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How to share PS5 screen images and video process on your phone

The transmission of the screen of the screen between your PS5 and your smartphone should be a simple process. Given that PlayStation has its own mobile application, you might think that the gallery will be available there. But this is not so, and sharing your screenshots or videos between devices is actually a little uncomfortable.

Want to share the PS5 screen images and capture the gameplay on your mobile device? That’s how.

What are screenshots and video game process for PS5?

When you play a game on your PS5, you know that pressing the “Create” button allows you to take a screen picture or write a video material from your gameplay. To capture the gameplay using photos or videos is easy.

A screen picture is just one frame made from your game that can show an impressive moment of the gameplay or getting your last trophy. This is a motionless image.

So, now you know what these functions are, how to transfer content from PS5 to the phone?


One of the most popular and free screenshots tools, which is an example of balance between simplicity and functionality. Lightshot has only the necessary and there is nothing superfluous. The program weighs less than 3 megabytes, is completely not demanding on resources and works very quickly.

Take fast shots of the screen and the selected area, rule and add notes in the editor, and then download one click on a corporate service and instantly share links to files with colleagues.


A good open source program that can take pictures of the entire screen, the selected window or area, as well as repeat the last action. All this works through the menu in the application icon or through a combination of keys.

In one click, the image can be copied to the exchange buffer, saved or downloaded to IMGUR. If necessary, the screenshot is easy to open in a or external editor. Among the available opportunities: various arrows, figures, text, blur and another. In beta versions, even of text is available.

Greenshot distributes free for Windows. On MacOS for the application in the App Store you will have to pay 1.99.

Using media gallery / Photos editing

You can edit recently taken screen pictures directly from the creative menu. Click the hand icon to edit photos. You can also share, add to the favorites or delete the same photo by clicking the corresponding icon. When editing, your capabilities are limited to pruning and adding text. You can change the color, font and position of the text, if you want, but intensive editing will still have to be performed in external applications, such as Photoshop. You can easily transfer data from a multimedia gallery to an external storage device.

Media exchange

You can share your screen shots or video clips using a button with a curved arrow in a medial gallery / creative menu. Tie your accounts. YouTube and PSN to publish live messages directly from the PS5 console.

How to automatically load PS5 screenshots on your phone

PlayStation 4 added a special “Share” button to make it easier to show friends their cool screenshots and videos. Unfortunately, it was still quite difficult to transfer the images from the console to the phone or computer. On PS5, this function is now renamed the “Create” button, but it works the same way, and the same problems have been saved. you had to either upload images in. or transmit them through a USB drive. Still.

The future has finally come, and PlayStation began to introduce a new function that automatically uploads your screenshots with PS5 right on your mobile phone. This is how to do it.

How to use the PS5 creation button to create screen images

Just by pressing the button, the Creation button to the left of the DualSense touch panel activates it. You can configure it if you go to the “Settings” “Captures and Translation” “Captures”. Here you can change the labels so that you actually take a picture of the screen. this is a quick and simple process. I set my own so that one press takes a screen of the screen, two clicks write down the video, and a long press causes the creation control elements.

Here you can configure the duration of each video clip, as well as turn off the annoying pop.up window, which confirms that you took a picture of the screen. this is pain when you want to quickly take several pictures in a row, and they have a large icon. corner spoils your photos. You can also change the preferred file format for photo and video.

How to automatically load PS5 screenshots on your phone

Now you know how to make screenshots, and you will want to get them as soon as possible on your phone. You used to go to the media gallery and send images to. OneDrive or somewhere else, which was a slow and laborious process. Now PlayStation releases an update that should automatically load the images directly to the PlayStation application on your smartphone.

Enter the Media Gallery application on your PS5 and. if the update has reached your console, you should get a pop.up window with the question whether you want to enable the automatic loading function. Just click “Turn on automatic loading”. And everything is ready. So far, this function was noticed only in the United States, but soon it will appear in other regions.

Just keep in mind, the photos will remain in your application only for 14 days, and the video clips should be less than three minutes, so return to these creation settings and configure them accordingly. Do not panic if you do not see a pop.up window yet. Such functions are introduced into the regions slowly, so gain patience, and in the end you will see it.

