Qcy headphones which is better to choose wireless. Conclusion

A lot of sound without wires: QCY wireless headphones

An undoubted advantage when using wireless headphones is the absence of wires, or their minimum length. Thus, the user can not only listen to your favorite music, but also deal with any business, including sports training, or runs. Do not forget another important point: the transmission of high.quality sound by wires is achieved only with very high quality of the latter.

So, such headphones can become inaccessible to many users. In such cases, wireless headphones come to the rescue, where sound transmission through the Bluetooth protocol is implemented, which allows a high.quality broadcast without loss of initial quality. Consider the top 5 wireless headphones from QCY, and if you already have experience of using them, share it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

TOP 5 best wireless headphones QCY

Rating: ☆ Inexpensive sports headphones convenient to use without restricting freedom of action. A clear sound and powerful sound is provided by a special noise reduction system implemented on the latest technologies. Thus, the CD-quality of sound is achieved, which, as you know, is an order of magnitude higher than MR3.

The device is waterproof according to the IPX4 standard, which protects it from sweat and water splashes and allows you to use it in intense training (you can’t swim in them). Headphones support the voice control (in English. ulcer.), and the built.in microphone makes the device with a wireless set for communication by phone.

The sound time on one charge will be 6 hours, thanks to the battery for 74 mAh, and about 1.5 hours will be needed to fully charge headphones. Technical indicators are as follows: frequency range 20-22000 Hz, sensitivity 100 dB and resistance 32 Ohms.

Collection: Wireless Earbuds


The headphones of QCY QS2 have received a modern design and they will steal the TOXNOLIGIA TWѕ. QSY T2C. Headphones are made in the form of compact “plugs”. This model has small weight and dimensions.

Headphones sit perfectly in the auricle and do not fall out. Long.term wearing does not cause discomfort. It is convenient to play sports in them or just listen to your favorite tracks.

Mechanical management, which is carried out using buttons. Has its advantages compared to sensory, for example, random presses are practically excluded.

10 facts about AWEI 10C II Wireless Headphones Isn’t it better than QCY?

Black matte plastic housing resistant to mechanical damage. Look a fairly decent headphone.

Headphones can work both by one and pair. “Main” headphone. right. He associates with the gadget and betrays the sound on the left.

Headphones are simple and convenient to use. They are compatible with any operating system. QCY QS2 interact well with a smartphone, tablet, computer. They can also be connected to the TV.

For the first time, the headphones are connected to the Bluetooth smartphone in manual mode, every next time. automatically. You just have to get headphones from the charger case.

Each headphone is equipped with an LED, during synchronization it flashes in white, but there is no light indication while listening to music.

There are ipx4 moisture protection in the headphones, that is, you can go under light rain in them.

headphones, which, choose, wireless

Headphone management:

  • One press on any of the headphones is Play/pause, accept/reject the incoming call
  • Two presses on the right headphone. switch to the next track
  • Two presses on the left headphone. reproduce the previous track
  • Squeezing the right headphone for a few seconds. a call of a voice assistant

In each headphone QCY QS2, 43 mAh batteries. At the maximum volume, the headphones will work 3.5 hours, this is a good result for budget headphones. But at the maximum volume, the headphones are difficult to listen to, so on medium volume headphones will work for more than 4 hours.

QCY QY19. light and functional

Thanks to the slight weight, simple control and the ergonomic structure, the device is convenient for athletes and travelers. Unisex design is acceptable for men and women.

Compact cups are connected by a rubberized cord on which the remote control is located. A micro-USB charging connector is located on the remote control, protected by a lid, and a light indicator showing the charge level. Headphones are connected to digital gadgets via Bluetooth 4.1, with a reception within a radius of 10 m.

