio / notifications / (for events) / media / audio / ringtones / (for call) / media / audio / ui / (interface sounds)

The ringtones set in this way will be available from the “Settings”. “Audio Profiles / Sound Profiles / Sound and Alerts” item, choose where you want to change the ringtone and select it in the list.

Redmi Note 7, 8 Pro Ringtone Change Setting & All Problem Solved

For rooted devices:

And if you are more of a pro user and you have received Root on your smartphone, you can drop your melodies into the system section: system. media. audio

Trim ringtones and set them for a specific contact:

Ringdroid is an application that allows you to cut the desired ringtone in two clicks and set different ringtones for each specific contact.

How to set a ringtone and ringtone for a call in Android

All Android devices provide you with ample customization options, setting melodies and ringtones for calls, events, SMS messages and alarms is no exception. First, you have to download a song, moreover, in MP3 format. In this guide, we will tell you how to set a ringtone.

Nothing complicated, just follow this guide and you will succeed!

Set the alarm ringtone and SMS

To change the alarm melody, you need to go to the settings and find the “Alarm” or “Clock” item in it in older firmware versions, click “Select alarm melody” and select the desired file from the list. To put your melody on the alarm, discard its paths in SD / media / audio / alarms / and it will appear in the list of melody available for selection.

Go to the settings and select the “Sound” item there, in the menu that opens you can, as you like, customize the sound profile in detail, change ringtones for sound notifications and SMS. To make your ringtones appear in the list, transfer them to SD / media / audio / notifications /

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How to set a ringtone for an incoming phone call on Xiaomi (Redmi)

On smartphones Xiaomi (Redmi) it is possible to set different melodies for incoming calls. The phone already has a lot of specially created melodies that sound good, are perfectly audible even in a noisy environment and never get bored.

However, you can set any song as a ringtone, just copy it to the phone’s memory.

Remember: not all songs are suitable for a ringtone, the phone speaker cannot reproduce all the nuances and shades of your favorite music, for this reason each manufacturer supplies its devices with a wide range of ready-made ringtones that sound pleasant, clear, clear and loud without overloading the speaker. This is important, and in the case of mp3 playback, there are no guarantees.

Let’s set up a melody for all calls, it will be common, you can do this by going to general settings and finding the item “Sound and vibration”. We are interested in the “Ringtone” line, it is she who is responsible for the melody during an incoming voice call. By clicking on it, a set of preset sounds will appear. If none of them suits you, you can click on “Select a melody on the device” to set any song as a ringtone, as long as it is in the device’s memory. Select “Audio”, after which a list of music files will appear, click on one of them and confirm your choice.

Individual ringtone for individual contact on Xiaomi

Above, I gave an example of how to select one sound for all calls, but what if you want to assign a unique call sound to one or several contacts?

It is enough to select the desired contact, scroll down, where you will see the line “Default melody” and click on it. A familiar selection menu will appear, proceed as in the above situation.

How to set ringtone on Xiaomi Mi a2?

How to set your ringtone on a Xiaomi smartphone

  • Step 1 Download your favorite ringtone to your Xiaomi smartphone, it should be included in the Download package.
  • 2 Step two Follow the following navigation chain: Settings Sounds and Vibration Call melody Click on the current melody Blue label “Offline” or “Downloaded”.
  • 3 Step three

How to set a ringtone to a MIUI 11 contact?

  • Go to the “Settings” menu of your smartphone.
  • Select the section “Sound and vibration”.
  • In the “Melody and vibration” block, click “Ringtone”.
  • In the lower right corner, click “”.
  • Then we select the location of the file using the simplest explorer.
  • Mark the selected melody.
  • Click “OK”.

How to set a ringtone to a contact Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro?

In the settings, find the Sound and notifications item. Next, select Ringtone (it can be called Ringtone or something else). then select with which you will search for the desired melody (conductor or Multimedia Storage). then select the desired melody.

How best to download music?

