Pros and cons of iPhone 7

25 reasons not to buy an iPhone

The main disadvantages of the iPhone:

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And now we will be surprised to learn what shortcomings the first iPhones had:

Bluetooth only works with a headset. Forget about transferring files, iPhone cannot be used as a modem;

No file manager. All data has to be organized in appropriate applications;

The camera is extremely simple. Operated by one button. Photos look great on the phone screen, but nothing ordinary on the monitor (macro. mediocre);

The web browser manages to “slow down” even with a WLAN connection to the network. The simplest websites and network applications take 20 seconds to open. You cannot select and copy text. Pictures from the site also cannot be saved. A nice plus is the presence of tabs, which, nevertheless, hang perfectly. The browser is the only application that has the keyboard in widescreen mode;

The virtual keyboard itself does not work well enough. One hand and “blindly” cannot be printed;

The iPhone has an “analog” keyboard and does not have the T9 input type familiar to many. But there is an automatic ending of words, and if you write in transliteration, you have to constantly erase the endings, which is just infuriating if you are used to fast typing. And also, when you enter passwords on sites. you can see them, but you never know who is peeping from behind at this moment. This common design flaw with text input makes you wonder if you should use your iPhone in public at all. Why buy it if not use it, one asks?

Only one photo can be attached to an email;

There is no way to set your own ringtones;

The default calls are downright terrible;

The only thing you can customize is the splash screen, which you will see extremely rarely;

The zoom is very fun, but not practical at all. Again. you can only zoom in by holding the phone with both hands;

No document editor, no viewer. They can only be viewed as attachments to emails;

Visual voicemail has low latency;

There are no toys at all, you have to find and install everything yourself;

When you buy a 4GB phone, you get a little less storage (as with the 8GB model);

You can explore all the menus and applications for 2 hours, and then all you have to do is surf the net and chat;

To use your favorite headphones instead of the Apple headphones that rub your ears, you need a special adapter. The iPhone has a specially deepened headphone jack on the case, and the quality of those sold in the kit is rather mediocre;

The iPhone has buzzed everyone’s brain so much, everyone is constantly talking and writing about it, that it has already become something massive, and therefore not unique and pop. Agree, it is respectable and prestigious to own a phone that only a few have, but a phone that everyone has. it is already a phone for the crowd, which cannot be distinguished or boasted;

Replacing the battery, which is recommended to be replaced after a year, costs more than 100.

Below is a selection of interesting facts not about the new iPhone 3G from various sources:

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  • iPhone 3G was the cause of lawsuits from American buyers
  • Greenpeace: Using iPhone Leads to Impotence

All these materials make you wonder how justified the euphoria around the iPhone is and is the popularity of the phone the result of a competent advertising and PR campaign? After all, whatever one may say, the consumer properties of this novelty are still lame.

Is such a toy worth the money it is sold for? Of course, everyone decides for himself.

In order not to look biased, we also present the advantages of the IPhone, which for many people are more significant than all the disadvantages:

Pros of iPhone:
1. Built-in iPod and video player;
2. Convenient set of messages;
3. The most convenient user-oriented interface for today;
4. The screen is protected from scratches;
5. Tilt sensors that lock the screen when you bring the iPhone to your face, and unlock when you take it back to type numbers;
6. Information on the screen is visible even in the sun;
7. Good sound;
8. Ability to view Word, Excel and PDF documents;
8. Ability to use the Google Maps service;
10. Sending email via Yahoo Mail;
11. Long battery life;
12. Support for Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, EarthLink and other email services;
13. Support for YouTube;
14. Decent 2-megapixel camera;
15. Slim and beautiful in appearance;
16. Support for video conferences (up to 5 participants);
17. Built-in speakers in case you don’t want to use headphones;
18. Quicktime support in Safari.

Windows Mobile phones outperform iPhone 3G in many ways?

Applications on the iPhone 3G cannot run in the background, only one program can start and run. A phone with Wndows Mobile can run multiple applications at the same time.

IPhone 3G has a resolution of just 480×320, half the resolution of the VGA (640×480) and W-VGA (800×480) displays used in some Windows Mobile phones.

The camera in the iPhone 3G is much worse than the cameras in many Windows Mobile phones: 2 megapixels versus 3.5 megapixels without autofocus.

Video recording from the built-in iPhone 3G camera is not possible.

iPhone 3G supports HSDPA at only 3.6 MB / s, while some Windows Mobile phones support HSDPA at 7.2 MB / s.

IPhone 3G doesn’t have the replaceable battery that all Windows Mobile phones have.

The original (i.e. from Microsoft) Office Mobile is built into every Windows Mobile phone and lets you not only view but also edit Office documents.

