Printing On Xiaomi Redmi 4x Cases

Cases for Xiaomi Redmi 4X! We deliver the cover to Xiaomi Redmi 4X in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv. On this page, a large selection of mobile accessories at competitive prices.

Purpose of mobile accessories

Mobile devices are improved annually, delighting fans with exceptional features, appearance and functionality. Regardless of the phone model, manufacturer and impact resistance, you should think about the further operation of the gadget. The best option that eliminates the need to contact a service center after the fall of your favorite smartphone. acquire protective glass for Xiaomi Redmi 4x.

A variety of covers, their choice

  • Youth and sought after bumper forXiaomiRedmi4x. Its superiority in convenience, ease of use and reliability. It fits snugly against the phone, preventing it from slipping out when dropped. Reliably protects the ends and the cover of the device. One of the main advantages. lack of additional movements to unlock, the availability of all connectors. Such a cover does not increase the smartphone in size, which is convenient when placing it in a pocket or bag. The only problem. open display, which also requires protection.
  • closed and reliable option. case forXiaomiRedmi4x. He comprehensively closes the gadget, preventing the appearance of micro-scratches, cracks and chips. The cover not only prevents damage to the device, but also protects against dust. For its manufacture, high-quality eco-leather or polycarbonate is used, which give restraint to the appearance of the product. The most high-quality and stylish are the cover book Mofi cover book Nillkin, which will protect the screen and body of the smartphone.
  • Overlay. The simplified form of a protective cover. For the manufacture of silicone or plastic. It is aimed at protecting the ends and the body. Differ in convenience and practicality.

Our site presents black, red and other cases for Xiaomi Redmi 4x and covers for Xiaomi the entire line of Redmi.

What other accessories for Xiaomi Redmi 4x should I pay attention to?

Understanding Accessories on Redmi 4x

Let’s deal with form factors, colors and materials of accessories together. For Redmi 4x there are 4 form-factors of covers.

Bumper covers

Printing On Xiaomi Redmi 4x Cases

Bumper. The most popular, youth accessory format. The convenience is that you do not need additional movements to unlock the phone. All functions and connectors are available, the appearance of the device does not actually change. We mean a simple bumper. In the case of shockproof, the size of the phone will increase. With all the grace of the bumpers, they have not bad protection when falling, especially Shock Prof lenaki, or those in which there is an additional thickening at the end.

Book Covers for Xiaomi Redmi 4 X

Cover book. the second most popular type of case for Xiaomi Redmi 4x. Books are mostly chosen by people over 30 and those who work in dusty places. Such covers are perfect for people working in workshops and construction sites. Mostly where there is a lot of sand, dust and aggressive physical factors. A 360-degree book closes the device and saves your Xiaomi from micro-scratches. It is not so convenient to receive calls and watch notifications, however, given the degree of protection, it is an order of magnitude higher than all the available Redmi 4x bumpers.

Overlays for Redmi 4X

Lining. This is the same bumper, only made of plastic. Plastic is more fragile compared to TPU (silicone). Such covers are more likely to be taken because of the design. After all, they can be embossed, and not so bright light tones. Overlays. A good option for office workers and caring people.

Shockproof Cases for Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Shockproof. High degree of protection for your Redmi 4x. Shockproof bumpers are usually combinations of TPU and plastic. They are tough and absorb shock when dropped. Shockproof covers are in demand among adolescents and athletes. Some builders also appreciate this format. However, not everyone will like the dimensions of the phone in such a case.

What’s better? Glass or film for Redmi 4x? The difference between 2D, 2.5D, 3D, color, with flexible edges, a silicone base and . Are we being deceived?

The Chinese may be tricky, but we as consumers should just understand the difference in their high-profile statements.

Attention! Xiaomi Redmi 4X has a design feature. This is a rounded front chamfer. Or. “Curved display”, or rather an imitation of the latter.

On such a phone, it’s more difficult to pick up a film or a protective glass, because adequate even glass will be either smaller in size, or simply do not stick.

Let’s see what is better to stick on Xiaomi Redmi 4x?

From left to right: 2.5D full-screen Mocolo colored glass, 2D Mocolo glass, 2.5D full-screen Honor glass, protective film. All accessories are only compatible with Xiaomi Redmi 4x.

2D glass for Redmi 4x. This is a flat, clear glass. Most likely it will be shortened so that its area does not overlap the frontal fillets. See above! Thus, this avoids clouding at the edges of the display. For such a glass, large indentation to the edges of the phone is NORMAL! Such glass is included in the budget segment, and if you do not want to splurge, you can safely take it. After all, the main function, the protection of the sensor and display, is inherent in any glass. The best manufacturers are Optima, Miami, Mocolo.

2.5D glass for Redmi 4X. This is a flat glass, often colored and covering the entire screen of Redmi 4x. His front chamfer is polished and therefore visually it seems that it is voluminous. Therefore, it is confused with 3D glasses. For such glasses, the adhesive surface is only along the edge. It also contributes to the repetition of phone forms after gluing the glass. However, this approach also creates stress on the material. Therefore, the slightest drop or pressure can cause cracking of the protective glass. Glass itself is not bad and the most affordable on the market. This is the best value for money. The best producers will be Mocolo, Mofi, Honor.

Screen Protectors on Redmi 4x. cheap and cheerful. This may seem like a too cheap protection option. However, if you take into account the curved bends of the Xiaomi Redmi 4x display, the film will be even better than ordinary 2D glass. After all, it is flexible and can repeat all the curvatures. If your budget is limited, feel free to take the tape and you will be satisfied. You can change it at any time. The only caveat. it is harder to glue the film without dust on the phone than a protective glass. This is because it is less rigid and difficult to center.

What else is there on Xiaomi Redmi 4x?

Accessories for Redmi 4x do not end there. In the presence of a mass of other useful chips. Power Bank, Xiaomi original headphones, car holders, smart USB cords and other pleasures of life.

Such accessories are placed in other categories, but you can feel free and ask any question to the manager.