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Review of Realme Buds Air 2 headphones. balanced both by sound and functionality

The market for TWS hazelniks is oversaturated: analysts say TWS EARBUDS Will Capture 70% of Global Bluetooth Stereo Headset Sales in 2021 / Strategy Analytics. that 7 out of 10 headphones sold in 2021 will relate to this category. Different brands come out for almost every week, and it is very difficult to find a model among this variety, which will arrange in price, sound, quality of manufacture and ease of use.

But for this, there are reviews. The heroes of today were the headphones of Realme Buds Air 2. affordable, compact and, it seems, with an excellent balance of all important parameters.

Type of emitters Dynamic, 10 mm
Headphone weight 4.1 g
Connection Bluetooth 5.2
Supported codecs SBC, AAC
Noise suppression Active, up to 25 dB
Moisture protection IPX4
Case battery 400 mAh

Acquaintance with the technique begins with its packaging. at Buds Air 2 she is a cheerful lemon color. A black version of the headphones is drawn on a compact square box, regardless of which model is inside, and it is available in black and white colors.

There is also a pile of pieces of paper, a short charging USB.C cable and a bag with two pairs of silicone nozzles. more and smaller than those that are already wearing headphones.

Oval and shallow nozzles themselves are on their own. Given the fact that the shape of the nozzles is proprietary, they will have to be protected: the right to find on sale will not be so simple.

Headphones of a very familiar design: a ball on the leg. We got a black version for testing. The part of the case where the speaker is located is matte, and the leg shines and collects on itself all possible prints, dust dust and hairs.

A case is made from the same marco black plastic. It is small, rounded, resembles a box with a dental thread in size, and in shape. pebbles. On the front panel, it has one state LED: it glows green when the lid opens at the end of the recharge, and in some cases flashes white or red, for example, when it is mating along Bluetooth.

A USB.C connector is located on the lower end of the case, it is through it that the headphones are charged. On the right side hid a button to turn on the pairing mode. completely inconspicuous.

The inside of the corps is formed by both glossy and matte plastic. Headphones fly into their nests with a neat “chop”, gently primagnate.

There are no complaints about the assembly: no backlash, no obtuas with burrs. nothing like that. The impression spoils only slippery glossy plastic.

What is this application?

Realme Link. a mobile application that allows you to connect and configure wearable devices through a smartphone. Also, important information from fitness trackers is unloaded into the program: the number of steps, overcome distance, pulse, burned calories. Based on the synchronization of physical data, the application forms personal statistics, which can be viewed at any time.

There are quite a lot of similar applications. Almost every large company creates such a software for its ecosystem. For example, Xiaomi is Mi Fit, Samsung has Galaxy Wearable.

Download for Android and iOS

The application is freely available on Google Play. So far, IPhone owners will not be able to download Realme Link via App Store. When fitness braces and other gadgets from Realme will become more popular, be sure that Link will appear on iOS.

For which countries is available

In past versions, a limited list of regions was displayed during registration: India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Vietnam. But now the list has expanded significantly, and the application is officially available for almost all European countries, including Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Russian language is present.

How to register in Realme Link

It is necessary to create an account to synchronize the Smart devices and receive personal statistics.

  • After the standard installation, we open the Link Realmy and accept the privacy policy. We allow access to determining the location.
  • Choose your region. We provide access to photo, multimedia and files.
  • Go to the “I” section and click “Entrance/Registration”. We are transferred to another page where we click on the yellow inscription “Registeranaccount”.
  • At the top again we indicate the country, we drive the phone number or email address below. We pass the test captcha and come up with a password. We put a checkmark opposite “I’ve Read and Agree to Account use Agreement, Account Privacy Statement”. Below we confirm the registration. We cannot accompany these actions with screenshots, since the page contains personal information and cannot be saved.

As you can see, registering in the Realme Link application is very simple. We proceed to the next stage. binding of gadgets.

How to find out the charge of the Realme Buds Q?

There are no buttons on the case, the Micro-USB connector is located, the front is the LED charging indicator.

Realme Buds Air Pro connection to Android and iPhone

  • Open the case cover
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu on the smartphone and start scanning new devices
  • If the headphones are found in new devices, create a couple
  • After creating a couple, the headphones are ready to use

Charge your Realme Buds

Be sure to just connect the charging cable to the Realme Buds charging port and connect the other part of the cable to the computer or to the adapter (connect to the power source) to charge the battery charge. After charging headphones for about 30 minutes, you can try to connect to the laptop again.

  • First, disconnect the headphones from the magnetic position, press and hold the multifunction button and wait a couple of seconds until the Realme Buds wireless headphones go into the mating mode.
  • Now open Bluetooth on your laptop and find the Realme Buds wireless communication in the list of available or connected devices.
  • If you find the connected device in the list, be sure to delete it or forget it.
  • Then find the buds again and click on them further, click “Connecting” to resolve the conjugation mode with the laptop.
  • After mating, you can easily upload Realme Link app and connect wireless devices (synchronize them).

That’s all guys. We assume that this leadership was useful for you. For further queries, you can leave a comment below.