There are many more applications (programs) for Windows Mobile: more than 20 thousand compared to 500 for iPhone 3G.

Both PCs and Macs can be used to make applications for Windows Mobile, but only Macs can be used for iPhone 3G applications.

Most Windows Mobile phones. without blocking, so they can be used in any operator’s network, both in their own country and abroad (which is important for travelers), while the iPhone 3G can only work with the operator from which it was purchased.

The iPhone 3G features a capacitive touchscreen, which means the phone must be operated with only your fingers and cannot be operated with a pen or fingernails (which would be fine for women).

The iPhone 3G does not have a physical keyboard, so users have no choice but to use the virtual keyboard on the display, while Windows Mobile phones have different form factors, meaning both a touchscreen and a physical keyboard. including QWERTY.

iPhone 7 pros and cons

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iPhone 7 is the crown jewel of the 2016 Apple giant. And, at the moment, of course, the ultimate dream of any Apple fan. But is the seven as perfect as the fans of the brand think? And what is more in the current flagship Apple. advantages or disadvantages? Ready for Review. iPhone 7 Pros and Cons? Well, then we hasten to introduce it to you! iPhone 7 is the crown jewel of the 2016 Apple giant. And, at the moment, of course, the ultimate dream of any Apple fan. But is the seven as perfect as it seems to the fans of the brand? And what is more in the current flagship Apple. advantages or disadvantages? Ready to Review. iPhone 7 Pros and Cons? Well, then we hasten to introduce it to you! The iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera (however, you will find the same sensor in the iPhone 6S), but it has been heavily upgraded by software, which allows the user of the 7 to get truly flawless frames both day and night. And the Plus version has a dedicated dual camera that lets you capture fantastic bokeh shots. What a heavy rain to me when the iPhone 7 is with me! And finally, the most striking positive innovation of the iPhone 7 is water resistance. Yes, this is not a novelty in the smartphone market, but for the first time Apple has provided its gadget with such a useful feature. Of course, diving with a 7 is not worth it, but you can now use it when it is raining outside without any fears. Cons of the iPhone 7 Of course, when you hold in your hands such a perfect gadget as the iPhone 7, you don’t want to look for flaws and talk about them. But, objectively speaking, they certainly exist. We have identified three of them, as well as their merits. Cozy nest? Let’s start the story about the cons with a very controversial innovation of the current i-flagship, which even fans of the “Apple” giant around the world greeted with raised eyebrows, not to mention critics. Apple decided to get rid of the standard audio jack, leaving the gadget with only one Lighting jack. Of course, the developers tried to present the idea as effectively as possible. now there will be fewer wires sticking out of the afyon, look how cool! However, this step has so many unpleasant consequences that even the fans of the brand, as they say, did not fall for it. Yes, Apple did not leave users without the ability to listen to music, the iPhone 7 comes with headphones that connect to the Lighting port, but despite the fact that these headphones are of high quality, there will surely be many music lovers who want better headphones. And what should they do? After all, there is nowhere to insert headphones with a standard audio jack. Oh, okay, God bless them with music lovers (after all, there are special Lighting-MiniJack adapters), but there is another very significant disadvantage. now it is simply impossible to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time! Three of the casket are the same from the face Another significant disadvantage of the iPhone 7 is the design, or rather the lack of changes in it. The seven is so slightly different in appearance from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S that it could be called the iPhone 6SS. Still, users are accustomed to. the digital index is changing. the design is changing, which later, by the way, competitors begin to copy to one degree or another, but in the case of the iPhone 7, no cardinal changes happened, which is rather sad. 7S of captivating happiness Well, one more thing that can also be attributed to the disadvantages of the iPhone 7. these are very promising rumors about the iPhone 7S. The new flagship is also expected to have an OLED display (now iPhones work with LCD screens, which have a number of disadvantages compared to OLED), a new curved body, wireless charging, a frameless design, and a retina scanner. Of course, you can tell. these are just rumors. But lately, rumors about smartphones very often turn out to be true, so as not to pay attention to them. To summarize As we have already noted above, in this review we tried to touch only the most obvious advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 7. We did not find fault with the little things and, on the contrary, praise the nonsense advantages. But it is perhaps worth mentioning them in the conclusion. For the iPhone 7, one can also highlight such disadvantages as: The camera protruding from the body. in fact, this is a shortcoming of earlier versions of the iPhone, but it’s hard not to note it. Agree it is strange that Apple, which strives for perfection in everything, still cannot get rid of such a “perfectionist hell” as a buLGing camera Lack of wireless charging. depriving the iPhone of a standard audio jack would be very logical to provide it with wireless charging, but alas and ah, Apple didn’t do it for some reason. ! Well, in order not to end the review on a negative note, there are a couple more pluses: The new display, which has become 25% more colorful than the iPhone 6S screen. however, the iPhone displays are getting better from model to model, which is why we did not attribute this plus to significant ones. A more power-hungry battery. of course, the iPhone 7, like any other current flagship, will have to be charged every day with active use, but nevertheless, the developers note that the increase in the battery life of the seven cannot be overlooked. Well, now, perhaps, we really said about all the pros and cons, however, you yourself will have to decide what is more. advantages or disadvantages, and also answer the main question. to buy or not to buy.!

