Programs for creating avatars on Android. Airbrush

Photo editors for Android

The photo editor is always necessary and should be at hand on your Android device. Fans of fans of taking pictures and photographing will be very useful, because most pictures are not ideal and they need to be brought to mind, give an effect, remove part of the frame, cut, apply a filter, change saturation, etc. In this section there are light programs for quick retouching of the photo, and there is also a full.fledged photoshop. All programs with the function of the photo editor can be downloaded on Android for free from our site.


Avatoon 1.5.9 for Android

Avatoon is not just the creation of a cool avatar on the basis of photography, but a whole world with paid tasks and daily bonuses. Avatar can change the background and poses, save ready.made options in the phone gallery or come up with a completely new image.

In the face change mode, you can: change the shape and complexion of the face; Add blush, moles, freckles; form wrinkles; Change hair color and hairstyle; shape and color of the eyes; Add shadows or eyeliner; make eyelashes thicker or less often; change the shape of the nose or mouth; Add piercing; paint your face for the holiday and put on a headdress.

Makeups of various styles are also available for ready.made characters, this allows you to change their image and appearance daily, for example, for other clothes. Single backgrounds are available for free, and more bright, original, festive or fabulous can be bought for game currency. It is charged for a daily entrance to the game or performing simple tasks, for example, the purchase of clothes, shoes, accessories.

In the “Clothing” section, different options are offered for images: fabulous and mystical outfits for owners of the Pro account; finished costumes; T.shirts and swimwear; jackets and jackets; trousers, skirts, swimming trunks; dresses and costumes (for women’s avatars); Shoes and accessories and even stylish and bright masks to protect against Covid-19.

Immediately after creating the image, you can share it on social networks and messengers. You can also send an image of the avatar to a friend to show his new image.

In the “Photocabin” section there is the possibility of creating a bright sticker with the participation of your character, in the future it can be used for correspondence in social networks. The inscription on the sticker can be selected.

In the same section, the competition “Unusual Avatarophotography” is held, and creative people can participate in the creation of a collage or photoshop with the participation of a beloved character. Additional earnings will be a vote for the collages of other participants in the photo Chelendge.

The player’s profile reflects all his achievements: participation in competitions and saved pictures with avatars, they can be deleted or stored in the application gallery.

CharACTER MAKER: Create Your Own Cartoon Avatar

CharACTER MAKER: Create Your Own Cartoon Avatar. a simulator of creating a virtual character with a huge selection of customization tools.

Уроки Android разработки / #1. Создание чат программы на Андроид

Players are invited to create a hero and configure his appearance from scratch, choosing the shape of his face, eyebrows, eyes, skin tone, clothes and much more. You can come up with unique styles by combining T.shirts, blouses, shorts, jeans and evening dresses with numerous accessories. In addition, you can configure the background on which the main character is located. Decor elements and various jewelry in the game more than enough. Have furniture, hang the paintings, install household appliances and invite friends to celebrate a housewarming.

Game Avatar for Android

Game Avatar is an advanced application that allows you to create avatars and logos for various mobile and computer games or communities. Each online game is a huge community of other users who constantly communicate and build relationships with each other.

What first of all users pay attention to the player’s profile? This is a name and an avatar. Over the latter Gave Avatar and allows you to work by creating your own logo, which can be used for its own purposes anywhere. For convenience, you can choose any of several dozen templates and subsequently configure each of them in detail.

You do not need to come up with anything from scratch and have any artistic talents, just choose the workpiece you like and only slightly change it, depending on your own tastes and style. On each logo there is a character, which consists of 5 parts: face, equipment, weapons, equipment and a headdress.

In addition, when creating an avatar, you can apply any text, replace the rear background or attach any of more than 15 tags: Assaulter, Rank Pusher, Competitive, Streamer, MVP, YouTuber and others. You can use the resulting pictures anywhere, but they have great compatibility with PUBG Mobile. I would like to note that although the application is free,

Features of the application: Game Avatar for Android:

To install Game Avatar you need to download this application

Momentcam. a mobile application that generates cartoon avatars

Consider another no less interesting application called Momentcam. It is available on Google Play and App Store. In this program, it is available to us to create full.fledged carications from our photos.

As well as stickers for applications. It works on the principle of the combine: you must upload your photo into it, on which there is a close.up person. In response, you get a caricature that can be supplemented or configured. Faces can be added to different finished frames. You can add text to a special area in the finished photo.

Of these caricatures, a cool meme may well be obtained. You just have to choose a finished and beautiful frame and come up with an interesting text. And photos can be used by famous people, bloggers.

