Pros and cons of iPhone XR

Chipset and memory

By creating new versions of devices, Apple is taking tangible steps in the creation and use of various processors. How successful the chipset is can be understood when running programs and resource-intensive games.

If we compare this modification with other devices, then one should notice a rather strong breakthrough in power and performance. The architecture is 64-bit, so you can use even heavy games with maximum convenience. However, this plus has its own fly in the ointment. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not install the recommended 4 GB of RAM to reveal the full functionality and proper operation of the system.

But 2 GB is enough for smooth operation, switching between windows and simultaneously opening several applications and games at once.

It should be noted that during the presentation, the manufacturer did not say anything about the device’s battery. Power consumption has clearly been increased, and if the smartphone works with the same battery, then it will discharge many times faster.

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Pros and cons of iPhone 6 S

It cannot be said that the 6S model is very different from the usual (authentic) smartphone model. But still, it has its advantages. In addition to the above, it is necessary to additionally note other.

  • Performance at the highest level.
  • Compared to iPhone 6, the body is noticeably better.
  • The camera now works with 12 megapixels.
  • The screen will receive an innovative 3D Touch option.
  • The manufacturer did not say a word about the power of the battery.
  • Although the camera has become better, it is much worse than that of competitors.


The release of the smartphone significantly surprised buyers. The design has remained the same. It is virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor iPhone 6. The inserts were made of ceramic-metal material, and the camera stands out slightly from the body.

Particularly attentive owners might have noticed that the screen received 1 millimeter. The manufacturer associates this nuance with the introduction of 3d Touch technology. Like many modern devices, the smartphone is comfortable and pleasant to hold and use. It is as thin and light as possible. Looks modern and solid.

The body is made of aluminum, which is better known in the 7000 series. Thanks to this, the device has a positive side: a high level of durability. If you put it under a heavy object, sit on it, or try to bend it, then everything will be fine with the smartphone. There are vulnerabilities, but they are at a low level.

But still, I would like to emphasize specifically for the owners of any expensive smartphone. you should not check the device for strength, and you should also avoid carrying the device in the back of your pants or trousers.

Positive and negative sides of the iPhone 6

It is necessary to summarize all the data obtained in order to provide a specific list of cons and pros. What are they?

  • large screen;
  • the display is clear and of high quality;
  • the speed of LTE and Wi-Fi networks is much better than in previous models;
  • increased internal storage. Available in three versions: 16, 64 and 124 GB.

Differences between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6

For a long time, the manufacturer’s logic revolved around the assertion that a small screen makes it easier to use the device. However, owners were confused by the size of the 5S, as the small display makes it difficult to use many functions. Now this problem has almost disappeared.

Review, features, pros and cons of the iPhone 6

The owners of “Apple” equipment have long been accustomed to the fact that the company releases an improved modification of the next model every year. In this case, we are talking about the phone iPhone 6 / 6S / 6S.

There is little difference between the original model and the improved S. Therefore, we will not talk about them as separate phones with fundamental differences. About the plus version a little later.

The presentation of the new iPhone model, like any other special novelty from the American manufacturer, was loud. At the end of the show, Model S was presented with a full overview of its characteristics, discussion of advantages and implemented technologies.


Many buyers have repeatedly said that the manufacturer should think about increasing the megapixels of the cameras used in iPhones.

This has finally been implemented in the 6S. The developer used a 12 megapixel matrix, so the quality of the images obtained has increased many times over. Of course, when compared with the flagships from Samsung or Sony, which work with 16 Mp and 23 Mp sensors, this figure is quite low, but buyers are happy at least with such a response from the manufacturer. Using the iPhone 6S camera, you will notice that the pictures are taken at high speed and with the best image clarity.

The company did not fix one minus. Many buyers complained that they had to slide their finger up and down to change the exposure.