How to save (or upload) screenshot or video

To save a screenshot or video in the game, just click the “Share” button on the left side of the controller, next to the guide panel. The “General Access” menu will appear. At any time you can press the “Circle” button to get out of this screen and go back to where you were in the game.

In some cases, the Share menu may not work. You are not allowed to shoot screenshots or record videos with a specific video game or other applications, depending on whether the developer allowed. However, there is almost always permission.

When a joint access menu appears, you can select “Save the screen picture” by pressing the “Triangle” or “Save Video” button by pressing the “Square” button. This will save a screenshot or video clip for PlayStation.

Save the screen picture and your PlayStation 4 will capture the current screen. Save the video clip, and your PlayStation 4 will save the last 15 minutes of your gameplay, which he recorded in the background. Your PlayStation 4 saves only the last fifteen minutes of gameplay in a temporary buffer, so there are no personnel more than fifteen minutes ago if you have not kept them in a video clip.

If you want to download a screenshot or video clip, select “Download the screen picture” or “download a video”. You can share a screenshot through. Or message PlayStation. You can download the video in YouTube or Dailymotion.

To share or download to other services, you need to save a screen of a screen or a video clip on the internal PlayStation 4 vault, copy it to a USB drive and then move it to your computer, where you can do everything you want.

How to quickly take a screenshot

To quickly maintain a screenshot in the local PlayStation 4 vault, you can click the “Share” button on the controller and hold it pressed at least one second. Your PlayStation 4 will save a screenshot without visiting the SHARA screen. You will see the icon in the upper left corner of the screen so that you know that the screenshot was successfully preserved.

You can configure the parameters “share”, “video clip” and “screen picture”. To do this, first click the “Share” button in the game to open the “Share” menu. Click the “Parameters” button on your controller and select “General Access Settings”.

The screen “Type of control“ Share ”allows you to configure the“ Share ”button for a faster capture of the screen shots. You can make PlayStation 4 save the screen picture when you click the “Share” button in normal mode, and show the “General Access” screen when you press the button for a long time.

On the “Video.clip settings” screen, you can adjust the length of the video clip that your PlayStation preserves in short than 15 minutes by default, but not longer. You can turn on the sound from your microphone in your gameplay clips.

Go to the screen settings menu to change the screen settings. PlayStation 4 saves screenshots in the default JPEG format, but instead you can choose PNG. By default, your PlayStation 4 retains a screenshot when you earn a trophy in the game, but you can also disable it here.

Copy screen shots on a USB drive

You can copy the shots of the screen taken on the PlayStation 4 on the USB drive. First go to the picture gallery and press the parameter button on the PlayStation 4. He will show you a list of actions, select “Copy on a USB drive” on the right.

All your files will be copied to a flash drive, and you can remove the drive and transfer files to a computer or smartphone.

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Screenshots on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 has many useful functions, which makes it a suitable console for everyone who wants to fix their achievements during the game. You can take pictures of the screen and immediately share them with friends on social networks or copy on a USB drive. Leave a comment if you have problems creating screen images or video recording.

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If you want to transfer your PlayStation 4 screen shots to other devices, you can do this by copying the screen images on the USB drive. PlayStation 4 has the ability to copy content on USB devices, and this is what you can use to complete your task.

Just make sure your USB drive is formatted in the Exfat or FAT32 file system. and then perform the following actions to copy the screen images on your drive.

  • Connect the USB drive to PlayStation 4.
  • To gain access to your screen shots, go to the “Library” section “Gallery of capture” “All” on the console.
  • Select a screen of the screen that you want to copy, click the “Parameters” button on the controller and select “Copy on the USB drive”.

Changing the settings of the PlayStation 4 screen image

Your PlayStation 4 offers several options to change the method of capturing and preserving your screen images. You can configure these parameters on the console as follows.

Change the format of the PlayStation 4 screen image file

By default, PlayStation 4 retains your screenshots in JPG format. If you do not prefer this, another option is to save the screen images in PNG.

This does not convert your existing screen images; Your future screen pictures will use a new specified format.

Take a picture of the PlayStation 4 screen by clicking

By default, the console requires you to hold the “share” button for several seconds to take a picture of the screen. If you do not want to wait for these “several seconds”, you can configure the option on your PlayStation 4 to then take the screen pictures with one click of the “Share” button.