  • Rich equipment. It includes instructions, a cord-USB, 10 nozzles of silicone of different shapes and size, 6 ear fixers and a slider.
  • Ergonomicity. Weight of 12.7 g and elasticity of outpatules provide comfort with prolonged wearing, including under the headdress.
  • Moisture protection. Headphones can be worn in rainy weather.
  • The Multipoint function helps to work with 2 devices at the same time. make calls from one, lose music on the other.
  • Voice tips in English are provided, including the need to charge the battery.
  • Sound quality. Low frequencies are not voluminous enough, you have to make settings equalizer.
  • Weak battery. When listening to music at full volume, the charge ends in 2-3 hours.
  • The design of the microphone. During the calls, the microphone has to be brought to the mouth due to poor audibility.

QCY QY7. simple and ergonomic

The QY7 model is focused on classic design lovers. Cups have a standard shape of drops supplemented by silicone loops. The headphones are connected by a flat non.packed wire. The design is convenient for use during runs, cycling and classes in the gym.

On the right cup there is a microphone and a control button through which the volume is adjusted, the compositions are switched and calls are accepted. Charging connector and button on the left cup. The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which is fully charged in 1 hour. The charge is enough for 4 hours of active work.

  • Compatibility. The device is easily connected not only to smartphones, but also to laptops, tablets, iPades.
  • Reliable landing in the ear. Headphones do not fall out during quick movements, do not cause skin irritation. The kit contains several pairs of outrage of different sizes and hooks-fixers.
  • The device is connected to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.one. In the urban environment, headphones receive a signal at a distance of 15 m.
  • It is possible to connect simultaneously to 2 gadgets.
  • The functions of the voice set and call the last number are provided.
  • Protection against water. The device can be used during rain and snowfall.
  • Weak microphone. During the conversation, you have to raise your voice or bring the right headphone to your mouth.
  • System failures. Sometimes there is a spontaneous switching of voice messages from English to Chinese.
  • Fragility. After 6-8 months. After the end of the warranty period, most QY7 headphones fail.

QCY products are inexpensive equipment with simple functionality and attractive design. The main thing is that the model meets your individual requests. Which is more important to you. fast charging, a convenient control panel or a pretty design? Look for an answer in our review!

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TWS headphones from QCY on Aliexpress. TOP 10

Finding a good headset for a smartphone is not easy. Especially if a universal model is needed, satisfying the needs of a gamer or athlete. TWS headphones from QCY on Aliexpress. a win.win option. In each modification, the manufacturer combines excellent performance with high.tech parameters.

QCY brand relatively young. The history of the company began in 2003. The production of headphones expanded gradually, but confidently. The first company store has been earned since 2009. Already in 2015, the volume of annual sales amounted to 60 million. Since 2017, the famous company Xiaomi has invested in QCY, which has brought the enterprise to a new world level. The main policy of the brand remains a balanced combination of high technologies and affordable for wired and wireless headset.

QCY T1C QS1. Single.Classical Management

The peculiarity of the model is a charging case without a lid. The design is thoughtful, corresponding to ergonomics. The headset is equipped with a voice assistant. If there are difficulties with setting, you can figure it out on your own. Control is simple (performed by one key). Realtek processor provides realistic and high.quality sound transmission. You can buy headphones in black. Weight. 5 g.

  • Type of sound. dynamic;
  • connection. wireless;
  • noise reduction. no;
  • volume control is absent;
  • number of drivers-2;
  • frequency range. from 20 to 20,000 Hz;
  • the diameter of the speakers. 6 mm;
  • the presence of a microphone is;
  • sensitivity. 108 dB;
  • Autonomy. up to 20 hours.

QCY T5. included in the top of popular headphones on Ali

The design is laconic compact. The design with a darling. Outwork made of soft silicone. With prolonged use, the headset does not create discomfort. The kit includes a charging case (37 g). The weight of one element is 4.2 g. Delivery. Accelerated Plus.

  • Type of sound. dynamic;
  • connection. wireless Bluetooth;
  • noise reduction. no;
  • volume control is absent;
  • number of drivers-2;
  • frequency range. from 20 to 20,000 Hz;
  • the diameter of the speakers. 6 mm;
  • the presence of a microphone is;
  • sensitivity. 108 dB;
  • Autonomy. up to 25 hours.

