Razer Barracuda X does not work microphone. From the author’s table

A difficult choice of headphones

In short, I can’t choose all day between Razer Barracuda X and Logitech G435.

And now more. So now I have little-known headphones Air Music Go Play (or something like that). who served me faithfully for about 3-4 years, but suddenly, about a week ago they began to discharge very quickly and the question arose about buying new. Already narrowed the circle to these two models, but I just can’t decide. The maximum budget is just near the cost of the first. The second model is 20-25 cheaper. I want more barracades, but I also want to save) you can also offer your options in this price segment.

  • It is very desirable (just already used to and infuriates the wire that goes through the hand with the mouse.)
  • Just a normal, cool sound in games (mainly single, but there may be competitive ones). music (I love to listen, but they won’t turn it on this) and just everyday tasks of the type of YouTube.
  • It is also very desirable that you can connect in addition to PC on the phone (Android). No matter how: Bluetooth, wire, adapter. Just so that there is such an opportunity and for this it was not necessary to buy anything.
  • Norms micro. I’m not going to record anything, but it hurts the interlocutor.

Now about the advantages of both models that distinguish them from each other and because of which I cannot choose.

  • The ability to connect via wire (in case they are discharged).
  • It is possible to connect both to PC and the phone via radio channel, not blueters. (As far as I know, quality, delay, etc. D is better.)
  • Better a microphone (I listened to both and here I liked it more).
  • The microphone can be disconnected.
  • Banally cheaper.
  • Everyone praises that they are very light and comfortable. (There is also the reverse side, namely the strength. They didn’t seem to say anything about it, but there are doubts.)

I am simply interested in the experience of using both headphones, if someone has that. Barrakud seems to have more advantages, but, damn it, I feel sorry for Denyag)

Technical characteristics of Razer Barracuda X

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the product and operating manual Razer Barracuda X.

Country of Origin China
type of product Headphones
Wearing style The headline
Recommended application Game
Type of headset Stereo
The color of the goods Black
Unit is dynamics 40 mm
Frequency of headphones twenty. 20,000 hz
Impedance 32 ω
The sensitivity of the headphones 96 db
Type of noise suppression Passive
Type of headphones False
Food from the battery Yes
Type of batteries Built.in battery
Battery operating time (Max) 20 h
Battery technology Lithuanian (Li-Ion)
Battery capacity 12500 MAH
The number of supported batteries one
Type of pallet 1200 x 1000 mm
Net width pallets 1000 mm
Net Pallets length 1200 mm
Height pallets 1535 mm
Harmonized description system code (HS) 85183000

Frequently asked Questions

You cannot find the answer to your question in the leadership? You can find the answer to your question below, in the section of frequently asked questions about Razer Barracuda X.

Sound level above 80 decibels can harm hearing. The sound level above 120 decibels can cause direct hearing damage. The probability of hearing damage depends on the frequency and duration of listening.

Yes, Bluetooth. A universal method that allows various devices equipped with Bluetooth to connect to each other.

Bluetooth. This is a method of exchange of data on a wireless network between electronic devices using radio waves. The distance between the two devices exchanging data in most cases is no more than ten meters.

HDMI deciphens as an “Inte Wear Multimedia Inte Wear”. HDMI cable is used to transmit audio and video signals between devices.

To remove fingerprints, it is best to use a slightly wet wiper for cleaning or soft clean fabric. Dust in hard.to.reach places is best removed by a stream of compressed air.

Dolby Atmos is a technology that provides a reflection of the sound from the ceiling to the location of the listener. This allows you to create effect 5.1 with the help of just one dynamics.

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Razer Barracuda X reviews

Advantages: sound quality, ergonomics, all buttons under the left hand, there is no RSL, removable micro, equipment, pleases that there is Jack 3.5. Your money is exactly. A huge plus their versatility, for PC, for phone and other platforms. They are connected immediately without software and dancing with a tambourine, on the PC the only sound in the sound settings you need to choose them for the output and entry of sound if you have external speakers.Accessibility 7.1 sound, although I have not tested yet, but the presence itself

Disadvantages: A little lack of volume when connecting to the phone, here is a right drop, but it is individual, I love louder.The main jamb is small, if you shake your head in a furious sound of a backup buttons, I don’t know why they didn’t compact it with anything.

Comment: I use the second day, while the flight is excellent.Excellent ears up to 10k, I advise.I would like some more App for android to know the level of charge, and more subtle settings, as I will often use on the phone.

Advantages: Divine, wonderful, wonderful. Very good sound insulation, not headphones, but a dream.

Disadvantages: no luminous elements, sometimes I lose them in the dark.

I bought my husband as a gift) He is impossible) The only minus of these headphones is that now my husband does not hear me at all. I have to go through the entire apartment) In general, I recommend!

Comment: good audibility, very convenient.

