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Raise the FPS in PUBG 2021

In this manual, we will tell you how to increase FPS (FPS) in PUBG in 2021.

First, install fresh drivers on a video card if you haven’t done this before. And just in case. AMD www.AMD.COM/RU/Support Nvidia = rupubg must be installed on SSD if there is!Yes, even if there is a system! This can fix the problem with microlaxes and backwaters! And if you have any problems with the launch of the game, do the integrity of the game cache integrity.

Speed ​​and filing file

Mandatory point! The pumping file needs to be put on SSD (if there is one to exclude all possible options for what can slow down the system, about HDDs forgot! (If well, I really want to put it on HDD “for religious reasons” of the XZ, then do it later and see if there will be a difference) and another moment. I think to put on m2 nvme.Swimpering is not worth it The most ideal option is if you have 2 SSD, on one system, and on the second game and a swing file if you put from 16GB of RAM and more then: if the system is selected. if 8GB of RAM, then the size of the pumping should be preferably 2 times larger (more on the screenshot) you can still try the same source size and maximize: 16384, but I have not tried This is why I can’t say what is better if 4GB RAM, then what PUBG can be discussed?. You won’t play PUBG, but the speed of the system can be slightly accelerated by this guide.ATTENTION! For other programs and sometimes for Pabg itself, a swing file may be required, even if there is a lot of RAM (from 16) and a swing file Already on SSD,it is not recommended to turn off. But you can try without it if you play so much and do not complicated things, everything will still work fine, but still at some point the game or the program can fly to the desktop, case of chance. This parameter can always be fixed.

If SSD is not,But there are a lot of RAM (more than 16GB) then you can try to turn it off, here you yourself are already experimentally, whether the growth will be an increase. If something seems to work wrong, no one prevents you from returning it to the position-by choosing a system.

Why FPS falls in PUBG?

Since PUBG allows players from around the world to connect and play in the royal battles one on one, a duo on a duet or a detachment for a detachment, the game itself becomes subject to many problems.

Well, different users have different reasons for the problem with FPS falling in PUBG. After some studies, we were able to make a list of reasons that are one of the most common that cause FPS falling in PUBG.

  • Your Internet connection works incorrectly
  • There is no important game file
  • Pubg game server is faced with a malfunction problem
  • Large load on the system
  • Your firewall interferes with the game
  • Graphics settings are not optimal for the game.
  • Your graphic driver is not updated
  • Your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements

Before we move on to the solutions, one after another, let’s first check the minimum requirements that you need on your PC for playing PUBG, because this is the first thing you should always check when you are faced with problems like FPS falling, lag behind Or stuttering.

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430/AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2 GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 40 GB of free space
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600k / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory: 16 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 4 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 50 GB of free space

If you have a PC that meets the minimum or recommended system requirements or is between them, but still experiences the problem of FPS falling in PUBG, now you can immediately proceed to the solutions.

How to fix FPS fall in PUBG?

Check the Internet connection

To begin with, since PUBG is a game that depends on your processor and high-speed Internet connection, you must make sure that your Internet connection works normally during the game.

A bad connection to the Internet can lead to the fact that the game will give out errors such as stuttering, lagging or falling FPS. You can use websites such as FAST.COM or SpeedTest to learn about the current speed of the Internet that you get.

If the Internet speed does not correspond to your tariff plan, you can contact your Internet provider and solve the problem, and then check whether it is solved or not.

Disconnect full screen optimization

  • Go to the PUBG installation folder in the Steam library.
  • Click TSLGAME with the right mouse button.exe and select “Properties”.
  • Go to the compatibility tab and remove the “Disable Full Exchange Optimization” checkbox.
  • Click “Apply”.
  • Click OK.

You will notice that full.screen optimization is on by default. The main goal of full.screen optimization is to increase the performance of games and applications when you launch them in full screen mode.

However, there are several user reports that full.screen optimization does not always improve the performance of games and applications and is often the main reason for the FPS fall.

Follow the instructions above, turn off full.screen optimization and run the game. Now you can check whether this is eliminated the problem of falling fps or not.

Turn on the hardware acceleration of the graphic processor planning

  • Press the Win i buttons. To open the Windows settings menu.
  • Select the system on the left side.
  • Click on the “display” option on the right side.
  • Select the graphics.
  • Click “Change the default graphics settings”.
  • Turn on the hardware acceleration of GPU planning.
  • Reload the computer so that the changes come into force.

