PSP 3000 Original With 128G Free Games to Play Game Console Classic Nostalgic…

PSP 3000 Original With 128G Free Games to Play Game Console Classic Nostalgic Handheld GBA Handheld Arcade

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Battery For Sony PSP2000 PSP3000 PSP 2000 3000 PSP-S110 Playstation Portable Gamepad Sony 1200mAh 3.6V Lithium Rechargeable

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Original PSP 3000 128G

Original PSP 3000 128G free games to play

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3000, original, 128g, free, games

Is PSP-3000 Good?

For the flexibility of being able to play both downloaded and UMD games and movies (which any PSP model besides the PSPgo can do with a big enough memory stick, and for the lower cost and easy availability compared to earlier models, the PSP-3000 is the best choice for most gamers.

How long does a PSP-3000 battery last?

Not so, says John Koller, who corrected that statement and declared: “the new PSP will have equivalent battery life to the current PSP, about 4 to 6 hours for games and about 4 to 5 hours for UMD

Does PSP 2000 and 3000 use the same battery?

Everyone and their mother have been bitching about the PSP-3000 and it’s supposedly atrocious battery life compared to the current gen because of the improved screen and rightfully so, IMO.

The PSP-3000 was made available in piano black, pearl white, mystic silver, radiant red, vibrant blue, spirited green, blossom pink, turquoise green and lilac purple. The limited edition “Big Boss Pack” of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker had a camouflage pattern while the God of War: Ghost of Sparta bundle pack included a black-and-red two-toned PSP. The Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Cosmos Chaos edition that was released on March 3, 2011, has an Amano artwork as the PSP’s face plate.

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3000, original, 128g, free, games

Sony PSP 3000 Black

Because this item is priced lower than the suggested manufacturer’s advertised price, pricing for this item can be shown by proceeding through the checkout process if the product is available.


Pros: As always. Newegg you are the BEST! As far as the device goes, for 100 (during the November SALE), you can’t complain. The system will do what it is what is supposed to do. Processor speed is the same as well as picture/video quality; which remains intact. The device is much lighter a plus for some that are looking for a lighter portable console.

Cons: I have been a Sony customer hence Sony was buddies with Nintendo back in the 80s. I have purchased many of their products and have had my share of disappointments. This product is much lighter than its predecessors. The internal components seem the same, but some of the materials seem thinner (for some reason). Although I have not been able to test all yet. I will attempt to warebreak and see if the results are as promising as the first models.

Overall Review: Once again, thank you Newegg for the two day “FREE” shipping. You continue to have a loyal customer.

Pros: Was a Christmas gift for my nephew and he loved it while it worked. He and his friends were able to connect up and play games together. He was on top of the world.

3000, original, 128g, free, games

Cons: About 2 weeks ago he stated that his button was beginning to stick. Today he called me and said it was unusable anymore. I just picked it up and tried it out myself and the right direction pad button does in fact stick to the slightest touch (even if you press a different direction pad button.)

Overall Review: Dealing with the manufacturer is something that I am not looking forward to.

Warranty Returns

Return Policies

Return for refund within: 30 days

Return for replacement within: 30 days

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Manufacturer Contact Info

Support Phone: 1-800-345-7669






Media Type

Playstation Portable (Slim)
UMD (Universal Media Disc)
Screen Size

Display Format

Color Support


130,560 pixels
24-bit (16.7 million colors)
480 x 272 (16:9)

Directional buttons (up/down/right/left), Analog stick Action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square) START button, SELECT button, PS button POWER/HOLD switch, WLAN switch Display button, Sound button, Volume (/-) buttons

Main input/output Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b) (Wi-Fi) High Speed USB (USB2.0) (mini-B) Memory Stick PRO Duo Analog Video Out Microphone Main connectors DC IN 5V connector DC OUT connector Video out/headset connector USB connector Memory Stick Duo slot
Power Device



Power adapter. external
1 x Game console battery. Rechargeable. Lithium
1200 mAh

The 25 best PSP games of all time

The best PSP games reflect just how ahead of the game Sony was in 2004. Going up against Nintendo’s 3DS was never going to be easy for the manufacturer, although it had faced stiffer odds in the home console market years before. With its multimedia UMD cartridges and a selection of fantastic launch games, including Lumines and Metal Gear Acid, the PSP steadily transformed the commute for any player who was willing to take a gamble on this portable powerhouse.