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iPhone 7. all the pros and cons

Everyone knows that Apple is number one in the world in the production of stylish, high-quality, reliable mobile gadgets. Because of this, there are now a lot of rumors and speculations about the specifications and capabilities of their new iPhone 7 mobile gadget, which will be on sale in the near future. In this article, you will know all the pros and cons of the iPhone 7.!

Many people are wondering when the iPhone 7 will go on sale. All experts almost unanimously say that Apple will start selling the new smartphone in September 2016. In the same month, it will be available for purchase in the CIS countries. Here is a photo of the external concept of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7. Five Pros & Cons!

Features of the new iPhone 7

Apple is constantly improving its products, so iphone 7, iphone 7 plus are much more powerful, more efficient than previous models, iphone 6, iphone 6 plus.
Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of the iPhone 7. It will have a powerful 4-core 64-bit A10 processor, clocked at 1.4 GHz. This frequency is enough for the iPhone 7 processor for fast work. Apple has always been great at optimizing its software and software for optimal smartphone performance. The processor is built using 14nm FinFET technology and Integrated Fan-Out technology to actively and efficiently dissipate heat. As a result, the processor performance has increased, and the thickness has decreased, it has become less heated and consumes little power.

The RAM in iPhone 7 has been increased to 2GB so that modern applications and games run quickly on your smartphone. The iPhone 7 Plus, as in the more powerful version, has 3 GB of RAM, which allows you to run the most modern games at maximum graphics settings, and also makes it very convenient to work with a dual camera.
iPhone 7 will be available in various storage sizes. 16GB, 64GB, 128GB. Although recently, it has already been rumored several times that it is possible that instead of a model with 16 GB memory, an iPhone 7 model with 32 GB will be produced.
The iPhone 7 will use the operating system iOS 10, which will give a tangible increase in the speed of the new mobile gadget. All previous models of iPhones do not have such an effective operating system.

Various iPhone 7 models

Apple remembers that different models must be different in every way to attract attention and effectively sell. This also applies to the size of the displays. iPhone 7 features a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with built-in 3D Touch. This technology makes it possible to recognize the force of pressing fingers on the screen. iPhone 7 plus has a 5.5-inch RetinaHD display with similar technology.
In iPhones 7, at least in the first batch of sales, there will be no models with OLED matrices. Unverified information has emerged that Apple may be using a revolutionary smartphone technology called “Sonovation” in the iPhone 7. This technology allows you to integrate a fingerprint scanner into the iPhone7, which reduces the worry that your smartphone will be stolen. With a touch of your finger to the display of the smartphone, it is activated, as a result, the Home button on the iPhone 7 will no longer be needed.
The camera in the iPhone 7 will be 12 MP with a single lens. Such a camera suits many millions of people around the world. When shooting video with the main camera, a technology called Quad Full HD is used, the same technology is used when shooting with the front camera. It is especially clear how effective Quad Full HD is when shooting video in low light. The advantage of this technology is that the iPhone 7 can shoot high definition 4K video. Video on the iPhone 7 will record at 21,603,840 pixels, and the number of frames will be 60 per second. You can record both in slow motion and in accelerated mode. The aperture will be increased to 1 / 2.4.
The iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual camera, which will significantly increase the quality of photos. This camera has a peculiar internal structure, which allows it to use post-focusing, and this makes it possible to obtain photographs of such quality that they are not inferior to those of professional cameras. The front camera of both models of iPhones 7 has no differences between themselves: 5 MP resolution, f / 2.2 aperture, screen backlit flash.
Fast data transfer is very important for any modern mobile gadget, Apple took this into account and iPhone7 has high performance in this area. All thanks to the use of new technologies in its structure, as well as antennas created from improved materials. The smartphone has the following modules: CDMA, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, LTE (4G), EDGE (2G), iBeacon, Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS (3G).

Photo iPhone 7
It is still too early to judge the appearance of a gadget 100% correctly. Still, you can find several smartphone models. Here is a concept photo 2016 in several versions.