Windows 11 is optimized for games even better than Windows 10. It comes with several settings that you can enable and use to increase performance in games.

The inclusion of this option helped several users to solve the problem with the fall of FPS, stuttering and delay associated with the Pubg game.

Change power management for maximum performance.

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Find the command line and open it on behalf of the administrator.
  • Insert the code below and click Enter. PowerCFG.DuplicateScheme E9A42B02-D5DF-448D-AA00-03F14749EB61
  • Open the control panel.
  • Select “Power”.
  • You will see a new version of the maximum performance mode.
  • Turn it on and check if it is solving the problem or not.

Turning on the maximum performance mode is an excellent solution to eliminate FPS problems in games. Because it balances the processor and battery to achieve the maximum game performance of your PC.

Although your battery can suffer greatly, we hope that you will not encounter a delay or fall of FPS in PUBG during the game.

Update the graphic driver

  • Click the “Start” menu with the right mouse button and open the “Device Manager”.
  • Determine the display adapter section.
  • Select your graphic processor.
  • Click it with the right mouse button and select “Update the driver”.
  • Choose a search option for a driver on the Internet.
  • If the driver update is available, your system will automatically install it.

5.1 Automatic update of drivers

Although you can choose the hand.described manual method of updating the driver on your PC, there are various tools that can automatically install the latest versions of drivers on your PC with Windows 11.

We suggest you look at Driverfix. Driverfix not only updates the driver on your PC with one click of the mouse, but also corrects some of the most common Windows errors and errors that arise as a result of using old or incompatible drivers.

5.2 update drivers manually from the manufacturer’s website

Otherwise, you can also update graphic drivers from the official site of manufacturers:

Turn on the game mode

  • Press the Win i buttons. To open the settings.
  • Choose games on the left side.
  • Disconnect the Xbox game panel.
  • Turn on the game mode.

The inclusion of the game mode on your PC makes it optimize all the resources intended for games. If you play games on your PC or use high.performance intensive graphics software, it is recommended to include this mode to have the best resources at your disposal.

Disconnect the firewall

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Find the Windows Brand Mauer and open it.
  • On the left side, click Turn on or off the firewall of Windows defender.
  • For the parameters of a private and public network, select the parameter Disable the Windows Brand Mauer Brandmare.

Firewall or antivirus software can interfere with the network connection of your game. In this case, you can disable the firewall or any other antivirus software and check if this is a problem or not.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds “Optimization of the game We raise fps to heaven

All shawl! I bought the game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and I gave 25 fps for me without optimization.I fumbled in all kinds of forums and these forums gave me 15 fps.In difficult moments, I have: before optimization, I gave out 7 FPS, after optimization 28 FPS, and it is stably on 40-43 FPS, since it used to be stable 22-25. Well, that’s what we need to do: 1. Updating the drivers.2. Screenshot scale for the very minimum. 2.1 smoothing. low (responsible for the “effect of ladder” and the softness of the picture.) 2.3 post.cutting. very low (responsible for focusing and blurring pictures at distant distances.) 2.4 shadows. Very low (well, I think you know why they.) 2.5 textures. (if you do not want soap, put medium or low.) 2.6 effects. very low (the parameter is responsible for the quality of explosions, fire, water and other effects in the game.) 2.7 foliage. very low (so easier to see enemies in the grass) 2.8 Visibility range. average (responsible for the range of drawing houses, players and other objects.) 2.9 blur during movement. Remove the box (is responsible for blurring the picture when turning the camera.) Well, put vertical synchronization as you want!

PUBG launch parameters.-Press the right mouse button on the PUBG in the Steam-take out the properties, set the launch parameters

Automatic cleaning of RAM. It happens that lags can be found at the most inopportune moment, so you will have to clean the rally constantly. The MEM REDUCT program can help this. Which cleanses the RAM when pressing the necessary key.

Download the link Playground.Ru at the very top. We open the program. In the File tab, open settings. We put the Russian language. And in the tab, the cleaning of the memory we change the hot keys for our own (I have a standard one). And all close the settings and click the memory cleaning button.

