PUBG Mobile control settings on PC. How to play Pubg Mobile on PC using Gameloop?

Official Pubg Mobile on PC

Few gamers, especially the lovers of network shooters, have not heard about the PUBG project from the Korean developers PUBG Corporation or the mobile version of Pubg Mobile. During the time past from the date of release, the game acquired admirers around the world and managed to get several prestigious awards. The ardor of those who want to try the battle in the “Royal Battle” format is cooled by the fact that this game spreads on a paid basis. Not everyone is ready to pay for a “cat in a bag”.

How to Setup Gameloop Emulator BEST Emulator Settings for PUBG MOBILE�� (High/Low End Specs)

Fortunately, fans, the Chinese company Tencent Games has released the official Pubg Mobile emulator on PC. Yes, this is not a full-fledged PC version, but it makes it possible to get an idea of ​​the game. You can download the official emulator PUBG Mobile for PC, as well as play for free.

And for those who want to train in shooting on moving targets in real life, I advise you to visit the Sabotage website. Paintball or laser tag on 3 arenas is exactly what you need to knead the index finger a little!

Where to download the game

PUBG Mobile emulator is supported by Tencent Gaming Buddy. Such an Android emulator is different in that it supports only the games of this developer, as well as the products of other games that are distributed by him. You can download the program through the official website of PUBG MOBILE on PC.

The installation does not differ from the installation of other similar software: it is enough to accept the terms of the license agreement. The official PUBG Mobile emulator will take some time for the first launch, since it is necessary to download the missing game files.

Control schemes

This scheme is turned on by default. You lead the character, sliding with a thumb on the left half of the screen, and aim on the right side. The shot button is recorded on the right, that is, it never changes location. This option is good for those who are used to relying on muscle memory.

As in the first scheme, the movement here is carried out by moving the finger along the left half of the screen. The difference is that the shot button follows your finger, which you aim on the right side. This means that for a shot you do not need to remove a finger from the screen. Just press the “fire” when you take the target.

This is a hybrid version of the first two schemes. A static firing button is preserved here, but you can aim at the pile from any other place on the screen. The joystick recorded on the screen is responsible. This option is convenient for those who have long fingers, or who prefer to use low sensitivity settings without loss of accuracy. Increased aiming area allows you to make wider movements.

Switching at the top of the screen between the view from the first and third person, you can select and configure control for each camera mode. For example, a floating shot button can be left for the “fight” mode in the first.person game, or for a “quick match” from a third person.

Individual setting

No matter what scheme you choose: you will have the opportunity to configure almost any button on the screen. Make this based on personal preferences, the size of the hand and how you hold the phone. If you have already played such mobile games, it will be easier for you to immediately configure everything according to the already familiar template. To get started, just click the “set up” button in the selected scheme.

Instructions: How to configure management in PUBG MOBILE

Developers gave players flexible opportunities for setting up management:

The functions are available both when playing on a smartphone and in an official emulator for PC. Correctly set up management, you can significantly increase your level of game.

Mouse sensitivity settings

PUBG Mobile does not have a “mouse sensitivity” settings, but this does not mean that sensitivity cannot be changed. Similar functions are available in the settings. Are called “sensitivity of the camera” and “sensitivity of the sight”. Default values ​​are far from always suitable due to the fact that the aim works uncomfortable. If you want to configure sensitivity in the game, then pay attention to the settings of the camera and sight.

Another way to set up the mouse sensitivity is suitable if you play on a computer.

Mouse settings can be found in a computer control panel. Some computer mice have buttons responsible for sensitivity. If you have such a mouse, then change sensitivity right during the game.

Setting the sight

How quickly you can kill the enemy depends on the setting of the sight. In PUBG Mobile, you can change the speed of the sight, as well as turn on the auto pruning. This will help you win the game.

Setting sensitivity

Go to Training Room (training room) in the game. Take a weapon, preferably-AK-47 with an sight-carp, and a sniper rifle with a sight of 8x. Why is this weapon? The largest sight is needed in order to configure the sensitivity for firing at large distances. AK-47 will help determine the necessary sensitivity of the camera in order to quickly aim to kill the enemy at a small distance.

Try shooting on targets from different weapons. With aiming and without it. A long distance and small. Gradually increase sensitivity in the settings (by 5-10 percent, no longer needs, otherwise you will not find the ideal value). For aiming at an eight.fold increase, the setting “Sensitivity of the sight” is responsible.