IPhone 7 models will be equipped with two SIM card slots.
There is a huge possibility that the iPhone 7 will support SIM technology, which allows you to eliminate the use of physical SIM cards and use a single electronic SIM card. Users will not need to buy it, the smartphone will have a SIM card from Apple, which will allow you to select multiple numbers. This means you will have the opportunity to have 3 or 4 virtual SIM cards, which is naturally better than 2 physical SIM cards.

The evolution of the physical structure of the iPhone 7

Ditching the 3.5mm jack reduces the thickness of the smartphone and makes room for a larger battery.
The Home button will disappear. It is high time to get rid of this relic of the past, modern technologies make it easy to do this. Most likely 3D Touch technology will be introduced.
The mechanical sound switch will disappear. Modern tablets have long been without this slider.
All of this makes the iPhone 7 more ergonomic and slimmer. Got a glass back panel. The number of holes in the body of the smartphone has become less and this allowed Apple to make the iPhone 7 waterproof with an IP68 protection class.

IPhone 7 with the smallest memory. 16GB, will sell for 650.
Memory model price. 64GB = 750.
Memory model price. 128GB = 850.

Disadvantages of iPhone 7

Fundamentality and quality are two main factors that every time make the whole world hold its breath in anticipation of the release of a new gadget of world famous electronics. Apple.

Since the days of Steve Jobs, iPhone fans have become accustomed to constant improvements to their long-loved smartphones. Therefore, every time the bees of the company make the audience exhale with noise after the presentation. sometimes with delight, sometimes with disappointment. recently, we have witnessed the release of a new, seventh iPhone. But is he as good as he was said to be? This is what we will try to figure out.

But first, a little about the pros

Each medal has two sides, its pros and cons. However, it is quite natural that the Apple people do not even tend to fall into the mud with a well-advertised face. Therefore, again and again they improve smartphone models at times, breaking away from competitors by an unprecedented distance. This time the seven has such positive innovations:

  • The 12-megapixel main camera allows you to take really great pictures, and the 7-megapixel front camera will definitely delight selfie lovers.
  • All fans of swimming in the pool with a glass of champagne and a new iPhone in their. rejoice! From now on, the seventh iPhone has such a degree of protection against moisture and dust that it becomes virtually indestructible in such extreme conditions! (However, try to feel sorry for them, these good guys, after all, are likely to last longer without moisture).
  • According to the company, the display has become a quarter brighter than the previous one.
  • A10 Fusion Quad-Core Processor Nearly Half the Performance and Reduces Power Usage by 5X.
  • One of the most revolutionary decisions of the developers of the iPhone 7 will delight the most inveterate telephone music lovers. finally, the 3.5 has been eliminated. millimeter headphone port. From now on, you can listen to music without hindering movements only using the Lightning wireless port and Airpods that support such a digital port.
  • And again, great news for lovers of beauty. the new Apple flagship is available in gold, silver, pink, as well as black and shiny black.

Still, about the cons. a fly in the ointment under the cover of the iPhone 7

Now we will list the disadvantages of the iPhone 7, which have turned away from buying many, even very big fans of “Apple” technology. Sometimes these disadvantages are completely independent, sometimes they expire from the above advantages. So, here they are:

  • For those on a budget who are dreaming of a new iPhone color, you’ll have to lower your rates a bit, as the new 32GB black color won’t be easy to find, and onyx black starts at 128GB.
    Omission? No, rather a business plan of the company, literally pulling an extra 150 from the wallets of honest taxpayers.
  • The death of a mechanical button due to the introduction of super protection against moisture and dust. Sincere condolences are expressed to those who loved the cute, nostaLGic button.
  • No matter how cool the new cameras are, they are still absurdly sticking out of the body. A lot of people also criticized the design of the cameras. they say, they are very suspiciously similar to the cameras of other well-known smartphones. It has become. maybe not really your personal design news.
  • Affordability is a ridiculous word for the hyped iPhone 7. The cheapest, with the least storage, 16GB, costs about 650. Agree, not a budget.

Talking about space innovation

So, we have already outlined the main disadvantages of the new iPhone. And if you now have an irresistible desire to pile on the author of the article for a huge, annoying omission in the subject of the pros and cons of this smartphone, then do not rush to do it! We just saved Martian technology for dessert. As you probably already guessed, we are talking about new, wireless, headphones! Of course, this business also has its pros and cons, because, for example, people involved in sports hate wires and new technologies have become just salvation for them. However, there are spots in the sun too.

The new Airpods, as a separate Apple organism, need to be recharged. Well, the main thing is a habit, you see, after a few weeks full of irritation from their forgetfulness, the users of this model will get used to it and begin to feed their new “ears” in time.