Expansion of RAM.The minimum recommended amount of RAM for PUBG. 8GB. And this is an absolute minimum to play without problems and terrible friezes. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase an additional bar in order to have at least 2GB of free RAM in the reserve. one. 8 GB. Minimum 2. 12 GB. Average 3. 16 GB. Recommended

Buying SSD and installing OS and playing 2K17 SSD is an integral part of the game PC. It significantly accelerates the loading of both the operating system and games. If you have a desire to play games with graphics above low, then you can’t do without SSD.Recommended SSD: 1. 64 GB. Minimum 2. 240 GB. Optimally 3. 480 GB. Recommended

Make defigation HDD 2. Buy faster HDD 3. Buy any SSD from 64 GB

That’s all if you do all these actions, then you will have 15-20 fps or maybe more)

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. graphics settings for medium and weak PC

As you know, PUBG is in early access and has not yet been fully optimized. Because of this, players, especially the owners of medium and weak PCs, cannot correctly set the settings of graphics and fully enjoy the game. Therefore, in this guide, I will tell you by personal example how I managed to increase FPS in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds almost double.

My PC has the following configuration:

So, a little backstory. If you look at the stated minimum requirements for the game, you can see that my computer fully satisfies them. However, after buying PUBG and the first launch (settings stood by default), the game issued 15-25 FPS with subsidence up to 1-4 FPS. It was just a continuous slide show. The settings stood on medium-high-high ones, I twisted everything to a minimum, but to my surprise nothing changed at all and I watched everything too slideshow.

After that, I began to change the settings in the system files Engine, ScalaBility and Gameusersettings (as advised in Steam manuals), but did not receive the right result for myself. FPS really increased slightly, but the game began to look just terrible. And as far as I know today, the developers have completely banned the introduction of adjustments to the game files.

How to increase FPS in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

To increase FPS, I did the following. Go to the Steam library, click with the right button by the name of the game and select the properties. Then click set the starting parameters and write down:

-Useallavailablecores.Malloc = System.SM4.High.Nomansky.Lowmemory.Fullscreen

In the game itself, I put the following settings (for FullHD 1920 × 1080):

To slightly increase the FPS, you can reduce the screen scale to 85-90, and textures to medium or even low. As a result, these settings should be suitable for the weakest PC:

With these settings, I achieved stable 50-60 fps. In houses and some places on the FPS map, it generally reaches 70-75, you can freely shout through Tab and open a card without lags. At the same time, the picture looks beautiful and play more than pleasant.

Another important point. go to the game settings and turn off the character display on the inventory screen. Now, when pressing the TAB, the character’s equipment will not be drawn, but his silhouette will be just. According to my observations, this also affects FPS, and the opening of the inventory occurs without delay.

Note! I don’t know if such settings are suitable for your PC and do not guarantee 100% of the result. I just described my way to increase FPS, which really helped me. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев with what configuration PC and what settings have you achieved a normal FPS indicator.

How to raise FPS in PUBG?

We launch the game and go to the “Settings” section. To do this, press ESC or on the gear icon, which is located on the right. We recommend using the following parameters:

Section “Graphics

  • Display mode: full.screen mode or full.screen mode (window)
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080 (there should be a resolution of your monitor)
  • The field of view from the first person: 90-100
  • FPS limit in the lobby: 60
  • FPS Limit in the game: without restrictions
  • Squeezed shots: disconnect
  • Screen scale: 100
  • Smoothing: low or medium
  • Post.cutting: very low
  • Shadows: very low
  • Textures: low or medium
  • Effects: very low
  • Foliage: very low
  • Visibility range: very low
  • Vertical synchronization: disconnect
  • Bluttering of movement: disconnect
  • Increase sharpness: disconnect

Overli Steam

Click on the inscription Steam, then select “Settings”. Open the section “In the game”. Remove the checkmark near “Turn on the Steam Overly in the game”. Next, open the “browser” and click on “Clean all the cakes of the browser” and “Delete all the cakes of the browser”.

pubg, graphics, settings, weak

Launch parameters

We do not recommend using launch parameters in PUBG. They lost their relevance after the full exit of the game. Therefore, now there is more harm from them than real benefits.


How to increase FPS in PUBG more? Using the CPU-Control program! After clicking on tslgame.EXE you need to set the “All CPUS” parameter and then select 4 CPUS. Bonus 15 FPS points in our

Brief Reference: To determine the current level of FPS in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, you should make the path: Steam. Settings. In Game. Display of the frequency of personnel. By the way, it is also suitable for all games supporting Stram-Overlay.

