Reboot iPad Pro 11

How to turn on, turn off and restart iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Reboot iPad Pro 11

Hanging your iPhone, especially if it costs more than 1,000, is not a pleasant case. Apple technology has never been 100 percent perfect, and that’s a fact.

Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to reboot the device. If you do this on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, then you already need to know a certain key combination.

Let’s go in order, how to turn it on, turn it off, and if necessary, hard-reset your brand new iPhone 11.

How to turn on / off iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The buttons are getting smaller and both good and bad. It’s bad that it will take a little time to get used to new gestures.

But as soon as you get used to it, everything becomes very simple and clear. As practice shows, Apple has a change for the better.

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If you have used the iPhone X at least a little, then this information will not be new to you. However, there is another category of users.

Turning the device on and off:

  • Turn on the iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. You need to hold down the button on the right until the Apple logo appears. Then, after a few seconds, the device is turned on and everything is ready to work.
  • Reboot / Shutdown iPhone 11/11 Pro / Pro Max. In the case when your device is just a little, you can do a regular reboot.

Pull the slide to the right

To do this, you just hold the same button on the right until the slider appears and then swipe it to the right (this is also the shutdown process).

15-20 seconds pass and then you can turn on the device by holding the button on the right.

If this button does not work for some reason, you can always carry out this procedure through Settings. General. Turn Off.

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How to force reboot iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Situations are completely different, especially if you use a beta version of iOS and therefore, often a regular reboot may not help.

After all, if the screen is completely frozen and you can’t do anything, you have to turn to a hard reset.

On iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is implemented in a very specific way:

  1. Press and release the button Volume up;
  2. Press and release the button Volume down;
  3. Press and hold the button Locks (button on the right) until the recovery screen appears.

Reboot iPhone 11

As you probably guessed, the same method is suitable for iPhone Xs. Basically, it fits all cut-out iPhones.