Smartphone Apple iPhone XR: overview and specifications

Just a week after Apple’s 2018 flagship iPhone XS and XS Max hit the market, the iPhone XR has arrived. Interestingly, sales in Russia opened on the same day as in the United States, but there was no such excitement with kilometer-long queues as with the iPhone X. In this review, we will consider how the budget iPhone XR differs from its more expensive counterparts and whether it is so budgetary, and how convenient it is to use it.
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Display totals

The screen is virtually in no way inferior to the OLED displays of the iPhone X line. Yes, the ppi and resolution are lower, but visually it is almost impossible to determine. In addition, the IPS matrix does not have such OLED defect as flickering at low brightness. The main qualities of XR displays can be highlighted:

  • deep black tones without failures when changing the angle of view;
  • high contrast;
  • high-quality and natural color rendering;
  • good white balance;
  • support for sRGB color gamut by the operating system;
  • no flicker at low brightness settings;
  • effective oleophobic coating;
  • good viewing angle, no glare;
  • a large number of settings, including automatic ones (which work efficiently and adequately).
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The main disadvantage is the too wide bezel at the corners of the screen, as well as the lack of some of the favorite functions.

It is believed that OLED screens consume less power than IPS. In fact, in this case, the most important thing is the brightness setting, and not the matrix manufacturing technology. Apple claims it has developed the world’s best IPS display, and that claim is actually justified.

A few words about the cost

Note that earlier Apple had already tried to launch a budget version of the iPhone on the market. it was the 5C model. This was done for an experiment, and, apparently, the idea failed: Apple classified information on the number of devices sold, but insider information was received about the failure of such a decision. At the same time, the differences between 5C and 5S in terms of functionality and quality turned out to be insignificant, and the difference in cost was minimal.

Now Apple is again trying to repeat the not-so-successful experiment. “As if budget” iPhone comes out simultaneously with the flagships, but this time the difference in price is already more noticeable and averages 32-23 thousand rubles. At the same time, I can’t call the iPhone XR “budget”. the price tag is still hovering around 1000.

Even the most inexpensive model of the new iPhones is noticeably more expensive than flagship competitors from other brands. Below we will try to figure out whether it is worth saving and buying the iPhone XR, whether it is very different from its older brothers and who might like it.


The iPhone XR has only one f / 1.8 wide-angle camera with OIS and 5x digital zoom. The main difference between the two cameras of the S line is precisely in the zoom. There, the telephoto lens is responsible for the approximation (used for portraits), and the wide-angle lens for shooting in standard mode. Each camera is engaged in its own specific case, so to speak. The XR has a versatile workaholic. But this is theory, and now about the practical results.

The iPhone can truly be called a DSLR (with some caveats) that produces great shots. At the same time, the photographer does not have to try hard, smart automation will work for him. The picture is bright and vibrant, the lens tries to reproduce natural colors as fully as possible. Aperture at f / 1.8 comes in handy when shooting in low light conditions.

A few words about night photography. The iPhone X-series lineup boasts improved software noise reduction (compared to the 8th series). Although the sensor remains unchanged, the graininess has decreased, and there is no blurring, which is typical when trying to smooth out noise with photo editors. It is worth making a reservation. even a top DSLR will not give out an ideal picture in the dark, and therefore you should not expect any transcendental results from the iPhone. Very good. yes, worth it.

As for the front camera, it has a resolution of 7 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.2, as well as a video function in 1080 resolution with frame rates up to 60 fps. Among the strengths it is worth noting:

  • automatic red-eye removal;
  • automatic distance detection (to create an attractive bokeh);
  • when shooting, information from FaceID sensors is taken into account;
  • a large number of built-in functions and filters.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the “Portrait” function, which is installed in all iPhone X-series. it makes it possible to change the depth of field on an already taken picture. In older models, you can choose five lighting options, in XR. only three (but if you take a picture with the front camera, then all five lighting modes are available).

One clarification. The depth of field will change in hardware, since there is no second telephoto lens (which was mentioned above), and therefore the result may be average. In addition, you cannot try to apply Portrait mode on a photo where there is no human face, otherwise the iPhone will swear and give a corresponding error.

iPhone XR Review with Pros & Cons. Will It Sell In India?

