Programs for recording from the phone screen. ScreenReporder

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Grab high.clay video in Full HD format, shoot high.quality screen pictures. Easy to return to television shows, video during games. With the screen recording software and record audio and video on the screen.

Super Recorder Screen. This is a free, stable, high.quality screen recorder that records your screen that helps you smoothly and clearly record video clips on your phone screen, to capture the video from the screen. With the help of various functions, such as the screen capture, video recording, image editing and the absence of Root, Super Recorder allows you to easily record video, such as video games, video calls, live performances and much more. Other. Do everything simple!

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one. Screen recorder with a video camera, audio and editor

The video recorder screen is not ruled and extremely smoothly on mobile platforms. Use the application to capture a live video or video on the slot machine screen using Facecam with the following unique gadgets:

Capture of the phone screen and photo editing

With one touch, you can easily take shots of the screen even while shooting a video. No need to hold on for a long time, you can take screenshots and edit photos in 3 seconds using the following gadgets:

You can easily watch your screenshots and exchange them through social networks, such as. YouTube, Twitch. To their friends and fans.

The main characteristics of Super Recorder:

⚡ fast control panel in the notifications panel and in the floating window ⚡ Fast resolution HD 720p, FullHD 1080p. Screen recording a screen with a sound, screen recording with audio, video recording from the screen.⚡ Recording screen without a rut, capture a video on the screen, screen capture.⚡ Family picture with a fast panel⚡ easily edit images using professional images editing tools, edit images in the photo Video video recorded using the quick control panel, grabbing the video screen video.⚡ Share videos / screenshots with friends on social networks.⚡ Easy to run / stop during the screen recording ⚡ The best recorder screen, capture of the video from the screen, video screen recorder with audio.⚡ Record screen screen with a pause button, recording screen without sound, recording screen without delay.Screen HD recorder without a root, screen recorder without watermarks.⚡ Language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Vietnamese.⚡ Record screen screen for YouTube, recording screen capture.⚡ screen shooting even while recording, the screenshot button on the screen.FREE is completely free, without any purchases in the appendix, there is no rut, there is no restriction on the recording time, make a watermark ⚡ easy to use the video recording for recording

Download this best recorder for Android and create your first excellent video!

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Adv Screen Recorder: Record of the rear and front chamber

ADV Screen Recorder is an extremely useful and free application for Android screen, which has many powerful functions. It is designed to record everything that happens on your screen with simultaneous sound recording. The rights to Root are not required. To start recording the screen or finish it, you just need to press only one button. Video resolution, video bitrate and frame rate of video are adjustable in settings.

During the Android screen recording, you can also calmly record Facecam by opening the front and rear chambers that are displayed in the corner of the screen and can be dragged into other angles. over, it is considered the best application for recording a screen for Android, because it makes it possible to draw, write, indicate or draw with your fingers. You can also choose and change color at your desire.

Record in 2 modes: by default and advanced

You can write freely and make notes on the screen while recording

You can install a fully customizable banner to the video

XRECORDER: Free screen recording application with excellent design

XRECORDER. This is a really amazing and free application for recording the screen, it is convenient to use it to capture the screen using the Facecam function, as well as to record sound on your Android device. In addition, it allows you to make screenshots when recording in order to instantly save the moments that you need by click on the camera icon. With the help of XRECORDER you can record a fantastic and uninterrupted gameplay with a clear sound.

After the recording is completed, you can edit the video, cut out the excess, set the reproduction speed, add music and text and other parameters to create the required effects. You can not just draw on your screen during the recording process using a brush tool. Using this tool, you can write and print on the screen, choosing the color and size of the text, draw arrows, circles and rectangles. The disadvantage is that the application has an advertisement.

You can write or add information on the screen while recording

Many functions for editing video

No watermarks and root are required

All Screen Recorder applications on Android

Mobile Fraps, shoots a video from the screen of your Android in high quality!

A program for creating a high.quality video recording from the screen of your Android device, with the ability to post in YouTube, etc. D.

We make a recording of the device screen without root access.

Make your unique video from your device for two clicks!

Appendix for capturing a video from your screen with rich settings and not requiring a Root-right.

Simple and convenient applications for recording video from the screen of your device.

Record the video directly from the screen of your smartphone.

Record the video directly from the screen with the simplest application.

Write a video from the screen without any additional Root rights.

Record the video from the screen of your device without additional permits.

Write the video straight from the screen of your smartphone.

While these buttons work, there will be years, maybe even a century, but you do not despair, wait and you will be rewarded! Do you want to speed up the development process? Make reposts of the site pages on social networks and tell your friends about us!

Writing a video from the Android screen in the Play game

Many owners of Android phones and tablets have a pre.installed Google Play game application. But not all of them know that it allows you to record video from the screen, not only from games, but also in other locations on Android.

Details about using the function in a separate instruction how to record a video from the Android screen in the Play game application.

