PUBG MOBILE Graphic Settings on PC.

We increase FPS in PUBG Mobile on weak PC and laptops

Players often install mobile games on laptops and PC, such as BlueStacks, Nox Player 6, GameloP, Tencent Gaming Buddy and similar programs. This is done in order to play your favorite mobile games on your computer.

That’s just Pabg so simply does not give up! Often you can find on the Internet questions such as “How to raise FPS to Pubg Mobil on PC?”Or” How to make 60 FPS in Pubg Mobile?””.

The mobile version of PABG really takes up less space than its analogue on PC, but the requirements for the iron still remain quite high.

Raise the FPS in PABG Mobile on a weak PC

Each emulator is adjusted individually. In the game itself, it is necessary to put on a minimum all the parameters regarding lighting, shaders, textures, etc.D. The view will be, rightly speaking, nightmare, but FPS will increase significantly.

Lags on PC

Even on a computer through an emulator, it is comfortable to play in PUBG Mobile in rare cases. The game freezes, so the user does not work to reveal fighting qualities.

Check first

If PUBG Mobile lags on PC, we do not advise you to immediately try to fix the application files or delete the game. First check the following elements:


Antivirus negatively affects the work of the computer when playing, as it takes part of the processor power. Also, PC protection programs often limit the operation of emulators. To eliminate freezes, turn off the antivirus.


With each update, developers try to eliminate problems in the game or add new game elements. Sometimes this leads to other errors. Not only the installation of a new update helps to exclude lags, but also a rollback to the old.


RAM is occupied by open and background applications. If there are many, there is no room for the emulator, and PUBG Mobile slows down or completely flies out. Programs involved in RAM are reflected in the task dispatcher. It is better to close them.

Emulator graphics settings

The following elements are configured in the emulator:

  • Image resolution. on “weak” devices, it is recommended to set a value of 1280×720 or below
  • Smoothing. it is better to turn off or lower the degree to the average
  • Available RAM. we highlight the maximum memory for the game
  • The processor is the number of nuclei that the game involves. Put the maximum again

Graphics settings in PUBG Mobile

Inside the client of the game, graphics and frame rate are configured. We set the schedule to a minimum, and the frequency of personnel is maximum.

Whether they are bath?

The actions described above do not give the user illegal advantages over other players. So no one will ban on self-optimization of PUBG MOBILE.

Lags in Tencent

To open the settings in the official emulator of Tencent Gaming Buddy, click on the three stripes in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select the setting line. We open the Engine tab and optimize Pubg Mobile according to the plan described above.

In other emulators

In Bluestacks, Nox and other universal settings are located similarly. In addition to changing graphics settings, a change of emulator helps.

Raise FPS to 60

FPS is the frequency of personnel, that is, the number of personnel for one second. The higher the frequency, the greater the density of the frames and clearly the picture. The concept of ping is associated with the FPS. this is the average time to transmit information packages. If you reduce the ping in PUBG Mobile, then the player will quickly receive information about game events and respond to them faster.

How to find out the FPS in the game

The FPS indicator in PUBG Mobile is turned on in two ways:

The main methods

The first thing we advise to do for optimal configuration of the FPS in an emulator is to set the maximum in the PUBG Mobile settings in the line “Frequency of personnel”. Where to find these settings is described above. If such an action did not help, then raise the FPS using the GFX Tool program. On universal emulators, this application is downloaded through Google Play. To download it on Tencent Gaming Buddy, we act as follows:

  • Reset the graphics settings using a special button in the lower left corner in the settings menu
  • We go out into the lobby and press the F11 key
  • The menu will appear on the right, click the Virtual Location button
  • Click the F9 key
  • From the emerging icons we open the browser and through it we install the program

Does not start or lag in nox

There are often different types of excesses: the emulator gives out some kind of error, black or white screen-or generally refuses to start. What to do in this case? We have collected possible ways to solve in a separate article. It says what to do if PUBG Mobile does not start on PC. Try the options there.

