Ps4 Limited Edition Differences

This article contains answers to such a number of valuable questions, such as. what is an audit, what is it an exant, what are the differences, how to verify its authenticity, features of a new revision of 2018 and so on.

What is a PS4 console revision?

Revision PS4. This is a mini version of console improvements aimed at small changes in the internal components. It can be:

Ps4 Limited Edition Differences

  • energy optimization;
  • changes in the cooling system;
  • build improvement;
  • replenishment of functionality;
  • acceleration of the contact path of the HDMI input;
  • change the appearance of buttons
  • weight reduction due to redistribution, etc.

This concept exists due to the fact that developers are constantly working on the modernization of the product, but at the same time do not change its properties. Also, revision is often understood. model of the motherboard (exactly how it shares the load between its components).

What is the difference between revisions?

On the issue of performance. none. The fact that the prefix came off the assembly line a month later does not give it any special advantages over others in displaying pictures, sound quality or playing a disc. Each subsequent improvement in the hardware can be compared with the “steps”, so you can feel any difference between them only after a long period of use.

An exception is the latest large-scale development for the PS4 model “Pro”, updates to which have adopted modifications of the recent exclusive “Playstation 4 Pro 2Tb (Limited Edition)”.

The latest PS4 Pro: decryption revision CUH-70XXB

Just as the CUSA code on the disc indicates its capabilities, the model number of any home console hides a number of useful information. For example, if you consider the serial code CUH-70XXb, then:

  • CUH — Distinguishing Brand Names of Sony Corporation;
  • 7. indicates the PS4 Pro model (for Fat. 1, for Slim. 2);
  • 0. serial number of the revision;
  • XX. region;
  • B is the memory capacity of 1000 Gb (A. for 500 Gb).

Benefits for high-quality connoisseurs

Today, according to the latest data, the latest actual PS4 novelty for the Ukrainian market is Cuh-7216b. What features distinguished the new version:

  • the complete absence of any noise: special ventilation plates facilitate easy air exchange, but at the same time absorb any sounds;
  • quick launch: activation, launch of their games and their playback are twice as fast;
  • image transfer increased by 10-15 frames per second: even the most demanding game does not “freeze” and “does not slow down”;
  • the clock frequency of the AMD GCN graphics card was raised to 36 computational units (in the last revision of Cuh 70ХХВ. only 16);
  • RAM increased to 218 Gbit / s (in the past. 176 Gbit / s).

In other indicators, everything remained the same: support for 4K images, fast synchronization with a virtual reality helmet, the same set of 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar, AMD Radeon 4.20 Tflops GPU.

Digital Foundry specialists conducted a comparative test of the performance of the PlayStation 4 Pro of different versions, the results of which can be seen in the footage.