Free applications for video recording from the Android screen

If the methods described above are not suitable for you, you can use the free applications of the Android screen, in large numbers available in the Play market. Among them:

  • Screen Recorder No ADS. an excellent screen for recording screen (my choice), adds its button to the notification area, has a lot of settings (for example, you can add a video from the camera) and completely without advertising. On phones with Android 10 and new can record system sounds, on older versions. only from the microphone. By default, the application is launched in English, but in the settings you can include the Russian language of the intese. The official page of the application in Play Market. https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Kimcy929.ScreenReporder
  • Writing the XRECORDER screen is a very simple and convenient application for recording video from the screen on Android, with the best reviews of users on Play Market: https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = Videoeditor.VideoRecorder.ScreenReporder
  • Az Screen Recorder. this and the next application are very similar in functionality and the principle of working to the previous one.
  • Super Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen is a very popular application, good reviews, but, in my opinion, there are too many advertising in the free version of the application.

In fact, there are much more such applications in the official store: I indicated only the most popular of them, the simplest in use and in Russian.

How to Screen Record on Windows 10

Record the video from the screen in Android

Programs that provide video from the screen on smartphones or tablets running the Green Robot, quite a lot. all of them can be found in the open markete open. Among these are paid solutions overflowing with advertising, or those that require the use of Root-rule for their use, but there are free ones working with some restrictions, or even without them at all. Next, we will consider only two most convenient and applications, allowing us to solve the problem voiced in the topic of the article.

Az Screen Recorder

This application is one of the best in its segment. With it, you can record a video from the screen of a smartphone or tablet on Android in high resolution (native to the device). Az Screen Recorder can record sound from a microphone, display presses, and also allows you to configure the quality of the final video in detail. Additionally there is the possibility of pauses and continuation of reproduction. Let’s tell you how to use this tool for recording a video from the screen.

Actually, now you can start recording a video, for which it is enough to tap first on a “floating” button, and then on a shortcut with the image of a video camera. You can turn on the recording through the notification panel. there is also the necessary button.

Du Recorder

The next application that we will talk about in our article provides almost the same possibilities as the Az Screen Recorder considered above. The recording of the screen of the mobile device in it is carried out according to the same algorithm, and just as simple and convenient.

We are interested in the main function of the application. recording video from the device screen. To start it, you can use a “floating” button similar to AZ Screen Recorder, or a control panel that will appear in the curtain. In both cases, you need to press a small red circle, which initiates the beginning of the recording, however, not immediately.

First, DU Recorder will ask for permission to capture audio, for which you need to click “allow” in a pop.up window, and then. access to the image on the screen, for the provision of which you should “start” in the corresponding request in the corresponding request.

In rare cases, after providing permits to the application, it may be necessary to start recording a video. We have already talked above how this is done. When the image of the image on the screen begins directly, that is, a video recording, just perform the actions that you wanted to capture.

On this we will finish. Now you know with which applications you can record a video from the screen on a mobile device with Android, and how exactly this is done. We hope our article was useful for you and helped to find the optimal solution to the task.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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REC. (Screen Recorder)

REC. (Screen Recorder). Application settings

Nice good application for Android screen recording. I can’t highlight something special relative to analogues, but there is all the most necessary here: fast recording, video configuration (bitrate, resolution, etc.), support for the microphone, the presets of the settings, etc.D.

Of the minuses: most of the functionality is available only in the paid version.

  • fast switching on/off the recording;
  • Wide entry settings: resolution, bitrate, audio, saving place (direct recording on SD cards is maintained);
  • Video recording time with sound is limited 1 hour!
  • the ability to record from a microphone;
  • The ability to create settings of settings (templates). Helps to quickly select the right quality for a record from various sources;
  • Support for timers;
  • Convenient and modern minimalism style.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder. Several screenshots from the application

One of the simplest applications for video recording and creating screenshots from the Android screen. To get started, just open the application and press the Start button. After a few seconds, the record will turn on: such a pause is given to the user so that he can roll up the application.

By the way, Screen Recorder allows you to add the sound from the microphone in the audio track in parallel with the recorded video (you can comment on your video in real time).

Of the minuses: in the free version there is an obsessive advertisement.

  • A very simple integration;
  • settings of the recorded video;
  • There is a editor;
  • sound recording from a microphone;
  • The length of the video is limited only by the size of your memory;
  • Cost Full Version of the Program. Only 50 !
  • Root-right is not required on Android 5 versions.

Writing the screen. XRECORDER

Writing the screen. Shooting videos from the screen allows you to capture smooth clear videos from the screen, screenshots in the simplest way. Just touching the floating window, you can record a video tutorial in HD format, video calls. And you will never miss living gaming shows and important points again.

Main characteristics: screen capture to make a clear screenshot write a gameplay on your phone Export Full HD on video with user parameters: resolution 240p up to 1080p, 60 frames per second, 12 Mbps without a water sign: Write out a clean video screenshot Lack of recording time restrictions on time The lack of the desired root in the floating window: in one touch in order to control and easily tie a specific moment of the countdown: to be fully ready, the registramentive storage location: internal memory/ SD card is easy to suspend/ resume the record, turn the screen

✨ in the near future: editing pruning, fusion, speed change, adding background music, etc. D. Front chamber: use face to record your face in a small application window

Free screen registrar in a full HDART VIDEO FORMATE CONTRACTER Supporting a game screen in the highest quality, 1080p, 12Mbit / s, 60 frames per second. Of course, you can record a screen with adjustable resolution (from 240p to 1080p), quality and FPS (from 15 frames per second to 60 frames per second).