By the way, the main camera can shoot video in 4K resolution at frame rates up to 60 fps, which is a very good indicator. The only thing is that if you buy an iPhone specifically for the production of high-quality videos, you must definitely take a model with the maximum amount of flash memory. Files weigh indecently, and Apple still refuses to equip its devices with a slot for an additional memory card.

To fully understand the situation with the camera, it is worth comparing Apple products with the Chinese OnePlus 6, which is sometimes called the “flagship killer”. At its cost, it is about 30-40% cheaper and more or less similar to it in characteristics.

Model Main camera Front-camera
Apple iPhone XR Resolution 12 Mp, aperture f / 1.8, pixel size 1.4 µm, flash, dual OIS, 2x zoom, Smart HDR mode, OIS sensor technology TrueDepth module, 7 MP resolution, f / 2.2 aperture, video recording in 1080p at 30 fps, in 720p at 240 fps, stereo sound recording in video, Animoji, Memoji
Apple iPhone X Resolution 12 and 12 MP, six-element lens, aperture f / 1.8, f / 2.4, zoom up to 10x optical, live photos with stabilization, Auto HDR for photos, hybrid IR-filter, quad-LED (dual tone) flash 7 Mp, aperture f / 2.2, autofocus
OnePlus 6 Sony IMX519 Exmor RS CMOS Sensor, resolution 20 and 16 Mp, aperture f / 1.7, video 1080. 30 fps 16 Mp, Sensor Sony IMX371, aperture f / 2.0, autofocus

Compared to the previous generation of “eights”, the new iPhone X got a different arrangement of the speakers inside the case. According to the developer, this should provide a 50% increase in sound while maintaining its high quality. As usual, Apple embellished its achievements a little: the sound really became louder, but by a maximum of 15-20%. At the same time, the quality has indeed been preserved. Both high and low ranges are perfectly perceived, no hoarseness or howling even at maximum volume settings. This will especially appeal to fans of watching movies or just YouTube videos on a smartphone. Together with the large screen, the video will be perceived with a bang.

As for the sound in the headphones, a lot depends on the external device. Although the headphones that are included in the basic package give more or less normal sound, music lovers are still recommended to look for something else. And remember about the problems with the mini jack adapter, which will also have to be purchased separately. Nevertheless, a large number of high-quality wireless “ears” have appeared on the market. however, their cost is an order of magnitude higher than classical analogs.

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In the design of the box, Apple also did not deviate from the canons and introduced the classic rectangle with the image of the iPhone on the front cover. The box itself is painted in the color of the phone case, and the image of the iPhone itself is applied with silver paint, which creates a buLGe effect.

The contents of the box are not original:

  • directly the iPhone itself;
  • charger 5 W (1 amp);
  • EarPods with Lightning connector;
  • USB / Lightning adapter;
  • instruction and leaflets.

iPhone XR: the Worst Features

And now a few words about the meager bundle of Apple products that has set the teeth on edge. It is known that the company prefers to save on it and invests the very minimum in the box, but this time it has surpassed itself. Since in recent years the Lightning connector has steadily replaced the mini jack, in all previous generations of the iPhone there was an adapter between these two ports in the box. This time he is not.

Users sadly joke that they will soon have to return to the wild times of the early 2000s, when each phone used the original charger and had a separate port for connecting to a PC. Apple’s trend is clear: the company wants the user to use only its original products, including headphones and charger. However, it would be nice to have an adapter in the box, especially since the iPhone costs 1000.

The same goes for the charger. What comes in the kit will charge the smartphone for more than three hours, you won’t be able to use the fast charging function with it. We’ll have to go and buy a 50 W charger. There is no need to talk about the fact that there is no adapter for the increasingly popular USB-C.

Design and controls

First of all, it must be said about the color line. If the older brothers had only a black or white case to choose from, the iPhone XR finally has a variety. Added coral, blue, yellow and red options.