Top 10 Best Websites to Download Music for Free in 2020 Reviews

  • Zaitsev No
  • ZF FM.
  • Myzuka org.
  • Zvuki ru.
  • Funkysouls com.
  • Lastfm ru.
  • Yourmp3 net.
  • Metalarea org.

How to Download Music on Xiaomi?

How to Download Music to Xiaomi via Computer

The easiest way is to transfer music files via USB. We connect the smartphone to the computer; On the phone, select the “File transfer” mode; Using the explorer, copy the files to the desired folder.

How to merge contacts in Xiaomi Redmi 8 Pro?

To select the contacts to be merged:

  • Open the “Contacts” app.
  • In the upper right corner, click the icon Select.
  • Select contacts.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner Merge.

We change the melody on Xiaomi to the existing one

You see the list of tunes. To listen, click on the melody itself, it will play and the play icon will appear, and to select the melody, tap on the “Apply” button.

How to set a ringtone in Xiaomi?

In Xiaomi smartphones and MIUI firmware, you can find a large number of melodies that can be set as a ringtone. However, users often want to set their own melody for an incoming call, rather than use the devices in the memory. We will show you how to do this, but first we will tell you how to change the ringtone to another one in the list of existing ones. It’s simple.

How to put your own ringtone in Xiaomi?

First of all, you must have a melody downloaded to your smartphone. How you do it, download from the Internet or download from a computer, does not matter.

You already know how to get to the “Ringtones” section. Go there again, see a list of available melodies. Press the plus sign button.

Select the directory where the ringtone is located. Our melody is located in one of the folders, so we select “Explorer”.

Next, select the folder with the melody. We call it Ringtones.

Click on the ringtone to make a check mark appear, then click OK.

The system returns us to the section with ringtones, here we see our melody. Click on the “Apply” button opposite it.

How to set a ringtone for a specific contact?

You can set your own melody for each of your friends in the phone book. To do this, go to “Contacts” and select the person you need, for example:

On the user page, click on “Default ringtone”.

Set the melody by clicking “Apply” and then confirm your choice.

You can choose another ringtone from those available on your smartphone, as described above.

Using the Music app on Xiaomi

On Xiaomi and Redmi phones, the Music application is preinstalled, with which you can put downloaded songs on a call. To do this, go to the program and, if you are launching it for the first time, agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Also allow the app to access photos, media and files on your smartphone.

How to Change Ringtone in Redmi 8

Then start playing the track you like, click on the three dots in the upper corner and click “Set to Call”.

On smartphones Xiaomi and Redmi

On Xiaomi, this is done like this: open “Settings” → “Sound and vibration” → “Ringtone” and at the top, click “Select a melody on the device.” In MIUI, you can put your track on an incoming call using the file manager, as well as the Audio and Music applications. To select a song using the last two programs, check the checkbox next to the desired track and click “OK”.

We put the song on a call through the music player on the phone

Most music players on Android have an option, thanks to which you can set your favorite track to a call. How to do this using different players is shown in

We will also use the popular PlayerPro audio player as an example. Download it from Google Play, launch it and allow the application to access photos, media and files on the device. Then open the folder with the desired track and click on the three dots next to it. In the list of options, select “Put on call”.

If necessary, give PlayerPro permission to make changes to the system settings: when the message appears, click “Allow” and activate the toggle switch in the settings window that opens.

Setting your ringtone through settings and file manager

To put your favorite song on a call, first download it to your phone memory or SD card. If you download audio using a mobile browser, the file will be saved in the Download folder in the device’s internal memory. And in order to transfer the audio track on the computer to the smartphone, connect the device to the PC via USB, selecting the “File transfer” mode, and using Windows Explorer, transfer the file to the phone.

Now, by clicking on the “Ringtone” item located in the “Sound” section, select the file manager and use it to navigate to the folder with the downloaded track. To put this track on a call, click on it. Done. new ringtone is installed.

On Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie

On the latest versions of Android, to add the downloaded song to the list of tunes, open “Sound” → “Ringtone” → “Media storage”, go down to the end and click “Add ringtone”, after which the built-in file manager will open. Using Explorer, navigate to the folder with the downloaded audio file and click on it. The track will be added to the list of ringtones and will be available for installation.

How to set a ringtone by adding it to the “Ringtones” folder

If the firmware does not implement the installation of custom melodies, then you will have to use the file manager to create the “Ringtones” folder and load the tracks into it. After that, the melodies will start to be displayed in the list of ringtones in the settings, from where they can be installed.

HOW To Set Ringtone In Redmi Note8 Pro || Aadarsh Shukla ||

To implement this plan, you will need a built-in or third-party file manager, for example, Solid Explorer. Go into it and create the “Ringtones” folder in the internal memory. in Solid Explorer, click on the “” button, select “New folder”, enter “Ringtones” and click “OK”.

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Now move the song you want to the created “Ringtones” folder. If you are using Solid Explorer, hold your finger on the track, then in the options bar select “Copy” (the second icon from the left), go to the “Ringtones” folder and click “Paste”.

The melody will be added to the list of standard ringtones. To put it on a call, go to “Settings” → “Sound” → “Ringtone” → “Media storage”, find the song, select it and click “OK”.

The second method is also available: using the same file manager, create a “media” folder, an “audio” folder in it, and a “ringtones” folder in it (all three with a small letter). Load the melody into “ringtones”, and then select it through the settings menu.

On Huawei and Honor smartphones

Go to “Settings” → “Sounds” (or in the Phone application, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on the “Settings” item in the menu that opens) and select “Call melody” for the desired SIM card. The “Select sound” page will open, where you can change the ringtone to one of the preset ones or proceed to install the downloaded song or video melody.

To install the downloaded track, open the item “Music on the device”, click on the song that you want to put on a call, and click the “Back” button.

On Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 9 and newer, video tones can be set as a ringtone. On the “Select Sound” page, click on the “Video Tones” item and then select the video that you want to install on the call. A preview window will open. In order for the video to be displayed in full screen during an incoming call, the video must be vertical. Click on the checkmark in the lower right corner and the video melody will be installed.

Choosing a default ringtone on Android

To change one preset melody to another, first open “Settings” and go to the “Sound” section (in some firmware the item is called “Sounds and notifications”, in MIUI on Xiaomi smartphones. “Sound and vibration”, in EMUI on Huawei phones and Honor. “Sounds”). The volume of the call, alarm clock and multimedia is immediately adjusted.

On older versions of Android, you will additionally have to open the sound profile settings. for this, click on the gear icon.

On new firmware, a menu will immediately open where the “Ringtone” item is located (in EMUI. “Call melody”). Click on it.

If the “Run with an application” message appears, select “Media Storage” and click “Just Now”. The audio list will open. To listen to a melody, click on it, and to set it as a ringtone, click “OK”.

In MIUI and EMUI, to select a melody, just click on it and go back to the menu of the “Sound and vibration” and “Sounds” sections, respectively.

How to change ringtone on Redmi?

How to set your own ringtone and SMS

  • Select the menu item “Settings”
  • Select the menu item “Advanced”
  • Select the menu item “Melody”
  • Select the menu item “Melody” again
  • Click on the blue round “Phone” icon
  • Select a melody from the list or click “Browse”
  • Record your melody or select a track
  • Select a track from the library and click “OK”

How to set a ringtone to a contact Xiaomi Redmi 9?

You can also set a ringtone for a Xiaomi call through the “Settings” application.

  • Find the “Settings” application icon on the desktop.
  • Then we look for the “Sound” tab.
  • In the window that opens, we find the “Ringtone” button.
  • Here is a list of standard call tracks.

How to set a ringtone for Xiaomi Redmi 4?

Download your favorite ringtone to your Xiaomi smartphone, it should be included in the Download package. Follow the following navigation chain: Settings Sounds and Vibration Call melody Click on the big plus (blue) below and select a melody.

How to put ringtone on Android 10 contact?