What to do if one headphone Realme Buds Air does not work?

Realme Buds Air has sound problems (low-quality, disappears, only one headphone, etc.) is still observed, then in this case it is recommended to perform a complete reboot of the headphones. And for this: we put the headphones in the case, clamp the case button longer than 10 seconds (do not close the lid);

To figure out why the phone does not find a Bluetooth headset, you need to exclude some shortcomings: make sure that the batteries in both gadgets are charged. Make sure that the accessory is not used by another device. Check if the synchronization of the smartphone with the set is activated.

What is the difference between Realme Buds Air from Neo?

Realme Buds Air Neo connect with devices using Bluetooth 5 technology.0. They also support Google Fast Pair Service for a quick conjugation process. However, unlike Realme Buds Air, the case for charging NEO is equipped with a microUSB port and does not support wireless charging.

High.header charging goes through two contacts at the lower end. You can only charge them in boxing. The Air Neo case is protected according to the IPX4 standard, which means spray and reinforced training will not interfere with their work. The box is also white, on it is on the whole bottom a button for installing an initial connection with a smartphone.


The form of Realme Buds Air 3 allows them to fit tightly to the auricle, leaning on it at once at several points. At the same time, the soundplane does not plunge too much into the auditory passage, but due to the oval form of silicone nozzles, it provides good fixation. As a result, landing is comfortable and reliable at the same time. We tried to use the headset on a run and during training in the gym. everything went well.

During very sharp movements, the fastening slightly weakens, but the headphones do not even try to fall out. At the same time, IPX5 protection allows the headset to withstand water jets directed at it. in Buds Air 3 you can not only run under heavy rain, but also go to the shower if such a desire arises. In general, the device is great for sports and all kinds of activities.

The manufacturer makes a special Accent on the improved noise reduction technology and it has a certificate of the German company Tüv Rheinland. one of the market leaders of an independent audit. Judging by the marketing materials, using the advanced chip R3 in combination with new algorithms, headphones provide 42 dB noise reduction. During the testing “Schumdodav”, Buds Air 3 showed himself from the best side. Yes, we saw more effective solutions. do not hide. But they were often forced to refuse to use them in the maximum suppression of noise due to discomfort and a sense of “pressure in their heads” to many users to many users.

“Summies” in Buds Air 3, even in “strong” mode, works quite delicately and does not cause discomfort, while providing an excellent level of noise suppression. And if at the same time also recalls the relatively low price of the headset, and completely wonderful. The ANC system is effective for the most part in the low.frequency range, everything is as usual here. But there is an interesting addition: the protection against the wind that many headsets cannot cope with a separately also implemented.

This De-Wind system is called, it consists of two components: microphones behind the vertical slots of the special shape that we saw above, as well as a special algorithm. For the sake of interest, we tried to take a walk in windy weather, as well as to run a little in the headset. The inclusion of the option does not save completely from the noise of the wind, but it makes it barely distinguishable and much less annoying.

After a series of experiments, we settled on a combination of a “moderate” mode of operation of noise reduction and the option of decreasing the noise of the wind. In this case, ANC does not cause fatigue even when using headphones for several hours, allows you to use various transport quite comfortably and shows itself perfectly on walks. And if you need to hear the announcement of the speakerphone, the question of a passerby or cashier in the store. there is a “transparency mode”, when the headset microphones translate the surrounding sounds into speakers.

Microphones for voice communications were also pleased. none of our “test interlocutors” complained about the illegibility of the voice. At the same time, we tried to talk not only from a quiet room, but also from a cafe filled with people. everything is fine. During a walk along the lively highway in windy weather, we quite managed to talk to one of the interlocutors, although the communication in this case did not bring special pleasure. But still respond to a call and throw a pair of phrases Buds Air 3 allows you to even in such an environment.

Autonomy and charging

According to the manufacturer, the headset is able to work out from one battery charge up to 7 hours with the active noise reduction, and with the on. up to 5 hours. Very good autonomy, especially for not the most expensive headset. In short, recall our methodology for testing the time of work of wireless headphones. A safe level of sound pressure when listening to music is 75 dB, but in practice most listeners prefer 90-100 dB levels. We broadcast white noise into headphones, fixing the level of SPL in the region of 95 dB, immediately after the start of playback, release the signal from the measuring stand. by the length of the resulting track, it is easy to understand how much each of the headphones worked.

Headphones are discharged almost perfectly evenly, because in the table below we will give immediately the average values. As you can see, the autonomy parameters declared by the manufacturer were confirmed even a little with the margin.

Noise reduction is off the test 1

Test 2


Noise reduction Test 1

Test 2


7 hours 8 minutes
7 hours 12 minutes
7 hours 10 minutes
5 hours 5 minutes
5 hours 11 minutes
5 hours 8 minutes

For a long walk, training and a trip to the office of one charge of the headphone battery will definitely be enough. The case can provide another 5 full charges of headphones, and also with a margin. for the sixth time charging starts, but almost immediately stops. As a result, we have about 30 hours of autonomy. enough for a couple of days. At the same time, in 10 minutes in the case, headphones are charged for about 2.5 hours of work. we also repeatedly checked. So it will be difficult to remain without music and communication, you just need to not forget to at least sometimes remove the headset in the case. The full charge of the case takes about an hour, which is also more than acceptable.