The speed of rotation of the chamber directly affects how quickly you can shoot at the enemy that is near you. Take aim not only with a collimator, but also shoot from your hip. Find a suitable value and save it.


The function “Assisting Help” works only on smartphones. In the emulator, it is disabled. It helps you shoot your hips at short distances (20-50 meters, bullets with a higher probability fall on the enemy).

Auto just will not help to aim at medium and short distances rifle. programs that help aiming are called Aimbot’om. They are prohibited. You will be banned if you use them. Viruses are often masked for cheats, so using Aimbot is not recommended.

Control setting

When playing PUBG Mobile on PC, we must not forget that the game was originally released for Android and iOS, and it is possible to play with a PC with an emulator that assigns the keyboard keyboards on the screen on the screen. The set buttons can be changed by pressing the Key Mapping button located on the panel to the right of the game.

Unfortunately, on the setting screen there is no explanation which button is responsible for what, but the user will be able to adjust the settings directly to the campaign in order to understand which key combination he will more like.

In order to add a new key to the screen, you need to click in the desired area, and then press the button that you need to assign the option. Existing buttons can be removed by pressing the cross in the upper right corner of the button, or drag it, holding the mouse. You can also return the default settings by clicking on Reset on the right side of the screen, or save the existing ones by clicking on Save.

Having finished setting control and launcher, you can start playing PUBG Mobile on PC. It is also worth noting that players using an emulator to play a mobile game will be able to play only with players, who also use the emulator. you will not be able to join users on Android or iOS.

How to setup?

Graphics and performance

First of all, it is worth making sure that the game does not lag. To do this, you need to correctly distribute the capacities of your PC so that the emulator has something to operate, and the game itself is enough. If it doesn’t work out, you can always download the official emulator Pubg Mobile on PC. it has better.

pubg, mobile, control, settings

To begin with, it would be nice to cheat with the system requirements of PUBG Mobile on PC. After that, open the emulator settings (arrow at the top), select the “extended” section and put the following parameters:

  • In the “Display settings” section, select “High”, put the number of nuclei of your processor in the “CPU”, and in “RAM”. at least 2 GB of RAM (if you highlight more, it will be wonderful). It may happen that the emulator will refuse to see all the nuclei. This means that your virtualization mode is not activated. Turning it on is quite simple, the creators of NOX even wrote a special guide for this;
  • In the “Launch settings” you can choose the screen resolution. For good performance, put 720p, that is, 1280 × 720. If you want FullHD, then choose 1920 × 1080;
  • Then mark the “Compatibility Mode” button. this is activated by OpenGL, on which PABG works perfectly. “High.speed” is connected via DirectX, we do not recommend choosing it.


Almost done. It remains to teach your character to obey you implicitly. To do this, you need to configure management:

  • Press the button with the keyboard in the right column;
  • Put the configuration that you see in the picture from below;
  • Then go to Pubg, go to the settings, clicking on the gear. Find the section “Management” in which select the third regime.

Does not start or lag in nox

There are often different types of excesses: the emulator gives out some kind of error, black or white screen-or generally refuses to start. What to do in this case? We have collected possible ways to solve in a separate article. It says what to do if PUBG Mobile does not start on PC. Try the options there.

Also, sometimes lags kill the pleasure of the game: it is not possible to aim and shoot, hide and even land. If PUBG MOBILE on PC lags, then read another article. there are the most effective ways to combat fries.

This information is enough to configure Pubg Mobile on Nox and make your gameplay perfect: without brakes and sorties. Then it all depends only on you. Train. Stuff your hand, study secrets and chips on the game to become wiser than your opponents.

How to play Pubg Mobile on PC using Noxplayer

Download and install noxplayer. Make sure the V6 program version.0.5.0 and above.

Go to Google Play Store, download and install Pubg Mobile. At this stage, you may encounter an incompatibility error. just close and restart noxplayer to clean the cache and repeat the attempt. 3. Changing emulator settings:

  • CPU 2 nuclei and above.
  • RAM 2048 or more.
  • Set a resolution of 1280 x 720.
  • Set the rendering mode of graphics in DirectX (if it does not work, then try Opengl).
  • Change the keyboard setting (by pressing the keyboard menu button. the second on top on the right on the panel). You will need to change the opacity of the keyboard. NOX recommends saving it by about 50%.