Set a personal ringtone for a contact

  • Application “Open contacts”. Find Contacts app on the home screen or in the app drawer.
  • Select a contact.
  • Click Details.
  • Click Change.
  • Select View
  • Select a ringtone.
  • Add ringtone.
  • Select an audio file to use as a ringtone.

How to set a ringtone to a contact?

  • Open “Contacts”, find the subscriber, when calling whom you want to hear another song, other than the standard ringtone.
  • Scroll down the subscriber information.
  • Select “Media Storage” and use it to specify the path to the music file that you want to put on the ringtone.

How to put music on a call on Redmi 5?

  • Go to the “Settings” menu of your smartphone.
  • Select the section “Sound and vibration”.
  • In the “Melody and vibration” block, click “Ringtone”.
  • In the lower right corner, click “”.
  • Then we select the location of the file using the simplest explorer.
  • Mark the selected melody.
  • Click “OK”.

Setting a ringtone for a call and a contact: instructions for Android

Android OS allows you to change almost all parameters, including the ringtone. The user can set any audio file (song, ringtone) that is present on the device to the call. The system also allows you to put melodies on separate contacts.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for different versions of Android, and also describes how to resolve errors that may appear when you try to change the ringtone.

Samsung with Android 8 and 9

If your phone is running the latest version of Android, then the procedure is as follows:

  • In the “Settings” select “Sounds and vibration”
  • Open the Ringtone item
  • By clicking on “Multimedia Storage”, you will be prompted to “Add ringtone”
  • We tap on this inscription, after which the system opens the file manager.
  • Find the desired music for the call and mark it.
  • Now this song will appear in the list of standard ringtones.

Change Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy

First, let’s take a look at how to set a ringtone for all Android devices version 6 or higher:

  • Open the section “Settings”
  • we find the tab “Sounds and notifications”, alternative names of this tab. “Sounds and vibration”, “Sound”. You can also change the volume of various applications here.
  • In this section you will find the item “Ringtone“.
  • The system will ask whether to perform this action using the standard application (Media Storage) or select another source. We are interested in the first option, do not forget to tick “Only now”.
  • A list of standard audio files appears. Before installing a ringtone, you can pre-listen to it.
  • Tap on the “OK” or “Save” button to set the ringtone.

Important! If you are using a gadget with an outdated version of Android (below 8), then first you need to go to the sound profile marked as a gear. It’s also in the Sounds menu.

Setting a ringtone for an individual contact

In modern versions of Android, the procedure is performed as follows:

  • Open the “Contacts” tab (not to be confused with Google Contacts!)
  • We find the “card” of the person of interest.
  • Tap on the “Change” button.
  • Scroll down the list and click Expand.
  • Enter the audio file in the Ringtone field. Usually this is set to “Default”.
  • The system will offer to choose a new sound from the standard set of melodies or go to the collection of audio files on the phone.
  • With standard ringtones, everything is simple. click on the melody you like and confirm your choice.
  • If you want to put your own music, then click on the tab “Select a melody on the device”.
  • Android will show you where you can get your music from. Click on “Explorer” and select the folder where your music collection is stored.
  • Select the file you like and confirm the action with the “Save” button.

In this way, you can put a melody on a contact, this also applies to the address book from third-party instant messengers.

The instruction is made on the example of Samsung Galaxy. On other Android builds, only the names will differ, the sequence of actions remains the same.

Change ringtones in the player

In addition to the settings section, changing the melody is possible in any audio player installed on your device. This also applies to the standard “Music” application. For example, you can take one of the most popular players. AIMP.

  • Opening AIMP.
  • Go to the playlist and find the desired song, hold your finger on the title until the context menu appears.
  • In this list, we are interested in the button “Set as a ringtone”.
  • If this action is performed for the first time, the screen will ask you to make changes to the Android settings. click “Allow”.
  • It remains to choose and set a ringtone for all incoming or for a specific contact.

The procedure takes place in several steps on any Android assembly, this also applies to older versions of the mobile operating system.