Advantages: they sit comfortably like gained. Hold the charge for a very long time. Communication range throughout the apartment.

Disadvantages: When viewing YouTube on the phone, it occasionally happens that for a second or two they lose Connect. With NSWITCH and PC I didn’t notice this.

Comment: How for me Razer is able to create convenient headphones from which you do not get tired after several hours of wearing.

Disadvantages: whistle on PS5 automatically switches the sound, even if the ears are turned off

Advantages: everything is good, comfortable, light, good sound

Disadvantages: for some reason, if you connect the headphones to the smartphone, the sound is not made during the conversation (when using instant messengers). At the same time, you can listen to music.

Обзор Razer Barracuda X

Comment: If it is not important for you to talk on the phone using these headphones without a wire, then you can safely take

Advantages: packaging especially liked it, so that everyone was packaged like that

Comment: short review-packing. The packaging is perfect.The box is wrapped in polyethylene (it was just a little slippery and the life of life. Chemistry, you see something spilled from someone), then, inside there was already a box with headphones that was wrapped in thin paper. All “spare parts” in individual soft bags. It looks like a cool headset, the husband ordered how to check. I will complement the review.

Razer Barracuda X reviews

Comment: Great headphones. Can work both on Bluetooth and through the wire. Charging is enough for a long time. They take a long distance, in the country, the computer stood on the ground floor and calmly went out into the street did not get lost and the signal was clear and without interference.

Advantages: very comfortable and almost weightless.

Comment: do not put pressure on the head and ears. Soft and delicate surface. The sound is cool, the microphone is conveniently located.I am very pleased with the purchase.

Great wireless ears for your price

Advantages: 1.Price. Although I bought for 10k, despite the fact that now 8-9k the price is still low for a wireless headset.2. Wireless3. Very good reception. You can calmly walk around the apartment or house in them and there will be no problems.four. Not leather ambushurs. Ears are smeared less, it’s just more pleasant to sit in them

Disadvantages: 1. After six months of use, interference began in connecting to the laptop. It was after charging headphones for about an hour. Then you just pull out from the network wait 10 minutes and everything is ok.2. The headline in the summer begins to exfoliate. Just the glue began to leave, the main thing is not to tease it)

Comment: comfortable ears. Sat in them for about 6-8 hours. Although there were problems described above, the price of these headphones justifies them.

Comment: I definitely recommend

Comment: I really liked the headphones. They work excellent, good quality, sound. super

Advantages: Great sound, and keep charging well

Advantages: good headphones for sound reception

Comment: I tried to connect to 3 different devices (2PK and laptop). Micro Kal Gavna. Maybe I got a marriage. But I decided to return.There is someone with a similar problem. Unsubscribe. I liked the ears themselves, they sit well, light, they catch far. I have no complaints here at all.But micro. farting whistles, is heard very quietly. No settings for the strengthening of micro. No. There is no software for these ears either. In general, two days were fucking and returned.

Disadvantages: some kind of hissing when there is no music in the background for example (sad, but not scary)

Comment: Excellent price-quality)

Advantages: convenient headphones with a good autonomous and pleasant sound. Convenient microphone

Disadvantages: my microphone has broken down Bluetooth and I put it in a warranty, my friend burst plastic on arches from monthly operation. Therefore, 3 stars.

Comment: good ears but there are questions for the reliability of plastic.

Great headphones, hold a charge for a long time, comfortable

Advantages: good, comfortable, not huge headphones

Disadvantages: It is a pity that there is no subsidage) only three colors to choose from.

Comment: I would like more colors of headphones, to choose from

Advantages:. Design super- sound- build quality- adequate price

Disadvantages: unless the wireless connection is not very convenient, and the iPhone is not connected without an adapter

Advantages: high.quality voluminous sound, a wife is not heard, the microphone works great. does not hiss, does not rattle, comfortable outpatules repeating the outline of the ear (he played all day in them, the ears did not get sick)

Disadvantages: I received a contusion when a grenade exploded nearby in Battle

Comment: 10/10Cens/quality droplets did not regret

Advantages: bought a child for playing a computer and listening to music, he is delighted

Advantages: good sound, excellent autonomy

Disadvantages: flimsy volume wheel

Commentary: I was generally satisfied with the headphones, expected less from wireless sound, but the headphones were able to surprise, the microphone is worthy, but unremarkable, they sit on a rather large head very comfortable, do not crush, the ears do not sweat, use it comfortably. The only drawback is the volume wheel, it is very easy to spin and when removing/putting on the headphones, involuntary adding/decreasing the volume occurs.

Advantages: cool headphones, high quality, pleasant

Disadvantages: a strong medium microphone, while it closes all my needs, excellent for communication in discord and games

Comment: Radio channel, microphone and sound as a whole, work well.The only thing I miss. applications for PC, which would indicate the charge of the battery as a percentage. What we have. Only a color indicator. Not quite convenient

Advantages: I bought for the game specifically for CS: GO. The headphones are good for everything, but positioning, where there is someone lame.

