Record Video From Computer Screen Online

content drives. And it’s not just about media rolls. In technical manuals, now it is possible not to lead the user through long descriptions and a heap of screenshots. it is enough to record the process itself from the screen. It is easy for participants of the drawing in the social network to provide the proof of choosing the winner by recording it at the agreed time. recording programs are used by gamers who broadcast their exploits in games, and teachers of online courses.

And since the question of how to record from a computer screen is so in demand, we have prepared an overview of the most popular and proven online services, as well as full-fledged programs.

Let’s start the review with online services. Working with them takes less time because they do not need to be downloaded, this is suitable for those who rarely encounter the need to record. The disadvantage of such resources is that their functionality is usually inferior to full-fledged programs that require installation.

Online services for recording from the screen. Screencast-O-Matic

This service allows you to record online without additional downloads, provided that your computer runs on a modern version of Windows and, accordingly, supports Java. If there is no Java client, the service will offer to download it. The service works in English.

There are free and paid basics, which differ in functionality and duration of recording (15 minutes in the free version).

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Registration and authorization on the site is optional.

Service features:

  • Shooting from the monitor screen and from a webcam. There is the possibility of simultaneous shooting.
  • Direct publishing on YouTube.
  • You can add additional information: title, description, category and tags.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Variable display of the cursor on the record.

After the popular online recording service “resigned”, the above site remains the only online service for recording from the screen.

Now consider independent freeware. There are a lot of them, and some of them are hardly inferior in their functionality to paid utilities.

Free software. iSpring Free Cam

This program has appeared in the access relatively recently, it is completely free and has no advertising inserts on the finished. The clips are saved in a single WMV format.

The program may:

  • record sounds: music from speakers, sound from a microphone, system sounds;
  • record the movement of the cursor and its pressing;
  • select a screen area for recording;
  • cut out unnecessary parts in an already finished;
  • directly uploads to Youtube.

The program is Russified and works on all modern versions of Windows.

Cam studio

An English-language program for recording from a monitor is one of the most popular among users. It differs from similar free utilities in the ability to record of various extensions: MP4, AVI and SWF.

Key features of the program:

  • supports recording microphone sound and system sounds;
  • allows you to select the recorded area of ​​the screen;
  • Records up to 2 GB.

Important. Your antivirus may considers created in this program to be malicious!

O Cam Screen Recorder

Another noteworthy program, the main feature of which is not technical, but aesthetic: a set of frames for decorating the is included.

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Key features:

  • full sound accompaniment: microphone, system sounds, music;
  • selection of the quality of the;
  • watermarking the;
  • supports Russian language.

Important. It takes up very little screen space in the computer’s RAM.

We turn to the review of paid programs for recording from the screen, which are usually used by professional clip makers or bloggers.

Paid Programs. Camtasia studio

The program can be purchased on the official website of the developer for 200, and, as users write on the forums, the price justifies itself.

Record From Computer Screen Online

The program may:

  • edit already recorded: resize images and add various special effects;
  • simultaneously capture both the entire screen and its individual parts;
  • work on any modern Windows system;
  • compress files without loss of quality.

The program is supported by mobile devices and has a Russian-language interface.

This utility is most often used for professional purposes, but support for the Russian language and a simple interface allow you to use Camtasia Studio at any level of training.


It is considered the most popular software for recording from the screen. On the official website they offer to download a trial version for free, the full version will cost 39.

The main advantage of the program is stable operation even on the weakest computer, since the RAM requirements are only 512 MB.

Key features:

  • allows you to capture a specific area on the screen;
  • compressess without loss of quality;
  • supports formats: MJPEG, XviD, AVI, MPEG-1;
  • It works not only on modern Windows, but also on versions 2000, 2003 and XP;
  • There is a version that supports the Russian language.
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Important. The program can continue to work non-stop for a day, controlling the recording process, and independently turn off the computer at the end of its work, if you set this in the settings.

VM Recorder

In this program, you can download a trial version with limited functionality. A paid package will cost from 45 to 79, depending on the version. The main feature is the recording of several streams simultaneously.

Using this program you can:

  • simultaneously record system sounds and microphone sounds;
  • Schedule tasks within the program
  • intercept streaming data from multiple sources;
  • set a secure password for ready-mades.

All formats are supported here. The program interface is English.

Important. If a problem occurs, the program itself optimizes the recording quality in relation to the speed of the Internet.

Of all the programs described, VM Recoder has the most powerful functionality and does not have significant shortcomings.

When choosing a program for recording from a computer screen, start from your needs. If you need to record a simple short, an online service is suitable. If you often have to record from the screen, download a free utility with the appropriate functionality. When deciding to buy a program for recordings from a monitor, make sure that you really need the features for which you pay.

We also prepared a selection of online services that make it easier to surf the Internet. To make it easier for you to deal with applications, we divided them into groups and made a short description for each. Applications will help you save time, avoid mistakes, be more productive and creative, make friends with customers and compare favorably with competitors.