Or use heroes of films or cartoons. Change your face expression on a caricature or add various accessories and clothes to them. Also, the creators of the application often arrange contests in which you can get valuable game prizes.

Online services

In online services you can create both female and male images. Avatars are available and manual setting is available.

Charat Genesis

Charat Genesis allows you to create female static images in full growth. Edited character can be downloaded to a device in png format. You can choose ready.made images or create them from scratch, selecting facial features, hair color and hairstyle, clothes, accessories.

Also on the site there is a section for creating men’s characters. The designer works in a similar way. there are the same tools and intenses.


In Makegirlsmoe, you can create only the character’s face by setting the parameters manually or by choosing a random images mode. What characteristics of the character can be indicated: hair and eye color, hairstyle, style, character model. You can add accessories, smile, blush. You can also give the system a command to create several pictures with random parameters. The finished image, if necessary, is adjusted using the same buttons with appearance parameters.

Anime picture can be loaded in a PNG format, but in a very small resolution. This is the main drawback of the service.


In Hotdrv, you can also choose a random finished avatar. Or draw a character yourself. choosing and setting up facial features, hairstyle. Additionally, you can put on glasses, add text to the picture.

Unlike the two previous services, here you can choose the rear background for the image. a plain screensaver or your picture loaded from the device. There is also a drawing panel on the site. with a pencil and a can.

The finished image can be downloaded to the computer, sent to. or put in the gallery of drawings on the same site.

I’ll tell you how to work in this designer:

Mobile applications

In addition to online services, there are also mobile programs for immersion in anime creation. Consider the most interesting and convenient.

Lolita Avatar Factory

In Lolita Avatar Factory, only a girl can be created, almost in full height. The program is free. It can even earn coins in it and spend them on paid hairstyles, clothes and other style elements. There are no wings here, but you can add a tail of a animal at the end.

You receive virtual money every day as a gift for using the program. You can double the amount by viewing commercials. Or buy them separately.

At the end of editing, if desired, you can add background and special effects. The screensaver can be selected among the proposed or loading your.

How to create an anime girl in Lolita Factory:

How to build an Avatar Creator for iPhone and Android (free)

programs, creating, avatars, android
  • Launch the application and allow him access to the gallery.
  • Tap Enter to open the editor of the characters.
  • Click on the first “1 Day” button to get a virtual reward in the form of coins. If you do not want to collect money yet, click on the cross to close the offer.
  • Next, select the amount. ordinary or double (in this case, you need to view the advertising video).
  • Get the first coins to the account. You can also press the icon in the form of a gift at the left to get an additional amount.
  • Now let’s start editing the character. First of all, choose a hairstyle, hair length of a girl. Please note that you can buy the characteristics of the avatar you need for the indicated number of coins. There are also free parameters in each section. they are always available regardless of the state of your virtual balance.
  • If you want to change the hair color, press on the settings icon on the side.
  • Using the next tool, choose a rim for a girl: ears of some animal, bow, butterfly, etc. D.
  • Next, pick up an outfit for the avatar.
  • Using the fourth tab, add to the image of the earrings.
  • The next few sections are designed to configure facial features: eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth. Select the parameters suitable for you. shape, color.
  • Add the girl a blush.
  • In the last section, select a tail if desired.
  • If the application of the application interferes with you, click on three points on the right and slip on the first button in the menu.
  • If you did not like the created character and you want to start all over again, click on the round arrow on the right and confirm “Reset”.
  • If you liked the result, download it on your phone. To do this, click on the curved arrow on the right.
  • Confirm the conservation.
  • Taping a blue button.
  • Next, you can add the background to the picture. To do this, select the newly created avatar. the girl will appear on the screen with the default screensaver.
  • Indicate if desired another background in the second section. You can download yours from the gallery or choose a picture from the presented.
  • In the following tabs, you can add special effects, objects and text to the avatar.
  • When to finish edit, click on the emphasized arrow on the right and confirm the preservation. The application downloads the image to the device gallery.

Avatar Maker: Anime guys

In Avatar Maker: Anime guys are available only men’s images in full growth. Here you can also add the rear background; Choose clothes (brutal, fantastic and romantic images are available), shoes, accessories, hairstyles, facial features (there are different facial expressions for transmitting emotions). Each element is tuned in color.

The application can create a random character by your team if you do not want to draw an avatar from scratch. You just have to correct the necessary elements. The finished picture is saved directly to the device gallery.

The program is free, but there are advertising banners.