Game registrar without limiting time, screen registrar is also a convenient game registrar and a screen capture tool without restricting the recording time. This will help you easily capture the screen, record the screen and record a game video.

Best Screen Recorder for Android (& HOW to Record your Android Screen!)

Screen video registrar without a watermark still find a screen capture tool without a watermark? Download this video registrar to capture the screen in a cleaner way. If you want to effectively capture the screen, record the screen or take a screenshot, this is a mandatory screen registrar.

Please make sure that the request is intended only to record the screen. Record recording the screen.shoot video will never harm our users.

Thanks for loading the recording of the screen.Shoot the video. And if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact

XRECORDER DISCLAMER: All Recording Behavior Must Comply with the Terms of the Content Providing Platforms. Please Get the Permission from the Owner IF You Record Any Content Beond Personal Use. We are not responsight for any Intelle Property Violation that Results from Any Unauthorized Recording.

How to record a video from the screen on the iPhone

If you do not know how to make a video screen on the iPhone, you will be pleasantly surprised: for this you will not even need applications. All necessary settings are already in the system. The instructions described below are suitable for iPhone and iPad.

Open the settings and go to the “Control point” section. Add a new element to it that is responsible for recording the screen (if it is not added yet). To do this, click the sign “” to the left of the “screen recording” item.

Button for creating a screenscript will appear in the “control point” (curtain). To start the recording, just brush down the right side of the screen and click on the icon with a circle.

The countdown will begin to recording. 3 seconds. During this time you can go to the desired application or desktop.

By default, the record will start without sound, however, if you press and hold the button, you can turn it on or off the microphone.

To stop the recording, click on the red button in the upper left corner of the screen.

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How to make a video screen on an Android Smartphone

On many old and new android scamartphones, the screenshots can be launched using a key combination: hold the power button and increase the volume. This method is suitable to make a screen recording on Samsung or Huawei. Additional settings on each model are its own, depending on the membrane of the system. Usually turn on or off the microphone directly using the button on the screen. In some smartphones, settings are also available for highlighting touches. But much more parameters offer special programs for recording a video from the display.

Du Recorder

Perhaps Du Recorder. The most adequate program for recording video from the screen on Android and iOS. She has many advantages: there are completely free functions, and lack of advertising, and video recording with high quality. The integration is localized in more than 20 languages ​​- Russian is attached, of course.

The program knows how to record the screons in various formats, permits and bitrates. It also supports the functions of a pause and the resumption of the record. When using the application, you can choose where to keep the video: on a card or in the internal memory.

The utility will also allow you to broadcast the video on YouTube, or Twitch, edit it, shoot screenshots and much more.


The application from the creators of Inshot is also suitable for writing the phone screen on Android or iPhone. XRECORDER allows you to shoot screenscars and screenshots in HD format, record video calls and streams viewed. The program is free, does not put any watermarks on the video, does not limit the recording time, does not require root.


On the seventh line is an application for recording a video from a screen with a simple integration, built on minimalism. For lovers of this style and ease of using Quick, it is unequivocally suitable. Immediately after starting, you can start shooting by clicking on the “” button in the lower right corner of the screen. Will have to provide appropriate permits, but it is not difficult to do it.

After that, a small floating button will appear, which can be used to start and end the recording. It does not interfere with the use of the phone and you can safely switch between other applications, as well as lead a comfortable shooting. All records will be stored on the main screen of the program.

There are only 2 buttons in the side menu: “Settings” and “Delete all the videos”. In the settings, you can choose the quality of the video (from 3 to 15 MBPS), the frame rate (from 20 to 60 FPS), resolution, remove the floating button (stop the record with shaking the phone) or manually select the catalog for storing the recorded content.

  • Free and without any paid subscriptions.
  • There is completely no advertising.
  • Minimum necessary functionality and simple integration.
  • Quality adjustment, resolution and video frequency.
  • Record in the internal or external storage (you can set it yourself).
  • Share videos with friends on social networks or other services.


VRECORDER. an advanced multifunctional tool for recording and editing a video removed from the screen of a mobile device. Unlike some other programs that we examined earlier, this application offers a large number of video editing opportunities in one place. Thanks to this, you do not need to use editors, there are basic functions in VRECORDER: pruning, compression, personnel, transfer to MP3 and others.

In addition to editing settings, there is another functionality here. For example, you can diversify the integration using many topics. Some of them will be available in the basic version of the program, while others will open only after the VIP subscription, which gives great opportunities: eliminate a watermark or installing a personalized sign, unlock the video recording in 1080p and 2K resolutions, deleting advertising. It is also possible to draw by hand on the screen during shooting, which is very convenient if there is a stylus.

programs, recording, phone, screen, screenreporder

The big advantage of the program is that the video recording can be paused to take any additional actions. At this time, you can take a screenshot, activate the recording of the camera to record not only what is happening on the screen, but also the image and sound from the front sensor.