Program For Downloading Movies To Computer

With the increase in the number of blocked multimedia resources, many users are thinking about what programs are available for downloading movies and other content for free? In this collection, we examined popular utilities with an integrated directory of multimedia files. These applications allow you to choose the quality of the picture before watching the in online mode, also with their help you can download media files to a local drive. All information in the programs is logically divided into thematic categories, for example, film genres or rating. Data is exchanged using the BitTorrent protocol.

For convenience, we divided all the programs into categories:

  1. Programs with built-in libraries;
  2. Programs for downloading movies from the Internet;
  3. Programs for viewing in a browser.
Films Music TV Shows Soft Games Download external content Built-in player
Futuron Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Popcorn time Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Vuze Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Mediaget Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zona Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Shareman Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ace stream media No No No No No Yes Yes

When considering utilities, we compare them according to traditional criteria. Functionality and usability of the interface, as well as comparable quality of filling the base of content.

Programs for watching movies with integrated libraries

At the beginning of the collection, we will familiarize ourselves with utilities that allow you to work only with objects located in the built-in library. They contain a constantly updated catalog of content, which is divided into thematic sections. You can search for files of interest throughout the collection.

Futuron is often called the “software equivalent” of the best web-based movie resources. The program has a huge collection of content. In it, you can sort the feeds by user rating on the IMDB website, as well as download other types of files. Software, music, games. The application has a parental control function to restrict access to depending on the age category or even block the interface by means of a PIN code. There is a possibility of correspondence with other users of the utility.

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Note that Futuron. The only online catalog that does not have its own player. All films are opened using a third-party player using the algorithm for streaming data loading.

One of the most popular media directories in the world. The service covers only two categories of content. Movies and TV shows, however they are very high quality filled. When watching a, the user can not only set the subtitle language, but also specify the dubbing language. True, there are very few films in Russian.

As a project, Popcorn Time was repeatedly closed due to pressure from copyright holders. At the time of the review, the program is supported by anonymous developers, so the application contains some limitations and “bugs”. Inaccessibility of local loading and imperfect operation of the player (difficulties in broadcasting pictures in full screen mode).

Programs for watching and downloading movies from the Internet

These programs can be used as full-fledged torrent-killers. We examined their functionality for working with BitTorrent links in a separate collection, now we will find out their capabilities for working with content.

Like Popcorn Time, Vuze service is focused on the English-language segment, so it contains content mainly in English. Unlike the other three utilities with support for BitTorrent links, the interface of this program was originally created for working with torrent data, so the built-in catalog of media files consists of only two categories. and games. The quality of its filling is not so high compared to other applications.

The utility can be recommended to users for whom the functionality of managing torrent files is more important than the fullness of the library.

A good application, the hallmark of which. High-quality filling of each subject. If you are interested in, then in MediaGet you will find many films and series in different genres. A similar situation with games, programs, as well as other sections. Books and lessons. The reverse side of such an extensive library. When loading a specific object, the speed may be at an average or low level due to the small number of users that distribute data.

Note the convenience of the built-in player. Right in it you can choose the broadcast quality of the footage.

A worthy alternative to MediaGet, aimed at streaming fans. In addition to the movie library in ZONA, you can find a list of TV channels and radio stations, which you can watch and listen to online. There are separate collections for lovers of sports and computer games. But you can’t find software in ZONA, for this it is better to use specialized solutions like InstallPack.

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Among the advantages of the application. The function of broadcasting pictures using the DLNA protocol, as well as the ability to access the audio library of the popular VK resource. True, for this you will need to log in to the social network.

In this application, the is initially divided into two categories. Standard resolution and HD. All information is structured in the form of vertical folders similar to the directory tree in Windows. Like other programs, there is a quick search function. Such an interface initially requires getting used to, but after that it is quite convenient to use it, especially since you can sort all objects in alphabetical order.

In addition tos and TV shows, the utility has separate sections with music, games, software, books and other files. If you wish, you can chat with users of the application using the integrated chat.

Separately, we note that in MediaGet, ZONA and Shareman, before launching the film, a rather lengthy ad unit is played, so when evaluating these programs, we shot the ball in the convenience of the interface.

Windows version, 27 megabytes

There is always something to download and see in the Zone

Movies and TV shows

Program For Downloading Movies To Computer

To see them all, you will need approximately 104 years and the absence of distractions.

And if suddenly something is missing, write to us. We will find and add.

Movie Tools

Search by name. If you know the name of the movie / series or part of it, use the search bar. Start typing a phrase and the Zone will immediately tell you a few suitable options.

Selection by genre, rating and other parameters. Choose one or several genres, specify the minimum and maximum ratings, year of release of the film, and here they are. Films to your taste! In addition, by checking the box “Only in high quality”, you exclude from the issue “screens” and films without Russian voice acting.

Top popular. Select the “Popular” sorting to see the movies or TV shows that are most popular with Zone users. With a high probability, the film, popular in the Zone, will be interesting to you.

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Quick Download through the Zone

Auto selection of quality. Having found an interesting film, you can immediately click the “Download” button. The zone will select the best option for size and quality and send the file to the download queue.

Manual quality selection. There is a table of quality options on the movie or series description page. Choose the appropriate size, format, quality, voice acting and press the download button.

Section “Downloads”. Everything that you download through Zona gets into the “Downloads” section. Use the filter panel to see only movies or only TV shows.

Download program Zone

Windows version, 27 megabytes

It’s convenient to watch movies and TV shows in the Zone

View without downloading or during the download process. You can start browsing without waiting for the download to finish. Just click on “play” and playback will begin.

View the downloaded movie. A player is built into the Zone, so you can watch movies and TV shows directly in the program without starting other players. Go to “Downloads” and click the “play” button next to the name of the movie to start playing.

Continue from where you left off. The zone always remembers at what point (as well as on which series of the series) you stopped. Even after restarting the computer. It is most convenient to continue viewing by going to the “Watched” subsection of the catalog of films or TV shows. The history of viewing is stored here. Press “play” and playback will start from the desired position.

How not to miss new series of series

In order not to miss the new series of your favorite series, subscribe to updates. To do this, click on the button with the bell image. When a new episode is released, the Zone will send a notification.

All the series you have ever watched are on the Watched list. Each series indicates which series was last watched. To continue viewing, click “play”.

How to find out about high quality movie release

Would you like to see a new film, but it has not yet been released in good quality? Not a problem. Find a movie in the Zone and click the “Subscribe” button. You will receive a notification when high quality becomes available.