How to create an anime guy in this application:

  • Launch the program and allow it to access the device gallery.
  • First of all, indicate the background for the character. Download your own or select among the presented.
  • In the second tab, select the shade of the newly selected screensaver.
  • Indicate the skin color of the avatar.
  • In the next tab, you can choose an unusual skin shade if you want to create a more fantastic character.
  • Set the facial features in the following tabs: eyes, eyebrows, lips.
  • Select a hairstyle. shape, and then color.
  • Pick up clothes and shoes.
  • Add accessories: belt, sha, rim on the head, glasses, mask, etc. D.In the last four tabs, you can add wings or special effects: fire, magical haze.
  • When ending with editing, click on three lines at the right. The menu will appear. With it, you can create a random character, keep an edited avatar with a picture in a gallery, clear the character and make it again, share an avatar.
  • You can send a picture to a friend in another way. Click on three points connected by lines, left at the top left. Select a suitable messenger for sending an image. You can also send the picture by e.mail or via Bluetooth.

Cute Anime Avatar

Only female images to the waist are available in SUTE Anime Avatar. Facial features are thinly tuned: different types of eyes, eyebrows, lips. Many types of hairstyles of different colors. If you do not want to create an image from scratch, you can click on the “random character” button.

In the end, you can add the rear background, various animals and text to the picture. The Interais and functionality of the application is somewhat similar to Lolita Avatar Factory.

Among the shortcomings of the program are few clothes (in other services there are more choice, mainly paid options) and accessories (only a rim with ears and glasses).

programs, creating, avatars, android

The application is free, every day the service gives the user one key to use some blocked element. You can also get this element after viewing the commercial.

How to create a cute image of a girl in this program:

  • Launch the application and provide him with access to the gallery and camera of the device.
  • Tap “Start”.
  • Select an anime perfume hairstyle, and then hair color-in the next tab.
  • Add another rim in the form of ears of your favorite animal.
  • Indicate the type of oval of the face in the next section.
  • Change the features of the heroine’s face to your taste. eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth. Choose the form first, and then the color. in each next section.
  • Using the last two sections, add other glasses and choose clothes.
  • If you did not like the character you created, slip on the icon in the form of a basket to start editing again. Or click on two intersecting arrows. the system will create a random image for you (you will only have to modify it a little if you wish). If you liked the heroine, click on a double arrow on the right.
  • Confirm the preservation of the image in the form of a picture in a gallery.
  • If desired, add the background to the image. Select the newly created character in the menu.
  • Slide on the icon with a landscape and download your screensaver from the gallery into the application. using the “” button “. Or choose the background among the presented. In the following tabs you can add to a picture of various animals and text.
  • To download anime heroine against the background, slip through three lines on the right and click on the disk. If you want to install the finished picture as wallpapers of the desktop, click on the icon with the landscape and confirm the action.

Comica. will turn your photo into comics

Comica for Android is an editor of photographs with limited functionality. To download it, go to Google Play. This program itself is free. However, after each action, obsessive advertising may appear.

  • A set of widespread filters with the ability to configure them.
  • Stickers made in the style of Western comics. These are mainly speakerbabures.

Comica supports purchases. Payment will help add a small amount of additional filters. Advertising is also removed for money. This is a great application that will make a funny cartoon pattern from your photo.

Twinface. an application that makes a selfie in the style of anime from the photo

To download the Android application, go to the Google Play site. The program works only when connecting to the Internet. In this case, she can highly slow down.

How to make your cartoon anime a portrait from a photo:

    Take a picture, turning to the camera and looking straight at it. To make the application easier to recognize you, choose a photo with a close.up face. Do not hide behind extraneous objects. The beard will also prevent the neural network to determine the boundaries of your face.

Charat. editor of characters online

CHARAT Another website with a large number of editors. You can create characters of a diverse level, both female and male.

Meez.COM is an entertaining website that allows users to create their own animated avatars or 3D I.D.»Graphics for the Internet. You can play casual games with your avatars and use them in customer rooms of social networks “” “”.

Mobile applications for creating heroes in any style

In addition to the applications described by us, it is necessary to mention several mobile applications to create characters. Their functionality is sometimes not inferior to the above stationary alternatives, although working with characters on the phone is a little more complicated.

Among these applications, we note the following:

With the Creanime application, you can create your favorite collection of anime characters and save them on the phone

The application (Android, iOS) has a huge number of various styles, great opportunities for custom.made characters and other convenient features.

When you save the characters on the phone, they will be saved inside the DCIM folder.

Photo and drawing on Android

Photos are often taken on a smartphone, a tablet than using a special camera, since the Android camera replaces it well. Therefore, a variety of photo editors are required for the gadget who can cope with the addition of inscriptions, applying masks, frames, templates, change your photo with filters, eliminate small flaws on the pictures, you can also create collages, use “playful” editors, and draw. Photo editors, drawings for Android free download, without registration, without SMS on our website.