Recording a Conversation On a Samsung Galaxy S3

Recording a Conversation On a Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S9 and S9 smartphones that went on sale recently became the culmination of Samsung‘s philosophy in this segment of mobile devices. They are large, beautiful, have advanced technological capabilities. However, there is nothing perfect, so even such expensive advanced smartphones have problems. To verify this, just read the comments on the forums and news on technology sites. It is from there that the problems described below and methods for solving them are taken.

Problem: dead zone on the Galaxy S9 touch screen

At the official Samsung forum, users claim that some areas on the screen of their smartphones do not respond to touch. Usually this is a strip that runs horizontally across the screen on different smartphones in different places.

Users tried to reset to factory settings and change the screen sensitivity in the settings, but this does not help. Samsung is currently researching these messages.

Decision: since this is a hardware problem, you can solve it only by replacing the smartphone under warranty.

Problem: Samsung Pay does not work

The Samsung Pay payment system is gaining popularity around the world and is spreading more and more. It would seem that the Samsung system should work on Samsung smartphones, but in this case, not everyone was lucky. Numerous Galaxy S9 owners report that when they try to launch Samsung Pay, a message is displayed that this is an incompatible application.

Decision: Make sure you have the latest version installed. If this does not help, try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it.

Problem: very dark super slow motion

Some users complain that over-slow shooting in low light leads to recording too darks. This does not apply to all instances of the Galaxy S9, but the affected devices show a radical difference in lighting in normal automatic shooting and in slow motion. This can be seen in the presented.

Decision: Samsung recognizes the problem and is working on a software update.

Problem: inability to record voice calls

Do you record your phone conversations, on the Galaxy S9 this can be a problem. According to numerous reports, when using any recording software Galaxy S9 writes only one interlocutor.

So far, such a problem has been reported only in the international version of the Galaxy S9 with an Exynos 9810 processor, so Russian owners of the device may have it.

Decision: not currently available. The Samsung forum for the European Union claims that the call recording lock was specifically introduced by the manufacturer to meet Google’s security requirements and EU law. These restrictions were introduced specifically for the Galaxy S9 and S9, since a similar ban on older Samsung devices could be circumvented using certain applications. Now Samsung has closed this loophole.

Problem: spots or pixels around black objects

If you notice black spots on the screen that should not be there, you are not alone. Users report such spots ins and images. Colors do not mix as expected, resulting in areas filled with pixels, blurry, etc. If you look at the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 at the same time, this becomes especially obvious.

It seems that this problem is exclusively on the Galaxy S9 and only if the screen brightness is below 40%.