QCY T12. Smart headphones

The design is minimalistic. The model has a voice assistant. The signal is transmitted quickly and stably. A powerful battery with a capacity of 380 mAh is built into the covering cover. Options control are carried out by touching the headset case with a finger. Case weight. 80 g. Delivery from China. from 2 to 8 weeks.

  • Type of sound. hybrid;
  • connection. wireless Bluetooth;
  • noise reduction. no;
  • volume control. there is;
  • number of drivers-2;
  • frequency range. from 20 to 20,000 Hz;
  • the diameter of the speakers. 13 mm;
  • the presence of a microphone is;
  • sensitivity. 108 dB;
  • Autonomy. up to 20 hours.

QCY T17. combination of bass and high frequencies

Headphones are connected and disconnected automatically. Big driver provides a unique sound with details. The infrared sensor reacts to the removal of the device from the ear, the music stops. After returning the headset, the reproduction resumes. Reviews for the model are predominantly positive.

  • Type of sound. dynamic;
  • connection. wireless Bluetooth;
  • noise reduction. there is;
  • volume control. there is;
  • number of drivers-2;
  • frequency range. from 20 to 20,000 Hz;
  • the diameter of the speakers. 13 mm;
  • the presence of a microphone is (built.in);
  • sensitivity. 104 dB;
  • Autonomy. up to 24 hours.

QCY T13. Compact case

The size of the headset is compact, but on the quality of sound this is not reflected. Pure and powerful reproduction. Connection with gadgets stable. Response range. up to 10 m. Impressed microphones (4 pcs.) allow you to receive calls from the phone. AAC/SBC codecs exclude voice distortion, suppress the faintness.

  • Type of sound. dynamic;
  • connection. wireless Bluetooth;
  • noise reduction. there is;
  • volume control. there is;
  • number of drivers-4;
  • frequency range. from 20 to 20,000 Hz;
  • The diameter of the speakers is 7.2 mm;
  • the presence of a microphone is (built.in);
  • sensitivity. 108 dB;
  • Autonomy. up to 30 hours.

QCY T8. high sound quality

Headphones convey pure sound saturated with bass. Supposed with a compact charger. Thanks to magnets, they quickly occupy the correct position in the case for recharging. They sit comfortably in the ear channel, without causing pressure even with prolonged use. There is a detailed model overview on the store website.

  • Type of sound. dynamic;
  • connection. wireless Bluetooth;
  • noise reduction. no;
  • volume control. there is;
  • number of drivers-2;
  • frequency range. from 20 to 20,000 Hz;
  • the diameter of the speakers. 13 mm;
  • the presence of a microphone is (built.in);
  • sensitivity. 108 dB;
  • Autonomy. up to 25 hours.

QCY T11. perfect performance

The model is equipped with a powerful battery. Battery capacity. 600 mAh. Connection to gadgets is fast and stable. Action range. up to 10 m. Compatibility with OS. iOS/ Android. The weight of the charger. 40 g, one element. 4 g. Boxing parameters. 5.5x4x2.6 cm. Rectangular design with rounded edges. There is an indication of the charge on the front panel.

  • Type of design. intra.channel;
  • True Wireless Stereo. Yes;
  • Type of acoustic design. closed;
  • reproducible frequencies. twenty. 20,000 Hz;
  • sensitivity. 108 dB;
  • Resistance (impedance) (Ohm). 16ω;
  • The number of emitters on each side. 2;
  • Type of emitters. reinforcing;
  • functions and features of the microphone. noise reduction in the microphone, 4 digital microphones;
  • Bluetooth version. 5.0;
  • Bluetooth profiles. A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP;
  • Working time on one charge. up to 21 hours;
  • Radius of wireless communication. 10 m;
  • Charging connector. USB Type-C;
  • Support for codecs. AAC;
  • headphone / boxing battery capacity. 40 /600 mAh;
  • Fast charging. Yes;
  • The degree of dust protection IP. IPX5.

