Put Music On Android Music

Put Music On Android Music

You can add music to any photo and on Instagram using editing applications or in special applications to create beautiful stories. And in some countries (but not) there is a sticker “Music” right in the Stories.

Best if the music is copyright free. Especially if you have a large account and many subscribers. And if the account is personal and “for friends”, then there is also a way to overlay any song so that the post or Storis is not blocked for copyright infringement.

  • How to add music to Storis Instagram using the “Music” sticker
  • How and where to download free music without copyright
  • How to overlay music ons on Instagram in Storys and posts (applications for Android and iPhone)

How to add music to Instagram stories using a sticker

! This method does not work in some other countries due to copyright in music. But attaching music to Storis in applications, which are discussed later in the article, is also very simple.

  1. Open the Instagram Instagram camera. If you have an iPhone, you can select music right away, under the record button there is a “Music” mode. You can select any part of the song. If Android. First remove the History (photo or).
  2. Click on the “Sticker” button
  3. Select the “Music” sticker. You can find a specific song, or select by genre / mood / from a popular one. You can listen to the song and rewind to the desired passage before adding music to the Istagram History.
  4. When subscribers watch your Instagram Story with music, they will see a sticker with the name of the song. BUT if the subscribers are in a country where music is not available (for example, in Russia), then they will not have sound and the notification “Music is not available in your region” will appear.

Now the sticker “Music” for photos ands on Instagram Stories is available in 51 countries, but not. If you are watching someone’s Instagram story and a message appears “Instagram music is not available in your area”. This just means that in the country of the author, Storis has a music icon, and you are in a country where music is not available due to copyright.

You can install proxies on your phone so that the “music” icon appears even in a country where it is not. But this makes no sense, since your friends / subscribers are most likely in the same country and they will not play music anyway.

Where to download free music for Instagram for free?

If it is very important for you that your is not guaranteed to be deleted, add music without copyright to the. For example, this YouTube channel often publishes such music. It can be downloaded, all music is free (links are in the description of the). On our channel we use songs from there.

A library of free music is also available in editing applications and Storis.

How to add music tos on Instagram in Storys and posts (photos ands)

The easiest way to insert music into a photo or is to turn on the music on your phone or computer while recording. But the sound quality will not be very good. And the itself can be blocked on Instagram due to copyright.

And even if you bought the song officially (in iTunes, for example), and not just downloaded it for free, it will still be blocked. Because you are buying for personal listening. And rights to use in publics are much more expensive.

It’s easy to put music on photos,s and Storis using editing applications: Videoleap (iPhone) and InShot (iPhone and Android).

Enlightleap application: how to insert music on photos ands (iPhone)

In this application, you can add music to photos,s and Stories for free. Or, directly in the application, record the voice acting on top of the voice.

First upload the desired photo or. Then four options to overlay music:

  1. Click the red plsik at the end of the and upload the desired audio file to your phone.
  2. If you have a Mac, you can download the song on your computer and then send it via Airdrop to your phone. If at the same time you have the right open inleap, then with Airdrop you can immediately add to this.
  3. Click the “Audio” button. Then select “Music” or “Sound Effects”. The choice will be from a library of music and sound effects without copyright.
  4. Click the Voice button. After the red round button and you start talking. Recording will go.

We recommend that you embed music in photos ands in posts and Stories only without copyright. This is a guarantee that Instagram will not block for copyright infringement. But if you have a small personal account, closed and you are sure that no one will complain about you (suddenly someone wants to block you out of resentment). There is a way to prevent Instagram from recognizing the popular track.

Inleap you need to click on the desired audio track (or on the in which there is sound). Then the “Audio” button and after “Change. Tone”. So Instagram algorithms will not recognize the original music and will not block for copyright infringement. But if suddenly someone complains, then the person will check.

Application InShot: how to overlay music on a photo and for posts and Stories Instagram (Android and iPhone)

In Inshot, music can be applied for free on both Android and iPhone.

First upload the desired photo or. Then three options to put music:

1. Press the “Music” button and then “Songs”. Here you can choose to. Apply music from the catalog of free music without copyright, extract from another, add from iTunes (on iPhone) or insert a sound effect.

To select from the songs already downloaded and saved as “files” on your phone:

“Imported music” (on iphone);

“My Music”. “Everything”. “Discover” (on Android).

2. If you have a Mac, you can download the song on your computer and then send it via Airdrop to your phone. If at the same time you have the right in InShot open, then with Airdrop you can immediately insert it into this.

3. Press the “Music” button and then “Record”. Allow the application access to the microphone and start recording background speech.