Over the years, the PSP carved out its own space in the handheld scene. Its beautiful screen and impressive tech specs ensured the system became the home for any player wanting to play AAA-quality games on the move. But there was more to the PSP than blockbuster games, with the console boasting a library of quietly innovative experiences that couldn’t be found anywhere else. So keep on scrolling for our pick of the 25 best PSP games of all-time.

For more definitive rankings of Sony Playstation games throughout the years:

Half-Minute Hero

Developer: Marvelous Entertainment Released: 2009

Got a minute? How about half? Good, because that’s all the time you get to save the whole dang world. Developed by Marvelous Entertainment, Half-Minute Hero turns standard RPG conventions on their head by holding players to a 30-second time limit in which they must battle fiends and build up their powers in order to save the world. Luckily, that timer can be reset, and the fun comes in using each groundhog day scenario to push forward towards greater enemies, acquire better gear, and become generally better at kicking ass in thirty seconds or less. Half-Minute Hero is a game that tries its damndest to defy categorization, but you won’t have time to care what it is.

Killzone: Liberation

Developer: Guerrilla Games Released: 2006

For a game that deals in death and destruction, Killzone: Liberation remains not only one of the most polished and prettiest games on the PSP, but it’s arguably the best Killzone game ever made. Liberation swaps the FPS vantage point for a top-down isometric view that rewards fast trigger fingers as much as tactical thinking. The game is also tough, training players to think before they shoot and perfect their approach in every mission. Rather than a glut of weapons and upgrades with no perceivable benefits, a huge assortment of tech and skills will keep you constantly reconsidering what the best way to play is. With the addition of one of PSP’s most robust ad-hoc multiplayer modes, Liberation is truly one of the PSP’s killer apps.

Jeanne d’Arc

Developer: Level-5 Released: 2006

Why Level-5 felt obliged to rewrite Joan of Arc’s history instead of creating a French heroine of their own is beyond us. But no matter, because this magical, demon-fighting version of the historical figure does a fine job of leading one of the deepest and most creative tactical role-playing game on the system. Like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne D’Arc sees players taking on battles throughout an overworld map, collecting new team members and leveling their teams along the way. Innovative choices like using skills stones over classes, or setting time limits for each battle give Jeanne D’Arc a play style all its own, while the anime presentation and swift-yet-complex battles do their part to hoist it above others in the genre.

Secret Agent Clank

Developer: High Impact Games Released: 2008

The name’s XJ-0461. Clank XJ-0461. Remember it, because if you’re in the mood for a cool and efficient Ratchet and Clank spin-off, you can call on Secret Agent Clank to handle the job. Clank pulls off this solo adventure with class, blending traditional Ratchet and Clank gameplay with a nice variety of 3D platforming diversions. You’ll speed through vehicle levels, lord over Gadgebot objectives, play out Quark’s exaggerated memories, and even blast away foes with Ratchet. With numerous gadgets and outlandish weapons at his disposal, and familiar friends to fill in the gaps, Clank’s spin-off comes fully-loaded with the series’ trademark creativity and polish.

3000, original, 128g, free, games

Every Extend Extra

Developer: Q Entertainment Released: 2006

Screenshots don’t do Every Extend Extra justice, as it’s easy to dismiss Q Entertainment’s shoot-’em-up as a colorful mess. Spend time learning the ropes and wrapping your head (and eyes) around the explosive gameplay, however, and Every Extend Extra will leave you star-struck. The mission is straightforward: detonate a ship to set off chain reactions and keep doing so until each main boss is destroyed. It’s learning how to detonate strategically and when to risk it all for power-ups that make each level a hybrid of twitch gaming and puzzle solving. What’s more, each stage features new enemies, backgrounds, and music composed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines), making Every Extend Extra a game that always has something new coming up in its playlist.