Tws wireless TWS QCY T10 headphones are delivered in cardboard packaging with the image of the gadget and brief technical characteristics. On the side faces, the key points of the headphones are allocated and QR codes are placed to download a mobile application. On the back, you can see color schemes in which these headphones and information about the manufacturer are produced. Here, you can check the uniqueness of the gadget through a special code hidden under Scratch film.

The delivery set includes: headphones, boxing, food and charging wire, replaceable outpatients and instructions.

Nourishing wire is completely short. Less than 20 centimeters in length, but the USB Type-C is already placed at the end, which is pleasing, since for example, it can be used in the future with an external battery and not to be dependent on the duration of the wires. The shell is plastic.

Instruction only in Russian. In principle, everything is thoroughly simple and understandable and the QR code for installing a mobile application is additionally duplicated on it. Here you can also familiarize yourself with the management, setting and rules of exploitation of headphones.

Changed outpatules are made of similar soft rubber material. There is a small and larger size in stock, and the average is already installed on headphones. To change the outpatchors will have to make a pretty good effort, because they sit tight. Outwardly, they are slightly flattened, but this is only an impact during storage, in fact, the soundplter is perfectly round.

The case is completely made of glossy black plastic. The manufacturer’s logo is located on the folding cover. On the front part under the folding cover, you can see 3 LED indicator indicating the battery level and illuminated during charging. A slightly noticeable discharge button to factory settings is located on the reverse side. To do this, you need to clamp it for more than 10 seconds.

The lower line contains information about the headphones and allows the case to maintain a stable state even with an open lid. In addition, the USB Type-C connector is located here to connect to power.

Under the folding cover, inside the channels for installing headphones you can see 2 spring.loaded contacts. Headphones can only be installed in your individual deepening.


QCY T10 is intra.channel headphones, but the leg is quite short as it seemed to me. The headphones in the ear canal are sitting quite well, and in the case of inconvenience, an outpatient clinic is required by the corresponding size.

The case is made of black plastic with glossy and matte coating. over, the matte coating is located from the side of contact with the ear, and in consistency it is more similar to Soft with a coating. On the leg is the touch key, the LED indicator indicating the operating mode, metal contacts of the built.in battery and the microphone opening. From the inside you can see the marking of the orientation during installation.

There are additional holes on the headphone head for the installation of microphones. The sound car is covered with a plastic grid. The inner diameter of the sound engine does not exceed 3.5 mm, which is quite enough for high.quality recoil of sound mass. Sound length about 4 mm.

To make sure that the reinforcing system was located inside the headphone, I had to disassemble it a little. On the edge of the halves, you can see a rubber seal protecting from moisture from getting inside. And according to the manufacturer, the case is fulfilled according to the IPX5 moisture protection standard. In addition, all transitions are additionally filled with a similar composition. Inside you can see a battery and a double reinforcing driver.

When connecting to a smartphone, headphones are defined as QCY-T10 and there is the possibility of changing AAC and SBC audio codes. At the same time, the sound quality is quite changing.


  • Type of headphones: TWS liners (T.e. work separately)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.one
  • Audio controller: Realtek
  • Audio Codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Playback profiles: HFP, HSP, AVRCP, A2DP
  • Driver: 10 mm dynamic
  • Noise reduction: active, up to 35 dB
  • Delay: minimum delay, there is a game mode
  • Signal coverage area: 15 m
  • Resistance: 32ω
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz. 20,000 Hz
  • Water protection: no
  • Management: sensory
  • Microphone: Yes, 4 microphone
  • Multiplot: no
  • Approach sensors: no
  • Calling a voice assistant: Google, Siri
  • Wireless charge: no
  • Charged cable: Type-C Type-A
  • Battery in the case: 380MAH
  • The battery in the headphone: _MAH
  • Charge: 5V/0.3a
  • Work time on the battery: up to 24 hours with the case, up to 6 hours on the charge of headphones
  • Case charge time with headphones: 137 minutes
  • Case size: 59x54x26 mm
  • Headphones: 10 g (with a case. 42 g)

The model is charged (along with the case) in 137 minutes by 558MAH (2.8WH):

As declared by the manufacturer, you can reload the headphones using the case three times. On one charge, the operating time is about 5-6 hours with ANC. The overall charge practically fits into the 24 hours called by the manufacturer.

