Program For Installing Games On Android

Many users are trying to find on the Internet. program for updating Android phone or tablet, although in fact you will not need it. Why do you ask? Because all official updates for your gadget come “over the air” (via connected Wi-Fi), or simply via the Internet. In 99% of cases, as soon as your Android version is updated, you will see a pop-up message stating that new updates are available for your operating system.

Program for Installing Games on Android

Android official update

The advantages of this method are that it is the easiest way to get the latest updates on Android via the Internet. The most important thing is all official, and you will not make a mistake during installation, since there are a huge number of versions and builds of Android. Of the minuses, several can be noted. if there is no Wi-Fi, you will have to pay for GPRS traffic, and this is sometimes very expensive and slow.

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To get the official update of the Android operating system, you need to go:

Settings. General. About Phone. Software Information

Different versions of Android may have slightly different menus, but the principle remains the same for all devices. Then you can go to the Update Center and check for updates, as well as check the box “Check and download updates automatically”

This method is suitable for all users who did not install other assemblies on their Android.

Android Update Manager. program for updating Android

Android Update Manager Is a free program that can be downloaded and installed on a computer. Using this utility, you can flash custom firmware at your own peril and risk! If you have not previously been involved in installing Android operating system updates manually not recommend you use this method.

The main advantages of the program Android Update Manager:

  • Easy use
  • View all firmware for your phone
  • fast speed and load
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We strongly recommend that you use regular tools to update your operating system. You can download any program for updating Android devices, but use only trusted sources. Under such software can mask a virus or malware, which will be much more difficult to remove. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the general service and software codes for Android devices; you will find useful features for your device.