PUBG Mobile should start, but if you see a white screen instead, just restart Nox.

Control elements in BlueStacks

After loading the game and creating a character, go to the settings menu (gear icon in the upper right corner) and go to control elements. PUBG Mobile Hud should start.

Open the keyboard icon in the Bluestacks menu below. The upper line displays control parameters that you can configure as an overlap. Drag them down, and then install hot keys.

Also, do not forget to install car control elements.

Control elements in noxplayer

Setting the main controls in Nox is similar to Bluestacks. The location of the control map buttons differs. one. Open the settings menu set the control elements set the menu to display a control map.

The button for creating a keyboard and mouse is the same. Pull the controls on the screen to display them accordingly, and then install your keys.

Do not forget about car drive. The game card is huge, and you will definitely need a car/motorcycle.

Mobile difference from PC

Before starting installation, let’s figure out why you should pay attention to the mobile version when there is a complete computer?

  • Mobile is free. This is one of the most greasy advantages. PC version in Steam costs about 900, and for the game through the emulator you do not need to pay a penny.
  • Low PC requirements. Steam version goes on weak computers with a creak and rattle, but Mobile will start even on built-in video cards. Of course, the details of the graphics are not comparable, but here is the gameplay there and there the same.
  • There is no trading platform. PC players receive coins for their successes, for which you can buy chests. And they, in turn, can be sold for real money in Steam itself or on sites. In the mobile version, boxes can only be opened to wear your character.
  • Release exit. It is logical that mobile developers are always in catching up. So, Miramar (desert card) has long been pleasing to PC players, and looked at the phones relatively recently. A small location of the plow will soon come out, and when it gets to the mobile platforms It’s scary to imagine.

Installation of an emulator

First of all, you need to download the Tencent Games emulator for Pubg Mobile:

    and start on behalf of the administrator;

  • A window with two “Customize” and “Install” buttons will come out. Click on the first, indicate in which folder to put the program, and then start the installation;
  • The emulator will find to download the files first for yourself, and after. Pubg Mobile. All this good weighs approximately 1 GB, so the completion time of the process depends on the speed of your Internet.

When everything downloads, click on the blue button “Play” and start the game.

The minimum requirements of the game cycle:

  • CPU: Double.core from Intel/AMD with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz.
  • Graphic processor: NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600.
  • Memory: at least 3 GB of RAM
  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7
  • DirectX: version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB of free space

If you first play PUBG Mobile on Gameloop, you may take the wrong pictures, and the reason for this may simply be disabled sensitivity settings.

In any competitive shooter, be it PUBG Mobile PC or Free Fire, the very first thing you need to do right to win more victories is to correctly configure the sensitivity. However, there are no fixed settings that will be guaranteed to work for all. Sensitivity is something subjective and unique for every player.

BEST Emulator Settings for PUBG MOBILE�� პირველი სეზონის ემულატორის მოთამაშე, გრიგალქარის სეთინგები

However, the optimal sensitivity settings for the mobile PC PUBG on Gameloop, which will give you a good start, are indicated below:

Search for sensitivity

  • View from the 1st person. If you play with a first-person view, you must maintain sensitivity between 50-60%.
  • View from the 3rd person-if you play with the view from the 3rd person, you must maintain sensitivity between 75-85%.
  • 3rd person (without a sight): 20-25%
  • 1st person (without a sight): 55-65%
  • 2,3-fold sight: 15-20%
  • 4-fold sight: 10-12%
  • 6-fold sight: 8-10%
  • 8-fold sight: 4-6%

Circrating the detection of the emulator

At the time of the launch of PUBG Mobile, even through Gameloop, a warning from the developer immediately appears on the screen: an emulator was found, which is why the “computer” players will immediately transfer to the same keyboard masters and mice. It is difficult to circumvent the restriction. each time the fact of the presence of an emulator is determined better. The only way to somehow influence the situation is to download the NOX App Player emulator and in Multi-Drive mode to configure a new virtual device based on Android

Further. a matter of technology. Place a link on the desktop and start the launch from there. How long the method will last is unknown, but it is still worth experimenting.