PUBG launch parameters

But now let’s return to the technical capabilities of how to optimize PUBG for weak PC. You need to understand that the following parameters below over time for one reason or another may be closed by developers. In addition, their justice is indisputable for games created on the basis of Unreal Engine, Source and some others.

Start with the same Steam. The path should be made: Library Steam. “Properties of the game”. “Install the parameters of the start”. When the window opens, the user can insert a command into it: this mechanism is recommended to do on “weak” user computers. You can read more about the launch parameters here: PUBG launch parameters.

How to raise FPS in Pubg Lite?

Settings of the game

Click on the gear icon in the right corner. Next, select “Settings“.

  • Display mode: full screen
  • Resolution: 1280 720
  • Max. FPS: 144 (select 60 if you observe sharp fps subsidence)
  • Brightness can be chosen at will
  • Dynamic resolution: disconnect
  • Display scale: 90 (70-80 for the weakest systems). The parameter is responsible for the number of real pixels. The smaller this value, the greater the picture in the game soaps. The more, the more clear the picture.
  • The field of view from the first person can be chosen at will
  • General quality of graphics (miss this item)
  • Smoothing: low (very low for the weakest systems)
  • Post.cutting: low (very low for the weakest systems)
  • Shadows: very low
  • Textures: very low
  • Effects: very low
  • Foliage: very low
  • Visibility range: very low
  • Lighting: turn on (disable for the weakest systems)
  • Vertical synchronization: disconnect. This parameter negatively affects performance. And also creates a delay between the movements of the mouse and the sight on the screen.

Make changes as indicated above. Also click “apply” to save the settings.

Windows settings

Select power supply

Go to the “control panel” of Windows and open the “Equipment and Sound” section. Next, click “power” and select “High performance”. If you do not have this mode, then write “CMD” in the search for Windows and open the command line. Copy there “Powercfg.DuplicateScheme E9A42B02-D5DF-448D-AA00-03F14749EB61 “and click Enter. This will unlock the desired regime.

Disconnect Game DVR

Open the Start menu, then press the gear icon. Go to the “Games” section. Disconnect the function “Write out game clips”. Now go to the “DVR for games” section and disconnect the “Post in the background” and “Record sound during the game”.

Delete Windows temporary files

Attention! passwords and important bookmarks from the browser. Together with the cache, personal information is also deleted.Miss this item if you do not want to enter data again. But we advise you to devote time to this. Because this will significantly improve Windows and programs.

  • Write % localappdata % in the Windows search bar.
  • Open the result found.
  • Delete all folders and files that are inside this folder.

Turn on high graphics performance

  • Open Windows search bar.
  • Write “Graphics settings”.
  • Click the “review” and find the folder where the game is installed.
  • Go to the Client folder and add the Pubglite file.
  • Now click on “Pubglite” and select “Parameters”.
  • Put “high performance” and click “Save”.

Additional measures

Update the drivers for the video card. The fresh version can be found on the manufacturers’ website:

Improving personnel frequency

The threshold of a comfortable FPS in Pabga was fixed at 60 frames per second. This result can be obtained even on medium computers.

PUBG is designed on the Unreal Engine 4 engine. It requires a lot of PC resources, so it is best to close absolutely all programs that can work in the background. This applies to antivirus, utorrent, discord, Skype, browsers and other programs.

Do not change files in format.ini. The fact is that the developer officially banned this action. Otherwise, the user will receive a lock.

Changing NVIDIA settings

Even if the player has powerful computer, do not bypass these settings. In order to make changes, you need:

  • Go to the software settings tab;
  • Select Pubg in the list. If it is not in the proposed options, then you will need to add the game.
  • Change two parameters: enable flow optimization and change the power control mode for maximum performance.

In the section “Adjusting the image settings with viewing” you need to find the sliders and move it towards performance.


System requirements for playing PUBG on PC

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB or AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
  • Free space on the disk: 30 GB

Recommended system requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB or AMD Radeon RX 680 4GB
  • Free space on the disk: 30 GB

Now that you are convinced that the characteristics of your computer allow you to play PUBG, we can go to optimize your settings.