Ys Seven

Developer: Nihon Falcom Released: 2009

Seven was indeed a lucky number for Nihon Falcom’s action RPG franchise. Ys Seven represents an evolution of the series, evolving Ys’ 2D sprites and environments into a full 3D adventure with new party members to discover, new systems to fine tune, and fresh new ways in which to dispatch justice in Altago. You’d think a 30 hour RPG would wear out its welcome on a portable system, but Ys Seven’s satisfying combat, rich world, and fascinating storyline keeps the quest feeling lively and fresh.

Mega Man Powered Up

Developer: Capcom Released: 2006

Mega Man Powered Up is not just a remake of the original NES game. It earns its place here by drawing from the series’ humble beginnings and reimagining them with cutesy new graphics, two new levels, and modes of play that let you swap Mega Man for one of his robotic bosses. Think of it like The Muppet Babies if the Muppet Babies were constantly blowing each other up to snatch their abilities from each other. If that weren’t enough to keep old school fans busy, it comes with a level editor and the ability to share player-created Mega Man stages with the world.

Ape Escape: On the Loose

Developer: Japan Studio Released: 2005

Ape Escape: On the Loose is a pristine, thoughtful remake of the PS1 original with upgraded graphics and a smattering of new monkey-themed minigames. The translation isn’t perfect, and the controls miss something without the second analog stick, but the game’s mix of platforming challenges, gadgetry, and charm overshadows these few complains. Ape wrangling is messy work, after all, but in the end it’s worth it.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Developer: Square Enix Released: 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep would have been easy to turn into a quick cash-in; a portable Kingdom Hearts to milk fans perpetually waiting for a proper sequel. Instead Square made one of the most important games in the series, filling out the strange world’s lore with the same level of care and ambition as other titles in the series such as the epic Kingdom Hearts 2. Long before Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, this was the closest thing everyone thought we would get to a third full game. Heroes Terra, Aqua, and Ventus make for a disorienting shift from Sora, but the game’s Command Deck and D-Link combat mechanics help to keep the adventure moving with fast, fluid, and surprisingly deep enemy encounters. It only takes a few visits to familiar Disney locales to ease back into the Kingdom Hearts vibe.

Gran Turismo PSP

Developer: Polyphony Digital Released: 2009

Gran Turismo PSP is a title that had no business looking and playing as good as it did on the PSP. Polyphony Digital barely took its foot off the pedal when creating an exclusive GT experience for Sony’s portable, and the result is a standalone title that purrs. No doubt, GT is great to look at, but it also packs a lot under its hood. With over 800 cars, 35 tracks, and 60fps of raw racing performance, it makes up for its lack of a traditional career mode or some of the deeper customization you’ll find elsewhere in the series. Plus, GT PSP’s ad-hoc vehicle sharing and one-off multiplayer races are a nice touch.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Developer: Square Enix Released: 2011


The first Dissidia Final Fantasy may have turned the fan service up, but this sequel cranks its love for FF to 11. er. 012. um. it cranks it up to Duodecim. Designed as a prequel to the first Dissidia, Dissidia 012 mixes standard JRPG mechanics with flashy, high-octane one-on-one fighting game mechanics. It also tweaks a few balance issues from the first game and brings nine new FF characters into the fold. This is explicitly an FF fan’s delight but there’s plenty for newcomers to cling to in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy thanks to its theatrical antics.

Persona 3 Portable

Developer: Atlus Released: 2009

What’s amazing about this PSP adaptation of the PS2’s Persona 3 is how fresh and different it feels in the transition to handheld. In optimizing the overworld for quick-and-easy exploration and shifting the main character’s perspective from male to female, the overall tone of the story is changed, giving even old fans something new to latch on to. Impactful tweaks like these make the PSP version of this JRPG worthy of attention, but its biggest strength is the unchanged dungeon crawling that’s peerless in the RPG Canon. The only thing that matches it is Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita.