Also, sometimes lags kill the pleasure of the game: it is not possible to aim and shoot, hide and even land. If PUBG MOBILE on PC lags, then read another article. there are the most effective ways to combat fries.

This information is enough to configure Pubg Mobile on Nox and make your gameplay perfect: without brakes and sorties. Then it all depends only on you. Train. Stuff your hand, study secrets and chips on the game to become wiser than your opponents.

How to set up an emulator for better performance

Before you start playing Pubg Mobile on Windows computer, you should make settings to get good performance and graphics. Unfortunately, the default settings do not provide the best performance. To start settings, press the menu icon in the upper right corner of the emulator and select “settings” (settings).

In the “Basics” tab (Basics) I recommend that you remove the checkmark next to “Run at start” so that the game does not start automatically when you turn on the computer. This option is turned on by default, and if you have an old computer or not a quick SSD disk, the emulator may affect the overall speed of the computer.

On the Engine tab, you need to select the parameter “Priority of the selected graphic processor” (Prioritize DEDICETED GPU). Thus, the emulator will use the selected graphic processor on your computer. This will significantly increase performance. If you do not have a dedicated graphic processor, the inclusion of this option will not affect performance.

Next, select the most affordable memory in the drop.down menu “Memory” (Memory). Similarly, select the maximum number of nuclei in the Processor menu, and select your monitor resolution in the “Resolution” menu (Resolution).

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During the testing, we also found that the choice of the minimum DPI value in the DPI menu also positively affects performance.

As soon as you finish the setting, you will need to restart the emulator. This must be done so that the changes come into force. Make sure you restart the emulator after the PUBG Mobile loading is completed. Otherwise, you will have to start loading the game from scratch.

What are the PUBG Mobile settings for better performance

After you uploaded the game and applied optimal settings, you can start it. At the first launch of PUBG Mobile on PC via the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, you will see the control panel on the right, which lists all the controls of the keyboard and the mouse. Most PC gamers are already familiar with these control keys, but if you have never played shooters on a computer before, we strongly recommend that you study this list. The panel can be hidden if it no longer needs.

Now you need to enter your account or. To synchronize these games PUBG Mobile from your smartphone on a computer. You can also choose a game mode as a guest if you do not want to enter your account. Pay attention to the moment that if you enter the system from the same account as on the smartphone, all the data of the Pubg Mobile accounts will be transferred to the emulator.

In the game itself, you can perform graphics settings. Our computer has an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050TI and 16 GB of RAM, and we use the following settings:

These settings allow you to play PUBG Mobile on PC, but with small delays. This should be expected, since we launch the game through the emulator. Do not calculate that PUBG Mobile on PC will work as well as on the flagship smartphone. Even if you have a powerful computer, the game can still buggle. The Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator is still in beta version, and it does not work as well as we would like.

You can also change the controls at your discretion. Press the “Customize” button in the lower left corner of the “Control Elements” tab in the game settings menu.

Another thing that you may want to configure before the start of the game is sensitivity. In our experience, the default sensitivity settings are too high. Usually we significantly lower them to make ADS and the sensitivity of the sight more controlled.

As soon as you finish setting up the PUBG Mobile game on PC, you can immediately start a duel and have fun. Please note that if you play Pubg Mobile on PC through an emulator, the game will automatically choose the same players through an emulator in your duel. As you know, players with a mouse and a keyboard have more chances to win, so the game is trying to equalize strength.

How to play Pubg Mobile on PC using Noxplayer

Download and install noxplayer. Make sure the V6 program version.0.5.0 and above.