First you need to understand that the optimization of the game is a compromise between the quality of the picture and the performance. Therefore, nothing can force your computer to simultaneously process high quality graphics and give out good FPS. Now that we have clarified this nuance, let’s move on to the settings themselves and find out how to make the best decisions.

Screen settings

Display mode: always set the option “Full screen”.

Resolution: It is recommended to choose the standard resolution of your monitor. Other resolutions can create problems due to improper alignment of pixels.

Therefore, if you have a powerful PC, you can not hesitate to stay on your standard screen resolution. But if your PC from the budget segment and standard resolution creates problems for you, try to reduce it.

In the end, the ability to play the game is more important than starting it in standard resolution.

FPS Limit in the game: In order to correctly set this parameter, find out the frequency of the screen update of your monitor. You must set the FPS restriction, which corresponds to the maximum frequency of updating your monitor. Remember that if you underestimate this parameter, it will limit the performance of the game.

pubg, graphics, settings, weak

Brightness: here we recommend relying on our own preferences. However, we always advise slightly increasing brightness. This will allow you to see opponents in darkened places.

Advanced settings

Display scale: This parameter determines the internal scale of the game rendering. In other words, you can order the system to perform the rendering process with a resolution above or below the resolution that you put up earlier.

  • For example, if the standard resolution of your screen is 1920 by 1080 and you use a scale of 100, the game will be displayed with an accurate resolution of 1920 by 1080.

If your computer is able to issue high FPS by standard resolution, you can increase the scale. This will improve the quality of the game rendering.

The field of view from the first person: Perhaps you already know that this option is responsible for the player’s field of view. This is a purely individual choice of everyone. But no one denies the fact that the higher FOV, the more things are under your control. This allows you to easily discover enemies. Try different values ​​from 90 to 105 to find the best option for yourself.

Smoothing: this parameter deleys the irregularities of the edges when PC tries to draw straight lines in the game. In fact, it looks like rendering games with higher resolution. But this whole process requires much less computing resources.

  • However, do not forget that the resource intensity of this process is second only to processing the resolution itself.
  • Therefore, the better the smoothing, the greater the load on your computer.

Most likely you will want to raise the quality of this parameter. Especially if your standard resolution is too low and you observe irritating uneven lines. However, do not go too far, otherwise the performance of the game will fall noticeably.

pubg New state best graphic settings | graphic settings explain |best graphic settings to fix lag

Post.cutting: This option controls the number of shadows and imposes effects on the image. This is a useless parameter, and if you have a weak PC, you can disable it.

pubg, graphics, settings, weak

Shadows: This parameter controls the quality of the shadows for the character and the objects surrounding him.

Detailed shadows do not affect the competitive aspect of the game. But it is affected by the number of FPS.

Textures: this parameter significantly affects the overall quality of the game image. Use “low” or “medium” options if you still have problems related to the performance of the game.

Effects: This parameter controls the quality of visual effects. For example, how realistically explosions or quality of fire from Molotov cocktails will look like. And this is far from a complete list of such things. To improve performance, use the “very low” parameter. These visual effects lower your FPS and very often distract you during the battle.

Foliage: This option determines the quality of plant and bushes drawing on the map. We advise using the option “very low”.

The funny fact is that if you use the maximum quality of vegetation, you will not notice enemies that are hidden in the bushes near you.

Visibility range: this parameter is responsible for how clearly the objects at long distances are displayed. It is best to use high settings. This one will give you a certain tactical advantage. It will be easier for you to notice enemies at distant distances. And most importantly, it will be more convenient for you to aim at the head from a sniper rifle.

Increase sharpness: this parameter adds additional sharpness to the image. This is a completely unnecessary option. You can disable it if you want to achieve maximum performance.

Vertical synchronization: The parameter allows you to synchronize the number of frames generated by your video card in a second with the frequency of updating your monitor.

  • Please note that if your FPS is much higher or lower than the frequency of updating your monitor, this can create images and input delay.

Therefore, if your monitor is not equipped with a function like G-Sync or Freesync, it is better to leave this option included. However, make sure that you have reduced graphics settings so much that the average FPS is higher than the frequency of your monitor update.

It is also necessary to add that if FPS sags, when vertical synchronization is turned on, you will feel a noticeable input delay.

Blutters of movement: this parameter makes the movements of objects more smooth due to a decrease in their clarity. Therefore, you have to choose the most suitable option: smoothness of movement or clarity of displaying objects in motion.