Reasons For Blocking Your Apple Id For Security And How To Unlock It

Reasons For Blocking Your Apple Id For Security And How To Unlock It

Hello! Apple carefully monitors the security of its users’ data (and in the event of a 53 error in iTunes, this happens too zealously), so with the slightest suspicion that someone is trying to crack your Apple ID, it can easily block it. And call it in different words. deactivated, disabled, blocked. Anyway, whatever! The meaning and result of this will not change.

And the result, by the way, will ultimately be like this: you can’t use the account. you need to follow the steps to activate it. How to prevent such a state and what to do when everything has already happened? There is an opinion that we need to talk about this in more detail. Let’s get started!

So, the lock is due to suspicious, according to Apple, account activity. What can be attributed to her?

  • Someone enters the wrong password many times.
  • Incorrectly answers control questions.
  • Indicates other erroneous account information.

Thus, the company believes that they are trying to steal your Apple ID and will immediately block it for security purposes. Which, on the one hand, is certainly correct, because if you pick up the identifier and password, you can pull out all the data from your iPhone or iPad. For example, from backups it is very easy to get all the information.

And on the other hand, what to do if the device and account belong to you, and all the actions that led to the blocking, you performed by accident. Well, you never know, the child was naughty.

Especially for this there is a special page that will help restore access to Apple ID. It is located at this link and through it it will be possible to reset the password. Enter the name of the account, and then simply follow the instructions of the system.

If you don’t remember the password, most likely you will need answers to security questions, the email address for which Apple ID is registered and when two-factor authentication is enabled, access to the device or phone number specified as trusted. Complicated? Of course it’s not easy, but safety is above all!

If you are mistaken here, then after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, the system will limit access to the unlock feature and you will have to wait for the next day to try again.

However, there is an alternative option. take advantage of Apple‘s technical support.