Disadvantages: rather constructive, no Bluetooth for a conte with TLF, but there is a wire 3.5 jack.

Comment: for this money is not bad, they cost their money. But I used it, now I would buy more expensive. There are analogues. It is very convenient that you do not need to configure anything, dancing with tambourine, etc. I inserted a dongle and voila everything works. I put 4 stars, therefore, did not receive what I wanted from headphones, namely positioning in CS: GO.

Disadvantages: additional for a paid one, without it, fierce bamboo in CS: GO

Comment: go: go is super, sit comfortable

Everything is fine) my son liked the headphones! It is convenient that it can be used without a wire, they hold a charge for a long time, quickly connect to the phone, comfortable, soft, do not squeeze.

Advantages: versatility. Connect to everything where there is sound and USB.Good sound. They hold a charge for a long time.Lungs. They sit well on their heads, do not crush.3.5 “Wires work without turning on power.Can be used with a mobile phone as a headset, both in radio frequency and 3.5”

Disadvantages: software. As for me, these are all virtual 7.1 and all that in places strongly spoil the sound. And extended settings with an equalizer for 20 are generally beyond greed.

Comment: I tried with different devices and by radio frequency and 3.5. Compared the sound through the buildings for mat. boards and through Sound Blaster Z. Sound through a built.in sound map of headphones on radio frequency does not lose a good sound card from Creative, but after 3.5 “Sound Blaster z, they still play better, but with the buildings from Realtek the sound is the same as in radio frequencies.Conclusion: I can safely say that these are excellent headphones for their price up to 10k, which will not disappoint.P.S.I also do not understand the separation of this. game headphones, not playing. What nonsense, headphones just should give out good sound in the entire range without stupid classifications. So that it is clear, I use with a computer of muses. center. Technics SC-EH790 Active sub. Sven still. Connecting through 6 channels with the Sound Blaster Z card, and this design gives out an excellent sound. This is me to the fact that these are not game speakers and playing sound. a card, what a nonsense is just a good iron that has been working great for a long time. But modern marketing makes meaningless triggers to breed people, tie!

Launching an application in the regime with increased rights

Not new to know that Window user access control has its own share of errors and glitches. Before starting diagnosing problems with equipment, it is advisable to try to launch the application in administrator mode. Thus, the application will gain access to all connected equipment.

  • Go to the application directory. In the case of Steam, the catalog may look something like this: “C: \ Program Files (X86) \ Steam \ Steamapps \ Common \ Comedy Night”.
  • Now click the tab and check the line start this program on behalf of the administrator.

A HUGE Change for Razer. Barracuda X Headset Review

  • Click use changes and exit. Reload the computer, connect the headphones again and see if you have access to the microphone.

Checking ports and equipment

Now, if all of the above solutions have not worked, this probably means that a hardware error occurred. The hardware error not only covers your ports, but also includes the connectors of your microphone. You can play by connecting the connector to some other audio ports. In addition, you must make sure that the jack is in working condition.

You can also remove the USB-part and replace it with a cord with audio defects. This will ensure the performance of all equipment and the lack of problems.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: you should also open the application settings and see if the correct microphone is chosen there.

Correction 6: Update the audioraider

If you recently updated your sound drivers, you can immediately move on to the following methods. But if you have not updated the audio.radioraiter for a long time, we suggest you update it, since sometimes an older driver can also cause this kind of problem. So, for this you can simply put the cursor on the device manager and expand the audio entrances and outputs section.

Then click the name of the manufacturer of your device with the right mouse button and in the opening menu, select update the driver. That’s all. Now wait a few seconds until he finds an update. After that, if any update is available, it will automatically boot and install on your computer. After that, reboot the computer and connect the headphones, then check if the problem with a non.working microphone is eliminated.

Correction 7: update Windows

As in the case of an audioraider, it is very important to update Windows OS until the latest version of the correction. Many users previously reported that the problem with the microphone is not automatically eliminated after updating Windows to the latest version. So you can also try this.

To do this, insert the mouse pointer on the Start menu and use the Windows search panel, find the Windows update center. Then open it and on the next page press the button check the update button. After that, wait until he search for updates, and if they are, then download and install them on your PC. This, of course, will solve the problem and again make your microphone in headphones performance.

Correction 6: t elimination of malfunctions of audio devices

If none of the previously mentioned methods has helped you, perhaps the problem is related to your audio device. So, you need to eliminate problems at your PC, performing simple and light steps, as indicated below:

  • First of all, look at the taskbar and click the “Sound” icon with the right mouse button.
  • After that, select the elimination of problems with the sound.
  • Now the window of elimination of the audio diaver failures will open, in which you will be asked to choose a device for which you want to eliminate the problem. Therefore, select your device and press the “Eliminate problems now” button “.

