Put Android On Iphone 4

Most users of mobile devices running the Android system would like to try changing the OS version. For example, the question “How to install iOS on Android?” Is often asked to find out what attracts Apple’s operating system to its many fans.

Can i install iOS firmware on Android?

Get a fully working operating system from Apple will not work. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer installs software on their device that is optimized for working directly with a particular device.

Full porting is impossible, the market is divided, when device manufacturers conquer their layer of potential users through the functionality of the operating system. It is the company’s policies that iOS is such a closed system that limits the user’s actions.

But no one says that it is impossible to try Apple’s OS on a device running Android. There are several methods of how to put iOS on Android in order to get at least an external idea of ​​how the popular shell looks.

Preparatory activities before installation

Prior to installing or making changes to the existing operating system, a number of preparatory measures are required:

  • It will also be useful to create a backup of the system, which will, if unsuccessful, restore the previous state of the smartphone.
  • Compliance with the correct actions will allow you to successfully carry out the installation procedure of another operating system. Otherwise, it is likely that the device will simply turn into a “brick” without the possibility of further resuscitation.

    Possible ways to reflash Android on iOS

    There are several methods for changing the operating system on your own smartphone and making it look like an iPhone.

    Put Android On Iphone 4

    Download themes. Using emulators

    An emulator is a special program that allows you to recreate the work of another operating system or create a secure environment (sandbox) for launching a third-party application. It is in this way that cross-platform programs are debugged.

    The most famous and popular emulator is Cycada from the Cider project. The essence of the method is to change the iOS application code so that the smartphone perceives it as based on XNU Kernel (Android architecture).

    In this case, in this case, the virtual machine does not start, but the user has the ability to launch in real time. The downside is a slight slowdown of the application. So far, the project is in beta testing, so there may be instability in the work.

    Install modified firmware

    This method will allow you to bring the Android phone to the iPhone as close as possible. is he consists in installing a modified firmware, which you will need to download on a specialized website or forum. The action scheme will be as follows:

    • Download firmware file.
    • Saving it in a zip archive format to a memory card, which must first be completely cleaned of other programs.
    • Cleaning the device from viruses and resetting it to the factory state.
    • Creating a backup copy of the operating system.
    • Next, you need to connect the smartphone to the PC and select the debugging mode via USB.
  • Copy all OS files to a memory card and then create a copy on the computer’s hard drive.
  • Disconnect the smartphone and insert a memory card with modified firmware into it.
  • Conduct Factory Reset on the device.
  • What can incorrect firmware lead to?

    An independent change of the current operating system is made by the user at your own risk, since in case of errors or using poor-quality firmware, you may encounter the following troubles:

    • slowdown of the smartphone;
    • the appearance of various bugs;
    • device freezing;
    • its complete inoperability without the ability to even turn on the device.

    In the latter case, the only way to correct the situation will be to contact the service center. Please note that in this case, the official warranty from the manufacturer is lost.