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Well, no matter what the new iPhone 7 is, the number of sales (and already in the first week they noted the figure of 40 million smartphones sold) speaks of the ineradicable success of Apple. It also speaks of boundless consumer confidence. Or is it about mass psychosis? Surely only one thing can be said here. your money is up to you.!

Cons of the new flagship from Apple iPhone 7

The second minus is closeness. The file system of the iPhone is closed for free work with it, that is, you cannot use the iPhone as a flash drive if you just want to connect the device and drop a couple of files. In order to transfer a document, video or audio to the iPhone, you will definitely need iTunes (iTunes), which is not installed on all devices, which means that if you are not at home, you will have to install it and waste extra time. And it’s not easy to connect an iPhone if you forget the cord from it. Excess USB can always be found in everyone’s closet, unlike the iPhone cable, which has its own connector, which, as already mentioned, costs a lot of money if the wire gets damaged.

The third negative is the choice. This can be both a strong and a weak point at the same time, now we will analyze why. Each phone model came out in one variation, well, with a couple of colors, and today also in two sizes, but otherwise the choice is not given to users. Many people love the look of the iPhone 5s and don’t like the course in the top six. But, if you want a new iPhone, then you simply have no choice, because there is no alternative.

The fourth negative. Jet Black is scratched. The new iPhone “shiny black” under the name Jet Black is scratched during exploitation and leaves traces of fingers.

The fifth minus is the design. Differences from the iPhone 6s are hidden only in small details: the plastic inserts of the antennas have moved closer to the edges of the case, the Home button has become touch-sensitive and “senses” different pressing forces, and the Plus version differs, in addition to dimensions, with a camera with two lenses. Otherwise, the iPhone 7 is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor.

The sixth minus is the lack of a headphone jack. The G7 lacks the usual headphone jack. The stock headphones that come with the iPhone are now equipped with a Lightning connector, and to insert a standard connector, you will have to use an adapter.

The seventh minus is the protruding camera. Cameras still stick out absurdly from the case and if you wear the iphone without a case, then the glass on the camera will be scratched pretty quickly.

The first plus is quality. When buying Apple products, you can be sure that there will be no malfunctions in work. this is also true for the iPhone. You will not come across a curve assembly with backlash. Even if this happens, the company’s policy allows you to exchange such a phone for a new one. You will never get a pig in a poke. Stable, smooth phone performance, optimization of apps and related devices are what you can expect from an iPhone. This is the biggest advantage of Apple’s smartphone.

The second plus is support. All iPhones have long-term support. You will receive updates for at least three years. During all this time, you will have the most current version of the firmware and it will not turn out that you hang on some old version. This problem is common to almost all Android smartphones. For example, only 5% of all devices have migrated to the latest version of Android Lollipop 5.1. Even last year’s flagships can hang not only at 4.4, but come across at 4.3. In the case of the iPhone, your phone will be outdated much later than the competition.

The third plus is the trend. All the technologies that Apple introduces into the iPhone immediately become trending, they are picked up by other developers. If, for example, Lenovo introduces a more advanced Type-C connector on its smartphones, then this will not force all other companies to adapt to it, and with this new smartphone it will simply stall.

The fourth plus is accessories. IPhones have a huge number of gadgets, devices and other accessories that are fully compatible with it. And the point is not only that there are not so many models themselves, companies are simply ready to make products for smartphones from Apple. You will never find yourself in a situation where you cannot find a cover, film or some kind of smart bracelet on your phone, Windows Phone users are very familiar.

The fifth plus is moisture resistance. The body of the smartphone is now protected from dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard, but you should not swim with it.

The sixth plus is the improved camera. The updated module will provide better shooting in low light conditions, thanks to a larger sensor and ƒ / 1.8 aperture. Optical image stabilization will reach the 4.7-inch model, and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will receive as many as two cameras with a resolution of 12 megapixels, one of which is wide-angle, they provide 2x optical zoom and 10x digital. The front camera is now 7 megapixels. Installed a flash of four LEDs, which became 50% brighter. Users of new products will have access to fine-tuned camera settings through the standard application.

The seventh plus is the unique software features. Last year, a unique feature of the iPhone 6s was screen pressure sensing. Of course, the iPhone 7 and of course the 7 Plus will also receive exclusive functionality that will only be available on these two devices. We will find out all the details at the presentation on Wednesday.

The eighth plus is more color. In addition to silver, gold and pink, the color scheme of the cases has been replenished with “regular” black and even “shiny black” called Jet Black.