That’s all. Now you need to wait for the completion of the disability process. After that, connect the Razer headphones and the connected module again, and then check if the problem is solved.

Try corrections

Here are two corrections that you can try. You may not have to try them all. Just go down the list until you find the one that works for you.

The Razer Kraken microphone may not work, since it is disabled or not installed as a default device on your computer. Or the volume of the microphone is set for a very low value, so it cannot clearly write down your sound. To check these settings:

1) Holding the Windows logo key and also click R key at the same time on the keyboard to open the “Execution” dialog box, enter “Controls, click enter.

2) On the control panel, select large icons from viewing on the drop.down menu.

3) Select sound.

4) Select the recording, then click on the right place of the mouse any empty place in the list of devices and note show the disabled devices.

5) Click with the right mouse button microphone of the headset and click on.

6) Click with the right mouse button again and select installed as a default device.

7) Click the head of the headset microphone and press the properties.

8) Press the levels then drag the volume slider to the greatest value.

9) Click well, then press well.

Now that the microphone of your headset is turned on and installed as a default device, and you increased the microphone volume, try and see if it works. If so, then you solved the problem. But if not, you may need.

Update your audio drivers

The microphone on the headset Razer Kraken will not work if you use the wrong or outdated audio driver or headset. Thus, you must update the driver to see if it solves the problem.

You can update your driver manually or automatically. The manual process is laborious, technical and risky, so we will not consider it here. We also do not recommend it if you do not have excellent computer knowledge.

On the other hand, the automatic update of the driver is very simple. Just install and run the driver easily, and he will automatically find all the devices on your computer that need new drivers and install them for you. Here’s how to use it.

1) Download and install the driver easy.

2) Run the driver is easy and click to scan the button now. The driver will easily check your computer and find any problems with the drivers.

3) click on updating the button next to your sound device or set to download the latest version and the right driver for it.

You can also click on the entire button in the lower right corner for automatic updating of all obsolete or missing drivers on your computer. (This requires a PRO version. if you do not have it yet, you will be invited to update it when you click it update everything.)

After updating the driver for the headset Razer Kraken, reboot the computer. Then enter the system again and see if the microphone works.

Impressions of the use of Razer Barracuda X

From the game headset you do not expect an outstanding sound when listening to music. for example, the Razer Kraken V3 X recently visited us poorly coped with the disclosure of music tracks. Razer Barracuda X in this regard is much better: the headphones surprised me with an unexpectedly pure and powerful sound. traditionally for the headset of this brand, with a slight advantage towards low frequencies. Tracks with an outstanding bass simply do not allow to sit still, and the volume reserve is enough to completely exclude external sounds.

Razer uses in the headset the branded custom speakers Razer Triforce Drivers, consisting of three speakers, separately focused at high, medium and low frequencies, which improves sound quality and minimizes distortion of each frequency.

In the games “Barracuda” provides good spatial sound. In APEX Legends, I managed to calculate the positioning of the enemy, and in Forza Horizon 4. hear which side the opponent is selected with. On the PS5, the headset was tested in Metro Exodus. and here she did not fail. There is a volumetric sound, the volume is high, which means that I cannot avoid the pathos of the miller’s paphos speeches.

Finally, testing with a smartphone was carried out in an online Call of Duty Mobile shooter: no delay and sound stuttering, which is not surprising. instead of Bluetooth, a radio channel connection is used here.4 GHz, comparable in speed and reliability with wired connection.

As for the Cardiid microphone Razer Hyperclear, it, as expected, demonstrates good sensitivity and capture of voice without interference, but the sound is deaf. An example of a record is presented below.

Razer declares 20 hours of autonomy for the barracuda x headset, and this corresponds to reality. the device works for a long time without recharging, and the battery replenishes the container in about 3 hours.

In terms of sounding, Razer Barracuda X has no flaws. The headset is equally good in games and other media formats, has a good volume margin, easily connects and does not require additional software. In addition, it is inexpensive: the price tag is installed at 99.99, and this is more than an adequate price for game headphones.

You can make claims only to convenience to connect to a smartphone: if you need a mobile wireless headset, it is better to prefer a device with a Bluetooth connection, for example, Razer Opus X or Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X.

On the other hand, this is a great option for owners of Nintendo Switch, who like to play in an electric train or metro and do not want to get confused in wires. perhaps, on this platform, first of all, the novelty is oriented, from the discreet of the “road” design to the form of the Dongl. Of course, this is no less good solution for PlayStation and RS, and if you do not want to block the ports elongated by the width of the dongle, you can always use the complete cable-adapter.

As a result, we have an inexpensive universal headset that can be connected to almost any device. Barracuda again went hunting. and seems to be ready to climb to the top of the food chain in its price category.