LocoRoco 2

Developer: Japan Studio Released: 2008

LocoRoco 2 is impossible to hate. Go on, try. After just a few minutes with Japan Studio’s painfully cute platform puzzler, you too will be singing along with the titular blobs and spending every extra second digging into their rich, colorful world. Everything that made LocoRoco an innovative hit returns in this sequel, including the game’s trademark tilt-a-world mechanic that takes a moment to learn and multiple playthroughs to master. And you’ll want to become an expert at rolling, bumping, and squishing LocoRocos through their environments too if you hope to collect all of the game’s secrets and bonus missions. Don’t let the Saturday morning cartoon vibe turn you off. LocoRoco 2 is as challenging as it is charming and as devious as it is cute.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Developer: Sega Released: 2010

There was fear this portable sequel to PS3’s Valkyria Chronicles would rob the series of its breadth and depth, but Sega handles the transition like a champ. Valkyria Chronicles II picks up Avan Hardin’s story without missing a step, setting you on a path through the Lanseal Royal Military Academy that will see you navigating conflicts both on and off the battlefield that feel just as complex and satisfying as before. After spending countless hours managing troops, customizing vehicles, and perfecting your strategy in the war for Gallia, it’ll become clear that this handheld Valkyria Chronicles entry can hold its own.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Developer: Square Enix Released: 2007

As an updated remake of Final Fantasy Tactics from the first Playstation console, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions extends the tactical role-playing goodness with new characters, jobs, and cutscenes which give even veterans of the original motivation to head back into the fray. If you don’t get lost in the labyrinthine plot, you’ll spend days tinkering with your army and perfecting your strategy in the field. As in the original, the game isn’t kind to beginners; but those who spend time learning its inner workings will no doubt find themselves dedicated to the cause.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Developer: Konami Released: 2007

For years, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood was considered a lost holy grail in the Castlevania series trapped as a rare, Japan-only exclusive for the Turbo-Grafx 16 CD. Then came Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, packaging not just this 2.5D remake of Rondo, but the original and an updated version of Playstation 1’s legendary Symphony of the Night. The whole package is a blood-stamped love letter to fans, loaded with weird characters and a shiny new Boss Mode. To this day, it remains one of the best games in the series.

Power Stone Collection

Developer: Capcom Released: 2006

Forgetting the fact this compilation offers two games in one (Power Stone and Power Stone 2), Power Stone made 3D multiplayer brawling cool long before those fancy Playstation All-Stars came onto the scene. The game delivers a whole stack of playable combatants, all of whom light up the arenas with slick, explosive action. The decision to bring the formerly Dreamcast-exclusive Power Stone series to Sony’s PSP was an inspired choice, not just because the handheld was an ideal venue for quick, pick-up-and-play arcade action, but because it demonstrated how the PSP could give lesser-known series a second chance. In many ways, the PSP is the Dreamcast of portables. a misunderstood venue for brilliant, off-beat game making.

Monster Hunter Freedom

Developer: Capcom Released: 2005

Monster Hunter Freedom demands the best from you. It requires cunning, patience, the ability to take a beating, and the willingness to return for more. For those willing to tackle its challenge, however, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences on the PSP. Taking its lead from Monster Hunter G, Freedom is a massive monster-hunting game full of prey who will put your warrior through hell and back. You can try mashing your way through early-game bounties, but bigger enemies require experimentation and expert planning. That said, the genius of Monster Hunter Freedom is you’ll want to keep trying, not just to reap the in-game rewards, but to soak in that rare sense of accomplishment you only get from looking genuinely tough foes in the face and living to tell the tale. This game made MonHun an international treasure.

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

Developer: Square Enix Released: 2007

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core returns fans to one of the most iconic gaming realms in a way that feels right on a handheld platform. There’s still plenty of opportunities to kick around with Zack and other FF7 familiars, but the short-burst missions do away with time-consuming RPG tropes and let you hack away at the meaty adventure at your own pace. Even the slot-machine feature (memorably dubbed Digital Mind Wave) keeps the action humming and injects a sense of luck and surprise into every encounter. It may operate differently than what we were used to, but Crisis Core keeps the FF7 components intact while delivering a fresh spin on a classic tale. This was one of the first big projects by Hajime Tabata, who went on to direct the big series with Final Fantasy 15.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Developer: Rockstar Released: 2006

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (VCS) isn’t the first portable GTA spin-off, but it’s the most polished of its kind in the PSP roster. A prequel to PS2’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, VCS pushes the PSP in all the right places to bring the Grand Theft Auto world to life in ways that seem impossible for the technologically limited PSP. This was thanks in part to a new game engine, resulting in a cleaner, more visually arresting handheld Grand Theft Auto. Even in the post-GTA Online world, it stands as a technical and creative achievement.