Go to Google Play Store, download and install Pubg Mobile. At this stage, you may encounter an incompatibility error. just close and restart noxplayer to clean the cache and repeat the attempt. 3. Changing emulator settings:

  • CPU 2 nuclei and above.
  • RAM 2048 or more.
  • Set a resolution of 1280 x 720.
  • Set the rendering mode of graphics in DirectX (if it does not work, then try Opengl).
  • Change the keyboard setting (by pressing the keyboard menu button. the second on top on the right on the panel). You will need to change the opacity of the keyboard. NOX recommends saving it by about 50%.

PUBG Mobile should start, but if you see a white screen instead, just restart Nox.

Control elements in BlueStacks

After loading the game and creating a character, go to the settings menu (gear icon in the upper right corner) and go to control elements. PUBG Mobile Hud should start.

Open the keyboard icon in the Bluestacks menu below. The upper line displays control parameters that you can configure as an overlap. Drag them down, and then install hot keys.

Also, do not forget to install car control elements.

Control elements in noxplayer

Setting the main controls in Nox is similar to Bluestacks. The location of the control map buttons differs. one. Open the settings menu set the control elements set the menu to display a control map.

The button for creating a keyboard and mouse is the same. Pull the controls on the screen to display them accordingly, and then install your keys.

Do not forget about car drive. The game card is huge, and you will definitely need a car/motorcycle.

Mobile difference from PC

Before starting installation, let’s figure out why you should pay attention to the mobile version when there is a complete computer?

  • Mobile is free. This is one of the most greasy advantages. PC version in Steam costs about 900, and for the game through the emulator you do not need to pay a penny.
  • Low PC requirements. Steam version goes on weak computers with a creak and rattle, but Mobile will start even on built-in video cards. Of course, the details of the graphics are not comparable, but here is the gameplay there and there the same.
  • There is no trading platform. PC players receive coins for their successes, for which you can buy chests. And they, in turn, can be sold for real money in Steam itself or on sites. In the mobile version, boxes can only be opened to wear your character.
  • Release exit. It is logical that mobile developers are always in catching up. So, Miramar (desert card) has long been pleasing to PC players, and looked at the phones relatively recently. A small location of the plow will soon come out, and when it gets to the mobile platforms It’s scary to imagine.

Installation of an emulator

First of all, you need to download the Tencent Games emulator for Pubg Mobile:

    and start on behalf of the administrator;

  • A window with two “Customize” and “Install” buttons will come out. Click on the first, indicate in which folder to put the program, and then start the installation;
  • The emulator will find to download the files first for yourself, and after. Pubg Mobile. All this good weighs approximately 1 GB, so the completion time of the process depends on the speed of your Internet.

When everything downloads, click on the blue button “Play” and start the game.

Settings for weak PC

If the iron of your computer is located next to the lower bar of system requirements, then even PABG LITE can slow down.

We go to the schedule settings and put everything as indicated below:

  • Display mode: full screen
  • Resolution: 1280×720 (here we put permission less than the resolution of the monitor. this is how the video card will be easier to process frames).
  • Dynamic resolution: turn on (the game will adapt to the situation and change the quality of the picture to increase FPS).
  • FPS goal: to set above 60 does not make sense if you have a regular monitor, since it simply will not be able to display more personnel per second (this also applies to powerful systems). If you have 144 Hz of a game monitor, then put 144 in this field, respectively.
  • General quality of graphics: We do not touch at the moment.
  • Smoothing, post.cutting, shadows, textures, effects, foliage: put “very low”.
  • Visibility range: here you can put on. This range does not affect the display of players, but only on the rendering of objects.
  • Lighting: the included parameter makes the picture brighter and juicier.
  • Vertical synchronization: disconnect.

Click “Apply” (yellow button) and go into the game and enjoy.

How to remove “soap”?

Pulling the graphics to the usual PUBG in the bike will not work at all. Yes, and there is no sense in this, even if you have a super-duper-young computer, even about players advise playing in medium settings.

Settings for powerful PC

  • Turn off the dynamic resolution.
  • The purpose of the FPS is equal.
  • The rest can be put on the maximum (not recommended) except:
  • Shadows: very low,
  • Foliage: very low.