Actually, we see such a variety for the first time after the same unsuccessful budget 5C, so the new iPhone XR is often compared in reviews with an outdated smartphone model. We must pay tribute to the manufacturer: all colors, without exception, look bright, rich and attractive. You can be sure that each option will be used by both men and women, regardless of their field of activity. This is exactly what all previous iPhones lacked. the choice of body color.
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The side panels are made of aluminum, rather than steel, as in older versions. The color smoothly and harmoniously complements the color of the main body, it looks really beautiful and stylish. As for the location of the controls and slots, it is identical to the more expensive models, only the SIM card slot has moved a little downward. And one more difference. there is no plastic notch for the cellular signal, which was previously on the upper edge.

The rear panel of the novelty is made of glass, not plastic, as it might seem from the picture below. over, this is the same high-quality glass as on the XS / XS Max-models. There is also a pleasant rounding of the corners.

Despite the really attractive appearance of the iphone, there were some drawbacks. First of all, it is, of course, the thickness. as much as 8.3 mm. Together with the 6.1-inch screen, this makes using the smartphone quite inconvenient, especially at first. According to the assurances of users, after one and a half to two weeks you get used to the size of the device.

The second disadvantage is the too large frame around the display, it is even visually wider than that of other models. At the same time, Apple still continues to position the new gadget as “frameless”. If you compare with the bezel-less phones of competitors (at least Samsung’s flagships), the comparison will clearly not be in favor of the iPhone.

Another relative disadvantage is the protruding camera module. Unfortunately, today’s technologies do not make it possible to manufacture high-quality optics that could be completely sunk into the housing. You have to choose one thing: either good shots, or a perfectly smooth back panel.

An interesting observation. The iPhone XR is smaller than its XS Max sibling, and the screen size is significantly larger than the iPhone 8 Plus. It turned out to be a kind of compromise for those who find the screens in other smartphones too small, and the size of the flagship Max is too large. In general, the device looks nice, the controls are conveniently and organically located, there is no physical button “Home”, as in the older models.


The screen in this iPhone is different from other models in the lineup, and upon first acquaintance with the specifications, it might seem that it is much worse. Firstly, the use of the same IPS, and not an advanced OLED. The resolution and density of points are also not encouraging: 1792 × 828 pixels and 326 ppi (the older models have 458 ppi). At the same time, the dimensions are 6.1 inches diagonally. smaller than the XS Max, but larger than others in the line.

It is worth making a reservation. despite the fact that the screen characteristics are in fact significantly lower than those of all other iPhone X-series, the picture quality is just excellent. Deep blacks, correct white balance (thanks to the advanced light sensor), good color rendering. The drawing and detailing of the picture is at the highest level. there is nothing to complain about. In addition, the iPhone XR has adopted the curved front glass from other models. this is, by the way, a patented Apple technology, which makes the device unique in this regard.

The maximum screen brightness (when set in manual mode) is 660 cd / m². This is more than enough for normal reading outdoors in very sunny weather. But the easiest way is to use the brightness settings in automatic mode. The light sensor is located above the slot of the front speaker and works quite adequately, adjusting the brightness imperceptibly for the user. In addition, good anti-glare characteristics and a wide viewing angle of the screen are worth adding.

You can also use the True Tone function, which migrated to the tenth iPhone series from the eighth. This color temperature adaptation technology automatically adjusts the color balance of the image to the environmental conditions. As a result, the picture looks natural, the color rendition is improved, and the eyes do not get so tired. Another function for adjusting the display is Night Shift, which makes the screen a little warmer and more pleasant to read in the dark. When using it, the colors on the screen are specific, and therefore turning it on or not is a matter of taste.

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Among the minuses. there is no 3D Touch function, which users of older models liked. Its essence was to use the Peek and Pop gestures, when, when you click on the application icon, you could call up a menu of additional actions or preview content. The iPhone XR has Haptic Touch technology with similar functions, but it is implemented crookedly and does not work everywhere. It is hoped that this bug will disappear with the release of an operating system update.