The Realme Link application will allow you to control all Realme Iot devices from your smartphone

On the eve of the launch of the popular fitness group, Realme announced the new IoT application, which, according to the company, will allow users to freely connect to all their Realme Iot products. Called Realme Linkne application is described by the company as “entrance to the world of intellectual ecological experience” this will allow people to use their phone as a “control center” to view, operate and manage all Realme Iot products.

In an official message on the forum on Tuesday, the company said that the application will be previously installed on all Realme devices in the future. Further, the company said that she hopes to offer users an “ecosystem with excellent IoT experience” through the application.

It is interesting that the company invites fans to choose an icon for a new application of four projects included in a short list. As can be seen from the composition of the image below, all four design contain the same main logo that consists of the letter “o” in the middle and two interconnected letters “l” on each side. “O” means “operator”, and also represents the ecosystem of the company of the company, “l” means “Link”, said Realme.

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The image is provided by Realme

Explaining the meaning of the design, the company says: “The expansion of the circle means that the region is aimed at constant enrichment of AIOT products and improve the experience of the region’s ecosystem. You can also see the icon how two people hug. Realme Link wants to provide a platform for our fans in order to have more connections with each other “,

Fans can vote for their favorite design through this official form of Google, but keep in mind that the vote will be open only until 16:30 (IST) on Friday, February 21.

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Realme Link for PC Screenshots

Check compatible applications for PC or alternatives

Application download rating developer
Realme Link Get an application or alternative 3.17852/5 689 Review

Or follow the instructions below for use on PC

If you want to install and use Realme Link on your PC or MAC, you will need to download and install the Desktop App for your computer. We worked hard to help you understand how to use App for your computer 4 simple steps below:

Download Android emulator for PC and Mac

Good. Primarily. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac or Windows AppStore store and find either the BlueStacks app or the application NOX application. Most textbooks on the Internet recommend BlueStacks application, and I may have a temptation to recommend it because you can more likely be able to easily find solutions on the Internet if you have problems using the BlueStacks application on your computer. You can download the software BlueStacks PC or Mac Here.

realme, link, connect, device

Now that you have downloaded the emulator from your choice, go to the download folder on your computer to find the emulator application or BlueStacks. Once you found it, click it to install an application or exe on a computer or computer Mac. Now click “Next” to accept the license agreement. To correctly install the application, follow the instructions on the screen. If you do this correctly, the Emulator application will be successfully installed.

Dental brushes M1 and N1

The brushes do not belong to the ecosystem directly, since they do not connect to the Link hub, but they complement it perfectly, helping to monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity. The idea of ​​a brush with a sound motor is in very quick christening chips that form a fluid and foam flow for extremely effective cleansing of dental enamel. The process takes only 2 minutes and does not require any effort. Both new products from Realme received Dupont antibacterial bristles with bleaching indicators talking about the need to change the nozzle. And protection according to the IPX7 standard allowing washing underwater.

The senior model of the N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush motor with a frequency of 34,000 chips per minute and four modes of operation. Sparing (soft) is suitable for people with sensitive gums and at the moment of getting used to the sound brush. Everyday (Clean). the best option for every day. And the names of the remaining modes, “bleaching” (White) and “polishing” (polish), speak for themselves.

Two nozzles are included in the kit, soft (for sensitive teeth) and medium stiffness so that the new user can choose the perfectly suitable option. Each nozzle is equipped with a snapping individual cap.

Charging through a wireless dock. The manufacturer claims 90 days of work from one charge. I believe the figure is given taking into account the low.power sparing regime. The novelty went on sale at 2,990.

The younger model N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush has a slightly smaller frequency. up to 20,000 chips. and is primarily oriented towards children. Regarding the older model, there is not enough bleaching mode and a cap for the nozzle. Charging directly through USB-C, and this is much more convenient, since you do not need to take a separate dock with you.

Realme Buds Q | How to Connect to Android device | Realme Link App

Smart Cam 360 ° video surveillance camera

Another integral part of the ecosystem is a smart video surveillance camera Smart Cam 360 °. The name speaks of a circular review, and this is true: a turning lens covers all 360 degrees of views horizontally and 110 degrees vertically. At night, infrared backlight automatically turns on, and the image becomes black and white. If necessary, the camera can be turned off through the application, after which the lens will close the curtain for complete confidentiality.

The kit has a set for mounting on the wall. The camera is deprived of its own battery and requires a constant connection to the network via microUSB. For uninterrupted nutrition, you can use a portable battery with through charging.


realme, link, connect, device

The camera reacts to the movement and appearance of a person in the frame and detects sound, and through the application you can change the position of the lens and turn on a double.sided connection. Thus, a smart camera is able to act as a video tank to observe young children. The video can be recorded in the memory of a smartphone or on a microSD card installed in the case.