The last two parameters will help to look for Cheliks in the bushes, window openings and other shelters easier.

Setting graphics in PUBG MOBILE: How to remove restrictions, lower or improve quality

You are not satisfied with the appearance of the picture? Do you want the Forest Island to get into new colors? Or strive to remove frizes? Then you need to figure out how to change the settings of graphics in PUBG Mobile, remove restrictions, lower quality. or cut the maximum.

The bottom line is that the parameters do not open a wide field for activity. You need to contact the game files, dig into them with the help of a hexadecimal editor, which is quite difficult and dreary. Fortunately, especially for you and me, they have developed programs that will help to do all the work in only a few slippers with a finger. The list of the best (with work instructions) is given below in the article.

An important detail! Before changing the graphics below, go to the game “Graphics” and there, click on “Reset”.


This application does not have any separate name. Here is a version for the “global” game (that is, downloaded from Google.Play). If you play Korean, then use this link.

Best PUBG Emulator Settings For Low End PC | Emulator PUBG Settings 2021

The functionality of the utility is not very high. you can choose one of the finished “presets” (sets of settings prepared by the developer): they vary from weak to powerful. The difference in resolution, smoothing textures and loading on the processor.

Want to see Erangel in HD? Then put “Godlike” or “Ultra”. Want to lower the graphics? Switch to the “Very Low” mode!

  • Make a “screenshot” in the game itself;
  • Open the application and put the flag on “Default”;
  • After that, choose any option you need.

Circrating the detection of the emulator

At the time of the launch of PUBG Mobile, even through Gameloop, a warning from the developer immediately appears on the screen: an emulator was found, which is why the “computer” players will immediately transfer to the same keyboard masters and mice. It is difficult to circumvent the restriction. each time the fact of the presence of an emulator is determined better. The only way to somehow influence the situation is to download the NOX App Player emulator and in Multi-Drive mode to configure a new virtual device based on Android

Further. a matter of technology. Place a link on the desktop and start the launch from there. How long the method will last is unknown, but it is still worth experimenting.

And yet. against the background of “mobile” players to notice the master with a mouse at hand. easier than it seems. And such professionals are received almost immediately reports. If it turned out to circumvent the restrictions, then do not take risks and too often demonstrate dishonest skills.

What to do if the game slows down or lags on PC. How to optimize PUBG

To achieve stable 60 FPS in PUBG Mobile on weak computers is impossible without peculiar sacrifices. Will have to reduce permission, and get rid of smoothing. Special manual “optimization” will help to risk quality for the sake of increased performance:

The “Visualization” section is best left for artificial intelligence, but “smoothing”. “close”, and “memory” and “processor”, set the maximum possible values ​​that are not a pity to “convey” the emulator.

  • After the settling, to the parameters of thePubgmobile. On top, at the “Graphics” item, it is important to choose SMOOTH, and in the “Frame Rate” section. Extreme or Ultra. It all depends on the heating of the laptop or computer. If the cooling system does not cope with the task, it is better not to risk once again and lower the bar even before High.

But no one interferes with the rest of the parameters, starting from a specific situation. Sometimes even with smoothing FPS is much higher than without.

PC game does not start. Common errors

  • Mistractororcode 1. Developers are not able to solve the problem using the emulator updates, but know how to prepare users computers for a painless and stable launch of content. Using a special file available by link. After saving on the hard drive, Errorbat should be launched on behalf of the administrator.
  • Black or white screen. A missing picture, but a sound lost in the background, hints at obsolete drivers for a video card (updates for AMD and NVIDIA, are presented on official developers’ sites) and an incorrectly selected virtualization option. DirectX should be changed to Opengl or vice versa.
  • Update problems. A rare error encountered due to the incompatibility of language packages. Solved by changing the language of the Inte Wee to “Chinese”.