And yet. against the background of “mobile” players to notice the master with a mouse at hand. easier than it seems. And such professionals are received almost immediately reports. If it turned out to circumvent the restrictions, then do not take risks and too often demonstrate dishonest skills.

What to do if the game slows down or lags on PC. How to optimize PUBG

To achieve stable 60 FPS in PUBG Mobile on weak computers is impossible without peculiar sacrifices. Will have to reduce permission, and get rid of smoothing. Special manual “optimization” will help to risk quality for the sake of increased performance:

pubg, mobile, control, settings

The “Visualization” section is best left for artificial intelligence, but “smoothing”. “close”, and “memory” and “processor”, set the maximum possible values ​​that are not a pity to “convey” the emulator.

  • After the settling, to the parameters of thePubgmobile. On top, at the “Graphics” item, it is important to choose SMOOTH, and in the “Frame Rate” section. Extreme or Ultra. It all depends on the heating of the laptop or computer. If the cooling system does not cope with the task, it is better not to risk once again and lower the bar even before High.

But no one interferes with the rest of the parameters, starting from a specific situation. Sometimes even with smoothing FPS is much higher than without.

PC game does not start. Common errors

  • Mistractororcode 1. Developers are not able to solve the problem using the emulator updates, but know how to prepare users computers for a painless and stable launch of content. Using a special file available by link. After saving on the hard drive, Errorbat should be launched on behalf of the administrator.
  • Black or white screen. A missing picture, but a sound lost in the background, hints at obsolete drivers for a video card (updates for AMD and NVIDIA, are presented on official developers’ sites) and an incorrectly selected virtualization option. DirectX should be changed to Opengl or vice versa.
  • Update problems. A rare error encountered due to the incompatibility of language packages. Solved by changing the language of the Inte Wee to “Chinese”.

Pubg Mobile on PC lags

It is impossible to play? Endless friezes? First of all, read about the settings of graphics and adjust everything under the capacities of your system. If it does not help, then study the article described the reasons for the lags in PUBG MOBILE.

If you are not happy that the default game has so few FPS, it is told how to do 60. If you downloaded the Pubg Mobile emulator on PC, then there will be no problems. you can manipulate the system as you want.

Another big problem if the game, in principle, refuses to start. The processor and RAM can be to blame here.

The first. because it does not allow the emulator to use the nuclei, except for the first. To deal with this, you need to turn on virtualization. The second is decided by the purchase of additional fees.

Read more about all ways to combat this misfortune in an article on the link.

Solving additional problems

This guide is designed only to show how exactly you can download Pubg Mobile on PC. But since the game starts on an emulator, an unpleasant situation may well arise. Any: Little FPS, some mistakes and so on. In this section, let’s see how to allow it.

The use of the emulator has been discovered. this is dangerous? How to get around?

A small dick that confuses many. As soon as you enter the game, a window crawls out, which reports that “the use of an emulator” has been found ”. What does it mean?

pubg, mobile, control, settings

The fact is that the developers of the mobile game are not fools. They realized that in their camp the guys who played on emulators and with the help of keyboards and mice simply destroyed other gamers. Therefore, they decided this: everyone who sits on emulators play with each other. Mobile users are only against their own.

All this is very honest and wonderful, but what to do for those who want to get around this restriction and just annihilate clubfoot players on the touchpads? Then read the article, which tells how to remove “the use of the emulator is discovered”. Only now what is the matter. you can do this only on Bluestacks.

It is worth warning you right away. a freebie attracts dishonest players. Everyone can download Pubg Mobail on PC, people regularly look for cheats for the mobile version, hoping to play dishonestly.

It is possible that you will meet such people in the vastness of the game world. It will be insulting, yes. But without it in any way.

Anti.shacks regularly updated, which allows you to isolate those who use public cheats. But people who are ready to pay money for superiority can spoil the impression of the roller. In this case, you just have to breathe deeper. and forget.

Without emulator. almost no lags

If you have a very weak computer that does not pull the emulator for PUBG Mobile on PC, that is, there is still a way out. try to launch the game without an emulator. This will need to download the operating system Phoenix OS.

In fact, this is a full.fledged OS that is placed on your computer next to Windows. When starting the system, you will need to choose a phoenix, and then you can work with APK files directly, without emulation, which significantly reduces the chances of the occurrence of lags and sorties.