The tenth plus is the display. Apple has no plans to increase the screen resolution on the iPhone 7 this year, but instead will introduce a new Retina Color display. With Apple’s next generation smartphones, photos and videos will look even more realistic and provide an even more immersive content thanks to the expanded color gamut. Wide Color technology will provide the highest color accuracy unattainable with “regular” display panels. In addition to Retina Color, iPhone 7 displays will support True Tone, a first for iPad Pro tablets. It involves the use of special sensors that monitor the ambient light and adjust the color temperature of the screen for perfect picture perception. The display of the iPhone 7 has become, according to Apple, 25% more colorful than the previous screen.

The eleventh plus is internet speed. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will support the new LTE standard with download speeds up to 450 Mbps, thanks to the use of a new module from Intel.

The twelfth plus is more memory for the same price. As you know, this year Apple is abandoning the 16-gigabyte drive in the iPhone, and now the minimum memory will be 32 GB, but the price of the smartphone will remain the same. That is, the user gets 32 GB of storage for the same money as 16 GB last year with the iPhone 6s. The maximum memory capacity was also increased to 256 GB.

The thirteenth plus is more battery. Apple has listened to user requests and has finally increased the battery capacity of the iPhone 7. Compared to the iPhone 6s, the difference will not be that big, but it’s still better than nothing. So, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have a battery with a capacity of 1980 mAh versus 1750 mAh in the iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 7 Plus will have a battery of 2910 mAh versus 2750 in the iPhone 6s Plus.

The fourteenth plus is the stereo dynamics. For the first time, iPhone comes with stereo speakers that double the power of the iPhone 6s. In addition, the dynamic range has increased. Now you can better hear your music, videos and hands-free conversations. Much better.

The fifteenth plus is top performance. With the new Apple A10 processor, the performance of the iPhone 7 will increase by 35%, and the iPhone 7 Plus will receive an additional 3 GB of RAM. If the iPhone 6s on Apple A9 and with 2 GB of RAM “tore” the Galaxy Note 7 based on Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB of RAM, then one can only imagine how powerful the iPhone 7 will be.

IPhone 7 review pros and cons of Apple’s new flagship

At the September presentation, Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, let’s try to disassemble the pros and cons of these devices and find out whether it is worth changing your iPhone 6 or another flagship to a novelty.

Having examined all the pros and cons, we can say that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have more pluses than minuses, but if you have a 6 series of iphone, then you will not notice any fundamental changes, as it was said, the appearance has not changed much, and the hardware of the iphone 6 is powerful and will cope with any tasks, as for the owners of flagship androdi smartphones, here the greater difference is not hardware, but software, namely, between IO S and Android, in the stealth, we can say that IO S is closed, stable and Android is open, universal and not always stable.

Thank you for your attention, I hope this article helped you.

Huge selection of models

Although modern lines of smartphones are scolded for facelessness and total copying, interesting and individual solutions are found in almost every gadget manufacturer.

There are foldable models of the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X that won’t make it to users. There are excellent Galaxy models with frameless “leaky” screens, there are smartphones with a bunch of cameras, for example, Nokia 9 PureView.

Even manufacturers get rid of the famous iPhone bangs in different ways: drop-shaped protrusions, cutouts in the corner of the screen, pop-up cameras or sliders.

You can choose devices from one manufacturer or try different ones with your own chips and features.

In the world of smartphones, Apple has to put up with one design and a similar appearance for 3-4 years until Jony Ive gives out another masterpiece.

Who will win in the end

There hasn’t been a clear favorite in the smartphone market over the past few years. This is largely due to the almost parallel developing operating systems iOS and Android.

Cupertinos have long lost the stability and simplicity of the system, stuffing it with tons of emoji options, and other manufacturers cannot overcome the segmentation of Android.

As a result, an inquisitive user must himself be on one and the other side of the barricades and determine the advantages and disadvantages that are weighty for him.

Choosing the best smartphone or operating system at the moment is simply impossible.

3 iOS 14 Desktop Tricks That Will Speed ​​Up Your iPhone

The system tightly controls applications

The closed nature of iOS also has positive aspects. One of them is to control access to system functions for applications.

When you first launch the program on the iPhone, the user clearly gives (or not) access to the display of notifications, geolocation, contacts, photos, microphone, camera and other elements.

You can change the issued permissions at any time.

On Android, the application is initially allowed everything, and to disable certain features, you have to surf the system settings.

Some options are disabled by third-party applications or not disabled at all.

5 critical flaws in Android smartphones Therefore, they did not catch up with the iPhone.

Why apps are not deleted on iPhone

Most iPhone chips work out of the box

The chips presented at the presentation of a smartphone or iOS, almost all work out of the box on a new smartphone.

pros, cons, iphone

They are included and intuitive. Options that require additional configuration are activated upon initial startup or system update.