StoryBeat application: how to add music to Storys Instagram (Android and iPhone)

The StoryBeat application is specially tailored for Instagram History. And in it you can not only add music to photos ors for Instagram, but also have a catalog of cool effects.

Click “Add music to photo or.” Download the right one.

A round button with a plus sign will appear at the bottom:

  1. You can add music from the free catalog. “Search for music”. You can select the passage you want to attach. After that you will have a sticker with the name of the song at the bottom of the screen. It can be removed by clicking on the cross.
  2. Download “a song from Apple Music” (iPhone) or “Add a song from your library” (Android).
  3. Add a sound effect.
  4. Record a song. You can use it to record a voice on top of a photo / (iPhone).

Adding music to photos,s and Storis on Instagram is more difficult than for example in Tick Tok. You need to download music without copyrights, put it in a separate application and only then upload it to your Account. But still you can make a post or Storys with music for free and not be afraid that you will be blocked if you post photos ands with music to your account

The desire to try yourself as a blogger arises among many users and owners of Android devices including. In fact, it’s very exciting to have your own YouTube channel or upload qualitys to Instagram, VK, Telegram, etc. In this regard, the question of how to put music on a on Android is more than relevant, so today’s material will be devoted to this topic.

The six best editors

In the market of mobile applications in sufficient numbers multifunctional tools are presented, with which you can directly processs directly from your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Split a clip into several fragments;
  • Use inserts from special transitions;
  • Rotate image;
  • Insert desired captions or audio tracks.

Below we will talk about the most popular editor programs that will help you make an excellent with music on your device.


An excellent photo / editor that can be confidently positioned as one of the best tools for overlaying sound on in smartphones with Android OS. The number of installations is approaching the figure of 500 million, which convincingly confirms its relevance.

The program allows you to shoot pretty high-quality directly from the device, for this there is a set of special lenses in the built-in HD-camcorder:

  • For basic and music;
  • Selfies with all kinds of effects and filters;
  • For shooting in real time, etc.

After the footage you can immediately start editing:

  • Trim
  • Combine multiple clips;
  • To provide musical accompaniment;
  • Use the loop playback function;
  • Apply blurry background effects and transitions, add stickers and various sounds, change the speed, etc.


Convenient, multifunctional editor with which you can make your clip a product worthy of being presented on any resource.

The program has a trimmer function that allows you to trim / cut unwanted fragments, the built-in transcoder converts the to the desired format, and Joiner helps to combine several clips in one clip and add a musical composition.

In addition, the application has a lot of interesting tools:

  • Ability to create slide shows with the addition of a music track and the effect of fading;
  • Adding a text component;
  • Overlay music using an audio / mixer;
  • Lots of effects, frame capture and more.

AndroVid applies to free and paid basis. In the first case, you will have to “enjoy” watching the advertisement, in the second, get an expanded arsenal of tools.

KineMaster. Pro Editor

An excellent professional editor for Android devices with a full range of functions and support for multi-layer, as well as text and images.

With KineMaster, you can precisely cut or trim the, use multi-track audio, etc.

In addition, among the features of the program, the following should be noted:

  • Directly from a smartphone online it is possible to perform audio / recording;
  • LUT color filters available;
  • A huge number of various effects (sound and visual), free music, etc.;
  • Different types of animation;
  • There are various sound filters, allowing, among other things, to carry out a voice change.
  • Much more.

Work with KineMaster is carried out by subscription, and in the trial version, free use is possible, but not for commercial purposes.

InShot Editor

A very good, absolutely free, photo and music editor with a large set of tools to adjust the size, apply a variety of special effects, compression and conversion, add stickers, overlay text or music on the, etc.

Working with the program is quite simple:

  • Install the application;
  • Select a file on your device;
  • In the settings, activate the item “music”;
  • From the compositions proposed by the program, select the desired track;
  • We set the parameters, after which our will be demonstrated accompanied by the selected melody.


You can not ignore the editor from EnjoyMobi Editor Studio when the question is how to put music on a on Android. This tool has become a real hit, as evidenced by the nearly five hundred millionth number of installations.

The application is endowed with a very simple interface and a ton of all kinds of functions:

  • Several hundred free music tracks for overdubbing;
  • The ability to shoot selfies (there is a camera with a special mode and various effects);
  • A huge arsenal of settings;
  • You can add your own musical composition or many musical segments;
  • A lot of fonts for overlaying titles, dubbing, various special effects and much more.

Another interesting utility, certainly worthy of your attention, which offers quick and easy editing ofs. Please watch the that will introduce you to her work:

And that’s all for me. Stay in touch, good luck to everyone!