  • Thick frames. The device has a fairly wide bezels that are located at the edges of the screen. One of the reasons this model needs them is because the smartphone has an LCD display. These frames prevent light from entering the backlit screen.
  • Display. The company had to make more concessions, so the screen quality of the XR is slightly lower than that of the XS. This model has a 720p HD LCD display at 326 ppi versus the XS version which has 458 ppi. But this is justified because the differences in screen quality between the XR and XS are subtle to the human eye. It’s worth noting that the XS’s OLED screen has higher color fidelity as well as deeper blacks. However, in fact, it is very difficult to notice it only if you do not use both devices in parallel.
  • Single camera. To offer a lower price, the smartphone was equipped with just one 12 megapixel camera instead of two. Thus, this smartphone does not have 2x optical zoom. Fortunately, the digital zoom on the iPhone XR is good enough. However, the single camera still imposes restrictions on portrait mode. So, if you need a good camera, then the Model X will be the more appropriate choice.
  • Lack of 3D Touch. Another missing feature is 3D Touch, which is present on previous iPhones. 3D Touch allows you to access different shortcuts, depending on the intensity of the pressure. Users who have previously used an iPhone with 3D Touch may lack this convenient feature.
  • Slow charging. Unfortunately, there is no fast charger included with the iPhone XR model. There is only a cheap 5W slow charge available, so you have to wait for the device to charge.

Smartphone pros

  • Price. Probably the biggest advantage of the iPhone XR is its relatively low price. The base price of this 64GB model is 749. For comparison, a 64GB XS costs 999, while an XS Max of the same size costs 1,099. Upgrading to 128 GB will cost only 50 more ( 799), and if you want to buy a device with 256 GB of memory, you will have to shell out 899.
  • High quality design. The XR version looks similar to the XS as it has the same rounded corners and durable coating on the back along with a notch at the top of the device. At 6.1-inches, the iPhone looks like a phablet, but it’s smaller than the XS Max. Apple had to sacrifice some functionality to keep the cost of the device down. For example, the case is made of aluminum rather than stainless steel. However, the advantage of using aluminum is that the matte reflection makes the smartphone look more elegant.
  • Internal components. Apple decided not to skimp on internal components. The smartphone uses the same A12 Bionic processor that is built into the XS. This means that applications open quickly and animations do not slow down. And since Apple has optimized iOS 12 to dramatically improve the performance of its devices, the iPhone XR is very powerful and will respond instantly to user input. This model has 3 GB of RAM.
  • Battery life. One of the advantages of the XR version over the XS is battery life. And since this model will consume significantly less energy, the battery capacity of 2942 mAh is more than sufficient.
  • Face ID. The smartphone has the same biometric face recognition feature as the rest of the iPhones of the same group. Face recognition is faster than the iPhone X with an updated True Depth camera on the front. Face ID can also add a second face, just like the XS.
  • Protection. iPhone is IP67 rated so it is dustproof and can be used even in water environments up to one meter deep for half an hour. Of course, the protection is not as good as that of the XS, but still it will not be superfluous, especially for those who use the device on the beach or in the pool.
  • Two SIM cards. The smartphone has two SIM cards, so you can use one device instead of two for personal and business calls.

Should you buy an iPhone XR: pros, cons and features

The recently released iPhone XR is the most economical flagship of the Apple lineup. Many users believe that this model is the most interesting device of the three iPhones released in 2018.

Features of the

Since Apple redesigned the iPhone with the release of the X version in 2017, consumers were curious about what to expect from the budget options in 2018. With a version X design and an 8 price, the XR is considered one of the best Apple smartphones as it combines high-quality hardware and an affordable price.

It’s also worth noting that the iPhone XR demonstrates that Apple is ready to make fundamental design changes to its devices, rather than resort to minor tweaks. To understand whether it is worth purchasing this model, you need to determine what advantages this device has, and what disadvantages.

Should you buy an iPhone XR?

For big fans of top-end smartphones from major manufacturers, the iPhone XS is the most suitable option. since this version has a larger screen size, the display itself is better, the camera is better and the overall performance is higher. The iPhone XR is considered a more “budget” version and is hardly suitable for those who are used to the latest best novelties.

But still, even if there is an opportunity to purchase a more expensive version of the XS, many experts recommend taking a closer look at the XR, while saving a little money for purchasing chargers, adapters and Apple cables that you will undoubtedly need.