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When working with Android, you will have to learn the intricacies of the system for another week and activate the branded features of the device.

This applies to all kinds of menus, widgets, side screens, hiding behind a curved screen of panels.

You will have to customize and learn to work with all the unique shell chips that manufacturers add.

Flagship disadvantages

You should start with the cons of the “seven”, because sometimes they outweigh the advantages:

  • Price. The iPhone 7 Plus isn’t cheap. For its cost, you can buy a completely powerful gaming laptop and even a used car, so this barrier is not always overcome, because the listed things are much more useful than any smartphone. At the same time, devices on the Android platform with similar characteristics will cost much less, as well as their maintenance with accessories.
  • Closed platform. iOS will not be able to root, install third-party software on it, or transfer a document from another gadget. For all this you need iTunes, which may not be on the desired device. Thus, working with files on this device is very difficult, like any interactions with other platforms. Even the loss of the USB cable can turn into almost a tragedy, since the connector on the iPhone is specific.
  • Narrow choice. Of course, today smartphones differ little from each other, but you can still find something new, while Apple provides quite a few variations of devices and colors. Many users do not like the newer iPhone models, but due to the established fashion and the desire to have a “fresh” version of the gadget, they have to purchase a device for lack of an alternative.
  • Minor bugs. These shortcomings of the iPhone 7 are rather insignificant, since they are inherent in smartphones on any platform, regardless of manufacturer. For example, Jet Black has proven to be rather unstable, leaving scratches, dirt and fingerprints on it. In addition, new models of the device do not have a standard headphone jack, and the camera eye protrudes from the body, which significantly increases the risk of damage to a fragile element.
  • Design. The last 2 models are almost identical in appearance. The difference lies in subtle details: the position of the plastic inserts, the replacement of the Home key with a touch-sensitive analogue, sensitive to pressure and a camera with 2 lenses. If you do not focus on these innovations, then it will be difficult to understand which model is in the hands of the user.

Of course, for true fans of Apple technology, the above disadvantages of the device do not mean absolutely nothing. A very low percentage of users are really interested in independent control and modification of the OS, and the closed nature of the platform quickly ceases to be conspicuous. Thus, such minor flaws will not be able to stop the customer from buying.

Why buy an iPhone 7?

The flagship has much more advantages than disadvantages:

  • High quality. This parameter is fully justified by the cost of the gadget, so you can be sure of the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the device. The assembly of the seventh iPhone is also high at the level. no backlashes, otherwise the smartphone must be replaced immediately. iTunes apps are perfectly optimized so you won’t have any problems with them. In addition, after a firmware update, the flagship does not turn into a “brick”, unlike cheap Android devices.
  • Long-term support for a period of 3 years or more. The smartphone will periodically receive updates of various applications and firmware, so the iPhone will always be compatible with the latest gadgets and programs. Thus, the phone will be outdated much later than any other Android device.
  • Variety of accessories. Since products for “Apple” devices have an almost fabulous price, many companies are happy to release them. Therefore, for a smartphone, you can pick up a lot of useful and not so gadgets, as well as elements for personalizing and changing the appearance.
  • Moisture resistance and dustproof. The iPhone 7 case is made to the IP67 standard, but this does not mean that water will not get inside through the holes. Thus, bathing the gadget is definitely not worth it.
  • Unique features of each new model. For example, the sixth iPhone was able to recognize the pressure on the display. “Seven” was taught to get out of standby mode when lifting a smartphone from a horizontal surface.
  • Display. Retina Color has improved color and fine details despite the previous resolution. In addition, the new generation screen adjusts to the ambient light level indoors or outdoors, so that the picture is perfectly perceived and the panel itself has less negative impact on vision. Such a function will be useful for those who like to surf the Internet until late, and it will pleasantly surprise the average user, because photos and pictures will start to look more colorful and vivid.
  • memory. Previously, this figure started at just 16 GB, but with the release of the new model, Apple has doubled it. Now the drive has a minimum volume of 32 GB, and the maximum possible has increased to 256 GB. Thus, the memory of a smartphone holds the same amount of data as a budget PC.
  • Increased battery capacity. Of course, here the seventh iPhone is no longer comparable to many devices on the Android platform, where there are batteries up to 6000-8000 mAh. However, within Apple’s products, gadgets with a 1980 mAh battery and a 2910 mAh battery are already quite good, given that previously the figures were even lower. The charge of such a device is unlikely to last for several days, but with moderate use, it can last at least 24 hours.
  • Stereo speakers. Their power is double that of the previous model of the device. Thanks to this step, the sound quality of the music being played and tracks from the video, as well as hands-free conversations, will improve. The increased dynamic range is also intended to improve these characteristics.