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You can configure this on your PlayStation 4 as follows:

Now one click of the “Share” button will take a picture of the screen of your screen.

How to quickly take a screen picture

On the screen “Setting Video.clip” you can adjust the length of the video clip that PlayStation preserves so that it is shorter than 15 minutes by default, but not more than. You can turn on the sound from your microphone in your game clips.

Visit the screenshot settings screen to change the screenshot settings. Your PlayStation 4, by default, saves screen pictures in JPEG format, but instead you can choose PNG. By default, your PlayStation 4 retains a screenshot when you earn a trophy in the game, but you can also disable it here.

How to copy screenshots and videos on a USB drive

To view saved video clips and images, use the Capture Gallery application attached to the PlayStation 4. If you do not see it on the main screen, you can completely scroll to the right on the main screen, choose a “library”, choose “applications”, and then “capture the gallery”.

Using this application, you can view all the saved screen pictures and video clips or select a specific game and view the saved multimedia files associated with this game.

You can download the media files from here if you want. But you can also copy them directly to the USB drive and get access to them on a computer. To do this, insert a USB drive formatted using Fat32 or Exfat file systems in one of the PlayStation 4 USB ports. Select the media file that you want to copy, click the “option” button on your controller and select “Copy on the USB drive”.

When you finish copying media files, you can disable the USB drive, connect it to the computer and access the screen and video files, as well as any other files.

This function is designed to capture the gameplay, so it does not allow to record video from Netflix, Hulu or other media services. However, he should work almost everywhere in almost every game.

The transmission of the screen of the screen between your PS5 and your smartphone should be a simple process. Given that PlayStation has its own mobile application, you might think that the gallery will be available there. But this is not so, and sharing your screenshots or videos between devices is actually a little uncomfortable.

How to find a captured gameplay and screenshots on PS5

Instead of the Share button in DualShock 4 Dualsense has a new Create button in the left side of the touch panel, symbolized by three lines that appear above the button, unlike the parameters on the right, which are only three horizontal lines, the menu button on the Xbox controller button.

Whatever you do, pressing the “Create” button causes parameters similar to the control center when pressing the PlayStation button. This is a quick way to access your latest pictures, which is displayed on the tiles on the left side.

Just click X on the tile, and the window will open, which allows you to view the last 15 shots of the screen and video that can be cyclically viewed by pressing L1 and R1, and instantly shared, edited, save or delete it.

Of course, these are only the latest pictures. But if you want to access all the recorded game process and screenshots, you can do this here. Just select the “Go to the Media Gallery” option.

This causes a media gallery where you can find all your pictures, including trophies, which by default also captures a video on how you get a trophy.

They are grouped in the following tabs: all, favorites, prizes and albums. If you just want to find pictures for a certain game, then you need the Album tab tab.

There are also two more icons on the left. The upper one allows you to sort and filter your pictures, and Nizhny allows you to choose several images for deleting, copying on a USB-drive or joint use (remember that you allow you to share a maximum of 4 images by one tweet).

You can also choose a picture of a video or picture of the screen to view it in full screen mode, and then you will have the following parameters:

  • social networks
  • Add to the elect
  • Edit (cutting for screen shots or video trimming)
  • delete
  • -this has two additional parameters: copy on a USB drive and information where you can find out, check the date of creating the file, size, size and where you can even rename the file.

As an alternative, you can access the above through a quick opening menu with the same parameters by simply by pressing the “Parameters” button when choosing a capture.

This is the fastest and most intuitive way to find a captured gameplay and screenshots on PS5. However, there is another way to gain access to the media gallery. To do this, you need to be on the main screen, to which you can access by holding the PlayStation button. From there go to the settings, the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Go to the storage in the settings, and you will get into the console storage, where you will see how much your SSD was occupied by games, applications, saving data, and also where you can choose a multimedia gallery.


This method is very similar to how you get access to the pictures on the PlayStation 4, and out of habit, some users may prefer to do this. But we must admit that the “Create” button greatly simplifies the search for your shots of the screen and pictures without leaving the game and without stopping it.

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