Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung

Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung

Recovering mistakenly deleted photos is a fairly common problem that users of Android phones and tablets encounter. On this operating system, by default there is no Recycle Bin, familiar to us on personal computers and laptops running under Windows. Nevertheless, it is possible to recover a deleted photo on Samsung phones, and this is not difficult to do.

Recover deleted photos using regular Samsung Galaxy tools

Samsung phones and tablets have sync with cloud storage enabled by default. This is a proprietary service Samsung Cloud, where a new user is allocated at least 15 GB of space.

Check your internet connection

To restore the file using the Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin, an Internet connection is required. Better use free or home Wi-Fi. P

Check if Gallery sync option is enabled

Photos on Samsung Galaxy phones are initially sent to the Gallery. If the option to synchronize with the corporate cloud is enabled, a copy is sent to Samsung Cloud. If the user or some program deleted the photo, it disappears from the local memory of the gadget, but the copy remains in the cloud.

  1. In Settings, find the Cloud and accounts item, select Samsung Cloud.
  2. The section indicates the amount of space available to the user in the cloud, the degree of its use and synchronization options. An important point is the Gallery. A checkmark should be placed against it, which means synchronization is on.
  3. If the date of the last synchronization is between the photo you took and the moment it was deleted, the gadget managed to copy it to the cloud. We are going to save her in the Samsung Cloud.

Find the deleted picture in Samsung Cloud

In Settings, go back to the Samsung Cloud section and select the Restore option. It takes some time to search for recently made copies in the cloud, after which the system suggests choosing what can be returned to the device’s memory from cloud storage. If there is a Photos item, then click on it to restore the pictures.

Recover deleted photos on new Samsung phone models

In the latest models of Samsung Galaxy phones, work with the Cloud Storage Basket is implemented, and the Restore mode here is intended exclusively for documents, SMS messages, phone call logs and other things. Pictures are much simpler.

  1. We go to the Gallery, where all the camera images taken by the user at different times are collected. Click on the item with three vertically located dots in the upper right corner, select Settings.
  2. Deleted files in the Samsung Cloud basket are stored for 15 days. This is necessary to maintain a sufficient amount of free space in the cloud of the user account. The basket is cleaned automatically and does not require the intervention of the owner of the phone.
  3. The user needs to select a photo by clicking on its icon and select the desired action. When restoring pictures, the cloud copies the backup stored in it, the image quality does not suffer.

How to recover deleted files on Android using special programs

A number of special programs will help you quickly perform an operation to return a lost picture or other file. You can download and install them on the Google market. Here are the most popular applications, highly praised by users and with a large number of downloads and installations.

DiskDigger App

Easy to learn, DiskDigger has a free version, the functionality of which is enough to search and restore old photos ands on your phone.