Patapon 3

Developer: Pyramid Released: 2011

What you do in this bizarre, PSP-exclusive series is hard to describe without using the word Patapon itself. It’s a game that marches to the beat of its own drum, borrowing notes of the rhythm game genre to compose a unique tune all its own. It’s like Lemmings meets Elite Beat Agents. Or LocoRoco meets Donkey Konga. See? Hard. With Patapon 3, the developer Pyramid perfects its formula. Once again, the game challenges you to lead an army of Patapons to victory against the Seven Evil Archfiends by tapping out drum beats to control their actions. The controls are more intuitive, the visuals are more varied, and the multiplayer adds a whole new dimension to the Patapons’ quest. It’s a sequel that layers improvements on top of nearly every aspect of the game without missing a beat.


Developer: Ready at Dawn Released: 2006

Daxter is the spin-off to the Jak Daxter PS2 series you never realized was possible. Taking place at the beginning of Jak 2, Ready at Dawn’s offbeat open-world platformer/shooter chronicles the adventures of wisecracking ocelot Daxter as he attempts to save his buddy Jak from the clutches of Baron Praxis. If you’ve never played a Jak Daxter game before (shame on you), then that sentence might as well be gibberish to your ears, making this an experience catered to franchise fans above all else. Still, the visual and gameplay fidelity of Daxter on such a teensy, portable console was mega impressive at the time, and the title still holds up today as a big, premium action-adventure with a tonally consistent story deserving of the Jak Daxter branding. There’s action, drama, laughs, boss fights, LAN multiplayer, mini-games, collectibles and much more to be enjoyed in Daxter, making it an absolute must-play for the PSP enthusiast.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Developer: Ready at Dawn Released: 2010

Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio captured Zeus’ lightning in a bottle when they crammed the God of War series into Sony’s handheld. God of War: Chains of Olympus was an impressive achievement, but Ghost of Sparta surpassed it with an adventure that is slick and gorgeous. Following Kratos’ search for his brother Deimos, Ghost of Sparta is essential for followers of the series Canon. And while it doesn’t rise to the same scale as its console siblings, it comes damn close while showing off a few new moves along the way. By the time you plumb the depths of Atlantis, swim the River of Lament, and tear a swath through the Domain of Death, you’ll feel as if you’ve survived an authentic Greek myth.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Developer: Kojima Productions Released: 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker captures the blockbuster feel of its console comrades in a way that make us wonder if Hideo Kojima secretly upgraded our PSPs. The insane plot, mounds of bonus content, and the obsessive army building later used in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain keeps you rapt the entire 30-hour runtime. Yes, thirty. The action mixes classic Snake ass-kickery with deep squad management that sees you tweaking the ins and outs of Mother Base while training Militaires Sans Frontieres for deployment in missions. Combined with the multiplayer co-ops and versus ops modes, these elements make Peace Walker feel like it’s about to burst out of its UMD at any moment. But then, Snake is never one for staying within bounds to begin with.

Lumines: Puzzle Fusion

Developer: Q Entertainment Released: 2004

Lumines is timeless. Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s psychedelic puzzler scratches our synesthesia itch by using light and sound in ways that make every round feel as fresh and exciting as the last even more than a decade after its release. Lumines turns block-matching into art, changing the landscape with every skin and evolving a well-worn concept into a trippy, tub-thumping, zen-like vacation for the senses. It says a lot that a PSP launch title remains its crowning achievement, but it only takes a few rounds with this musical prodigy to understand why. While it’s had sequels on PS3, PS Vita, even iOS and Android, the PSP original is still the best.

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