Program For Connecting Android To TV

In recent years, tablet computers are gaining more and more popularity among users due to its wide functionality. They easily replace laptops for work on the road or in school, they allow you to conveniently view photos ands. At the same time, more and more modern TV models are produced with the function of displaying images on screens from a tablet.

This is convenient when working with editing or watching movies, in addition, this option is ideal for working with presentations. Well, it’s quite clear that the image output to the TV will provide more comfortable work in the Internet browser, in the absence of a laptop or a stationary computer.

Program For Connecting Android To TV

In this article, we will try to tell you as much as possible about how to connect an Android tablet (phone) to a TV and at the same time avoid software hardware problems.

What you need to connect Android to the TV

So, to successfully connect a tablet with Android OS to the TV, first of all, you need the TV itself that supports this function (check this information in the instructions or on the official website of the manufacturer). In addition, special devices for the tablet itself will be required.

HDMI connection.

It gives the best image, this is due to the fact that the HDMI interface:

  • Allows you to display not only the highest quality image, but also no less high-quality sound (which is especially important for watchings and movies) using only one cable, without loading the television receiver with many cords and connections.
  • The digital signal transmission format used allows for superior quality.
  • Due to its great popularity among users, it is present in most modern TVs and tablets of various manufacturers.
  • It supports the technology of “display mirroring”, which allows you to “copy” to the TV what is happening on the screen of the tablet.
  • It makes it possible to perform easy connection setup with a maximum of two clicks (or even without them).

To connect the tablet to the TV using an HDMI cable, do the following:

  • After connecting the gadgets with a cable, the transmission of and audio signals in the automatic configuration mode should follow.
  • If this does not happen, go to the settings menu on both devices and on the TV, as the signal source (input, input, source.), select the HDMI port (if there are several, it is important not to make a mistake indicating the number), and in the tablet as the output (output ) indicate HDMI.

If the tablet is equipped with only “mini-HDMI” (micro-HDMI), then you need to pick up a cable with a plug of this type at one end or use a conductor.

In the absence of an HDMI connector in the tablet, you can separately purchase MHL or SlimPort. The disadvantage is that quite often when outputting images to a monitor using HDMI, there is no way to output sound if the TV does not have built-in acoustics. We fix the read:

RCA connection.

This option does not provide a sufficiently high-quality image, since the transmission is carried out using an analog signal, but the advantage here is that absolutely all multimedia devices (including not quite “fresh” release) are endowed with the ability to connect via a composite cable (RCA), which is also called “tulip”. It should also be borne in mind that the transmission of sound and image will occur via separate cables. How is the connection:

  • To make such a connection, you need an HDMI-RCA converter, to which, on the one hand, we connect HDMI-HDMI (the other end is sent to the tablet).
  • On the other hand, three “tulip” cables are connected to the converter (yellow, transmitting the signal and white with red for sound), and the other ends are connected to the TV connectors of the corresponding color.

Wifi connection

Connecting a tablet via Wi-Fi connection is ideal for owners of Smart-TV, who have a built-in Internet distribution adapter. You can connect the tablet either using Wi-Fi Direct technology, or using special tablet applications that are selected individually for your equipment.

To use the Wi-Fi Direct function, it is necessary that both the TV and your tablet model support it.

  • We go into the settings of the wireless networks on our tablet computer, find and launch Wifi Direct.
  • After a successful launch, in the television menu we find the “Network” tab, and in it Wifi Direct.
  • After activating the connection, wait for the end of the automatic configuration of both devices.

Wi-Fi using Miracast technology:

How to connect a tablet (smartphone) to a TV via USB

Unfortunately, using a USB connection to launch applications or watch movies on a tablet, alas, is impossible. The fact is that companies producing tablets have not yet figured out how, through this type of connection, to transfer functions that allow you to use the TV as an additional display.

But still, you can connect through a USB cable, only in this case, the gadget will function as a data storage device (simply put, a flash drive). Then, using the television interface, you can manage the media files stored in the memory of the Android device (for example, create a repository of your home movie library). In addition, in this way you can transform the TV into a kind of presentation board. To make a connection:

  • We connect the device with a USB cable through the connectors intended for this.
  • In the TV section “Settings”, select the signal source.

However, there is still positive news in this direction. The fact is that today there is already an HDMI interface that is built into the USB module. We are talking about the type of micro USB connection with support for the MHL protocol. Unfortunately, tablets with such a function began to be released quite recently, and if you are a lucky owner of such a gadget, then you’ll get the cards in your hands!

Connection in this case will be carried out in the same way as described above, only an HDMI cable is required for connection to a television receiver and an MHL adapter.

I would like to believe that our material was fully able to satisfy your curiosity, and now, knowing how to connect Android to a TV, you can easily cope with the task.