In inexpensive headphone models, there may be a problem of failure of the battery. They should be charged from low-current sources, like 5V/2A charger or from a USB-A computer. Then there will be fewer problems with the failure of the batteries.

QCY QS1 vs QS 2. Comparison. Which one should you get?


When connecting headphones to the phone, the following animation occurs:

In the QCY application, you can assign the functions of touch buttons, turn on the game mode with a low delay, set up an equalizer or choose from pre.installed six options and update the firmware:

In the Android phone curtain (this is not in Apple products), the QCY program appears, which is integrated into the player:

You can manage noise reduction modes, as well as include or stop playbacks. Functionality for the sake of functionality by and large, but it is also good that it is.

The application does not show the remaining charge of the case, which is inconvenient, since one indicator is difficult to track the remaining charge. According to the characteristics, the battery in the case is enough to make up for 3 times the charge in the headphones.

JLAB JBUDS AIR. Best Budget Wireless Headphones

The best budget wireless headphones at the moment is JLAB JBUDS AIR. JLAB fitness headphones have a sound with direct bass and modern functions that should justify a higher price.

Jbuds Air is programmed with three equalizer settings (balanced, low frequencies and signature), so you can configure the audio output. Bass Boost is ideal for training and offers powerful low frequencies, while Signature makes minor adjustments to the frequency characteristics to improve average frequencies.

The service life of the battery is designed for 4 hours, which is slightly lower than the standard, but the charging case attached to it gives you an additional 10 hours of use. IPX55 certification means that these headphones also withstand sweat and spray.

The design is a little bulky and can create some discomfort with prolonged wearing, but this is enough for training. You can also receive calls only after one headphone.

If you value color diversity, you have something to choose from, including black, white, green and amazing dark blue.

  • Characteristics:
  • Design: intra.channel
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Type of emitters: dynamic
  • Supported codecs: AAC
  • Opening hours: 12 hours
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Advantages:
  • Pleasant appearance
  • Rich opportunities for managing music reproduction
  • For a long time of autonomous work. up to 13 hours
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Good, though not perfect sound quality
  • The reliability of landing
  • Flaws:
  • A little bulky design
  • It is not convenient to speak on the phone because of the strange behavior of the microphone
  • It’s difficult to listen to your ears to take a break from the headphones for longer than 2 hours in a row

If you are looking for inexpensive completely wireless headphones for sports, pay attention to JLAB JBUDS AIR. The time of autonomous work, although it does not hit records, is at a good average level today, and the stylish appearance will allow you to be proud of the new gadget.

Taotronics Soundliberty 95. AirPods appearance with the best sound and autonomous time

Great Soundliberty 79 from Taotronics has long been available, but Soundliberty 95 worthy of inclusion in this list. This set of headphones combines for a long time of autonomous work, excellent characteristics of wireless communication and a warm sound scene. APTX support also gives a good impulse sound when streaming on Android devices. If you someday wondered what the AirPods cover looks like in black, just look at this, because the final result is almost identical, although the Taotronics cover really seems a little more durable and has more autonomous work (28 hours of complete charging). And we cannot emphasize the 18-month guarantee, especially knowing the shelf life of the cheapest wireless headphones.

  • Characteristics:
  • Size: 1.7 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 2.8 g
  • Battery life (nominal): 7 hours; 28 hours (with a charger)
  • Bluetooth range: 15 meters
  • Features: APTX codec, automatic conjugation, double microphone with noise reduction CVC 8.0

Taotronics Soundliberty 95 is exceptional portable. They are small, light and easy to take with you on the road. A hard case is also attached to them, which easily fits in a small or bag.