Recover Miles By Phone Number Without Login

Today, emails have almost completely replaced paper ones. With their help, you can not only exchange news with friends and relatives in other countries, but also register on sites, forums, receive news from various services, etc. In addition, electronic mailboxes are divided into personal and corporate. Accordingly, one Internet user may have several mailboxes. And somewhere you need to store passwords and logins for each of them. If this information is lost, then you have to restore email.

How to recover email step by step

Each mail service has its own recovery scheme. First, a user authentication procedure is performed, then a password reset and data recovery are performed.

Recover Miles By Phone Number Without Login

On Yandex

Yandex. This is the most popular search engine, which includes a large number of programs, as well as a mail server. To restore email, the user must:

  • open a browser;
  • enter login, password (if the password is lost, just enter any combination of numbers);
  • Click the “Login” button.

Since the password is incorrect, the link “Restore password“.

In the access recovery window, you need to specify the login, numbers from the picture and click the “Further“.

The system will request a test word.

Or the phone number to which the mailbox was registered. A password with access will be sent to it.

Here’s how to quickly restore Yandex mail.

You can recover email on as follows:

1) Go to the login page.

2) Click the link “Forgot password?

3) In the new window, specify the mailbox.

4) Answer the security question and enter the verification word from the image.

If all the information is entered correctly, then access to e-mail will be restored.


To restore email in Google, you must:

  • In the authorization window, click the “I do not remember the password“.
  • Enter the address of the mailbox and click “Proceed“.
  • Indicate password recovery method: via SMS or as a message to another mailbox.
  • Enter the received code.
  • Click on the password reset link, and then come up with a new password.

Here’s how to recover your Gmail email.

How to recover email if you forgot your username or password

In the process of creating a mailbox, additional contact information is indicated: phone number, another mailbox and the answer to the security question. This information will be required to identify the user in the event of a password reset.

By phone number

It should be noted right away that only those users who specified it during registration can recover mail by phone number. If the mobile phone was not attached to the mailbox, then the user will not see links to this recovery method.

Let us consider in detail how to recover mail using a phone number on the popular service. After an unsuccessful attempt to log in, the link “Forgot your password“. You need to follow this link to the access recovery page.

The user will need to specify a password, phone number and code from the image.

After a few seconds, the specified number will be sent SMS with code. The latter must be entered into the form on the page. The user will need to immediately come up with a new password for the mailbox.

Then access to the mailbox will be restored.

In the same way, you can restore Yandex mail. RU. On the search engine page, click on the question mark in the password entry field. The access recovery page will appear. Indicate login and characters with captcha. In the next window you will need to enter 10 digits, which was previously tied to the mailbox, and click the “to get the code“. The phone will receive a message that you need to enter in the form line. After resetting the data, the system will prompt you to enter a new password.

To be able to quickly restore mail by phone number, you need to specify a valid number in the e-mail settings in the personal data section. Within 5 minutes, a confirmation code will be sent to it. It should be entered in the appropriate field. This will confirm the phone number and the user will have the opportunity to use it to restore access.

Without phone number

The user can forget not only the password, but also the login from email. What to do in this case?

  • In most cases, a single browser is used to work on the Internet. When you first visit a new page, a window appears with the message “Remember data.” Most users confirm this request. In this situation, if the login is lost, just click on the empty window to enter the address, as soon as the list of logins that are used on the PC is displayed. You can use this scheme if at the end of the previous session the browser data was not cleared.
  • Usually the same mailbox is used for registration in different services, social networks. For example, Vkontakte e-mail often replaces the login. To restore mail, you need to go to VK and in the settings look at the name of the mailbox. As part of security, the login is not displayed completely, but only the first few letters. Even this information may be enough to restore the name of a frequently used mailbox.
  • Today, email clients are also installed on mobile phones. If you could not open the electronic mailbox on the PC, you can see its name in the account on the Android OS or in the mail client on the smartphone.
  • In order not to deal with mail recovery, it is best to use one mailbox. In this case, it is likely that it will be full of spam (unnecessary advertising information). If there is a need to create several e-mails, then logins and passwords for access to them should be stored in writing in a separate notebook.

How to recover deleted mail

The hardest thing to recover is a deleted mailbox. In this case, you will have to contact the support service and fill out a questionnaire on restoring access. The same method is used if you cannot restore access to any of the previously described methods. Before using this method, think three times.

The administration immediately blocks all other methods of unlocking. until she receives a response to all messages, the account will not be restored. To identify the user can ask completely different questions. The most tricky of them:

  • Current Password.
  • The very first password from the account.
  • Indicate 10-15 addresses to which letters were most often sent.

So, for example, a questionnaire with questions on the Mail website looks like. RU.

Most users cannot answer even half of these questions. This makes it difficult to recover your account.

Applications are accepted around the clock. The “Help” button is located on the access recovery page. By clicking on it, a window with instructions for recovering mail will open. Scroll down the page and go to the link “access recovery profile”. The user needs to fill out the maximum information about the account: login parts, password, date of last visits, attached phone number, etc. Additionally, you need to attach a photo with a passport in hand. All this information will be worked out in detail by the support service for user identification. For all questions, you can contact the telephone hotline support services.

The procedure for recovering mail through the support service seems long, but it looks like protecting data and personal information. The more fields are filled, the more likely it is that support specialists will be able to identify the user and regain access to mail.

After filling out the questionnaire, it will remain to wait for a response from a support service specialist. The response time is different and depends on the workload of the department. Usually this process takes 21-45 business days. If the administration approved the application, then a letter with a link will be sent to the indicated mailbox. By clicking on it, a password entry window will appear. This is the only way to recover deleted mail.