Should you buy an iPhone 7: cons and pros of the device

When buying an iPhone 7, I want to know the pros and cons of using it in advance. Given the high cost, such a decision is quite reasonable, so it is worth weighing the pros and cons.

Smartphone benefits

  • Processor and power saving. A10 Fusion is a highly optimized phone processor. Like most modern mobile chips, it is quad-core, but the difference is in how Apple allocates those cores. Two of the cores are high intensity for demanding gaming or other heavy operations, while the other two are for more mundane tasks like checking email or watching YouTube videos. The less intense cores are not as fast, but they consume much less power, and the phone intelligently switches between faster and slower cores depending on what is happening at the moment.
  • Camera. Another upgrade is a unique camera that guarantees perfect shots. It has 12 megapixels, which means that both photos and videos provide a full range of colors and their realism. Thanks to optical image stabilization, even a slight shake of the camera will not degrade the quality. The camera allows you to save RAW files in DNG format.
  • Waterproof. The iPhone 7 is waterproof so you can use it even in the rain. Of course, the waterproofing of smartphones is not new, but in the case of Apple, this is the first model that has this ability.
  • Memory. The phone’s 2GB of RAM, paired with iOS 10 optimizations, is more than enough to keep things going fast. Also worth noting is the significant increase in internal memory. Base iPhone 7 models are 32GB, some go up to 128GB, and some go up to 256GB.
  • Battery. The iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery. It is worth recalling that the previous model had a capacity of 1715 mAh. In use, the iPhone can last about nine hours. In comparison, the 6s version could stay in operation for six and a half hours. Sure, smartphones like the Galaxy Note7 are outperforming the iPhone, but for Apple this is a significant leap in and of itself.

Should you buy an iPhone 7. the pros and cons of buying

Apple is deservedly considered the best smartphone company. The emergence of each new model makes a splash in the world of mobile technology. Particular attention should be paid to the iPhone 7, as in a sense, this model is considered a reference. Let’s take a closer look at it and identify the main advantages and disadvantages of the 7 version of the iPhone.


  • No headphone jack. The missing headphone jack is another drawback. The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple removed it, citing its absence helped save space for other things you needed. Instead, the company is pushing for wireless or wired headphones that can be connected using Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector.
  • Slightly different from its predecessors. Apart from a few minor updates, little has changed since the release of 6S. The iPhone 7 probably won’t have a wow effect. Apple users are accustomed to much more radical changes, so this model has not caused much enthusiasm. Many consider this model to be very conservative.
  • Restriction on listening to music. There is no way to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. This happened because Apple decided to ditch the 3.5mm connectors in favor of other features. And the Lightning port allows only one action. either charging or listening to music.
  • Fragility. If the phone is handled carelessly, it can be deformed, it can bend. The problem that was in the previous version remained in the iPhone 7 and it is not clear when Apple will begin to fix this flaw.
  • Airpods are small in size at just 16.5mm x 18mm x 40.5mm. Many people are afraid of losing them because they are very small. Also, a large number of users note that headphones are dangerous for small children, as a child can accidentally swallow them. Another disadvantage is that the for Airpods are quite high.
  • Waterproof. Despite the iPhone 7 being marketed as a waterproof device, this is not entirely true. Apple defines the iPhone’s protection as “splash, water and dust resistant,” and notes that the level of protection can weaken over time. The company also warns that the warranty is void if damage occurs due to liquid spill on the device.

What’s special about the iPhone 7?

Apple’s iPhone 7 is simply amazing. The first thing to note is the performance, which is really impressive. Another beauty is that the smartphone is water resistant, so you can play games even in the rain. However, despite a number of advantages, it is difficult to call this device ideal. Therefore, before purchasing this model, it is imperative to consider the shortcomings that can spoil the opinion about the seventh version.

The models of the iPhone line are the most talked about and therefore cause the most controversy among users, especially when it comes to the seventh version. There are always Apple evangelists looking for the latest iPhone. As well as always there will be Android followers who hate Apple products. But still, most users are somewhere in the middle, and they want to have a quality product, regardless of the manufacturer’s brand.

Many users do not recommend purchasing the seventh version, because there is already an eighth one. But still, today the iPhone 7 is the best smartphone in terms of quality and price. It is difficult to find something more worthy for the same price. over, Apple plans to support this model for a long time. If we talk about performance, then there should be no complaints about the seven. Therefore, the iPhone 7 is an excellent choice for lovers of quality branded products.